Gimme What I Want! Just Give Me A Second to Decide What That Is!

Lindsey Graham Flings his poo

Lindsey Graham Flings his poo

Yes, our little Lord Fauntleroy is having another tantrum. Lindsey has apparently missed the fact that (a) the election is over and his side lost and (b) the tea baggers are not sophisticated to understand that he is no longer a MODERATE and is one of them, (at least until his next election). He continues to wring his hands with plenty of “oh what to do, what to do” as his hankie waves desperately.

Usually it’s enough that Johnny S tells him what to do and Lindsey dutifully says, “yes Johnny boy, whatever you say, oh you cute old grumpy drawers,” but as they say, fear is a powerful thing. Faced with the serious threat of being “primaried” Lindsey has looked down and started to see a Johnson actually peeping out of his nether regions. It may be a tiny Johnson, but according to the pictures he’s seen (on THOSE sites on the Intertubes), he’s pretty sure it’s  a real Johnson all right.

And well, he is in a full-blown episode of the vapors. “Lawdy, lawdy, what ever shall I do without that fine old office to nap in on the Hill?” What would Truman Capote do at a time like this? Write a book?

Anyway, dear old Lindsey is threatening to hold up the nominations of EVERYBODY until he gets his way. After all, he’s can’t come up with anything else to raise cain about since nobody has yet called for him to come down and ride the Queen’s float in the Mardi Gras festivities. It is apparently also insufficient that Lindsey has been named as the proof positive that Darwin was wrong. The Smithsonian has promised his brain front and center status at his demise, or sooner since he has little use for it anyway.

In the end, we see, Republicans are in such a feeding frenzy of their own, that all good people globally need only sit back and watch the festivities. Popcorn anyone?


Meanwhile, over in the United State of Zooniville (once referred to as Arizona), the good Sheriff of Stupidham, Joe Arpaio, who arms anybody who shows up and calls them “volunteer deputies”, has set aside the important business of birther investigation (well he MIGHT try for a third term ya know), and has taken up the cause of “protectin’ the lit’lins in our scools”. Yes, none other than ACTOR Steven Segal, ACTOR if I forgot to mention, has been called upon  to LEARN the gun-happy volunteers how to strap on up, and catch them some crazy. Maricopa county, Zooniville now has some 3,500 of these folks, loaded with clips and weaponry sneakin’ around every public place, demanding “lemme see your hands! On your knees! Spread ’em”.

If you contemplate a vacation in the area?


Darwin you LIAR!


The NRA may be one of the greater collections of sub-human examples of what Darwin got wrong. Beyond La Pee Pee Pierre, there is this delightful jackass who spoke at the NRA Wisconsin State Convention, one Bob Welch.

Welch is mighty darn sure that there will be no gun legislation of any kind, because of course, that can’t happen until it’s okayed by them, and they are not okaying a damn thing except more rhetoric that you all better keep buying every gun in sight, cuz, well, you know why.

We have a strong agenda coming up for next year, but of course a lot of that’s going to be delayed as the “Connecticut effect” has to go through the process. […] What’s even more telling is the people who don’t like guns pretty much realize that they can’t do a thing unless they talk to us. After Connecticut I had one of the leading Democrats in the legislature—he was with us most of the time, not all the time—he came to me and said, “Bob, I got all these people in my caucus that really want to ban guns and do all this bad stuff, we gotta give them something. How about we close this gun show loophole? Wouldn’t that be good?” And I said, “no, we’re not going to do that.” And so far, nothing’s happened on that.

Connecticut effect huh? Human’s call it GRIEF you sick bastard.

And guess what?

reagangunAnd in 1999, you blowheads were ADVOCATING complete and full background checks.

Tell us again that this is not about your conspiracy-under-every-bed ideas that the Black guy in the White House is gonna declare himself king and take away all your guns? Tell us that, huh?

Go do that impossible thing to yourself will ya?


While we have plenty of examples of private industry attempting to lower the number of hours worked by their employees to under 30 hours so that they can avoid providing health care (Applebees, Olive Garden, etc), the state of Virginia through its budget plan seeks to do the same thing. This appears to be the first incidence of a Republican led state intending to hurt its citizens in order to vent its anger at Obamacare.

As citizens of those states see that their counterparts in other states continue to receive health care, I believe that Mr. McDonnell and his band of Republican light-heads will rue the day they tried this little trick.

Republicans have long forgotten exactly WHY they are elected in the first place.


I gotta tell ya, my phone has been ringing off the hook ever since the news hit.

What new?

Oh the pope is taking early retirement.

Yeah, he’s heading off to soak up the sun along the Riviera.

Anyway, everyone is begging me to give ’em the scoop on who will be the new Pope.

Seein’ as how I’m Catholic and all, and well Bennie calls me nearly every week. . . .

Well, il papa John Paul II, was an ultra conservative, and while clutching the throne of Peter, he hugely enlarged the College of Cardinals, and made sure that all his new Cardinals were of a similar right-wing persuasion.

So, unless the Holy Spirit jumps into the fray as in Vatican II (now gutted by humans who of course KNOW better than God), expect that the next pope will not be any more friendly than the last two when it comes to contraception, gay marriage, women’s ordination,  or anything along those lines.

You heard it here.

Life on A Neutron Star

Frida Kahlo "Sun and Life"

Oh yeah, it’s Friday.

We got a little something for everyone, or everything for someone, or nothing for nobody. Pick yer poison.

My husband, the Contrarian, had the audacity (of hope?) to move the channel indicator to #360, which in this land, is Fox country. Just in time to see Megyn (I prove that blonds are dumb) Kelly try to add up how many fingers she had on one hand.

Seriously, this peroxide-poisoned air head spends hours chasing her one brain cell around in the padded room that is called her “dressing room.”

She was alerting all of us that the President was probably a dirty sneaky bastard. She was referring to the fact that the President was phoning some Senators and urging them to vote down the amendment regarding the Keystone Pipeline.

To Megyn with the minus  range IQ, this meant that the President’s earlier statement that he was opened minded about the pipeline was pure bull. I mean he wasn’t acting very open-minded was he, calling Senators and lobbying for a no vote?

It was patiently explained to the “born that way bimbo” that the President stopped the pipeline because studies on it hadn’t been completed when he was FORCED BY THE REPUBLICANS for a decision. THE STUDIES STILL HAVEN’T BEEN COMPLETED which is why he urged a no vote because he would HAVE TO VETO IT and THE REST OF THE BILL TO WHICH IT WAS ATTACHED. So it had nothing to do with his being open-minded, the Republicans were intent on deja vu’ing the entire thing again, and he was reminding everyone he would have to issue the same denial again. This has nothing to do with his ultimate decision which is DEPENDENT ON THE OUTCOME OF THE STUDIES!

Megyn, alas cannot reason this through. It is but another examine of Republican inability to reason rationally.

Once upon a time, there was a law student, president of the Law Review, named Barack Obama. He spoke in defense of a university professor, who was black and on a strike of sorts to force the University to employ more minority faculty. This was on tape, with the future President speaking extemporaneously and quite eloquently. At the end, he introduced the professor, embraced him in a hug, and that was that.

This tape had been in the possession of PBS for years, and had been aired some four years ago as I guess part of a montage on the early life of the President.

Enter Andrew Breitbart, or exit as the case may be.

Mr. Breitbart has been teasing Fox with the notion that he had dynamite footage of Obama that would blow the 2012 election into a fireball of controversy. He promised to give it up to the Pointy-finger man with IQ 3 painted on his forehead, Sean Hannity. Breitbart dies, apparently of natural causes.

But wait. Not so fast.

Conspiracy theorists leap forward to query–might the blessed Breitbart have been murdered in order to prevent the dissemination of this damning video?

And Fox had it.

We waited.

We saw.

We yawned.

But wait, Sean pleaded. Don’t you see?

He has his hands mysteriously in his pockets (I swear . . .Blaze nuts discussed this at length. . . the sinisterness of which escapes me, only to devolve into the child-like sexual giggling that is what these people do best).

He was “pallin’ around with radicals”. The professor in question Derrick Bell, was a proponent of a theory called “critical race theory”. Now Fox pundits are unable to understand this term, but they infer that it has to do with whitey is bad, always has been, always will be.

All of this adds up, the in logic meets fantasy land of Fox, that the President has a long and evil history of race hatred and class warfare.

If you care to understand the basics of Critical Race theory, go here and here. Don’t bother with Wikipedia. The right and left are adding and subtracting to it as fast as you can hit enter, trying to make it mean what they want.

Never was a video so tortured to construct a scenario that  is somehow evil.

And once again, we learn what reasoning amounts to in Republican land. Oh, and at least temporarily, to pursue the terrorist president angle, Republicans agreed to ignore their other issues: that the President really didn’t go to Harvard, and can’t speak without a teleprompter. (remember, it’s a file cabinet, not a computer up there)

Poor old Rush. He meant to cause a kerfuffle and help Republicans. He ended up doing the opposite, and worse, he ended up helping the cause of contraception. What could be a better downer to sex than this? (courtesy of Juanita Jean!)

It’s comforting to know that both Sarah Palin and Alan West stand ready to come to the aid of their country if asked. I know I sleep better knowing that.

Arizona, that bastion of freedom, is pushing around a bill that would absolve doctors from suit, should they “forget” or not bother to inform potential mothers of prenatal birth defects. This is order to stop frivolous law suits. Or is this in order to allow Christianist doctors to deny information to women that might be used to determine if an abortion is in order? Who in the hell wants a doctor who decides what type of information you should get?

I feel so much safer knowing that I only have to open up the bible to know all I need to know about climate change. So says that titan of intellect, James Inhofe, Senator (seriously he is one) from Oklahoma. Well Oklahoma, yeah, I guess that explains it. Seriously. Does he have a caretaker?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have now returned to earth orbit. Kindly belt up for landing. We hope you have enjoyed your tour with Neutron Star lines. Our Motto:YOUR’RE ONLY AS CRAZY AS YOU THINK YOU ARE

Who’s Your Daddy?

Not exactly.

But ain’t they just the cutest?

New World monkeys are not, evolutionarily speaking our “ancestors”. We are related (having a common ancestor) with apes, which are not the same as monkeys.

Still, this study of facial characteristics is (wait for it, one of my favorite go-to words)—FASCINATING.  It really is.

Scientists studied a whole range of features along with environments and lifestyles to determine what complexities of features has to do with social structure.

Initial results suggest that the larger the living group, the simpler the facial features. The plainer the features the easier it is to communicate via only facial expression.

Of course, humans are the epitome of that, having mostly hairless faces and ones devoid of differing coloration. A rich and varied set of features are apparently not needed for identification purposes.

However, when similar species live in close proximity, then features are more varied, helping to identify one’s own species from others to prevent cross-breeding.

Lesson: Beware of those bearded ones!

Aren’t you glad you stopped by now? Ya just never know what tickles my fancy do ya?

And what do beer drinkers and sports fanatics have in common with witches and occultists you ask?

 It appears they are in dire straits if they do not change their ways.

So says some silly Right-Wingish doophus church.

I’m wondering if this should give Tim Tebow pause.

After all, Tim would tell us that God is quite the ummm, er, sports fanatic?

No, could that be?


What I wonder are “fake Christians”. I guess we all have our theory about that don’t we?

I guess the only people who could define what “bodies dressed to attract lust” would be that “eyes that seek to lust.” Seems like this can be problematical. Thanks to Joe.My.God for the h/t.

If I’m not mistaken, Republicans like to tell us Democrats that it is they who understand business and money. They are usually trying to elbow us aside, and “take the reins” as it were. They smile condescendingly upon our poor efforts at “running economies” since it is something born in the very sinews of their bodies. They are naturals at it.

Yes. Then please explain to my poor little lacking brain how this works?

Economic genius, Madam Governor, Jan Brewer decided that in order to make a few bucks in her cash-strapped state (due in part no doubt to all the business lost by her draconian immigration policies), she would sell off public buildings and then lease them back. She did that in 2012, and got 81 million. But now she is buying them back. And it’s only costing her 105 million. She explains that if she had paid all the leasing costs for 20 years, it would have “cost a lot more.

So there, GOP economics in a nutshell. That’s how you enable the job creators!

And that is your lesson #3 from Econ for Democratic Dummies, available at a Republican shyster bookstore near you. Thanks to Juanita Jean’s for this one.

I could not believe my ears. I really couldn’t. I mean isn’t there a self-preservation bone in everyone’s body somewhere?

Mittens was interviewed by Matt Lauer. He was asked about his campaign victory speech in New Hampshire. The “envy” one.

He was given a chance to explain that he didn’t mean it as it sounded.

Except he didn’t. He embraced it.

He said that all the griping about the rich is nothing but envy. Yep, we are just envious of the rich, and so we want to take away their money.

Mittens is just making this too easy for Obama.

And, Mittens is making it perfectly clear that there is something about him that is not quite right. He tends to let truth slip out when he goes unscripted, and his truth is not pretty.

Newt has gone rogue. We knew he would.

All the ultra-crazies are now telling Newt to back off, he’s doing the Dem’s job. And he is.

And the more they pile on, the more petulant he will become, and the more he will slash and burn.

We knew ya would dear Newty, we knew ya would.

 Is it just me, or does Ricky P sound like a 6th grader, and a not very bright one at that, every time he opens his mouth now? He simply mumbles some inanities, having little to do with anything rational.

Like Mittens, he is prone to look around after making any pronouncement, for acknowledgement that he has said “the right thing.” Did I say it right? Did ya like it? Shall I wiggle my butt? I can tap dance if you would prefer? Will you vote for me? Please? Oh pretty please?

It’s just too sad.

I’m afraid by the time this little campaign of his is over, he will need help finding his way home. He just looks lost most of the time.

I am outraged at the UTube video of US Marines urinating on dead Afghans.

I am outraged.

I am outraged.

It makes me weep with shame.

Hey. We got some snow.

Not much. A couple of inches.

Temps are moving up in a couple of days, so it will mostly melt I suspect.

No global warming here.

Move on.

Gathering the Loony Tunes

Let the games begin. It’s Friday after all, and things loosen up.

You can be sure you are not nutz when you read this:

It was inevitable. You knew it would be. Some atrophied brain in Arizona objects to the use of the “haboob” to describe the dust storms that have occurred there. The fact that the term has been used for years is irrelevant–its entirely too Middle Easterny and “offensive to our returning soldiers.”

Think Progress opines that we better get rid of those other Middle Eastern words like pajamas, coffee, zero, and *gasp* alcohol as well.

Reason #37 why Mitt will not be the nominee. Mitt, because he can’t relate to human beings as such, continues to believe that we, (the peons) have short-term memory deficits. Today he is claiming that he is against greenhouse gases being considered pollutants and therefore regulated by the EPA. Except he did push state regulation of carbon dioxide emissions in 2004. Except that now, the “let business operated totally unfettered” crowd in the GOP is who Mitty wishes to woo. And flop he does.

AlterNet groups the craziness all up for ya, with “5 Craziest Things Spoken by Presidential Hopefuls.”  All your favorites are here: Bachmann, Cain, Perry and more. Don’t miss it. Keep a file. You’ll want to keep a record for your grandchildren of the “crazy years.”

If Kansas didn’t have enough problems, Gov. Brownback suggests that Obama is adding to them. Seems that asking corporate biggies to depreciate their corporate jets on a 5-year plan, such as airlines do, instead of the 7-year plan, which is a huge break, just will gut Kansas’ aircraft manufacturers. He got a whole 100 folks to gather at an engine plant to hear that. Brownbeck you remember signed into law draconian measures designed to put PPH out of business recently, leaving only one clinic available to their entire state for women’s health care.

Oh it seems a slow day of no news that’s interesting. On the home front, yesterday a nice breeze came up, the skies darkened, and it cooled down. It never rained but the humidity dropped big time. This was not predicted by the powers that be in the world of meteorology. They held out faint hope of a rainstorm today to give us some relief. So we were relieved yesterday. Storms started up this morning and the relief still holds though the sun is out and heating things up.

We ran around like crazy people, cleaning up, laundering, and cooking, lest the nasty oppressive heat and humidity return on a moment’s notice. So far so good and I worked up a pot of Bolognese sauce for a nice spaghetti dinner later.

So have fun and stay cool if it’s still sweltering where you are.

Do the Idiots Ever Sleep?

Actually, we start with some good news.

It has been my fervent belief, prayer, and hope, sensible people hoodwinked by promises of jobs and balanced budgets would come to their senses.

In other words, they would realize that though they were promised these things, what they got was uptight religious wackos and their social engineering to suit their personal moral codes. They got some balanced budgets, but to the detriment of the poor, working and middle classes while rich fat cats were protected.

In other words, they got taken for a ride. Instead of jobs they got union busters, cuts in education and social programs, and restrictions on voting, right to choose, collective bargaining.

It seems my hopes and prayers have been answered. People are waking up. The fine folk of Arizona have pulled off a coup of the first order. Senate president, Russell Pearce, architect of the immoral immigration law, has been recalled from office. Arizona may be conservative, but even they thought Pearce was over the top. That would be crazies: 0 and rational people: 1

A couple of weeks ago, we revisited the sad state of Iowa’s nutjob, Bobby Vander Plaats, who, with tons of out-of-state money, successfully unseated three Iowa Supreme Court justices who had determined that Iowa’s refusal to marry gays in the state was unconstitutional.

Vander Nuts is still at it of course, trying to extract pledges from GOPers vying for Iowa votes come the next primary. And as you might guess, our own (I say that with great and grevious shame) Michele “Fundies are Best” Bachmann has been one of the first to sign, along with that other bastion of intellectual ineptitude, Ricky, “Don’t google me” Santorum.

Both pledge to do everything in their power to uphold the Godly design of marriage between a man and a woman in fidelity. (Newt has screwed the pooch on this one.) Michele “I submit to my husband and you should too”, also pledged to ignore the SCOTUS and ban all pornography as well as ferret out all instances of “sharia” law in the land.

What is most troubling about this idiocy, is that it goes on to explain, that children born into slavery had it better than their peers today. I quote:

Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American President.

Yes, you read that right. The fact that black couples were not free to legally marry and that they or their children could be sold, thus destroying that “family unit” seems to have escaped the ignorant Vander jackass.

I picked up this quote from Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum, who quotes from Upton Sinclair:

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.

And ain’t that the truth? How many (all?) politicians does that apply to?

Oh I forgot to tell ya. I’m sending an email to the winner of the first Stupido Award, and telling them that for a small fee, plus shipping and handling, they can get a nice copy of their award, suitable for framing. I’ll post the actual letter when I decide who won. Still time to vote!

I don’t know about you, but I continue to be utterly awed by the courage exhibited by people in the Middle East. They continue to risk death or serious injury to protect and ultimately topple the governments that have repressed them for decades.

Syrian soldiers who defect tell tales of being ordered to shoot to kill the unarmed protestors. If they refuse, they face being shot themselves. Al Jazeera has the accounts of nearly a dozen such defectors.

What’s on the stove: Well, I split a breast, roasted it (chicken-not human), and am gonna place it on a bed or lettuce and other salady things, napping it with a lovely honey-mustard dressing. So there.

Hey, I’m a Person Too!

Fresh from the invigoration of being granted personhood for purposes of financially buying its own congressmen and women, corporate persons have moved on to even greater heights today.

The SCOTUS, judicial biggie of the land, has effectively made them lawsuit-proof, by knocking down the million-plus-plaintiff discrimination suit filed against Wal-Mart.

You know that they meant business when they let Scalia write for the 5-4 majority. It seems that the women, did not have one single common claim among them, since DISCRIMINATION BASED ON SEX was deemed not to qualify.

 It appears that all a corporation must do is have a “stated” policy of non-discrimination at the head office pinned to the wall. It’s actual store managers are left to promote and pay as they deem fit *wink wink nod nod*. Yep, pretty darn slick wouldn’t you say?

But one more reason to make every effort to avoid spending your precious dollars at Wal-Mart.

Time to change your diapers again Johnny McCain, you dirtied yourself once again. I should have known some such crap was a coming when I saw his Tweet that he and Kyl were going to “tour” his beloved fire-devoured Arizona. They did, and then held the proverbial press conference to show their civic concerns.

McCain, older than Eve herself, and who cannot possibly think of running again, sucked up to the racist element in his state by blaming the fires of “illegals who were out there starting fires to signal each other.”

He could, of course, point to no specifics. Later, his minions explained that they had got their information from the state’s forestry department. Funny thing. The Forest Service has no freakin’ idea about what Johnny was talking about. “You know, sometimes he forgets his meds,” they chortled. (Oh, I made that last thing up, but not the rest!)

Some scientists in Australia have gotten piqued at the continuing “debate” over climate change. They claim that there is really no debate at all. It’s a done deal. The climate is changing, and we are responsible. They run a really excellent site called The Conversation and there is a section with numerous articles on climate change. Take a look. It seems filled with the arguments and with explanations of the games the pseudo-science right light to play to obscure the true facts. Oh and they have plenty of other subjects. The website is an EDU domain. (h/t to Think Progress.)

Some times I think there is a failure in my generation of really great women. I’m talking about women who were out side the norm in every way, who walked alone, unafraid of being defined as “odd” or not being subject to being slotted into some category. Simone Weil comes to mind, who lived in the same place and time as Simone de Beauvoir. There is a lovely bio of her at Lapham’s Quarterly. Go read it. It’s worth it.

Don’t know if you got a chance to see it or not, but Jon Stewart was on Fox Sunday with Chris Wallace. Wallace did his best to start things off belligerently, implying that Stewart had dodged the interview (presumably out of fear). But as you might expect, Stewart walked all over Wallace who never had a clue.

What went unanswered was Wallace’s claim that their “audience” was very happy with them as being fair and balanced presumably. Stewart went unchallenged when he remarked that every poll and study also suggested that Fox news watchers were the most misinformed people of all news watchers. You can see excerpts and links to actual polling at above link.

In case you didn’t hear, Keith Olbermann is back on the airwaves again starting today. His new show is on channel 358 (Current TV) on most cable networks. We have sure missed him on MSNBC. Shultz has been a belligerent disappointment and so frankly has O’Donnell, both of whom come from the “if I don’t like what you say, I’ll yell over you” school of interviewing, made so popular at Foxy Noise. His list of sidekicks looks like fun too. Be sure to watch.

What’s on the stove? chicken stir fry with homemade spring rolls and crab Rangoon.

Well If That Don’t Beat All

It’s not like I go out searching for this stuff. It just pops up before my ears with INCREASING REGULARITY.

It is my considered opinion, MY CONSIDERED OPINION, that the Tea Party will be defunct by 2012. The insanity emanating from these mostly uneducated, most STOOPID people is mind-boggling.

Normal folks are already beginning to see what hath teapartyism wroth. And it ain’t good.

We made mention of a few days ago, that Wisconsin’s Governor has re-introduced the concept of political cronyism by unilaterally dismantling the state’s collective bargaining rights of all state workers. Marches are occurring everywhere as we speak. The Governor has promised a swift response by the National Guard. Cuts have to be made he suggests, and it surely isn’t coming from the rich folk like himself. Similar measures are being looked at in Ohio and Tennessee, also run by Rethuglican governors.


In Montana, farmer/volunteer fireman, and teapartier Joe Read, House Rep, introduces legislation to declare that global warming is not man-made AND is beneficial to the state. By fiat, all Montana’s troubling problems are solved. Read, who apparently doesn’t, consulted no scientists, but relied instead on his “experience.” He said “global science is an ideal, not a true science.” Whatever the hell that means. Like so many of his brainless brethren, he suggests we “follow the money”.  Apparently he misses the fact that the anti-climate change “money” comes directly from big oil and gas interests and all the other major polluters.


Sen Ronald Gould (R-AZ) introduced a bill in his wacky legislature that would allow the carrying of firearms on college campuses and in all public buildings. Further, existing laws that make it a crime to not  respond “accurately” to a question about having a concealed weapon, would be changed to be “truthfully” allowing for “oops I forgot I had that!” Further, it would no longer to a crime to discharge a firearm in the city, but only if only if it could be proven that the person knew that the discharge could cause death or injury. (guns can kill? you lie!) And if you feel you’ve been unfairly harassed about your gun? You can sue, and if you win, you get a “municipal” vehicle as your prize.  


Rick Scott, governor of Florida, teabagger and fraud expert, refused 2.4 billion in Federal funds for high speed rail development. This action, left the work in progress and will put hundreds at least out of work. Rep. John Mica (R) and Sen Bill Nelson (D) are scrambling to undo the damage caused by Scott’s dull thinking. Meanwhile, California and New York, both living in the 21st century, are hoping the funds might come their way.


Chauncey De Vega has a scathing look at the darling of the crazy right-wing, Herman Cain. These, as I call them, house Negroes make a point of feeding the racism inherent in the uber right-wing, all the while providing them with their defense: themselves. Anyone with half a brain can see through the veil of course, but not the non-thinking Beckian hordes. No, Cain is perfect cover, allowing them to vilify all other African-Americans, especially the President, all the while claiming, “moi racist? surely you jest.” You are and we aren’t jesting.


If you hadn’t noticed, all GOPers use the same mantra in response to the question “do you believe the President is a citizen/Christian?” In unison, they report in robot-like fashion. “I take the President at his word.” If pressed, they say things like John Boehner, “It’s not my job to tell the American people what to think,” or like Michele Bachmann, “I think we have more important issues to address, like the budget.”

The reason why they leave this opened ended, which implies that the “jury is still out” on the President’s status, is simply this: polls suggest that the likely GOP primary voter tends to think the President is not either a citizen or a Christian. So, rather than come from a place of integrity, the GOP comes from a place, of protecting my personal ambitions and interests in higher office or re-election. That’s some kind of  leadership wouldn’t you say?


Oh, and on a note of civility and pertaining to the arts, Google has a new site up that promises to allow the viewing of masterpieces from great museums all over the world, in beautiful up close levels. Do take a look: at the Art Project.