Where’s My Fire Extinguisher?

war-on-women-in-one-graphic-fullIt really strikes one as insane, except to the insane I guess. And the GOP is home to a whole lota insane. After taking a drubbing in 2012, you’d think they would be about figuring out how to appeal to the groups they lost badly to, LIKE WOMEN!

No, instead, they are still doing the big daddy shuffle–no no missy, you just don’t trouble you pretty little head darlin’, I’ll do what’s best for you.

And they are, to the tune of moving all in in their war against Planned Parenthood. In good old Wisconsin, home of the Koch-addicted Governor Walker, has just managed to cut funding for PPH by a whopping one million, forcing them to close four clinics in rural areas.

Upwards of 2,000 women will lose the only health care they have.

All in the name of preventing PPH from its abortion agenda–which accounts for a mere 3% of its business.

But big daddy knows best.

I would like to kick big daddy in the balls. Actually, that’s a great idea, and a great contraceptive method. More women need to do it to Republican legislators around the country who think they know best when it comes to women’s health. . .or lack of it.


I spent considerable time and precious time (for my time is quite valuable) yesterday trying to rid Firefox of its pop-up problem. And it is their problem, most of the windows are Mozilla creations. They can’t fix their own stuff, so I downloaded some malware fixes and that didn’t work either. So I have transferred most operations to Explorer (finding Chrome very ugly to work with) and figure to dump Firefox. I assume the dang program is corrupted. If anybody knows an easy way to transfer “favorites” I’d be appreciative. I have so far not figured that baby out.


I was mildly intrigued some time ago when I heard of the paleo diet. The Contrarian often regales me the fact that he “drinks” anthropologically–with great draughts of liquid much as our ancestors did at the old drinkin’ hole. One needed to get in and out quick before some saber tooth came along and made you his midnight snack. But I’ve never had a satisfactory explanation of why grains were not allowed since grains were certainly available to paleolithic people in the form of wild rice and wheat.

There is a movement about that suggests that we are evolutionarily speaking still more cave-lady than 5th Avenue in terms of our genetics, and this mismatch of cave and five-inch heels is the source of much of our unhealth today. It sounds right, but is it? Some call it the paleofantasy. If you’re intrigued too, then read more about it here. Common sense conclusions are very often wrong. Were we every “perfectly” adapted to our environment?

If you don’t believe in evolution, then ignore the above, and just ask “what would Noah do?” AND BITE ME!


Do you have a list of books you are “going to read?”  I don’t mean the stack next to your chair which you can’t wait to get to. I’m talking about the books that make you feel guilty because you know you should have read them, yet you just can’t get past the first ten pages without wanting to tear out your hair. Do you keep saying one day you WILL read James Joyce? How about Proust?

Anyway, I was just wondering if there are others out there like me. Do you die in guilt? Or are you doing anything about it?

I’m nosy like that. Probing through the folds of other people’s grey matter.


Speaking of probing brain matter. Let me ask you this? No not, you dear reader, you are sane. I’m talking to stupid in the back. Come on UP stupid.

I have a question for you. Do stupid people actively sit around thinking up stupid things, or do stupid thoughts just fall into your head and stick there until you are forced to expel them verbally?

Missouri seems to have a virus floating around of stupid.

A GOP’er (aren’t they always) has introduced a bill in the state legislature (perhaps it’s really the state day-care center for the mentally infirm), that would make it a FELONY to propose any law that would in any way restrict the rights of gun owners under the 2nd Amendment.

Yes, it’s now illegal to make constitutional laws.

Or it would be.

If there are enough stupid to match the gargantuan stupid of Mikey Leara.

Can anybody top that?


Not to be outdone, just out stupided, is Kansas, dear old Kansas or KANS ASS as you might wish to think of it.

It seems there, that the GOPer’s are busy introducing bills that would require that teachers teach falsehood–namely that there is some scientific controversy about the existence of man-made climate change.

Yessiree Bob, we got us some climate deniers here, and they have adopted the ALEC-supplied legislation and introduced it.

So, who will win? Missouri or Kansas?

Don’t you Texans feel just a might better now?


Saw the last show of the season for Downton Abbey last night. All I can say is bummer, dude. And I’m pretty darn good at spotting things ahead of time. That carefree driving down a country road happy as a lark? It’s the harbinger of death. Always is. Now the long wait until the next season.

Oh I forgot. Liberals are supposed to hate Downton. For it’s classism no doubt. What a crock of poo.

It’s All in How You Look at It

On the one hand, we can breathe a sigh of relief that the North Koreans remind us more of a group of Keystone Kops than they do a serious nuclear threat.

Li’l Kim Jr. seems about as silly as Li’l Kim Sr.

Both employ the world’s most awful barber, and both look like munchkins from the Wizard of Oz.

But there is a human side to all this too.

How would you like to be the group of “scientists” who Li’l Kim will call to his throne to ” ‘splain exactly how it was you made me look like a fool in front of the rest of the world?”

I mean, Gulag time in North Korea must be rather unpleasant given that most North Koreans would welcome transfer to the old Russian Gulag as a step up in living standards.

The GOP acted like a dog with a new bone, and since it’s been so long since they had a bone of any kind, they gnawed the hell out of it.

First of all, Ms. Rosen has zero connection to the Obama re-election campaign. She is a paid pundit for CNN and lobbyist for a whole array of companies.

Second, what we said here yesterday.

But the GOP will beat the heck out of this until it no longer resembles anything that anyone can even remember any more. When you are that short on actual policy, well, that’s what ya gotta do.

Back in Wisconsin, the GOP is busy making mischief in the upcoming primary for a Democratic candidate to replace the Koch-backed Scott Walker.

It seems to them a good idea to create “temporary Democrats” from their own ranks to “enter” the Democratic primary and run against real Democrats.

Why they think that is smart, moral, logical, or American I do not know.

But then I never claimed to understand the mush that passes for Republican brains these days. And given the scary stuff we see from them, I don’t think I’m going to start any time soon.

Is this what they assume is a wise use of tax dollars? Running faux candidates? Do they actually have any real policies that help people? I mean people in the sense of real working folks instead of the people in the sense that Willard means when he says, “corporations are people too my friend!” ?

Well, never let it be said in AmeriKA that elections can be bought! No sirreee!

Remember in AmeriKA we say, “any boy, err (politically correct correction) child, can grow up to be president.”

Yes they can.

As long as daddy was the president of a car company, and you made millions as a venture capitalist and you married a rich girl.  Not much more than your average kid has growing up.

Nope, not much more.


Yesterday we learned that Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, saved a woman in a burning building. All manner of humor on Twitter then ensued. My favorite?

Chris Christie raced into a burning bakery and saved a pan of cinnamon buns.

I am mean aren’t I?


Speaking of corporations.

Yes, I think this says it.

Which reminds me that Connecticut is gonna end the death penalty in that state.

For people who place such an emphasis on protecting life, I expect the TeaNutz are ecstatic.

Ya think?

Oh yeah, logic, logic, logic. They missed it at the brain deli. Should have labeled it pink slime. Then they might have dug in.


It’s good to know that high-powered business men no longer are sexists. I know that’s the case when I read about Roger Ailes remarks at a talk he was giving to journalist students the other day. He was referring to Soledad O’Brien, journalist for CNN. (my paraphrase)

She’s that girl that’s named after a prison.

Yeah, I guess that was really funny Roger, and so appropriate for JOURNALISM students, you freakin’ idiot.

 I know little guy. I feel the same way.

I’m praying that old Newtie sticks around a while longer.

What with bouncing a $500 check, and selling his donor list to raise some cash, the poor guy must be staying at Best Westerns now.


Oh, he and Callista are still using the private jet? And still demanding security? And she requires two assistants still? And one dresses in a rabbit suit to promote her book at all times? Wow.

Are we really sure that they are NOT on a book tour instead of running for office?

And we hear Newt said that he wants a UN resolution that every person on the planet should have a gun. For protection ya know.

He said that at the NRA, “love your gun, and hate that Kenyan President” fest just yesterday.

Newtster just wants a bit of extra cash to flow his way, even if it is stuck on the end of a bayonet–the latest in home security. Damn that Russian caviar is sooo expensive.

You do not want me to get started on the NRA and that LaPierre poop jackass, idiot, hate-mongering, death applauding, single good reason to maintain a death penalty, miserable grifter, president of the Guns R Us fanatic brigade. No you do not.




Are We There Yet?

I didn’t put much credence in this at first. The Contrarian brought it to my attention as an genius evil machination of the Obama administration. But I’ve now read it other places, and well, there could be something to it. At least the timing seems fortuitous.

I mean let’s face it, before Tuesday, it was hard to find a cartoon about Ricky S. He was a non sequitur. He was old “frothy mix”, an extraordinarily rabid right-winger outlier, who like Dr. Paul, was desirous of spreading the message rather than having any grand expectations of getting a nomination.

Well, times change, and the desire to find ANYBODY GOD, JUST ANYBODY BUT MITT, has led us to Ricky. And, if you believe that Obama and his team are seriously brilliant, the contraception “issue” was dragged forth at precisely the right moment to give Ricky a platform to spew his crazy religious mantras and light a match under the mostly apathetic crazy Right.

And thus: upset the Romney apple cart once more.

Now I don’t know if that is true, or even plausible, but it sure was convenient wasn’t it? Now the two, stand poised to speak to CPAC that joyful religious/reactionary love fest being held in Washington D.C. Romney, as we know, enters with fear and loathing, for these are not his people. This is not a case of “I know my sheep and they know me.” On the other hand, Ricky enters the convention coming near to walking on water. Two more different approaches could not be found.

And you can hear the love across the conservative air waves. The pundits, pretending to be fair all the while they are not, talk about how Ricky is just being Ricky, the tried and true, never-changing, beacon of C O N S E R V A T I S M. From David Brooks to Peggy Noonan to RushiePushie, they are all looking adoringly at the new “favorite son”.

Ya just gotta wonder. How does Mitt stand it? Being so despised by so many. It’s not hatred, it’s just YUCK. It’s that creepy crawly feeling of revulsion when you hear the name, when you see the dopey pasted on grin, when you see him stand with hand on hip, trying to look casual, when you are sure that he has a butt plug lodged tightly up his ass at all times as some sort of penance for God knows what. Mitt may just not make it folks. Money is still favoring him, but heck, Ricky has dealt a pretty nasty blow with virtually none.

There is a rather long but very well done analysis of Obama and his Presidency to-date from James Fallows. He’s got some decent credibility and the piece is largely devoid of partisanship. I saw him interviewed last night, and I was impressed. He points out Obama’s strengths and weaknesses, I think fairly. You may not agree with all he says, and I didn’t, but I also thought it was well done.

Wisconsin voters can feel secure that when they vote to boot out Walker this year, they are making a sound decision. As most of you have no doubt heard, the banks are paying out several billions of bucks in wrongful foreclosures. The monies are going to the states, as the result of the actions of 48 State’s Attorney’s General actions. Well, dear old hard-heart, is taking 25 million of their settlement (of a 140 million total) and applying it to the state budget deficit rather than give it to the afflicted homeowners.

I guess he figures it will be a better argument to claim he’s “balanced the budget” instead of helping out homeowners.

He’s a turd. I bet him and Karl float around in the same toilet.

Well, it’s harsh, but I’ll say it. I agree. Under the LobsterScope points out that the moral outrage of the Roman Catholic Church is a fine diversion from its perennial moral deficit–the child abuse problem that won’t go away. The reason it won’t go away? Because the Church continues to try to sweep it under the rug as best it can, although the lump in the rug is so damn big, everybody notices. (My rant). And they talk about the immorality of contraception!

And while we are at it, where is their moral outrage when African women contract AIDs because they are not allowed to use condoms and their infected husbands turn a deaf ear to their pleas for continence. (My rant ended).

Ricky, giddy with new-found appeal, is as anyone would know, already steppin’ in it. He’s so far said we are on the road to the apocalypse, compared the Obama-led America to France heading to the guillotine, suggested that Obama would force the Roman Catholic Church to hire women priests, reminded us that global warming is a hoax, suggested that Obama has a “wink, wink, nod, nod” relationship with Iran’s nuclear desires in return for getting some oil, claims that the recession was caused by high gas prices, and now suggests that women shouldn’t be in combat because of “other types of emotions.”

Oh yeah, bring on the Rickster! Heck Obama can stay home and play hoops.

If There was a Vote:

He ain’t a witch, but rather a warlock. But wicked he is. He is poster boy for everything that is wrong in America, and the worst of law enforcement.

I speak of course about of Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff, known for his “camps” for arrested undocumented aliens in Arizona. Arizona of course is home to the draconian immigration law that served to galvanize the Right in its attempt to prove tough on immigration.

Joe, has endorsed Ricky Perry for President by the way, which tells you a lot about how desperate Ricky is these days.

As is true of many small communities,  El Mirage contracts out for police services. The county sheriff may have several communities that it serves in this fashion. Internal investigations show that Joe and his crew failed to investigate some 32 claims of sex abuse, one at least involving a child aged two. Need we add that almost all of the reports were made by undocumented workers? This, while suspects were KNOWN in all but six cases.

All told, some 400 cases were ignored state-wide.

This is what Arpaio thinks justice is about. Of course, given the calls for his resignation, he is apologetic now.

“If there were any victims, I apologize to those victims,” the sheriff said in his office’s most detailed public comments about the cases.


I apologize, but frankly, should I find Mr. Arpaio along the highway in need of assistance, I would be hard-pressed not to just walk on by.

I suppose you have heard.

The Donald has shaken “The Hair” and much like Sarah, decided that people aren’t paying him enough attention–again. So the Donald has manufactured a “debate” and he will be the moderator. All the usual clown candidates have been to visit the Donald in his throne room and kissed his ring, though for the life of me, I don’t know why.

To their credit, both Paul and Huntsman have said, thanks but no thanks and called it what it is, a circus led by the chief clown.

Go and read Joe Klein’s great piece on the meeting of the Grifter and the Hair. But we could not let you miss this great statement by the Paul campaign:

“We agree, of course, with former Speaker Gingrich — this is a country of people of enormous talent. Those who deliver thousands of babies like Dr. Paul and those who spend their time focusing on promoting themselves for profit. We even have those who lobby, but don’t call it such because, as they say, they can make $60,000 per speech. While those of us in the Paul camp might disagree with Newt Gingrich about whether Donald Trump is the right man to host a serious political debate, we do agree New York is a wonderful place to go at Christmas. We are sure two average Americans like Speaker Gingrich and Donald Trump will have a wonderful time picking out gifts for their wives. We suggest a place called Tiffany’s, we hear it is quite nice this time of year and given their celebrity status they can probably get special deals and $500,000 lines of credit.”

Oh, if only I could make money doing this, it is just so much fun. Klein, by the by isn’t all anti Gingrich. He claims that Gingrich’s ideas about child labor came from him, albeit in a rather different mode, one that on its face would be rational. Klein doesn’t point out strongly enough that Newt twisted his idea and turned it into something that reflects his true feelings about African-Americans and the poor in general.

I’m packing my bags.

I’m getting my bus ticket.

I’m heading to Kepler 22-b.

It’s sista-earth to you not in the know. It’s got a sun in the sweet spot. It’s our long-lost kin.

It’s a big sista, and has a median temperature of 22C. I have no idea what that is, since here in America we don’t bother to learn anything about celsius. But it sounds good.

I figure it would be a nice place to spend Christmas. Wonder if they have any ham there?

It’s only 600 light-years away, so I figure a couple of days by bus.

We kinda figure that Scott Walker, temporary Governor of Wisconsin, is feeling the love. I mean with only twelve days in, the “fire the turd” Wisconsonites have managed to garner over half the signatures needed to throw the bum out.

So, Scotty (please beam me up Mr. Koch) Walker, has decided that a suspension of freedom to assemble and petition the government is in order.

A group of 4 or more (a family in other words) must obtain permission to gather in state buildings. And groups of a 100 or more may be charged with police costs and clean-up.

According to Michael Moore, this is only slightly less draconian than policies in place in Brunei, which has come under criticism by Human Rights organizations.





The Palinator Syndrome Strikes Again

We all know that Sista Sarah is the Queen of Whine, but really this does take the cake.

First we had John Bolton, Mr. Unconfirmable, tell us that this was “a classic terrorist effort” and specifically “Islamic terrorism.”

Then of course plenty of other right-wingers did the same.

What are we talking about? The Oslo massacre. Of course, it turned out that the actor was a Christian fundamentalist, steeped in a whole lot of anti-Muslim hate.

So who are the victims? The dead? The wounded? The family of those slain and injured? The nation of Norway? My heavens no.

The real victims are the right-wing anti-Muslim movement. Gracious me.

So says the right-wing rag FrontPageMag. Their cause has been harmed by the Norwegian who went on a shooting spree killing dozens. Now the Left will be using the event to point the finger at them. After all it was “perfectly reasonable” for everyone to assume that the Oslo killings were at the hands of Islamic Jihadists.

But the Left will use Breivik to divert attention from worldwide jihad, to advance their cultural Marxism, and to demonize the defenders of freedom.

Yeah, whine on you awful people.That is some serious chutzpah. . .or as Michele says Choots-pa.

I was watching the Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd this morning on MSNBC. He had a couple of “expert” Washington watchers. Both agreed that this Congress may well be the most dysfunctional of all time. One of the guys went on to say something that I think explains it all quite well.

Basically he claimed that both parties now act like parliamentary parties, in other words, they are entirely ideological. There is no longer a middle. But they are not in a parliamentary system of government where the majority simply enacts its laws. Instead the GOP is now functioning as a party of NO to every and all legislation proposed by the Democrats. Their goal is not to govern and do what is right for the country, but to deny the other Party of any “wins.” Newt Gingrich authored this manner of retaliation back in the 90’s. It is in full flourish now.

The Democrats did the same basic thing between 2006-08, though we of course would argue that it was to effectively stop the horrible actions of the Bush administration. In any case, he argued, there is no courage exhibited by anyone to do the right thing–only the politically “right” thing. 

Perhaps we will see the beginnings of a new party, or just a growing number of folks running as “Independents”, beholden to neither side, who will act on behalf of us. We can but hope.

Remember the lovely Reince Priebus? You know who I mean. Head of the RNC? Well I was reading a post from Brilliant at Breakfast yesterday about his call-out to the faithful to send money in the wake of the Democrats and their “insatiable hunger for ever higher taxes, greater government growth, reckless spending and massive trillion-dollar deficits”.

Jurassicpork has coined (or at least I think he/she has) a new term, that frankly left me chuckling on and off all day. Reince Priebus = Rinsed Penis.

Well, heck a laugh is a laugh…and I thought it a mighty good one.

Oh, and I also read Moe’s great post on the deficit. The chart really explains it all. I just wish Obama would grab some prime time, set up the charts, and SHOW the public the real numbers.

Reason 3,739 which Rethuglians are unfit to “govern.” Remember our old friend Scott Walker? Ya know who I mean, union buster and about to be recalled Walker? Well the thug is at it again. Among other awful things, his band of GOPers and he have managed to disenfranchise tons of Wisconsinites with their new voter ID law.

We all know that this is aimed at reducing the number of Democrats able to vote, and thus help them win elections when they are truly not the favored candidate. But knowing that the Democrats will do everything in their power to help seniors, students, and the poor to get those ID’s, Walker figured out another good ploy to deny the desires of the people.

At that would be? Why closing ten DMV offices statewide–all of which are in heavily Democratic locations and extending the hours to get those voter ID’s in typically Republican areas.

The GOP is upfront: they will change the rules to cheat and win. Meanwhile a  Brennan Center for Justice study shows that voter fraud nationally accounts for 44 one millionths of one percent of all votes cast.

Does Walker think that voters won’t remember?

Gosh, I went and gone and done it again. Screwed up.

A week or so ago, the Contrarian and I went to the SS office to get my name changed. (Okay so I am a bit lazy, but really there was no good reason to do it until now when we are about to apply to SS in a few months.)

So anyway, I arrived with a “copy” of my marriage certificate as requested. Except they corrected that to the “original” so a trip to the Clerk of the Court ensued. Back to the SS office and I finished the paperwork. She swung the screen around and I tried to make out the information on the screen with my bifocals. And said it looked “fine.”

I got my card. Middle name wrong. I changed my middle name from Ann to my maiden name of McCameron. I just use the initial M. So I call them.

Yeah, you guessed it, I gotta go back. I failed to catch THEIR error. My bad.

A fine example of bureaucracy in action.



If Wishes Were . . .Pineapples

Politicians are a strange breed, you have to admit. I mean, they live in a rare reality known only to themselves. They, or at least many of them, dream of power and riches. They awaken with visions of being the ruler of the world.

In fairness, I guess we all do this to a degree. We daydream of whatever we think would make our lives perfect. The difference is, we know the difference between dreams and reality, a lot of politicians don’t.

Case in point: Ricky (don’t Google me) Santorum. Ricky has got it in his head that he would like to be president. So he has announced that he is running. He did this this morning on GMA, afraid I guess, that if he set up a press conference on the steps of the Pennsylvania State House, that (a) nobody might show up, or (b) Sarah’s bus would show up and suck all the air up.

In any event, he’s running. Of course, he is dependent upon his faithful, such as they are, sending him dollars to finance his dream quest.

Now, let me draw an analogy for you.

I want to be the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. I want this, even though I am (a) a woman, (b) have never had on boxing gloves in my life, and (c) and 61 years old. So send me money to hire a coach, join a gym, and throw in a housekeeper to take care of my house and cook meals, since I’m going into this full-tilt.

Get the idea? A Rick Santorum rally is staged at the corner of any major downtown street, but is only active when the “don’t walk” sign is on, because that is the only time there is a crowd.

In other words, Rick Santorum stands as much chance of being president as I do of being the heavyweight champ of the world. Anyone who sends him money (other than a relative hoping that his campaign might keep him from the family reunion this year) should be placed on a list of “too dumb to vote”.

What in God’s heaven get’s into the minds of these idiots?

I have come to see John Edwards as a vile excuse for a human being. He exhibited perhaps the most unfeeling, cold, and awful behavior in having a silly affair while his wife was battling a life-ending cancer. (Videos of him flirting on a bus with his new lady remain nauseatingly silly). He later denied his own child in an attempt to salvage his political career.

There is not much I can think of to defend, but I have to say, in the end, that the charges lodged against Mr. Edwards are far-fetched in my opinion. This smacks of hoping that the public finds Mr. Edwards to be so immoral, that they will stretch a law to an absurd extreme just to seek revenge. This is not justice, no matter how little you think of the man. Just my opinion of course.

One of the things that continues to gripe my soul is that the GOP continues to block every effort on the part of the Obama Administration to assist the economic recovery, all the while cheering silently from the sidelines for continuing stagnation. Their recipe is complain about the economy, do everything to block anything that might help, and then argue that voters need to give them a chance, since the Administration has failed miserably.

Case in point, the blocking of Peter Diamond, Nobel Laureat in economics from the Federal Reserve Board. GOP Richard Shelby continue to argue that he is “unqualified” for no reason other than, gee, he might actually help the economy, and that wouldn’t be good for us.

Similarly, John Boehner once laughed at the idea that the Administration could cure the ills of Detroit’s auto industry. Now that they have, he claims it was in reality, “no big deal.”

Is there a Republican in Congress who actually gives a damn about the country? Please alert me as to whom that might be. I’d like to meet this rare creature.

Ya probably heard this, but sista Sarah ain;t none to happy about being dissed on her lack of historical truthiness regarding one Paul Revere–who as WE ALL KNOW warned AMERICANS that the British were coming. He did this without benefit of bells, Liberty ones or otherwise.

Ms. Moosey cannot take criticism so she has enlisted those who really really read, and they found in some obscure dusty history book, that Mr. Revere was momentarily detained at a roadblock and wildly inflated the size of the American arsenal.

Ms. Idiot’s loyal drooling fans are trying to rewrite Wikipedia pages regarding Mr. Revere to reflect their girl’s superior understanding of events.

Our most favorite up on the news of the day maven, Moe, from Whatever Works has all the gossip.

Meanwhile, OKJimm keeps us apprised of Guv Walker’s attempts to hold onto his office by generally screwing everybody whose last name doesn’t end in INC. Jim lets us in on the fight to stop abortions where they don’t exist, and turning over road work from the state to private companies.

I also understand that the GOP is trying to set up dummy Democratic candidates to “run” against the GOPer’s who are being recalled, in some attempt I guess, to so split the vote that GOP incumbent can retain his office.

What’s on the stove? Pizza–a bad choice on a day when it’s humid and going into the damn 90’s…


Lining Up the Wacka-doodles


It’s hard to find a subject that amuses me more than the incessant clamor by the extreme right about Obama’s birth certificate. Everyone knows it is a non-issue but it keeps the rabble busy. A bit like giving your 4-year old magazines to rip up, letting your finish your tax return undisturbed.

The fact that “The Donald” has taken up this cry is actually a bit surprising to me. I thought the man slightly smarter than that. Mind you, I said, only slightly smarter. No man who is so narcissistic as to create such an elaborate faux “do” to encircle his bald head has sufficient “something” to lead the free world.

The smarter (again that has an elusive meaning when applied to the GOP) elements are weeping copiously at this turn of events. Their party is be-speckled with screech owls like The Donald, The Michele, The Sarah, The Newt, The Rick, the Mikey,  all howling (to mix a metaphor, and you know that’s always fun) about this and other equally ridiculous notions that have their trollish followers all rubbing their nether regions with increasing vigor.

Equally rich is the fact that immediately after the President’s speech on the budget, which called out Paul Ryan for the dick-head that he is and put a stop to that blather about “courageous” straight-talk, the GOP is out in force with its talking points.

It was a “speech” and not a plan, they all echoed in perfectly toneless refrain. Moreover, he was “mean” when it came to them. Mean I say, mean. This coming, as so many of the pundits pointed out, after two plus years of calling the President, “not a real American,” “not a citizen,” “a Kenyan”, “a socialist,” “a Muslim,” “a communist sympathizer”, “a champion of abortions,” and one who is “deliberately trying to destroy America.”  Yeah, I can feel the love in all that.

Ya have to laugh. If you follow the link here, you will see a picture of Paul Ryan holding in his little claws his budget proposal. It is entitled “The Path to Prosperity”. Yeah and the line of cars heading down the road are all Mercedes and Hummers, Lincolns and Rolls Royces.

The real point here, is that the GOP has screwed themselves. Today, we are told the House will “pass” the Ryan plan. It’s main points are to extend the Bush tax cuts, and privatize Medicare. Except that the electorate, and even their own base is solidly in favor of not touching Medicare and the country as a whole is overwhelmingly in favor of ending tax cuts for the rich.

The Democrats seem to have finally captured that they now hold all the cards, and merely have to drive this home again and again. Charts and graphs are useful here folks.

A double whammy is that the debt ceiling will be raised (so everyone predicts) and the teabaggers shriek they will wreak vengeance upon all the Republicans who vote for it. The Democrats are throwing parties all over Capital Hill. Things couldn’t look any better at this point at least.

This oughta be rich. The Walker supporters (all ten of them) are having a anti-union rally in Madison tomorrow. And guess who is coming? None other than our dear Sarah, the marginalized, Sarah who? Yes, our darling girl is gonna come and support Walker. Except Walker won’t be there. And neither will any rational GOPer who has any desire to capture the White House. I just wonder by how many thousands the pro-unioners will out number the anti-unioners? Thirty to one? More? Can’t wait to see.

If you thought my rant about the J Crew pink toenail thingie was silly, well I wasn’t the only one by far who thought the entire crazy episode was stupid. A number of Andrew Sullivan’s readers wrote to him about their experiences as parents under similar circumstances. Read on. I am vindicated! lol.

This is why Fox Noise is a disgusting partisan mouthpiece for the GOP: On their website, Fox posted this headline “GWU student’s suicide tragically coincides with Obama visit.” Of course the two things had NO relationship, and as outraged students and others besieged Fox with e-mails and calls, the offensive and foully innuendo provoking story was taken down from the website. Proving once again that there is nothing quite as low as Fox and it’s hatred of all things Obama.

And you all have a luciously wonderful weekend. See ya tomorrow with more news.