Bring on the Christianists!

putin-painting-600x450There is a troubling amount of evidence that even at the highest levels of elitism within the Republican party, there exists a strain of what can only be described as Christianistism.

That’s a mouthful. Christianist: a person who professes to be a follower of the Christian faith but fails to actually follow the tenets of Jesus, using the appellation of “Christian” to mask their own personally held beliefs while claiming that such beliefs are Christian.

Got that?

Of course all too many of our teabagger friends profess to be Christians, yet fall into the odd category of those who are against feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the imprisoned, and tending the sick. They support GOP efforts to reduce food stamp allotments, unemployment insurance payments, blocking health care to the uninsured, discrimination against the LGBT community, and the reduction of women’s autonomy from state regulation, to name just a few.

But their “leaders” also have this dangerously intellectually indefensible attitude as well. One never things of the Kochs as men who are Christian necessarily. They support public TV for instance, especially science shows, recognizing that their “base” the teabaggers, are probably fairly unaware of this fact since the Tea People are not known for their penchant for education or higher-brow television fare. But the Kochs are an exception I think.

George W. Bush came on the scene spouting “compassionate conservatism” and certainly made known his deeply held Christian beliefs. Yet, he sent men and women into war, resulting in American deaths numbering over 4,000 and Iraqi deaths nearing now, possibly some 1.4 million persons. One would expect a Christian to use violence as a last resort and not the first. Nobody today is unaware that there was at bet highly questionable “evidence” and even less reason to invade that country.

Upon completion of his two terms, Bush, unlike his Democratic predecessors, did not seek some manner to work for the betterment of society and the world at large. Instead he engaged in a self-absorbed dedication to being a painter, exhibiting as at least one expert pointed out, a sort of charming childish ability. Some would argue that same childish charm was his main offering as President.


Mike Huckabee, once upon a time, an actual pastor, seems to be nothing more than a Christianist. He has at various times indicated a belief that the President of the United States was born in Kenya, made impassioned pleas to send money to his group designed to “end Obamacare” while telling lies aplenty about the program. His television ad claimed the ACA was “rammed down the throats of the American public” and done in “back rooms”.  Today he is spouting that living in America is no better than living in North Korea.

I may be wrong, but I have always thought that being a good Christian starts with being a person who tells the truth. It certainly doesn’t mean being a person who lies for one’s own benefit, to further one’s own career.


Charles Keating passed away a few days ago. You remember him don’t you? Keating is most remembered for his eye-balls deep involvement in the savings and loan scandals of the 1980′s. Certainly his Catholicism didn’t prevent him from playing fast and loose with the laws regarding making money. Yet he used his “Christian” beliefs as the fulcrum upon which he pushed his social agenda regarding pornography. His Citizens for Decent Literature provided the framework for future conservative social agenda forays into the public sphere.

At one point in time, Keating, in his pursuit of purity, put out a documentary that gave all sorts of statistics about the influence of pornography on the society. Years later, he admitted that he had made them up. Another liar.

Ted Cruz has exploded onto the stage as the savior of the extreme Right.

He spouts a brand of anti-immigrationism, anti-health care, and just plain anti-progressivism that is both stunning and audacious.



Yet Ted also draws the mantle of Christianity around his shoulders. He has it on good authority. His father is a preacher, a preacher of such vile hate and vitriol that many wonder that Ted does not shush him up for fear he will so inflame the sensible middle as to make Ted’s future Presidency utterly untenable.

But Ted not only doesn’t stop the old man, he embraces the theology that his father espouses. That theology is nothing less than what is known as Dominionism, the belief that certain people (Ted included) but all Christians who think as they do at least, are destined to be the kings of the world, ruling in the name of their very strange notion of Jesus.  People who don’t believe as Ted does are those to be ruled.

And the earth? Oh the earth and all it contains, are theirs to  rule over as well. Dominated in fact. Ted’s Christianist army is the wrestle control and subdue the earth. That means exploiting all it’s resources as if they are unlimited. For as this brand of Christianist believe (so very conveniently) God will never let the supplies end, or will give us something better when they do. There is no possibility that we will ruin our own planet with these people. They have twisted the Good Book to assure themselves that that can’t happen.

Imagine, we are all at the mercy of their admittedly uneducated, self-serving conclusions of a copy of a copy of a copy, of a copy of dozens of independently written documents over the span of 1,000 plus years, which was argued over and voted upon by other humans tossing in some documents and tossing out others, and then translated again and again by mostly unknown other humans for various purposes and reasons. They would have us believe that their personal opinion about the meaning of obscure phrases and words, means that we don’t have to do a thing about climate change, or much of anything actually, except get ready for the big fight in Israel where the final battle will take place.

This is not Christianity, this is opportunism.

And the fear is that far too many sadly uneducated, gullible, trusting, needy souls are buying into this rhetoric and will prevent those of us who are rational, thinking, caring and compassionate people from doing what needs to be done to actually if not in the name of Jesus, at least in His spirit, do what is morally right:

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me.’

As Gandhi said,

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Gandhi was wrong. These are not Christians but Christianists. And there is a difference.

The South Has Fallen Way Off the Edge of Stupid

dogs-waiting-in-line-to-pee11Gather round children, it’s time to hear a story.

It’s a story about a land called Merika.

It was once a jolly place living in the delusion of self-congratulatory goodness.

Yes, these Merikans believed themselves not only special, but specially good.

They stood for apple pie, Mom, and freedoms which were countless in number, as many as stars in the sky.

People from all over Gaia did whatever necessary to get to the land of Merika and we welcomed the poor, and tired, although why they were tired from sitting on a boat is a question seldom asked.

Course, the People who lived in Merika (who never named it just calling it home) were not nearly so impressed with these new Merikans and their ways. Their “ways” including pretty much telling the People to go jump in the Pacific, for they needed the Merika for a thing called “capitalism”, which sounded capital but turned out to be just another scam for the rich to inherit the earth.

They stole some folks and made them work for no wages, which gave a pretty unusual cast to capitalism and gave new meaning to the concept of “good people”.

They then got nosy in other people’s business in other places not Merika by explaining with bombs and such that they too should be like Merika (as best they could, given they were not special).

Anyways, Merikans prospered (at least most and as long as most is more than other countries, it was accounted perfect), but the thing about this capitalism is that some very few Merikans got filthy filthy wealthy, and they didn’t share with nobody. They bought houses and visited them a couple of weeks a year, and maybe not even every year. They traveled to other lands, always remarking that these other lands were not as nice as Merika, but they bought stuff that reminded them of these inferior places anyway. They boat boats too, and sailed the oceans blue.


Meanwhile, lots of Merikans got dirt poor. So the rich grew a bit scared. “What if they blame us for taking all the money?”

So the rich invented stuff like “Protestant work ethic, and pulling oneself up by one’s own bootstraps” and explained that rich people work really hard.

So poor people worked really hard.

But it didn’t help. And they were getting really riled.

So rich people told them that it was because of all those freed people, and all those other-than-white people who were the cause of their misery. They were “takers” and the gov’mint was givin’ away all their hard-earned money to “those others.”

And Merkia got more and more split apart between the few haves and the enormous have-nots.

The haves decided that the best thing to do was to make it hard for the have-nots to vote.

And this reached the height of heights in a silly state called Florida which looks a lot like a flaccid penis, and when you stop to think about it, it’s a bunch of flaccid penises that promoted the new law they have. And when you add in that most of the people in Florida are really really old, then that picture of very very old wrinkly flaccid penises will sear your brain for all eternity.

Anyway, this law, says that if you go get in line to vote, you can’t have someone save your place while you go pee. They figure that given the relative age of voters in Florida, this will reduce the lines a lot.

It may of course just encourage a lot of very very old and wrinkly flaccid penises to be publicly exposed. Not to say about what it might mean to that phrase “trickle down economics.”

I don’t know how this will give the rich a boost at the polls however. Unless it means that rich people think that only they can afford Depends. I guess it depends on what you call poor. :/

Close by in the land of Louisiana, a land that like most in the South, spends a lot of time talking about the honored sacredness of the “Constitution”–a document that once upon a time, they sought to distance themselves from in the quest for cotton-pickers at no cost, has found time to reason together in an unreasonable way.


Seems they have decided that like having a state flower and a state bird, a state really oughta have a “state book”.  And although the CONSTITUTION suggests that the state should “make no law” that has the effect of favoring any religion, the crawdaddys there decided that that doesn’t mean what it says or say what it means, and the bible would be a fittin’ state book, because as we all know, it says what it means and means what it says.

No doubt it will be one and one only version of that book although there are hundreds, because as everyone knows, God spoke to King James and said, “go forth and translate my words and call it your version of my words” which is not exactly God’s version, but thinking any deeper than that makes my head ache.


And so my child, this is the story of a special land, a special people, and a special time.

And they all lived happily ever after in the land that everyone else called Stupid.

Amen, and good night.



Get Ready to be Jealous


The picture at left means nothing.

It just popped up when I put in “my sorta better half”.

I find Google weird like that. Or perhaps not Google, but the HUMANITY THAT WOULD MAKE THIS POP UP WITH THOSE WORDS.

It just goes to show you that when you take the entire human population (or most at least) some really weird shit comes out.

It’s really the down side of the Intertubes. The Contrarian puts it thusly: Every village has it’s idiot. The trouble with the Internet is that all the idiots can get together and form their own village.

Ya see they get to think they are normal.

But this is not about that.

It’s really about the Contrarian, “my sorta better half”. Sorta, cuz well, he’s mostly my better, but not always. I have enough self-esteem ya know, thank you very much.

Like most normal and successful marriages, we have a lot of “division of labor”. Mostly it is defined as “those things I don’t wanna do, you do.” It works pretty good, as long as the other person doesn’t have “removing snakes from the toilet” as his “things I don’t wanna do” too. Not that we have ever had a snake in the toilet. Had one in the living room once, but that’s another story and deals with a cat.

Anyway, the universe blessed us with mostly not having the same “I don’t wanna” things on our respective lists, so voilà, we have a happy married life. Ya didn’t know I bet that it was that simple did ya? See all you kiddies out there. Just make a list with the prospective spouse, and if they don’t have the same stuff on them, well, you are good to go. If they do, one of ya better be dominant and the other a sniveling worm if ya have any chance in hell of making a go of it.

Okay, that was all to lead up to this: The Contrarian’s first job of MY day, is to wake me up. This requires that he haul ass out of bed before me, and he does, often with a helpful poke nudge from me. At the appropriate TIME, he is to come in and say, precisely, “Babe. . .Babe” to which I reply, “UHHH. . . .” to which he replies, “time to get up”, after which he should move away from the door lest he be hit with a flying object.

I then send the dog out the door because he is all happy, and wiggly because he wants a walk and that utterly makes me wanna cry.

Now I have talked to the Contrarian about his TONE of voice. It should be flat and dull. It should not be “happy” because there is NOTHING to be happy about when getting up means I gotta make the bed and get dressed! I mean seriously are those two things the MOST boring things imaginable the first thing in the morning?

So don’t ask me why my morning wake up was punctuated by this: “babe. . .Babe. . . .wake up, if we had moved to Florida it would be 8 a.m.”

What the freakin’ F**K is that?

This man is always a surprise.

Speaking of which, it continues to surprise me that he thinks he has hair. He has hair, plenty of it all around the sides. But on top? Only if he stands with his back to the sun can you see a bunch of wispy stalks parading across his dome. He is convinced it would “all come in thick and luxurious” if only he could be allowed to grow it out again. Like when we met, like when he had his pony tail.

Yes he had a pony tail.  It was not especially long, and quite handsome in its own way, although there was even then a thinning at the top, fewer and fewer hairs from the front were being pulled to the back and more and more from the sides were. Actually from the sides, they remained the same, since one usually doesn’t add hair as one ages except through Rogaine-ing which said Contrarian has not done (having nothing called vanity in his word dictionary).

Any the how, the Contrarian has been cutting his hairs (with much moaning and groaning) for some years now, and it’s quite a task to get him to the barber, except through threats, promises, and serious begging.

So the other night we were watching Vikings, which if you weren’t aware is a television drama that the Contrarian favors. A bit much too much blood-letting for my taste, but alas this seems the framework of most everything considered “drama” these days. The main character is one dude called Ragnar, who has an interesting style of hair –shaved on the sides and back, tattooed, and with just a wide strip on the top that is gathered and braided quite elegantly down his back. The ladies seem impressed since he has had two lovely wives so far.

So, as I was saying, the Contrarian is watching away, when suddenly he muses, “I think I might let my hair grow and braid it like Ragnar.”

I sit stunned as I usually do when confronted with another bizarre remark from his lips.

“Um, did ya notice that Ragnar has a lot of hair on the top of his head? You braid would be a might thin with only nine hairs in it,” I queried.

“Oh, I will too, once I shave the sides,” he utters confidently.

“How so,” I giggle.

“Why similar to  thinning a grove of trees of saplings, babe, it allows the other trees to reach the sun and really grow.” This is said with, I swear, a straight face.

“So you think your head is like a grove of trees?” I sputter.

“Well, not exactly, but surely without all that stress of having to grow out the sides, the hair-growin’ can put all it’s efforts into the top. I’m sure it will be plenty,” as he draws his wiggling fingers across the top of his head in a pretense of sliding through silken locks of plenty.

I stare.

He smiles softly and returns his gaze to the latest Viking war going on over the screen.

Such is life in the foothills of New Mexico.

I gotta keep that man on a short rope I tell ya, or the wimmin will be beatin’ down the door to take him away for themselves.

Yes, I gotta get a shorter rope.



Do You Ever Imagine What It Would Be Like?

Life-isnt-about-waiting-for-the-storm-to-pass-its-about-learning-to-dance-in-the-rain1This isn’t about sadness or depression or anything like that.

It’s about imagining how others live.

Have you ever sped down a highway in the evening, just past sundown? Noticed the shapes of houses sitting on hills and along dusty roads off in the distance?

Or have you driven through an unfamiliar small town passing house after house, each some replica of the next, although each distinct enough with its own pattern of fence, porch, color, tree ornamentation makes it semi-unique?

The lights are on in this houses.

It’s near dinner time.

And your mind begins to imagine what life is like inside that house. Who lives there? What do they do for a living? Are their children or grandparents? Are they troubled with finances or health issues? What must their life be like?

You’re not from there. You’re going from somewhere to somewhere else.

And sometimes, it looks depressing to be there. Sometimes it seems like the most gawd-awful life that must be lived there.

And you can’t imagine standing it.

And suddenly you breath deeply and you realize how darn lucky you are to “not be them”. Even though you know nothing about “them”. You just assume that their lives must be sad and awful because you find the surroundings not conducive to whatever you think of as a “good” life.

It’s too out-in-the-middle of nowhere. It’s too run down. It’s too cold, or not green enough, or to loud, or too quiet. It’s too something for YOU.

And you shudder at their mean little lives.

Except, as I say again, you don’t know.

It’s perhaps one of the saddest things I think about, when I think about humans.

I recently heard, I think it was Neil deGrasse Tyson suggest that what made us special in all of evolution is that we compare stuff. That ability to “judge” or compare led us to  strive for improvements I guess. While the dinosaurs nestled into their perfect environment, grabbing each genetic mutation that made their “fit” more comfortable, we seem to be the ones who simply altered the environment to suit ourselves.

That makes us more adaptable no doubt. The dinosaurs were powerless to respond to the comet that hit their world and changed their environment drastically. The mammals, especially the burrowing sorts fared better.

But in our comparing nature, it seems that we like to compare ourselves to each other. And that may not be such a good thing.

Let’s face it, much of politics is driven by our comparisons, real or imagined. And plenty of highly priced magicians of public opinion are engaged in efforts to manipulate that comparison.

It seems that the average person can relax and feel satisfied as long as she can point to some “others” as far worse off. And of course the far worse off is arrived at by lack of whatever YOU have that makes you the relative success.

How else do we explain the relative popularity of shows like “Moonshiners”, “Swamp Hunters”, “Ax Men” with their whole slew of vaguely educated, rough men and women who live on the fringes and manage to “make do”. We love us some Honey Boo Boo, and her family of misbegots. We relish our pageant babies and their silly and sick mothers, (at least I’m a better mother than her!) We eat up this garbage because they make us feel like decent successful people by comparison.

The rich tell us that we are the salt of the earth, while they lie to us with half-truths and pieces of fact, trusting that we are so ill-informed and so incurious to tell the difference, that fact and fiction wrapped in self-satisfying ribbons of “it’s not your fault, but THEIRS” that you life feels so stinkin’ worthless. If you watch you kids not doing any better than you did, then it’s not your fault, it’s  THEIR fault. “Their’ is merely adapted to whatever group is currently available to be blamed.

A Latino man shoots some people at Ford Hood before killing himself, and I will assure that that from it the NRA will tell us we need more guns and the Tea People will inform us that our border security is to blame. Of course all that is untrue, but the quivering masses of “my life sucks” will eat it up and blame THEM.


We will feel better, because we have chosen to believe that others have it worse. Indeed others do have it worse. But it’s only by mere luck that we aren’t in their shoes and they in ours. We are not so much smarter or industrious as they. In fact they may well trump us on both those issues. We were lucky or not in having parents who could afford to support our four + glorious years in higher education finding our niche from which we could, as our personality led us, drive ourselves to financial nirvana, or be fairly lazy and still manage to make a decent living.

We got lucky in who we married perhaps, which led to unexpected riches (the family farm is worth a whole lot of dough on the market as prime farm land), or not. The family hardware store might turn out to be nothing in the face of the new Wal-Mart down the street. It’s pretty much a crap shoot ya see.

We did or did not have a kid with disabilities. We did or did not get sick; or maimed or not in theaters of war. The company upon which everybody’s job depended, did or did not belly up, or move to cheaper labor pastures.

Yet we still find it useful to compare our lives to others of which we know nothing.

It’s just easier.

It’s easier than digging through the pile of manure in our head and seeing if there is anything there worth keeping as human.

It’s easier when the bills need to be paid, and that second job may be lost, and the kid needs braces.

And the people who trade on stirring the pot of hate are happy that we are so distracted with trying to exist, that we will account ourselves good citizens if we listen vaguely for thirty-minutes every day while stirring the spaghetti, and pick up the phrases designed to resonate and be easy to remember.













And I watch Nebraska, and I watched Medora, and I find myself thinking, “God how depressing to live THERE.” And I am doing the evolutionary thing I guess. But I am so wrong to do so. We are so wrong to do so.




I’m Crying. . . No Wait, I’m Laughing. . .Living in the Dream

DriveMeCrazyI rather doubt that Mrs. Neanderthal had these problems.

I mean seriously. The sun came up, the moon went down. It rained, or snowed, or the Smilodon ate the children. Things were pretty darn reality-based.


Not so much.

I swear, more people fall for satirical sites than ever before because it is just that hard to tell fiction from reality. I mean is there ANYTHING that Sarah Palin couldn’t necessarily say regarding Russia or Malaysian Flight 370?

So, it seems to me, that mostly, we are keeping our heads tucked into our turtle shells as a matter of self-defense. The brain can only take so much nonsense before it says in effect, “I’m outta here!”

Which is all to say, that this is what I found crazier than spit this week, or whatever.

The religious right continues to moan and groan about how the “others” portray their favorite sacred cows. Whether it be how Neal De Grasse Tyson portrays the universe and humans or how Hollywood portrays Noah, the Right claims that it is not being consulted, nor given “equal time” to present their fantasy-based interpretation.

I scratch my head. Actually I scratch my head a lot when listening to the religious Right, since hypocrisy and contradiction are their middle name. Cognitive dissonance is written across their foreheads.

Are not these the same people who harp on how we need to return to a “free market economy” because that’s what made (and will make again) Merika great? Despite all the evidence that proves that we have never been such a thing, they surely want it.

Isn’t Cosmos just a bunch of people who took free market principles, gathered money, made a show, sold it on the open market and presented it? Is there  anything stopping the cuckoo birds on the Right from doing the same? Ain’t that your “free market” in action?

In other words, why do you think you get equal time?


Is it just me or would it all just be more fun if all the GOP frontrunners who have gathered at the foot of the throne of Sheldon Adelson to beg him to lavish his money upon them, would just give the old ugly fart a blow job, best one wins?

I hear Chris Christie wooed the old man to a standing ovation with his promises to give Israel a new cabinet seat in his hoped for Administration. I will give Chris one thing. If apparent sincerity were the gauge of truth, he’d be right up there in believability. Most demagogues sound good don’t they?

And Chris, I saw ya sitting at the Garden watching UConn. Dude. That belt thing is getting out of hand. I mean you could stick your tongue out and lick the buckle. Go for suspenders and then you can wear your pants under your belly and not be afraid they’ll fall down and expose your miniature penis. I promise.


Meanwhile GM is furiously trying to stop Tesla from selling their cars from the factory. What part of “free market” economy don’t you guys get? See above regarding Religious Right.


Did he think we would miss this? Scott Walker, who for reasons that escape the sane head, thinks he might run for President, has happily signed into law measures to limit voting in his state, like on weekends and so forth, times when WORKING people find it easier to hit the polls. All the while, he extends the time allowed for BUSINESS to make campaign donations (no doubt to his coffers).

I have to hand it to the GOP. They really make no bones about the fact that they know they can’t win elections if people actually vote, at least if SOME people actually vote, so they are more than happy to do their best to make sure those SOME people can’t vote. Yea! We Won! (by reducing the electorate to only US!)


There is a Hollywood right-wing organization called “Friends of Abe” that you might want to become aware of. Prominent members are founder Gary Sinise, Clint Eastwood, Kelsey Grammer, Jerry Bruckheimer, Patricia Heaton, Robert Duvall, and David Mamet. Our dear Ted Cruz went out to give a speech to them recently. They appear to be embroiled in some very questionable legal activities regarding their attempts to gain 501 (c)(3) status from the IRS.

It’s all very creepy, you know, these poor misunderstood and much maligned conservatives. Read the usual “victimization” crap.


In, “This is Great News!” Steven Seagal, “action” figure turned awful actor, says he think Vlad Putin did a great job swallowing Crimea, and figures he will soon be living in Moscow himself.

If we get really lucky he might take Joseph Farah crazy grifter from WorldNetDaily for whom Seagal “writes” and Sheriff Arpaio, whom he supports because, hey, what’s a little racism among friends?


I figure that the film Noah will do just fine at the box office if they just show remarks by Ken Ham. “Boring”, “worst film I’ve ever seen”, “extreme environmental message”, “psychopath”, “pagan elements”, “anti-biblical”, “a sci-fi fantasy”, and “an insult to God”. Coming from Ham, this is worth it’s weight in golden calves, er Oscars.


Seriously. This is women’s history month. And it’s nearly over. So do read about black women and their fight to stop lynching in America. It’s sobering. And in a world where racism still exists too too much (any at all is too much), it’s timely.


If you aren’t already you should be reading Charles Pierce. He writes for Esquire and he is irreverent, spot on in his right-wing hostility, and rip-roaringly great with words. Just Google him and then make sure you read his stuff.


As some of you know, I’m in the midst of yet another push to figure out all this enlightenment, spiritual, God stuff. I tend to go by fits and starts. Do not for a moment think that I am unaware of the incongruity of being a snarky mouthy opinionated leftie while at the same time pursing non-dual non-self, self-awareness at the same time. I am most aware that they are at polar opposites.

So witness a truly integrated double personality! I do the former because (a) it is what I truly believe and touches my soul as stuff that matters to humanity writ large and (b) is kickin’ fun. I do the latter since I’m this frightened pile of poo like everyone else, not afraid to say that and wanna know what comes next, or at least to live with death stalking me with more peacefulness that I now do. Let’s face it, most of us deal with our impending end by (a) refusing to think about it (b) medicating it to death or (c) mantra-ing it to death with our favorite religious, “I do believe, I do, I swear I do, please believe me GOD and don’t send me to hell” chanting when ever the scary stuff gets too close.

Part of being me is speaking truth, AND striking down falsehood and misleading bullshit where I find it, which doesn’t make me necessarily right, but at least gives others a fighting chance to see that there are two sides and not just one. It’s on you. YOU gotta think and you gotta decide. I’m just doing that out loud.

So happy Sunday.


Enough Freakin’ Already!!

abc_malaysia_map_search_area-kb_140319_16x9_992Okay, so get ready cuz no doubt I’m gonna piss off somebody.

I’m surely not the first to be critical of the coverage we are getting from the media on Malaysian flight 370 and what happened to it. As usual, for good reason I might add, CNN gets the bulk of the criticism for it’s as always, over the top, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling coverage.

My criticism is deeper and broader.

I’m sick of ALL of it.

Almost from the beginning it was too much.

This is where some will take issue with me:

None of this crap matters except to a tiny tiny few people.

It matters only that enough time has past for any decent scenario that involves the plane landing somewhere and the passengers being cast-a-ways on some LOST island. Please don’t forget to push that button!

So we can safely assume that all aboard are dead.

I agree that it is important to find the plane for a variety of reasons, least of which is that if there are recoverable bodies, people I guess would like to bury them in the family plot.

But let’s face facts. Dead is dead.

All these people screeching for answers don’t want answers. They are really just avoiding their real pain and agony by not having this idiotic thing called “closure”. What happened? How did it happen? Was it a catastrophic defect in the plane or was it a bomb? Was it shot down? Not one of these scenarios changes anything for the families of victims. Dead is still dead, and you are not going to feel one bit better whichever “how” turns out to be the the case here.

That’s hard to hear. It’s also true.

I’m not sure that it matters whether somebody dies after a lingering illness, of old age, or from random gunfire down the block. The pain is what it is, and no fine words of “he had a full life”,  or “at least her pain is over” changes much the misery of those who will be without someone they love. We are, whatever you may like to think, grieving for OUR loss, not their loss of life, say what we may.

But even if one posits that the “family needs to know”, you and I don’t. It’s unfortunate to be sure, as every death is, or nearly every one. But shit happens. Planes fly, planes crash. So do cars. Tractors turn over, trains run off tracks. The whys and wherefores matter little except to those who job it is to insure that this don’t happen often.

The people who built the plane are interested in this, as are search and rescue people (for what they can learn to do a better job). Pilots are interested to learn to do a better job to, if that is the case.

NOBODY else should be interested or care about this.

And media is wasting my time and their air time in seducing me to waste my time.

There are people who are dying from war.

Children are starving.

Medical breakthroughs are being made.

New books about important subjects are being published.

People are being denied their right to vote so one party can win what it cannot win otherwise–fairly.

Animals are being abused.

Our lakes, rivers and oceans continue to be polluted. Isn’t it a commentary on all this that there is so much likelihood that the mysterious “debris” is really just sea junk, something our oceans seem full of?

I’m sick of hearing about this.

I’m sick of hearing about Justin Bieber.

I’m sick of Housewives from Hell anywhere in the USA, of that Honey Boo Boo, who ever in hell she is,  of all those crazy women who make up their CHILDREN to look like sluts and parade them on stage to win pageants, of ice road truckers, and swamp hunters, and moonshiners in the hills of West Virginia. I hate all this crap.

It’s just cheap time-wasting, mind-numbing, intelligence-killing drivel, and so is non-stop coverage of somebody else’s personal tragedy.

I’m sick of religious nuts everywhere. By the way, did you hear that the family of the dead wacko job, Fred Phelps, has the amazing audacity to plead for no one to picket their dear loved one’s funeral–for the public to have some “decency”. After all he was a fine man who loved God and “stood against perverts and fags” Seriously, his son said that!

And other than that, I’m having a wonderful Monday.




It’s Not Left vs Right, It’s Right vs Wrong

MoralMondayA movement is arising.

It began with Occupy Wall  Street.

It arose with Moral Mondays in North Carolina.

It’s spreading.

Throughout the South.

It’s moving to Wisconsin, and there are murmurings in Missouri.

People are getting tired of being tired.

And it’s not Democrats although no doubt most are. It includes Republicans and Independents and people who have little to do with politics. It includes some business folk, but probably not so many as people who are working stiffs. And poor. Lots of the poor.

And they come to state legislatures and stand in silent witness that these bodies of Republican control are unjust and immoral.

Yes immoral.

Republican extremism known by the name of Tea Party, is an immoral wound in America and people are not going to take it any more.

Let us be clear. Like it or not, believe it or not, (and the extremists are very good at refusing to accept reality), big business (aka Koch brothers) organized and funded the Tea Party movement. Their intentions were not made known of course but their intentions are clear: reduce taxes on the rich, reduce corporate taxes, reduce regulation on business, and continue to subsidize business so we can continue to laud “free market economies” (which of course given all this are not even close to being free, but are protected by government itself) as the best thing on earth.

To the Tea Party they formed, the message went: your taxes are going to takers not makers. You have worked hard and deserve that money yourselves. All you need do is fund the military so we can continue to enforce our will of “right” on the world. We can create the jobs if you just do your part and give us a free hand. That’s what democracy is all about, that is capitalism. It’s the government and its incessant socialistic welfare mentality that is destroying this country.

Now some of the Tea Party are well-educated business types. They are tiny business operations for the most part, but they like to think of themselves as “entrepreneurs” which makes them sound like the Kochs, and Trumps and those kind. But most of the Tea Party consists of not very well-educated white aging men and their overly made up and coiffed wives who like that idea that more money should be in their hands and not going to “those” people. You know “those” people, the ones are required to called “black” now, when in the day it was fine to call them “N*****”? And all those Mexicans, which are still just Mexicans, even though plenty of “them” actually come from Guatemala and Nicaragua and other places called Latin America. And then there are those “Orientals” from the “Orient” since Asian is still not de rigueur in this culture, and it’s all one big country isn’t it? After all, Sarah thought Africa might be a country, right?

Then in the ultimate hypocrisy of all hypocrisies, there in a dose of “Christianity” to hide that racism/downright hatred underneath. “See, it’s not me, it’s God who has a problem with fags!” And if that makes them feel vulnerable, well, throw in a dose of the 2nd Amendment was made for you and me, and voila, we have a mess of a human being filled with self-righteous hate, little actual knowledge of the world, but a gun-defended arrogance to do everything but call it publicly what they call it privately.

But ordinary folks are getting tired. Ordinary decent people who don’t have to wave a bible around to know what is right and what is wrong. And they are tired of watching years of work being undone by barely literate Republican senate and house members who pass insane laws one after another, making it safe and right for white America to live in their fantasy of the “good ole days”.

So people are marching. And more of them march every week.


  1. Raised taxes on the lowest 80% of it’s citizens
  2. Removed a tax credit on 900,000 working families
  3. Enforced restrictive voter laws
  4. Blocked increased Medicaid coverage for the poor
  5. Cut Pre-Kindergarten funding
  6. Cut unemployment benefits
  7. Voted itself a right to intervene in abortion lawsuits
  8. Repealed a law that allowed death row inmates to challenge their convictions on racial grounds
  9. Increased the standards at abortion clinics to that of surgical centers and made it illegal to offer abortion coverage if you are a public health insurance company.
  10. Offered no increase in base salary to school teachers even though they are paid at the lowest rate in the country.
  11. Tenure is to be phased out and no salary increases are to be given for master’s degrees. Teachers aides are severely cut.


  1. Refused to grant increase in Medicaid coverage affecting some 600,000 Georgians and made it a crime to assist someone who is seeking ACA coverage.
  2. Cut more than 7.6 BILLION dollars to public education over the last 10 years.
  3. Restricted workers rights and benefits
  4. Promoted more stand your ground and like gun legislation.
  5. Cut unemployment benefits
  6. Promoting enforcement of voter suppression laws.

When you go nation wide, the results are the same. GOP-led legislatures are doing the Koch’s bidding everywhere, often with bills written by the KOCH legislative arm, ALEC. Everywhere the tune is the same–lower taxes on the rich, cut out programs for the poor, all with the promise to Mr. and Mrs. White OLD people–this will all benefit you, we promise. Just wait for it.

Let me repeat. There is nothing Christian in any of this. People who are TEA PARTY adherents and claim they are Christian are lying. They are at best Christianists, people who use the bible and their own personal interpretation of it to hide behind while they endorse and argue for a denial of health care for the poor (they can use the emergency ward if they need to — duh who pays for that stupid?), a denial public education to the poor (let’s have vouchers, and the poor will end up with the poorest of poor systems but they had their “choice”), a denial of food, unemployment insurance (that breeds dependence and doesn’t teach work ethic–yeah hungry babies are eager to work), a denial of voting rights (everybody can get a voter ID–yeah except for the cost and the travel to a distance center, and oh yeah, lots of people can’t get a birth certificate any more because records are lost, but a gun permit is okay, but  student ID is not), a denial of basic rights to undocumented workers (since they steal our jobs–yeah we were wondering where you were in the bean fields yesterday and even the little one’s can pick can’t they?), a denial of fair wage (business can pay whatever it wants to, that’s the American way–along with child labor, and unsafe working conditions right?), and on and on…

They say all this and have the temerity, the audacity, the chutzpah, to suggest that Jesus would approve! Jesus hated government they say, and Jesus hated the minimum wage. Jesus loved guns and self-defense. Jesus is nothing more than a malleable dummy used while these vile gutless wonders shrink in horror at their own diseased and flesh eaten faces staring out from the dead sockets from which they look upon a world they hate as it slips from their nail-torn fingers.

Lord save me from the Christianists and though I don’t believe in Hell, but God, sometimes I wish there was one, for these puke excuses of humanity.

Other than that, I’m having a great Sunday.