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Let the games begin. It’s Friday after all, and things loosen up.

You can be sure you are not nutz when you read this:

It was inevitable. You knew it would be. Some atrophied brain in Arizona objects to the use of the “haboob” to describe the dust storms that have occurred there. The fact that the term has been used for years is irrelevant–its entirely too Middle Easterny and “offensive to our returning soldiers.”

Think Progress opines that we better get rid of those other Middle Eastern words like pajamas, coffee, zero, and *gasp* alcohol as well.

Reason #37 why Mitt will not be the nominee. Mitt, because he can’t relate to human beings as such, continues to believe that we, (the peons) have short-term memory deficits. Today he is claiming that he is against greenhouse gases being considered pollutants and therefore regulated by the EPA. Except he did push state regulation of carbon dioxide emissions in 2004. Except that now, the “let business operated totally unfettered” crowd in the GOP is who Mitty wishes to woo. And flop he does.

AlterNet groups the craziness all up for ya, with “5 Craziest Things Spoken by Presidential Hopefuls.”  All your favorites are here: Bachmann, Cain, Perry and more. Don’t miss it. Keep a file. You’ll want to keep a record for your grandchildren of the “crazy years.”

If Kansas didn’t have enough problems, Gov. Brownback suggests that Obama is adding to them. Seems that asking corporate biggies to depreciate their corporate jets on a 5-year plan, such as airlines do, instead of the 7-year plan, which is a huge break, just will gut Kansas’ aircraft manufacturers. He got a whole 100 folks to gather at an engine plant to hear that. Brownbeck you remember signed into law draconian measures designed to put PPH out of business recently, leaving only one clinic available to their entire state for women’s health care.

Oh it seems a slow day of no news that’s interesting. On the home front, yesterday a nice breeze came up, the skies darkened, and it cooled down. It never rained but the humidity dropped big time. This was not predicted by the powers that be in the world of meteorology. They held out faint hope of a rainstorm today to give us some relief. So we were relieved yesterday. Storms started up this morning and the relief still holds though the sun is out and heating things up.

We ran around like crazy people, cleaning up, laundering, and cooking, lest the nasty oppressive heat and humidity return on a moment’s notice. So far so good and I worked up a pot of Bolognese sauce for a nice spaghetti dinner later.

So have fun and stay cool if it’s still sweltering where you are.