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Not exactly.

But ain’t they just the cutest?

New World monkeys are not, evolutionarily speaking our “ancestors”. We are related (having a common ancestor) with apes, which are not the same as monkeys.

Still, this study of facial characteristics is (wait for it, one of my favorite go-to words)—FASCINATING.  It really is.

Scientists studied a whole range of features along with environments and lifestyles to determine what complexities of features has to do with social structure.

Initial results suggest that the larger the living group, the simpler the facial features. The plainer the features the easier it is to communicate via only facial expression.

Of course, humans are the epitome of that, having mostly hairless faces and ones devoid of differing coloration. A rich and varied set of features are apparently not needed for identification purposes.

However, when similar species live in close proximity, then features are more varied, helping to identify one’s own species from others to prevent cross-breeding.

Lesson: Beware of those bearded ones!

Aren’t you glad you stopped by now? Ya just never know what tickles my fancy do ya?

And what do beer drinkers and sports fanatics have in common with witches and occultists you ask?

 It appears they are in dire straits if they do not change their ways.

So says some silly Right-Wingish doophus church.

I’m wondering if this should give Tim Tebow pause.

After all, Tim would tell us that God is quite the ummm, er, sports fanatic?

No, could that be?


What I wonder are “fake Christians”. I guess we all have our theory about that don’t we?

I guess the only people who could define what “bodies dressed to attract lust” would be that “eyes that seek to lust.” Seems like this can be problematical. Thanks to Joe.My.God for the h/t.

If I’m not mistaken, Republicans like to tell us Democrats that it is they who understand business and money. They are usually trying to elbow us aside, and “take the reins” as it were. They smile condescendingly upon our poor efforts at “running economies” since it is something born in the very sinews of their bodies. They are naturals at it.

Yes. Then please explain to my poor little lacking brain how this works?

Economic genius, Madam Governor, Jan Brewer decided that in order to make a few bucks in her cash-strapped state (due in part no doubt to all the business lost by her draconian immigration policies), she would sell off public buildings and then lease them back. She did that in 2012, and got 81 million. But now she is buying them back. And it’s only costing her 105 million. She explains that if she had paid all the leasing costs for 20 years, it would have “cost a lot more.

So there, GOP economics in a nutshell. That’s how you enable the job creators!

And that is your lesson #3 from Econ for Democratic Dummies, available at a Republican shyster bookstore near you. Thanks to Juanita Jean’s for this one.

I could not believe my ears. I really couldn’t. I mean isn’t there a self-preservation bone in everyone’s body somewhere?

Mittens was interviewed by Matt Lauer. He was asked about his campaign victory speech in New Hampshire. The “envy” one.

He was given a chance to explain that he didn’t mean it as it sounded.

Except he didn’t. He embraced it.

He said that all the griping about the rich is nothing but envy. Yep, we are just envious of the rich, and so we want to take away their money.

Mittens is just making this too easy for Obama.

And, Mittens is making it perfectly clear that there is something about him that is not quite right. He tends to let truth slip out when he goes unscripted, and his truth is not pretty.

Newt has gone rogue. We knew he would.

All the ultra-crazies are now telling Newt to back off, he’s doing the Dem’s job. And he is.

And the more they pile on, the more petulant he will become, and the more he will slash and burn.

We knew ya would dear Newty, we knew ya would.

 Is it just me, or does Ricky P sound like a 6th grader, and a not very bright one at that, every time he opens his mouth now? He simply mumbles some inanities, having little to do with anything rational.

Like Mittens, he is prone to look around after making any pronouncement, for acknowledgement that he has said “the right thing.” Did I say it right? Did ya like it? Shall I wiggle my butt? I can tap dance if you would prefer? Will you vote for me? Please? Oh pretty please?

It’s just too sad.

I’m afraid by the time this little campaign of his is over, he will need help finding his way home. He just looks lost most of the time.

I am outraged at the UTube video of US Marines urinating on dead Afghans.

I am outraged.

I am outraged.

It makes me weep with shame.

Hey. We got some snow.

Not much. A couple of inches.

Temps are moving up in a couple of days, so it will mostly melt I suspect.

No global warming here.

Move on.