Feelin’ the Love

Yes, Virginia, two enormous, morally bankrupt fat white men can exist together at the same time.

Oh, that was unkind, but the devil works in masterful ways, his laughter to exude.

You, along with most all mankind has waited for literally weeks for the utterly fair, balanced, and highly professional investigation of Sheriff Joe to conclude. You know the one I mean. His investigation of the validity of the claimed birth certificate of our President, Barack Obama.

Sheriff Joe, mindful of how distracting it’s been for the President to have to be bothered by all the gnats of negativity throughout the US who have been challenging his right to be in the White House, by being, well something other than shall we say, white, took on the burden to solve the mystery of his birthing.

Arizona’s finest (Lord that makes one shiver), went about his task with as I said, all the aforementioned fairness, balance, blah, blah, blah, confident and assured that he could set the Kenyan Hawaiian’s heart at ease.

And as promised, yesterday, he produced the results of his exhaustive and, did I say, very professional, oh and scientific InFestata-gation of the afore-named individual.

And the results are:

*Drum roll, trumpets, and all the other announcement crap we expect*


Oh no, you exclaim? How can this be?

Well, it seems that it has something to do with Kenyan fonts. At least that’s what it sounded like. Fonts used by Kenya and not anywhere else.

Anyway, being somewhat confused, I called the druggist at the Walgreen, and he explained it to me.

You see, it’s got to do with a pin stuck in the corner of that certificate.

Now follow closely.

The head of the pin, which forthwith shall be called “pin-head” which shall not be confused with “PINHEAD ARPAIO” under any circumstances–okay the pin head was traced to a house in Kenya.

A search of that house, after the residents had been shooed out, uncovered a rare Kenya antelope, or what was left of it, on the wall of the premises. On said taxidermical specimen, I have it on good authority, was found a piece of missing antelope horn or antler as the case may be, myself not being sure which is the correct term here.

Anyway, DNA’ally, it was determined that the pin head was of that antelopean animal, that very one in fact. And indeed, with a careful examination, a small chunk of said horn/antler was found missing, the family’s protestations that the piece broke off when their son Benjamin ran his tricycle into the wall and knocked it to the ground, notwithstanding.

Even more condemning, was the locating of a rusting knife, used to both kill the antelope (again the DNA was clear) and cut the umbilical cord of the babe hereafter known as Hussein OhByGodNo Obama. And sure enough, a full search of the attic produced a piece of dirty cloth, tied with some twine.

Inside that was found the very umbilical cord itself!

It was accompanied by a letter, which said and I am not making this up.

To all those to whom it may concern, now or then, or especially in 2012:

The babe to which this life-line was once attached to, is a Kenyan by birth should he ever try to run for President of the United States of America.

Any so-called birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii is a fraud, and was inserted in the files by Steve McGarrett of Hawaii-50 in return for good reviews by TV Guide, a wholly owned subsidiary of the shell corporation known as O-I-WON Obama Enterprises.

Signed, Orly Tates, duly sworn inmate of Bellevue Hospital.

With that, I guess the evidence is clear.

The Obama’s are moving out tomorrow. Newt has been informed that he has been appointed defacto 3rd douche in charge.

And Sheriff Joe? That’s him riding off into the sunset with a HI-HO SILVER!


Oh to Be Entitled

That’s me, seventeenth from the left.

I think the sign I’m supposed to wear in public is coming in the mail.

I am officially “sucking on the government tit” or Entittlement as you prefer.

Not quite actually, since my bottle won’t be officially tipped to me until June 3, 2012, but the paperwork is completed.

I’m a taker according to Mr. Paul Ryan. A user and abuser of all the fine citizens who pay taxes and thus pay my way.

I feel so ashamed ya know, having worked for a living and contributing to that fund. But that was for others. I did that out of the largess of my big heart. The hearts of the TeaMob®? Their hearts be hard and cold as stone. They are offended. They insist that the Government should keep it’s hands off their social security and medicare and Medicaid, all the while, they should end mine. Just cuz I guess. Just cuz they are so stupid they can’t reason beyond what it takes to tie their shoes.

Anyway, if you are offended in reading a blog by a woman who is about to bleed you dry with her monthly gov’ment check, then I say adios amigos!

If you have been reading the comments on the humor post on Michigan, you know we gots us a troll. He’s a Yooper. His spellin’ is a bit off, and he’s a mean little fart. He’s one that doesn’t want any of them social programs in “his America”. He’s proudly voting for Dr. Paul, you know the racist who wants to end all government programs because after all, “we are not our brother’s keeper” or our sister’s either. At least the government has no responsibility in its compact with citizens to ensure they get basic needs met. While I applaud, Paul’s take on our war policy to a degree, I’m not especially likin’ his rather draconian social policy, which is “don’t care, keep it out of my yard, not my problem.”

The Michigan primary is over. And The Willard managed to claim a victory. Santorum managed to sound like he won. And the beat goes on. Newt will be claiming he’s the “only real” opposition now. The GOP continues to whimper. Talk about inability to make a decision! At least the Death Star CChristie is not being wheeled forth by a tractor to protest once again that he can’t be enticed to bite the apple. He knows its poison.

John Boehner got in front of some microphones yesterday. He said something. He yelled, all the while nearly unable to keep from grinning. It’s a farce. They don’t bother to even hide it any more.

I bet you can’t wait. For what? I can’t wait for Johnny Depp to call, but that’s something else entirely. No, I mean Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He is coming out tomorrow with his findings on his very thorough, completely unbiased, investigation of the birth of one Barack Hussein Obama. He figures the President will be most appreciative.

Meanwhile, some man whose ass grew out of his shoulders and was  mistaken for a head, has filed suit claiming that the President is not the President, because as we all know, NO NEGRO can ever be a citizen. You can take it from there.  Ms. Douchey has a fine response to that little lawsuit. The wiz kid is  Gordon Warren Epperly. So it’s best not to name your kid Gordon, since it means ASS in all languages. David Barton put in a call, and asked him to teach at his new Internetional College of Dunces. (I can’t verify this last, but statistical analysis says its 77% likely to be true.)

Gota love Olympia Snowe. A rational Republican (a dying breed), has said enough is enough. Threatened, though not seriously in danger, by TeaMob® primary threats, Ms. Snowe retired and stuck a very pointed high heel up the butt of the Republican leadership, making it abundantly clear that the politics of ideology was wearing thin with her. Undoubtedly she has felt a bit guilty at having to bow to the extremist right as of late. She had the grace to bow out and screw the crazies at the same time. The Democrats have a real chance now to win that seat and retain control of the Senate.

 Lots of folks are coming out to discuss the death throes of the GOP. Now I don’t call ’em early, and I’m not predicting a thing. But the GOP is a dead duck, as we know it. It will either purge itself of the infection know as the TeaMob® or it will become a strange 25% party of economic knownothings + haters of anything not white. Watching this play out is utterly fascinating. Maureen Dowd has a nice piece on this “Greek Tragedy.” Jonathan Chait also wrote a piece in the New York Magazine. And so did John Heilemann.

Meanwhile The Willard continues to do the usual GOP things–assume there is no video tape of years past, and that everyone is dumber than he is. After telling us that Ann drives a “couple of Cadillacs” and that he’s not as avid a fan of NASCAR as some, but he has some good friends “who are NASCAR team owners”, he then went on inexplicably to tell us how his daddy was in the 50 year jubilee of the automobile, and he was “around four” and he remembers Woodward Avenue being painted gold and the parade, and the floats. Except that he was still nine months away from being born. Makes you wanna run out and get some of those “lullabies for in utero” don’t it?

Well, you also remember he said that he was not prepared to “light his hair on fire to please the base” (read I’m not prepared to say insane things which you idiots believe). Well then he called Santorum a player of dirty tricks for running robo calls urging Democrats to cross over and vote for him to send Willard a message. Willard said this was foul, dirty, below the belt, evil and all manner of wrong.

Yeah. Except that Jon Stewart found the tape wherein The Willard BRAGGED about crossing over in Massachusetts to vote for the weakest candidate in a Democratic field as a way to enhance the chances of Republicans  winning the general. Yeah, dirty, foul, below the belt, evil, and all manner of wrong there Willard. But ya did it anyway didn’t ya? Because in the end, Willard, winning is what matters. Yeah, we get it.  


At last! New York State passed a marriage equality bill and Governor Cuomo signed it into law immediately. We’ve been waiting for this for some days, and late in the day yesterday, we learned that the probable delay was the attempt to gather some extra votes so that it would not pass with a one-vote majority and thus leave one person as a target for the right.

It ended up passing with four votes more than needed and apparently eruptions of happiness occurred in the streets.

We congratulate the people of New York and welcome them into the circle of states that have finally recognized that all people are entitled to the freedom to love and be united with the person they love.

Keeping to the theme of love for the moment, great love affairs are a favorite of mine, and the way I often name my pets–Kate and Spencer our first two cats are named after Hepburn and Tracy. A new book is out about the love and lives of Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O’Keefe. Stieglitz was a photographer, and O’Keefe of course was the well-known painter. Her papers were released in 2006, twenty years after her death, and provide much of the basis for My Faraway One.

I guess even dumb and evil Republican governors can hear the footsteps behind them. Rick Scott, the criminal that was elected in Florida, promised 700,000 jobs. So far he has only lost more jobs for the state with his “business first” schemes. Apparently realizing that his 20’s percentile favorables ain’t gonna win him a second term, Scott has taken to tweeting want-ads he finds. T’would be funny if it were not so darned sad.

There is a new organization in Iowa. Why should you care? Because one is probably coming to a city near you, if it’s not there already. The Iowa Energy Forum claims, through its “members” to be a grassroots organization concerned with “energy self-sufficiency and holding our elected officials accountable.” It’s pet project is the Keystone XL pipeline coming from Canada, and they are pressing presidential candidates to come out in support.

IEF is anything but grassroots. It is funded by the American Petroleum Institute, a trade association representing all the big oil companies, including Koch, Exxon-Mobil and BP. The group has been spotted passing out literature and asking their questions at events for Herman Cain and Mitt Romney as well.

There will no doubt be more of these “grassroots” groups in every state, all being paid for by one corporate interest or another. Beware and check them out. Their websites of course are sparkling clean of any fingerprints left by the corporate masters.

 We all know the religious right is ummm, crazy would be a good word. Now you can read all about it from the inside, from Frank Schaeffer who was raised from birth in the home of two very dedicated evangelicals and his book, How Should We Then Live? was considered formative for no less than Michele Bachmann. We’ll he’s seen the light, and now tells a much different story. This is actually his second book on the subject and is entitled Sex, Mom and God.

The Daily Beast does a nice review, and it’s quite an eye-opener. Schaeffer documents the religious right’s fear and fascination with sex, and how this dominates nearly all their thinking. His own mother told him that his father demanded sex every single night in some weird attempt to avoid the temptation of David with some potential Bathsheba.

Weird, but then you always knew they were.

From time to time, we’ve had occasion to mention the rag WorldNetDaily. It purports to be a “Christian” website, but in reality it is anything but. My crazy high-school classmate used to refer me to it constantly, and she walked with Jesus 24/7 in her own mind.

They always have a banner at the top offering you something to buy that will prepare you for the coming of the final War, such as survival gardens or bunkers or some such crap.

Today’s editorial explains for the zillonth time that Barack Obama is not eligible to be President, just like Hitler wasn’t. Read if for the amusement and leave a nice Facebook comment letting them know they suck.


Well, That Settles That. . .NOT!

Hey Jimbo, come on in, mind that door handle, it’s hangin’ by a thread. Ralph is stoppin’ off to get some Bud and Velma wanted some of those little cocktail weenies. Me, I got a can of pork ‘n beans and pork rinds.

Just push that stuff offa the couch there, and oh, that towel, cover up that spot there when you sit. Little Jennie’s bladder ain’t so good any more, but it’s dry.

Did ya hear? The boy in the White House, he done put out a real honest to goodness birth certifiCATE. Looks all legal and everything. What do you think?

Oh, here is Velma and she’s got Hyacinth with her. Would you mind changing to the chair there Jimbo, Hyacinth will bust that thing for sure if she sits on it. Hey, and there’s Ralph.

Well, let’s get down to our D-scussion shall we folks. What do you all think of this birthy paper?

My Hero-Allen West-click my name

Posted on April 27, 2011 at 9:45am

Have to say he may have actually caused this to happen as he was not going to go away on the issue. But in the end what does it matter. Is the certificate real? We will never know as being the POTUS would certainty give someone enough pull to make things appear and disappear at will.

Yeah I hear ya Allen West butt kisser. What in the end does it matter? Course you been sayin’ it mattered more than anything else. There isn’t a thing that anyone could produce that would convince you after all. Being that Allen West is your hero. Need anyone say more?



Posted on April 27, 2011 at 9:51am

This is not the original birth certificate. His birth name was Barry not Barack, so once again this still leaves the same questions, where is his ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE WITH HIS ORIGINAL BIRTH NAME?

Yeah Mike, where is the original? Where is your original? Are you a fake Mike? If you’ve never seen his original Mike, then how do you know what he birth name is? Mike, admit it, you were born in the country of denial.


Snowleopard {gallery of cat folks}

Posted on April 27, 2011 at 9:55am

Trump claims credit, and as predicted, the POTUS is using this matter to launch another set of irrelevent (sic) propaganda for his future destructive policies. Trump and Obama are BOTH progressives, and need to never be in the White House, or for Obama, never again.

Hey no time like the present to start a new conspiracy–Obama and Trumpy were in this together! Boy I do like the sound of this one. Conspiracies after all are free-floating ephemeral wisps of reality. Who predicted this? You? What exactly is the “set of irrelevant propaganda” you speak of? Come on admit it. . .you just hate him doncha?


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 9:58am

Wake up people…..This was nothing but a side show put on by Obama.
And Trump was picked to play the lead role…
It’s not the real Birth Certificate. It is still only the Certificate of live birth.

I thought it was the long form you’ve been demanding? Oh, well it seems you have taken a sip from Snowleopard’s kool-aid. Is this really Wednesday? Or had Obama caused us all to sleep an extra twenty-four hours while he reset America’s clocks? I am suspicious I tell ya.


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 10:20am

Found something real interesting here.

How did Obama get a certificate numbered No. 151 – 1961 – 10641 and two twin girls were born the day after him and their numbers were No. 151 – 61 – 10637,No. 151 – 61 – 10638. Something stinks to high heaven here!

You are right, something stinks here. Did you put on any deodorant today? It’s all in the numbers. Hey, is your conspiracy numbered after the Obama-Trump conspiracy? Or is something stinking to high heaven about that?

Obama Snake Oil Co

Posted on April 27, 2011 at 9:47am

I would still like to know why it says race; African? I believe in the 60s, it would have negro……

Well, you just caught them red-handed now didn’t ya? And that would be Negro with no capital wouldn’t it? You little white trash in-ta-lect-chul.


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 9:51am

now he needs to explain his connecticut social security number. how he got into harvard? who paid for it? how does someone who is a lousy student go from occidental to columbia to harvard without ever accomplishing anything, and then become head of the student harvard law review without ever writing anything?

Yeah, and he sure better start explaining why he likes basketball better than baseball, and hamburgers which sound awfully European when you get right down to it, instead of hotdogs which are as everyone knows real American food. And while he’s at it, let him explain why he reads without his mouth moving. That’s a dead give-away of a NOT American.


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 9:57am

Where are the baby foot prints?

Preserved in the mud of a Hawaiian volcano of course. Geesh I thought everyone knew that.


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 10:41am

As a side question:
Did the typist of the certificate have the ability to change the size of the font?
Does it appear that the font size in the name row, is different than in the next row of information?

Perhaps a review and comparison of other certificates, at that time, could help to sort thru that question, and find the whole truth.

There are a lot more important issues and concerns in this country than this One.

Sherlock! you live! It’s a sure sign of a fake. Government typewriters don’t have font sizes! Somebody quick, analyze the ink!


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 10:14am

This again is the Cert of Birth and not the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. BC is much longer Dr name, etc; and is black background with white print from this hospital in 1961.

Right’o. Every knows its B before C except after. . .something. A certificate of birth is not a birth certificate. Anyone can see that!


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 9:33am

This is not the real BC – The real one notes Barry is a Caucasion, born of a white mother…

Are you a Caucasion (sic)? I thought it was supposed to be negro? Can you conspiracists all get on the same page PLEASE!


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 9:56am

This one does not have the impressed seal… Just sayin.

His mother was 18. Perhaps that was what he was trying to hide. What was she doing at 17 years old in 1961 slutting around with a guy who was 8 years older?

You’re not a very good counter. Was she 17 or 18? Slutting? I think that maybe you are the slut. Just sayin.


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 9:58am

Now Mr. President, you’ll have to do something about that pesky “Natural Born Citizen” line in the US Constitution.

I guess you and all your law-degreeless friends will have to hash that out. Legal minds have real issues to contend with. Get a life.


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 10:33am

Should the BC does not mention how much weight and size?

yeah, pretty fishy I’d say. How much does your brain weigh? Does it slosh a lot when you shake your head?


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 10:38am

what a these numbers (low lighted, 8, 9, 9, 1, 0) next to the parents information?

Oh they are the numbers reserved for those not from this planet at all. In Hawaii 89910 designates the zip code for Sirius. Duh, everyone knows that!

Spooky George

Posted on April 27, 2011 at 11:09am

If this birth certificate was real it would mention he’s a communist. It’s clearly fake

I saw yours and it said, drooling idiot party.

branch manager

Posted on April 27, 2011 at 10:21am

This is not over by any means. We ain’t no dumy.

Yeah, actually I think ya are.


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 10:14am

Has anyone looked at the info on that thing? Besides the green pattern it’s printed on looking very strange, the serial number is later than the example shown on WND, yet his birth date is the day before said example. This is going to be fun…

Everyone knows that WorldNewsDaily is THE official place to go for truth. Here’s a flashlight DK, you’ve been in the dark too long.


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 11:41am

Look how pristine that looks? That has never seen the light of day to be almost 50 yrs old with no signs of oxidation whatsoever! It can’t be real! (That will be the next conspiracy) Just sayin!

you betcha. And the Shroud of Turin–yeah, yeah, carbon dating! Get busy!

Charlie Justice

Posted on April 27, 2011 at 9:23am

Fine, but where was he CONCIEVED? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Now you are on to something there Charlie…Details, we want all the details…


Posted on April 27, 2011 at 9:28am

Why does the right side of this thing look as if something is missing? Not saying it is fake but what is going on?

You noticed that too? It looks like something should be there, doesn’t it…perhaps a pineapple or a palm tree? Or maybe a menu?

 As always folks, all the above comments come to you courtesy of Blaze, that bastion of enlightened discussion run by Beck and his thunderbutts. There were no less than three “articles” so their internet servers wouldn’t jam up I guess. Scary thought–these folks have the right to vote.  

Lining Up the Wacka-doodles


It’s hard to find a subject that amuses me more than the incessant clamor by the extreme right about Obama’s birth certificate. Everyone knows it is a non-issue but it keeps the rabble busy. A bit like giving your 4-year old magazines to rip up, letting your finish your tax return undisturbed.

The fact that “The Donald” has taken up this cry is actually a bit surprising to me. I thought the man slightly smarter than that. Mind you, I said, only slightly smarter. No man who is so narcissistic as to create such an elaborate faux “do” to encircle his bald head has sufficient “something” to lead the free world.

The smarter (again that has an elusive meaning when applied to the GOP) elements are weeping copiously at this turn of events. Their party is be-speckled with screech owls like The Donald, The Michele, The Sarah, The Newt, The Rick, the Mikey,  all howling (to mix a metaphor, and you know that’s always fun) about this and other equally ridiculous notions that have their trollish followers all rubbing their nether regions with increasing vigor.

Equally rich is the fact that immediately after the President’s speech on the budget, which called out Paul Ryan for the dick-head that he is and put a stop to that blather about “courageous” straight-talk, the GOP is out in force with its talking points.

It was a “speech” and not a plan, they all echoed in perfectly toneless refrain. Moreover, he was “mean” when it came to them. Mean I say, mean. This coming, as so many of the pundits pointed out, after two plus years of calling the President, “not a real American,” “not a citizen,” “a Kenyan”, “a socialist,” “a Muslim,” “a communist sympathizer”, “a champion of abortions,” and one who is “deliberately trying to destroy America.”  Yeah, I can feel the love in all that.

Ya have to laugh. If you follow the link here, you will see a picture of Paul Ryan holding in his little claws his budget proposal. It is entitled “The Path to Prosperity”. Yeah and the line of cars heading down the road are all Mercedes and Hummers, Lincolns and Rolls Royces.

The real point here, is that the GOP has screwed themselves. Today, we are told the House will “pass” the Ryan plan. It’s main points are to extend the Bush tax cuts, and privatize Medicare. Except that the electorate, and even their own base is solidly in favor of not touching Medicare and the country as a whole is overwhelmingly in favor of ending tax cuts for the rich.

The Democrats seem to have finally captured that they now hold all the cards, and merely have to drive this home again and again. Charts and graphs are useful here folks.

A double whammy is that the debt ceiling will be raised (so everyone predicts) and the teabaggers shriek they will wreak vengeance upon all the Republicans who vote for it. The Democrats are throwing parties all over Capital Hill. Things couldn’t look any better at this point at least.

This oughta be rich. The Walker supporters (all ten of them) are having a anti-union rally in Madison tomorrow. And guess who is coming? None other than our dear Sarah, the marginalized, Sarah who? Yes, our darling girl is gonna come and support Walker. Except Walker won’t be there. And neither will any rational GOPer who has any desire to capture the White House. I just wonder by how many thousands the pro-unioners will out number the anti-unioners? Thirty to one? More? Can’t wait to see.

If you thought my rant about the J Crew pink toenail thingie was silly, well I wasn’t the only one by far who thought the entire crazy episode was stupid. A number of Andrew Sullivan’s readers wrote to him about their experiences as parents under similar circumstances. Read on. I am vindicated! lol.

This is why Fox Noise is a disgusting partisan mouthpiece for the GOP: On their website, Fox posted this headline “GWU student’s suicide tragically coincides with Obama visit.” Of course the two things had NO relationship, and as outraged students and others besieged Fox with e-mails and calls, the offensive and foully innuendo provoking story was taken down from the website. Proving once again that there is nothing quite as low as Fox and it’s hatred of all things Obama.

And you all have a luciously wonderful weekend. See ya tomorrow with more news.

Well If That Don’t Beat All

It’s not like I go out searching for this stuff. It just pops up before my ears with INCREASING REGULARITY.

It is my considered opinion, MY CONSIDERED OPINION, that the Tea Party will be defunct by 2012. The insanity emanating from these mostly uneducated, most STOOPID people is mind-boggling.

Normal folks are already beginning to see what hath teapartyism wroth. And it ain’t good.

We made mention of a few days ago, that Wisconsin’s Governor has re-introduced the concept of political cronyism by unilaterally dismantling the state’s collective bargaining rights of all state workers. Marches are occurring everywhere as we speak. The Governor has promised a swift response by the National Guard. Cuts have to be made he suggests, and it surely isn’t coming from the rich folk like himself. Similar measures are being looked at in Ohio and Tennessee, also run by Rethuglican governors.


In Montana, farmer/volunteer fireman, and teapartier Joe Read, House Rep, introduces legislation to declare that global warming is not man-made AND is beneficial to the state. By fiat, all Montana’s troubling problems are solved. Read, who apparently doesn’t, consulted no scientists, but relied instead on his “experience.” He said “global science is an ideal, not a true science.” Whatever the hell that means. Like so many of his brainless brethren, he suggests we “follow the money”.  Apparently he misses the fact that the anti-climate change “money” comes directly from big oil and gas interests and all the other major polluters.


Sen Ronald Gould (R-AZ) introduced a bill in his wacky legislature that would allow the carrying of firearms on college campuses and in all public buildings. Further, existing laws that make it a crime to not  respond “accurately” to a question about having a concealed weapon, would be changed to be “truthfully” allowing for “oops I forgot I had that!” Further, it would no longer to a crime to discharge a firearm in the city, but only if only if it could be proven that the person knew that the discharge could cause death or injury. (guns can kill? you lie!) And if you feel you’ve been unfairly harassed about your gun? You can sue, and if you win, you get a “municipal” vehicle as your prize.  


Rick Scott, governor of Florida, teabagger and fraud expert, refused 2.4 billion in Federal funds for high speed rail development. This action, left the work in progress and will put hundreds at least out of work. Rep. John Mica (R) and Sen Bill Nelson (D) are scrambling to undo the damage caused by Scott’s dull thinking. Meanwhile, California and New York, both living in the 21st century, are hoping the funds might come their way.


Chauncey De Vega has a scathing look at the darling of the crazy right-wing, Herman Cain. These, as I call them, house Negroes make a point of feeding the racism inherent in the uber right-wing, all the while providing them with their defense: themselves. Anyone with half a brain can see through the veil of course, but not the non-thinking Beckian hordes. No, Cain is perfect cover, allowing them to vilify all other African-Americans, especially the President, all the while claiming, “moi racist? surely you jest.” You are and we aren’t jesting.


If you hadn’t noticed, all GOPers use the same mantra in response to the question “do you believe the President is a citizen/Christian?” In unison, they report in robot-like fashion. “I take the President at his word.” If pressed, they say things like John Boehner, “It’s not my job to tell the American people what to think,” or like Michele Bachmann, “I think we have more important issues to address, like the budget.”

The reason why they leave this opened ended, which implies that the “jury is still out” on the President’s status, is simply this: polls suggest that the likely GOP primary voter tends to think the President is not either a citizen or a Christian. So, rather than come from a place of integrity, the GOP comes from a place, of protecting my personal ambitions and interests in higher office or re-election. That’s some kind of  leadership wouldn’t you say?


Oh, and on a note of civility and pertaining to the arts, Google has a new site up that promises to allow the viewing of masterpieces from great museums all over the world, in beautiful up close levels. Do take a look: at the Art Project.

I Don’t Hafta, But I Am

You know, there is no good way to denote whistling is there on paper? As to the actual thing, I can do it a bit, but did you know that if you can’t sing in tune, you can’t whistle in tune either? That just seems wrong.

Don’t know why I thought of that.

I wrote a piece over at Walking in the Shadows, so I’m not feeling extra wordy over here. That means I’ll write less than 1000 w o r d s here. Are you happy about that?

Yesterday, I mentioned that Jon Stewart had skewered Foxless Noise about Megan Kelly’s claim that they didn’t use the Nazi thing to denigrate people. He did that by simply using clips from their own shows–Beck, O’Reilly, and whoa, even Megan herself was present to two such over-the-top rhetoric.

Billo got all hot and bothered, and went about the nonsense of “justifying” his Nazi reference regards Huff Po. So Jon was forced to explain to BilboBuggins that that wasn’t the point. Explaining was not a defense to “we never do that!” And just to make it even clearer, Stewart threw in two more instances wherein the Bloviator had used Nazi references to put down people.

Billy, you can’t compete against the master. Stop trying! (Go the The Daily Show to see the video of last nights show!)


Speaking of which, I continue to wonder. When Foxy and all the other air-headed right-wing wonkos lie, where do they think that print and video goes? Do they really think it’s out of sight, out of existence? The fact that their ignoramus  listeners wouldn’t bother to check is one thing, but surely they should realize that the smarty left will look up the archives. Archives–add that word in your dictionary Foxy Morons.


Instead of fixing the problem, the Senate decided it was easier to be dysfunctional. No changes in the filibuster rules. I don’t get these fools. But then again, maybe I do: they are fools.


I guess it goes without saying that American foreign policy ain’t quite right, when you feel restricted from supporting democratic uprisings because it interferes with our “security” interests. Why is America so often supporting dictators in the name of security? Experts claim the US cannot afford to be on the wrong side again, supporting a repressive regime.


Don’t know about you, but I loves me some birthers. I mean, I wish they would have a convention, because it would be grand to go and view 13 crazy people in one room. Imagine the costuming? Imagine the signs? Imagine the scary makeup?

The Blaze, that scion of rag “reporting” has a piece on the subject, and Hawaii’s innovative way to garner a few bucks from the tried and true loonies who pester then   for copies of the President’s birth certificate.

The Blaze specializes in non-stories, (three paragraphs and 4 pictures) designed to catch the attention of the rabble on the extreme right, so they can rant about how their lives are being ruined by whatever annoys their beer-swilled minds. The comments of course are the point.

BMartin1776 had this to say:

 I hope at least half the states pass that eligibility law for 2012 b/c Barry Dunham, Soetoro, Obama or whatever his name is will be screwed.

Taguoshi added:

B.O. is going to be remembered as the bowing President without a birth certificate, Now, isn’t that just so special?

Peaceuntoyou suggests it all started with a plan from his “radical mom”:

what criminals. You know wish I could rember (sic)  it all. But I truely  (sic)remember there was something in the news years ago about his radical mom and how she said He was going to be the president of the United States. She was really mad I remember. Have to try to do old research unless someone remembers to.

SMYFP thinks its odd the paper boy doesn’t come forward:

It is convenient that no more than a handful of people have come forward remembering “good ole barry” Everybody else in america that was born a citizen here in 1961 will have literally hundreds of people that can remember their life. How is it that no one knew him before? Coincidence? enquiring minds want to know!

And this last from Greensicko who is very sure:

For 100 bucks you will find out Obama is not the first black president, he (sic) listed as WHITE.

There you have it from the ideologically and intellectually deformed.

The Country is safe when we know where they are.

Let’s hear it for Friday!