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It’s not like I go out searching for this stuff. It just pops up before my ears with INCREASING REGULARITY.

It is my considered opinion, MY CONSIDERED OPINION, that the Tea Party will be defunct by 2012. The insanity emanating from these mostly uneducated, most STOOPID people is mind-boggling.

Normal folks are already beginning to see what hath teapartyism wroth. And it ain’t good.

We made mention of a few days ago, that Wisconsin’s Governor has re-introduced the concept of political cronyism by unilaterally dismantling the state’s collective bargaining rights of all state workers. Marches are occurring everywhere as we speak. The Governor has promised a swift response by the National Guard. Cuts have to be made he suggests, and it surely isn’t coming from the rich folk like himself. Similar measures are being looked at in Ohio and Tennessee, also run by Rethuglican governors.


In Montana, farmer/volunteer fireman, and teapartier Joe Read, House Rep, introduces legislation to declare that global warming is not man-made AND is beneficial to the state. By fiat, all Montana’s troubling problems are solved. Read, who apparently doesn’t, consulted no scientists, but relied instead on his “experience.” He said “global science is an ideal, not a true science.” Whatever the hell that means. Like so many of his brainless brethren, he suggests we “follow the money”.  Apparently he misses the fact that the anti-climate change “money” comes directly from big oil and gas interests and all the other major polluters.


Sen Ronald Gould (R-AZ) introduced a bill in his wacky legislature that would allow the carrying of firearms on college campuses and in all public buildings. Further, existing laws that make it a crime to not  respond “accurately” to a question about having a concealed weapon, would be changed to be “truthfully” allowing for “oops I forgot I had that!” Further, it would no longer to a crime to discharge a firearm in the city, but only if only if it could be proven that the person knew that the discharge could cause death or injury. (guns can kill? you lie!) And if you feel you’ve been unfairly harassed about your gun? You can sue, and if you win, you get a “municipal” vehicle as your prize.  


Rick Scott, governor of Florida, teabagger and fraud expert, refused 2.4 billion in Federal funds for high speed rail development. This action, left the work in progress and will put hundreds at least out of work. Rep. John Mica (R) and Sen Bill Nelson (D) are scrambling to undo the damage caused by Scott’s dull thinking. Meanwhile, California and New York, both living in the 21st century, are hoping the funds might come their way.


Chauncey De Vega has a scathing look at the darling of the crazy right-wing, Herman Cain. These, as I call them, house Negroes make a point of feeding the racism inherent in the uber right-wing, all the while providing them with their defense: themselves. Anyone with half a brain can see through the veil of course, but not the non-thinking Beckian hordes. No, Cain is perfect cover, allowing them to vilify all other African-Americans, especially the President, all the while claiming, “moi racist? surely you jest.” You are and we aren’t jesting.


If you hadn’t noticed, all GOPers use the same mantra in response to the question “do you believe the President is a citizen/Christian?” In unison, they report in robot-like fashion. “I take the President at his word.” If pressed, they say things like John Boehner, “It’s not my job to tell the American people what to think,” or like Michele Bachmann, “I think we have more important issues to address, like the budget.”

The reason why they leave this opened ended, which implies that the “jury is still out” on the President’s status, is simply this: polls suggest that the likely GOP primary voter tends to think the President is not either a citizen or a Christian. So, rather than come from a place of integrity, the GOP comes from a place, of protecting my personal ambitions and interests in higher office or re-election. That’s some kind of  leadership wouldn’t you say?


Oh, and on a note of civility and pertaining to the arts, Google has a new site up that promises to allow the viewing of masterpieces from great museums all over the world, in beautiful up close levels. Do take a look: at the Art Project.