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Frida Kahlo "Sun and Life"

Oh yeah, it’s Friday.

We got a little something for everyone, or everything for someone, or nothing for nobody. Pick yer poison.

My husband, the Contrarian, had the audacity (of hope?) to move the channel indicator to #360, which in this land, is Fox country. Just in time to see Megyn (I prove that blonds are dumb) Kelly try to add up how many fingers she had on one hand.

Seriously, this peroxide-poisoned air head spends hours chasing her one brain cell around in the padded room that is called her “dressing room.”

She was alerting all of us that the President was probably a dirty sneaky bastard. She was referring to the fact that the President was phoning some Senators and urging them to vote down the amendment regarding the Keystone Pipeline.

To Megyn with the minus  range IQ, this meant that the President’s earlier statement that he was opened minded about the pipeline was pure bull. I mean he wasn’t acting very open-minded was he, calling Senators and lobbying for a no vote?

It was patiently explained to the “born that way bimbo” that the President stopped the pipeline because studies on it hadn’t been completed when he was FORCED BY THE REPUBLICANS for a decision. THE STUDIES STILL HAVEN’T BEEN COMPLETED which is why he urged a no vote because he would HAVE TO VETO IT and THE REST OF THE BILL TO WHICH IT WAS ATTACHED. So it had nothing to do with his being open-minded, the Republicans were intent on deja vu’ing the entire thing again, and he was reminding everyone he would have to issue the same denial again. This has nothing to do with his ultimate decision which is DEPENDENT ON THE OUTCOME OF THE STUDIES!

Megyn, alas cannot reason this through. It is but another examine of Republican inability to reason rationally.

Once upon a time, there was a law student, president of the Law Review, named Barack Obama. He spoke in defense of a university professor, who was black and on a strike of sorts to force the University to employ more minority faculty. This was on tape, with the future President speaking extemporaneously and quite eloquently. At the end, he introduced the professor, embraced him in a hug, and that was that.

This tape had been in the possession of PBS for years, and had been aired some four years ago as I guess part of a montage on the early life of the President.

Enter Andrew Breitbart, or exit as the case may be.

Mr. Breitbart has been teasing Fox with the notion that he had dynamite footage of Obama that would blow the 2012 election into a fireball of controversy. He promised to give it up to the Pointy-finger man with IQ 3 painted on his forehead, Sean Hannity. Breitbart dies, apparently of natural causes.

But wait. Not so fast.

Conspiracy theorists leap forward to query–might the blessed Breitbart have been murdered in order to prevent the dissemination of this damning video?

And Fox had it.

We waited.

We saw.

We yawned.

But wait, Sean pleaded. Don’t you see?

He has his hands mysteriously in his pockets (I swear . . .Blaze nuts discussed this at length. . . the sinisterness of which escapes me, only to devolve into the child-like sexual giggling that is what these people do best).

He was “pallin’ around with radicals”. The professor in question Derrick Bell, was a proponent of a theory called “critical race theory”. Now Fox pundits are unable to understand this term, but they infer that it has to do with whitey is bad, always has been, always will be.

All of this adds up, the in logic meets fantasy land of Fox, that the President has a long and evil history of race hatred and class warfare.

If you care to understand the basics of Critical Race theory, go here and here. Don’t bother with Wikipedia. The right and left are adding and subtracting to it as fast as you can hit enter, trying to make it mean what they want.

Never was a video so tortured to construct a scenario that  is somehow evil.

And once again, we learn what reasoning amounts to in Republican land. Oh, and at least temporarily, to pursue the terrorist president angle, Republicans agreed to ignore their other issues: that the President really didn’t go to Harvard, and can’t speak without a teleprompter. (remember, it’s a file cabinet, not a computer up there)

Poor old Rush. He meant to cause a kerfuffle and help Republicans. He ended up doing the opposite, and worse, he ended up helping the cause of contraception. What could be a better downer to sex than this? (courtesy of Juanita Jean!)

It’s comforting to know that both Sarah Palin and Alan West stand ready to come to the aid of their country if asked. I know I sleep better knowing that.

Arizona, that bastion of freedom, is pushing around a bill that would absolve doctors from suit, should they “forget” or not bother to inform potential mothers of prenatal birth defects. This is order to stop frivolous law suits. Or is this in order to allow Christianist doctors to deny information to women that might be used to determine if an abortion is in order? Who in the hell wants a doctor who decides what type of information you should get?

I feel so much safer knowing that I only have to open up the bible to know all I need to know about climate change. So says that titan of intellect, James Inhofe, Senator (seriously he is one) from Oklahoma. Well Oklahoma, yeah, I guess that explains it. Seriously. Does he have a caretaker?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have now returned to earth orbit. Kindly belt up for landing. We hope you have enjoyed your tour with Neutron Star lines. Our Motto:YOUR’RE ONLY AS CRAZY AS YOU THINK YOU ARE