The Madness Astounds a Normal Human

Congress-PopularityYeah, it’s true, people like lice and cockroaches better than Congress.

And you know what?

The GOP actually is INTENTIONALLY responsible for your low opinion of them.

Ya see, way back in the day, when the Newtie Patootie Ging(notsorichthen)rich first came to Congress, he bemoaned the fact that the Democrats had controlled Congress for some 24 years. How to gain power?

Well, obstruct, and call Democrats everything from low down skunk fookers for starts. So they did, upon the theory that the worst Congress became in the people’s estimation, the more they might be willing to finally vote the bastards out, and Newt and his crew would have a ready slate of Restuplican turds ready to step in and run against the incumbent business-as-usual Democrats. And it pretty much worked. And that’s pretty much what they have been up to since 2008. It got them the House in 2o1o. That seems to be McConnell’s plan now, in the hopes of making some gains in 2014. Course, if your GOP candidate is a drooler, and can’t open his mouth without shoving 36 feet in it at once, then all bets are off, i.e. Christine O’Donnell, Todd Akin, and so forth.

Yeah, they really like it when you are disgusted with them. They just are trying to make sure you blame the Democrats. Course, common sense might dictate that we don’t.

Apology-EnhancersSee the thing about Lance, is not that he used the drugs to win. As we understand it, most of the cyclists do. It’s rife from top to bottom and in between with sleazy people, including the people who run the cycling organizations.

What makes people shiver in disgust when they see Lance, is that this apology is all for show. He can’t even manage to look or sound sincere in his apology, because it’s clear that inside, Lance don’t feel a good goddamn thing. It bothers him not one iota that he destroyed others lives. That’s just, well, life.

He is pissed he got caught. Pissed he can’t cover it up. Pissed he’s going to lose a ton of money, and is going through the lawyer-directed apology tour in our to stave off the worst of the financial penalties to say nothing of possible jail time for fraud.

He’s a sociopath. So listen up. HE SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO PURCHASE A GUN.

Wayne-LapierreYeah, old Wayne is being kept under wraps, but the message of the NRA remains unapologetically hard-nosed and well, sociopathic. loves

What is pathetic, sad, and all too understandable is that the brain-defective supporters of the NRA are so deep in the depths of their fantasy of armed insurrection to get rid of the Kenyan Marxist, Fascist President, that they agree with this stance of NO controls of any kind on the right to acquire any weapon of choice.

The position is indefensible from any perspective. There is no historical precedent for it, there is no logical precedent for it.

The NRA loves guns-involved tragedies because it gives them the opportunity to gin up the base that their “freedoms” are about to be taken from them. They did it all through the election cycle. They will bully their congresspeople to vote NO for anything, no matter how benign it is to the average gun owner.

I thought I had this cold thing beat. But it’s jumped down my throat with a vengeance today. My head feels ready to explode and I can’t breathe! I’m sucking down some cold medicine even as we speak, and have a big old pot of chili simmering on the stove. I’m going burn that cold out of me come dinner time!

So be careful out there and excuse me if I sneeze.

They Are Predictably Crazy as Usual

teaparty-guns x-largeAs we pointed out a couple of days ago, the public is pretty darn clear about what they are in favor of. The President laid out a number of items that are in total agreement with the opinions of the electorate.

Boehner has passed, suggesting that he will do nothing until the Senate puts forth something. And the usual GOP southern white congress sheep are falling in line with the now-lunatic sounding NRA.

They keep saying the same stupid thing–I will oppose anything that takes away the impinges upon 2nd Amendment rights.

Well, gee, nobody is talking about taking away anyone’s second amendment rights.

The GOP once again seems more than willing to screw the majority of citizens in their worship of the fringe crazies out there who make no bones about why they need their military style weapons–they are going to have to repel the US Army when it comes to take their guns. These people are simply delusional and the sooner they are ignored the better. They of course didn’t squeak when the same legislation was passed in the 90’s. It’s only now, and it’s only this President. It is all about racism. It’s about nothing else.

Meanwhile the NRA places its latest tone-deaf ad on the TV, featuring the secret security protection afforded the Obama children and asks why aren’t “your children” valued as much? Oh perhaps it’s because YOU don’t receive 100 death threats a day. YOU aren’t the representative of all this is right and all that is WRONG with America. YOU aren’t BLACK. And so you’re children aren’t at risk, except to the random violence that threatens us all. How many millions would it take? You do know it would be irrational don’t you?

And while we are at it–in your thirst to sell guns to all those you have scared witless: Um, ever see a picture of Ronald Reagan being shot?

ReaganYou say that the answer to guns is more guns, in more hands.

Look at the picture.

How many guns are surrounding the President here?


Something like 8 or more.

Against one guy.

He managed to shoot how many?



I’m reading It’s Even Worse Than It Looks by Mann and Ornstein. They are 30-year watchers of Washington, working respectively at the Brookings and American Institute. They trace the intractable condition of Washington to Newt Gingrich to a great degree. There are other reasons, but he stands out. Newt came to Congress in 1979. He bemoaned that Congress had been in the hands of the Democrats for over 24 years. He wanted to change that. He determined that the way to do that was to make Congress unworkable, by simply blocking everything. Only then, he thought might the citizens let go of their pet representatives and vote in new blood–blood he would control.

And he accomplished it by and large.

From Frontline, I learned that then retired Congressman Gingrich, met on the day of President’s Obama’s first inauguration with Cantor, McCarthy, Ryan, and other Congressional Republicans and determined that the way to regain power was to stonewall EVERYTHING Obama would try to do. An e-mail subsequently went forth to that effect, giving all Republicans their orders.

When the President presented a package of stimulus that included much that the GOP had supported in years past, he was met with a stonewall of nos to everything. No exceptions.

Boehner and Obama met secretly for weeks. Boehner agreed to tax increases in return for cuts in spending. The President offered significant cuts in Medicare and Medicaid. A deal was fairly struck. Boehner went to his caucus. He then failed to return any calls. He then called a press conference and said the President “was not serious” about the debt problem. In reality his teabagging jackasses had told him to go fly a kite.

During the health care debate, Mitch McConnell ordered members of the committee working on the legislation, to keep talking, but to make NO agreements. They were to pretend to be engaged, all the while they were only to drag on the discussions as long as possible hoping to destroy any legislation.

What is striking about all this is that these men admit this stuff with candor. They are not ashamed. They are not embarrassed to be found out. They think that it is legitimate that their ONLY consideration is their own power. There is NO mention in any of their discussions about the welfare of the American people–that is until their get their faces in front of cameras. Then it’s all about what the American people demand.

The Democrats are not blameless. They responded to some of Gingrich’s shenanigans such as grabbing the C-Span time (usually used to read in speeches to be included in the Congressional Record) and making outrageous speeches against traitorous Democrats to an empty floor, by cutting off amendments and debate. They responded in kind to the attempts to make them look bad.

Now we live in a world where the Congress is a joke.

It’s beyond a joke. It’s a travesty of self-interest–none of it aimed at the welfare of the American people. All are in the pay of massive corporations. The difference is minor, but important. Republicans politicians don’t care what business does to the workforce. They are part of the elite, and figure they are due that, and the rest of us are due what we have. We are not the fittest, we have sunk to our level which is worker drones.

The Democrats? They are beholden to the corporate interests as well. The only difference is that they see that a downtrodden worker class will eventually resist. Decent wages, decent health care and social security ensure that the masses remain quiet and they actually have a chance to rise, if talented to the upper echelons of power and money.

That’s the way I see it.

When is a Cruise a Cruz?

Tom-Cruise-tom-cruise-374640_1024_768When your name is Contrarian, that’s when.

A bit of history is in order.

The Contrarian, bless his heart, has this issue with names. I am not sure of the reason, but I rather think it’s lazy ear syndrome, as in “I don’t give much of a shit what your name is–I haven’t yet decided whether you’re worth remembering” syndrome.

He says otherwise of course.

You can decide for yourself.

Anyway, his bastardizations of names has become fairly comical on occasion as he comes up with new and unique ways to identify of whom he speaks.

For instance, the Williams  sisters, of tennis fame are not Venus and Serena. No they are referred to as the flytrap sisters, since Venus is related to a plant called a Venus Fly trap. You get the logic I presume?  Liam Neeson becomes something like Leland Nelson. Some of them are quite hilarious. Woman who pulls on ear is the illustrious Carol Burnett. I’ve become quite adept at figuring out who he is talking about. When it comes to Spanish names, well, it is unreal. He really can’t get his heard around the concept that LL in a word is pronounced like a y. So our historical Old Mesilla is to him Missilla instead of MaCeeya.

So anyway, last night we are watching the football game when there is a Bud commercial and I see this guy whose name I don’t know but he’s bald and wears sunglasses and is supposed to be “hip” if that world is still understood by anyone below the age of 60. I had seen a similar commercial with him in it some months ago and thought he was simply an actor, but saw him later singing on the American Music Awards, so I figure he is “somebody”.

So I said to the Contrarian. “I don’t know what his name is, but I find him intriguing. You know what I mean. He’s not classically good-looking but something about him is compelling. No doubt men find some women like that too–like Cleopatra who was thought to be quite plain-looking but was adored by men.”

Well the guy looks at me, and says, “yeah that Penelope woman would be like that.” PenelopeCruz_071222

And I looked puzzled, which is a normal state of look for me around the Contrarian as you can imagine, and said, “Penelope? Who are you talking about?”

And he up and says, “You know, Penelope, the one who was married to Tom Cruise and had the baby Sookie Balooey.”

“Are you talking about Penelope Cruz?” I queried.

“Yes, Penelope and Tom Cruise,” he replied with satisfaction.

“They were never married dear.”

“But they had that baby, Serius or something like that.”

“No they didn’t, that was Katie Holmes.”

Cruise and Cruise, I think I’m right.” he pontificated from upon high.

“NO! Good grief, Charlie Brown, they are not the same. Do you think that Tom is Hispanic or something?”


“Tom Cruise is spelled C R U I S E. Penelope’s last name is spelled C R U Z.

“Huh, you don’t say? Well she still has a big nose.”

Whereupon the Packers scored again and the world arighted itself. Once more the hapless Lions whimpered their way off the field, and I dear readers was gifted with yet another blog post that writes itself. Everyone is happy at Casa Peyton.

PS. Every time Selma Hayek appears on anything thing, I get: “Hey I thought she was dead!”  “Selma Hayek” Where did you get that notion?” “Ain’t she that Selana woman?” “You mean Selena? No she is not Selena.” Sigh. . . .


Apparently it’s part of therapy to announce your failures openly to anyone who will listen in an attempt to come to grips with the reality of your life.

Thus Mitt Romney, goes into the locker room to meet Manny Pacquiao by saying, “hi I’m Mitt Romney. I ran for president. I lost.”

Mr. Pacquiao went on to suffer a knock-out in the 6th round I hear.

I’m guessing that many a football team will politically request that Willard NOT come to their games, and certainly not enter the locker room.

He’s now the creeping angel of losing. I wonder if crucifixes and garlic would work?


Dead but they won’t stay dead: Glenn Beck and Newt Gingrich.

Can you tell me why anybody asks Newty to give his opinion on anything other than how to get a divorce? I mean really. Seriously.

And why is John McCain always on the Sunday circuit of talk shows? All he ever says is: “I love war, I lost in 2008, and did I tell you I love war?”


I’m not sure if this is the same story but I think it is.

A few days ago there was a report of a whale that had become entangled in fishing lines and was having trouble surfacing to breath. Divers went out and carefully cut all the lines off the whale.

She swam in circles happily for a bit following her liberation, and then, according to reports went to each diver in turn and nudged them, before swimming off.

We have much to learn I believe about the species we live among.

We would do well to think more carefully before we destroy them or ignore them as we busily go about the business of trashing the planet.

I continue to be dumbfounded at the price wildlife is asked to pay for our stupid ideas. Elephants are being slaughtered because somebody thinks it valuable to have a piece of sculpted ivory on a shelf to look at.

Turtles are killed for their livers, considered some sort of delicacy in some places.

The list is long and disgusting.

When will we learn?

Oh, did you see this one?


Beware the Ides of March–Caesar Scoffed Too!



Now that the Duke of Bain has bowed to the wishes of the crasser and more ignorant (read mostly all of it) portions of his party by nominating ideologue boy Paulie, all the goobers in the box seem to be rattling to be heard.

It is the high ascendency of stupid season, and those vying for head stupid are clawing at the cage door.

First up, one Samuel Wurzelbacher, otherwise known as “Joe the Plumber” is biddin’ to represent the fair people of Ohio’s district #9. He recently said this:

“For years, I’ve said put a damned fence on the border going to Mexico and start shooting.

First of all Joe, there is no border “going to Mexico”. The border stretches along a line from Texas to California and encompasses some 1,969 miles.

If you see Joe, take a picture. I surely don’t believe he can stand and breath at the same time. He still eats paste.


Sometimes you get more than you asked for. Gotta love this answer to Sean Hannity’s FB query: What do you think of Romney’s VP pick?

Gosh, sure glad he didn’t tell us what he really felt.

(H/T to Angry Black Lady Chronicles)


Lemme get this straight. Willard says that we have had entirely too many Washington Insiders hanging around the White House, and it’s time to bring in the business world. Sooo, he chooses as his running mate a guy who has basically spent his entire professional career working in . . . . Washington!

Working may be a stretch. It turns out that Paulie Boy has done precious little during his more than a decade in DC. For the lowdown on that read the Atlantic report from Garance Franke-Ruta:

As such, Ryan is both a product of and poster boy for the political city. And it is symptom of the corruption and divisiveness of contemporary Washington that a man who has not passed a single piece of substantive legislation, ever, can be hailed as a substantive and deep thinker and the voice of budgetary sanity while racking up an actual record consisting overwhelmingly of renaming post offices, honoring Ronald Reagan and Wisconsin, providing for the issuance of commemorative coins, and increasing the deficit through massive tax cuts. . . .


It’s oh so fun when the kids begin to squabble isn’t it? “I picked him! No I did!, No, I saw him first! No, you were pickin’ your nose and I waved him in!”

So goes the new dust-up between the Romney clan and the folks over at the Weekly Standard.

It seems that way too much of the far right and the media is giving kudos to Billy Kristol who has been harping at Willard and demanding Ryan be the choice.

And Willard and his kin are adamant that Kristol’s desires played no part in their decision.

I have to give some votes here to Willard. I mean Kristol’s last choice (old Sarah, the has-been), didn’t turn out so well did it?


Oh somersaults are in order folks. Pray once, pray twice, twirl, touch you tush, wink three times and spit on the floor!

The Newty family is hoping to snag them one of those talkin’ shows, like Regis and Kelly, ya know?

I mean (does crazy eyes run in Republican families or what), jeesh, what’s a grifter like Newtykins to do without no real job?

Can you just die for it? Oh let it be true. As true as green steak with apple pie relish is good!


I think it would be a good idea if more people thought about marbles. I haven’t thought about marbles in a very long time. I used to play marbles when I was a kid. Not so very often, because marbles was more a boys game than a girls. Jacks were more for girls.

I didn’t have a very big marble collection as a consequence. I wish it had been larger. I would like to collect marbles as a hobby. But I don’t think very many people play marbles any more. I never see marbles anywhere for sale.

Don’t you think it would make a fine Olympic sport? As good as skeet shooting I think.

If people thought more about marbles and losing them, they might think less about hating people and buying more guns. At least it’s a working theory.

If you think I’m nuts. Well, I’m not and I can prove it, because I’m not the only one who thinks about marbles. You can read more musing at 3quarksdaily here.


It’s All in How You Look at It

On the one hand, we can breathe a sigh of relief that the North Koreans remind us more of a group of Keystone Kops than they do a serious nuclear threat.

Li’l Kim Jr. seems about as silly as Li’l Kim Sr.

Both employ the world’s most awful barber, and both look like munchkins from the Wizard of Oz.

But there is a human side to all this too.

How would you like to be the group of “scientists” who Li’l Kim will call to his throne to ” ‘splain exactly how it was you made me look like a fool in front of the rest of the world?”

I mean, Gulag time in North Korea must be rather unpleasant given that most North Koreans would welcome transfer to the old Russian Gulag as a step up in living standards.

The GOP acted like a dog with a new bone, and since it’s been so long since they had a bone of any kind, they gnawed the hell out of it.

First of all, Ms. Rosen has zero connection to the Obama re-election campaign. She is a paid pundit for CNN and lobbyist for a whole array of companies.

Second, what we said here yesterday.

But the GOP will beat the heck out of this until it no longer resembles anything that anyone can even remember any more. When you are that short on actual policy, well, that’s what ya gotta do.

Back in Wisconsin, the GOP is busy making mischief in the upcoming primary for a Democratic candidate to replace the Koch-backed Scott Walker.

It seems to them a good idea to create “temporary Democrats” from their own ranks to “enter” the Democratic primary and run against real Democrats.

Why they think that is smart, moral, logical, or American I do not know.

But then I never claimed to understand the mush that passes for Republican brains these days. And given the scary stuff we see from them, I don’t think I’m going to start any time soon.

Is this what they assume is a wise use of tax dollars? Running faux candidates? Do they actually have any real policies that help people? I mean people in the sense of real working folks instead of the people in the sense that Willard means when he says, “corporations are people too my friend!” ?

Well, never let it be said in AmeriKA that elections can be bought! No sirreee!

Remember in AmeriKA we say, “any boy, err (politically correct correction) child, can grow up to be president.”

Yes they can.

As long as daddy was the president of a car company, and you made millions as a venture capitalist and you married a rich girl.  Not much more than your average kid has growing up.

Nope, not much more.


Yesterday we learned that Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, saved a woman in a burning building. All manner of humor on Twitter then ensued. My favorite?

Chris Christie raced into a burning bakery and saved a pan of cinnamon buns.

I am mean aren’t I?


Speaking of corporations.

Yes, I think this says it.

Which reminds me that Connecticut is gonna end the death penalty in that state.

For people who place such an emphasis on protecting life, I expect the TeaNutz are ecstatic.

Ya think?

Oh yeah, logic, logic, logic. They missed it at the brain deli. Should have labeled it pink slime. Then they might have dug in.


It’s good to know that high-powered business men no longer are sexists. I know that’s the case when I read about Roger Ailes remarks at a talk he was giving to journalist students the other day. He was referring to Soledad O’Brien, journalist for CNN. (my paraphrase)

She’s that girl that’s named after a prison.

Yeah, I guess that was really funny Roger, and so appropriate for JOURNALISM students, you freakin’ idiot.

 I know little guy. I feel the same way.

I’m praying that old Newtie sticks around a while longer.

What with bouncing a $500 check, and selling his donor list to raise some cash, the poor guy must be staying at Best Westerns now.


Oh, he and Callista are still using the private jet? And still demanding security? And she requires two assistants still? And one dresses in a rabbit suit to promote her book at all times? Wow.

Are we really sure that they are NOT on a book tour instead of running for office?

And we hear Newt said that he wants a UN resolution that every person on the planet should have a gun. For protection ya know.

He said that at the NRA, “love your gun, and hate that Kenyan President” fest just yesterday.

Newtster just wants a bit of extra cash to flow his way, even if it is stuck on the end of a bayonet–the latest in home security. Damn that Russian caviar is sooo expensive.

You do not want me to get started on the NRA and that LaPierre poop jackass, idiot, hate-mongering, death applauding, single good reason to maintain a death penalty, miserable grifter, president of the Guns R Us fanatic brigade. No you do not.




Hey Buddy, Can Ya Spare a Fifty?

Aw, heck, the Newster is about to depart the stage, and to us who love the insane dough-boy and his merry anger, it’s been a fun ride.

If you hadn’t heard, the last of his embedded reporters departed the sinking tanker Callista, and now dah man has been reduced to asking for a $50 to get your pitcher taken with his irrelevance.

Gone are the dreams of missions to Mars and settlements on the Moon where Chewbaccha and Mr. Spock trade war stories over Solanian green wine. Gone are the dreams of debate against the Obama, wherein the man-wonder  would bedazzle millions with his oratorical sword play.

Gone, gone, gone.

Back to shillin’ for whoever will pay. It’s a tough life.

I found it amusing to say the least that the TeaParty was out in front of the Supreme Court chanting their blessed little hearts out about how evil Obamacare is. While there were those who marched in support, the TeaPeople® were the only ones that said dumb enough things to be funny. I didn’t save the post, it was from The Rundown News which I think is PBS, but I did save a quote or two that I found so telling about the intelligence level of these goofs. This was from a mother and her six-year-old daughter, named Murray and Ariana respectively:

Murray: “If we don’t manage to stop the takeover of our health care system, then the Republic will be dead, we will be more socialized than Germany and France, and it will be the nail in the coffin to our freedoms. The government does nothing well, the estimates are already twice what they said it would be — the CBO says it’s going to be over $1.7 trillion. The only way is to ration health care and the seniors will be the ones that suffer the most and the children. Tell your mother to get her knee replaced or any valve replacements she might need. Anybody over 73 will soon be denied. A lot of things will have to be rationed in order to do what they want to accomplish. My daughter is only six and she understands freedom. She knows that liberals are bad people. She understands Obama’s bad.” 

Ariana: We want to take over Barack Obama. 

Murray: That’s right. And we believe in what document? 

Ariana: Glenn Beck? 

Murray: (laughing) No, the Constitution.

Yeah, good parenting huh? And duh, isn’t one of those freedoms the freedom of the judiciary to make decisions devoid of political considerations and not subject to the whims of public sentiment?

Did you know that the “individual mandate” which is at the core of insane Right-wing objection to the Affordable Health Care Act, would apply to at best 2% of the population? The rest are covered by employers, public health care, are too low-income or will receive subsidies.

NOM is a naughty bunch of folks. They are so-called Christians, but more properly called Christianists. They believe that normal admonitions in the bible such as carrying for one’s “brother” and loving one’s enemies are suspendable options, only to be put into play when the “right” people are left. After they have gotten rid of all the “wrong” people you know.

NOM (National Organization for Marriage) has come upon the perfect strategy to end this awful blight upon AmeriKa. And that is to pit African-Americans and Latinos against gays, but pushing the agenda that gay rights have nothing to do with the traditional fight for equality of other minorities.

In other words, help the blacks and browns to understand that gay rights is not a civil right. In their minds, this will provoke gays into calling blacks and Latinos bigots. Divide and conquer.

Of course, in the deep recesses of the NOM dungeon, once that were to be accomplished they could get down to the next level, which is deprive those “aliens” and those “race-card playing blacks” of laws that protect them. Cuz we don’t need ’em any more. Right?

See, we can’t even begin to relate. We  would never even think of such things, being normal. Normal, as in actually paying attention to how much things cost, and do we have enough in the budget this month for that extra item. You know, normal.

Willard is not normal. Willard lives in another world. It’s a world where somebody places a chair on the tarmac and a dude rushes out to shine your shoes right there as you step off your private jet. It’s a world your basement is about three times larger than most people’s main floor. It’s a place where there is a car elevator installed to bring any of your cars to the proper floor, cuz everyone knows cars can’t climb stairs.

This is Willard’s world. And so it stands to reason that as Willard’s “vacation” mansion in California is being renovated,  gigantisized, and otherwise tooled to support the whims of the mega rich, Willard saw fit to hire a lobbyist just to maneuver his building project (weekend hobby) through the maze of codes and permits required to build his “we have to use GPS to locate the grandkids” behemoth.

Yes, a lobbyist. An honest to good lobbyist. Yes. The lobbyist is responsible for gettin’ ‘er done against 4 San Diego city officials whose job it is to, well regulate building in the normal course of their duties. Except, I guess the lobbyist will urge them to speed it up!

I mean. I wonder if Ann is packing? I could offer her a tip or two about using garbage bags for clothing. Easier to carry than bulky boxes. Does anyone have her number?


Living in Lillypuddin’ Land or the Isle of Disconnect

I mean, they want to win don’t they?

Or is this merely a charade?

It must be, since it is otherwise inexplicable why grown men with some measure of intelligence–that required to walk upright and chew food–would say the idiotic things that have been heard on the campaign trail in the last few days.

First good old Ragin’ Rick informs Puerto Ricans that in his Administration, a brand new requirement to statehood will be added: namely that they discard that old-fashioned Spanishy talk, and pony up to American English–presumably no cheerio and pip pip nonsense of course.

Well Puerto Ricans responded rather firmly with Ricky. Na Na Ricky. No Más.

As of late, the Willard, not to be outdone in the duh race, informed college bound students that “they were on their own” in terms of costs. Don’t come looking to his Administration for financial help. Nope, get a job there junior. Oh, well, a third job them.

And as to women? He’s “getting rid” of Planned Parenthood. He doesn’t care where you get your mammogram there lady. That’s lady business, none of mine. I’m the economic wizard, and I only touch me some lady parts when I am increasing the herd, heh, heh. Get my meanin’ there missy?

“If you are looking for free stuff there lady, vote for the other guy.” Yeah, he said that. Yes he did.

I haven’t heard much of the so-called “new and improved” Ryan plan. But I did hear that he opened by announcing that priority #1 was repeal of Obamacare. Now that tells me right off that he and the Gobs of Poo have no real intention of putting forth a real economic plan. Unless picking a fight with your opening line is your way of thoughtful and conciliatory budget discussion.

But as I hear it, the deficit decriers are slashing spending as only the heartless can, all the while REDUCING TAXES FOR THE RICH EVEN FURTHER, and  just in case that is still too onerous, they would gut the Alternative Minimum tax all together.

All in all, the “new” Ryan plan is nothing more than regifting the old one. Dude, I said, I didn’t like it the first go round.

March Madness used to refer to basketball. Now it refers to Grey Old Putzes running for a nomination.

The funny thing about a guy like Newt is that they are so full of themselves, that they think your making fun of them is just sour grapes. You know, you’re just jealous that you aren’t them. It’s but another delusion they live in.

It’s one of those days. I’ve been packing. I have the living room done, which is more than you might expect because we have cabinets which had dishes and sideboard that was chock full of china. We’re made decisions about how we are going about selling the bronco and tractors and rototiller and such. That is hugely a relief. So now it’s to the Pod people, or the Mayflower, or whom ever. They all have those now. And buying a new car, and finding out about renting an RV and going to see the real estate people to put us in touch with an agent in Las Cruces who can start gettin’ busy.

And then there is fish and chips for dinner, which I positively hate to make but love to eat.

And it’s soggy all over cuz we had a bunch of storms that ran through last night.

But none of our cats look like this cuz they are smartie cats, and don’t go out in the rain. Even when the strays that have taken up residence in one of the out buildings, and I feed a bit here and there, were caterwauling (meaning doing the nasty), none of ours ventured out to peep.

I was proud of them for their maturity.

Bear used to get all scaredy cat when it thundered. His hearing is now so non-existent that he doesn’t notice now.

That’s sad. We are conflicted about him at the moment. He has his good days and his bad. We’re trying to fairly assess how bad the bad is. The good is not very good. But the spark is there sometimes and then you feel awful for even thinking about, well you know. Sigh.

The thing about string theory is that at some point, you realize it’s all about. String that is.

You can’t escape it.

You’re strings too.

And that can be very confusing.

And so I would suggest that you not think about it too hard.

You can only open you eyes so wide you know before they pop right out. And if you are near the pot, well, they might be confused with MEATBALLS!

And that is simply gross.

Our cats have too much sense to think about strings.

So sue me.