Oh to Be Entitled

That’s me, seventeenth from the left.

I think the sign I’m supposed to wear in public is coming in the mail.

I am officially “sucking on the government tit” or Entittlement as you prefer.

Not quite actually, since my bottle won’t be officially tipped to me until June 3, 2012, but the paperwork is completed.

I’m a taker according to Mr. Paul Ryan. A user and abuser of all the fine citizens who pay taxes and thus pay my way.

I feel so ashamed ya know, having worked for a living and contributing to that fund. But that was for others. I did that out of the largess of my big heart. The hearts of the TeaMob®? Their hearts be hard and cold as stone. They are offended. They insist that the Government should keep it’s hands off their social security and medicare and Medicaid, all the while, they should end mine. Just cuz I guess. Just cuz they are so stupid they can’t reason beyond what it takes to tie their shoes.

Anyway, if you are offended in reading a blog by a woman who is about to bleed you dry with her monthly gov’ment check, then I say adios amigos!

If you have been reading the comments on the humor post on Michigan, you know we gots us a troll. He’s a Yooper. His spellin’ is a bit off, and he’s a mean little fart. He’s one that doesn’t want any of them social programs in “his America”. He’s proudly voting for Dr. Paul, you know the racist who wants to end all government programs because after all, “we are not our brother’s keeper” or our sister’s either. At least the government has no responsibility in its compact with citizens to ensure they get basic needs met. While I applaud, Paul’s take on our war policy to a degree, I’m not especially likin’ his rather draconian social policy, which is “don’t care, keep it out of my yard, not my problem.”

The Michigan primary is over. And The Willard managed to claim a victory. Santorum managed to sound like he won. And the beat goes on. Newt will be claiming he’s the “only real” opposition now. The GOP continues to whimper. Talk about inability to make a decision! At least the Death Star CChristie is not being wheeled forth by a tractor to protest once again that he can’t be enticed to bite the apple. He knows its poison.

John Boehner got in front of some microphones yesterday. He said something. He yelled, all the while nearly unable to keep from grinning. It’s a farce. They don’t bother to even hide it any more.

I bet you can’t wait. For what? I can’t wait for Johnny Depp to call, but that’s something else entirely. No, I mean Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He is coming out tomorrow with his findings on his very thorough, completely unbiased, investigation of the birth of one Barack Hussein Obama. He figures the President will be most appreciative.

Meanwhile, some man whose ass grew out of his shoulders and was  mistaken for a head, has filed suit claiming that the President is not the President, because as we all know, NO NEGRO can ever be a citizen. You can take it from there.  Ms. Douchey has a fine response to that little lawsuit. The wiz kid is  Gordon Warren Epperly. So it’s best not to name your kid Gordon, since it means ASS in all languages. David Barton put in a call, and asked him to teach at his new Internetional College of Dunces. (I can’t verify this last, but statistical analysis says its 77% likely to be true.)

Gota love Olympia Snowe. A rational Republican (a dying breed), has said enough is enough. Threatened, though not seriously in danger, by TeaMob® primary threats, Ms. Snowe retired and stuck a very pointed high heel up the butt of the Republican leadership, making it abundantly clear that the politics of ideology was wearing thin with her. Undoubtedly she has felt a bit guilty at having to bow to the extremist right as of late. She had the grace to bow out and screw the crazies at the same time. The Democrats have a real chance now to win that seat and retain control of the Senate.

 Lots of folks are coming out to discuss the death throes of the GOP. Now I don’t call ’em early, and I’m not predicting a thing. But the GOP is a dead duck, as we know it. It will either purge itself of the infection know as the TeaMob® or it will become a strange 25% party of economic knownothings + haters of anything not white. Watching this play out is utterly fascinating. Maureen Dowd has a nice piece on this “Greek Tragedy.” Jonathan Chait also wrote a piece in the New York Magazine. And so did John Heilemann.

Meanwhile The Willard continues to do the usual GOP things–assume there is no video tape of years past, and that everyone is dumber than he is. After telling us that Ann drives a “couple of Cadillacs” and that he’s not as avid a fan of NASCAR as some, but he has some good friends “who are NASCAR team owners”, he then went on inexplicably to tell us how his daddy was in the 50 year jubilee of the automobile, and he was “around four” and he remembers Woodward Avenue being painted gold and the parade, and the floats. Except that he was still nine months away from being born. Makes you wanna run out and get some of those “lullabies for in utero” don’t it?

Well, you also remember he said that he was not prepared to “light his hair on fire to please the base” (read I’m not prepared to say insane things which you idiots believe). Well then he called Santorum a player of dirty tricks for running robo calls urging Democrats to cross over and vote for him to send Willard a message. Willard said this was foul, dirty, below the belt, evil and all manner of wrong.

Yeah. Except that Jon Stewart found the tape wherein The Willard BRAGGED about crossing over in Massachusetts to vote for the weakest candidate in a Democratic field as a way to enhance the chances of Republicans  winning the general. Yeah, dirty, foul, below the belt, evil, and all manner of wrong there Willard. But ya did it anyway didn’t ya? Because in the end, Willard, winning is what matters. Yeah, we get it.  

Do the Idiots Ever Sleep?

Actually, we start with some good news.

It has been my fervent belief, prayer, and hope, sensible people hoodwinked by promises of jobs and balanced budgets would come to their senses.

In other words, they would realize that though they were promised these things, what they got was uptight religious wackos and their social engineering to suit their personal moral codes. They got some balanced budgets, but to the detriment of the poor, working and middle classes while rich fat cats were protected.

In other words, they got taken for a ride. Instead of jobs they got union busters, cuts in education and social programs, and restrictions on voting, right to choose, collective bargaining.

It seems my hopes and prayers have been answered. People are waking up. The fine folk of Arizona have pulled off a coup of the first order. Senate president, Russell Pearce, architect of the immoral immigration law, has been recalled from office. Arizona may be conservative, but even they thought Pearce was over the top. That would be crazies: 0 and rational people: 1

A couple of weeks ago, we revisited the sad state of Iowa’s nutjob, Bobby Vander Plaats, who, with tons of out-of-state money, successfully unseated three Iowa Supreme Court justices who had determined that Iowa’s refusal to marry gays in the state was unconstitutional.

Vander Nuts is still at it of course, trying to extract pledges from GOPers vying for Iowa votes come the next primary. And as you might guess, our own (I say that with great and grevious shame) Michele “Fundies are Best” Bachmann has been one of the first to sign, along with that other bastion of intellectual ineptitude, Ricky, “Don’t google me” Santorum.

Both pledge to do everything in their power to uphold the Godly design of marriage between a man and a woman in fidelity. (Newt has screwed the pooch on this one.) Michele “I submit to my husband and you should too”, also pledged to ignore the SCOTUS and ban all pornography as well as ferret out all instances of “sharia” law in the land.

What is most troubling about this idiocy, is that it goes on to explain, that children born into slavery had it better than their peers today. I quote:

Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American President.

Yes, you read that right. The fact that black couples were not free to legally marry and that they or their children could be sold, thus destroying that “family unit” seems to have escaped the ignorant Vander jackass.

I picked up this quote from Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum, who quotes from Upton Sinclair:

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.

And ain’t that the truth? How many (all?) politicians does that apply to?

Oh I forgot to tell ya. I’m sending an email to the winner of the first Stupido Award, and telling them that for a small fee, plus shipping and handling, they can get a nice copy of their award, suitable for framing. I’ll post the actual letter when I decide who won. Still time to vote!

I don’t know about you, but I continue to be utterly awed by the courage exhibited by people in the Middle East. They continue to risk death or serious injury to protect and ultimately topple the governments that have repressed them for decades.

Syrian soldiers who defect tell tales of being ordered to shoot to kill the unarmed protestors. If they refuse, they face being shot themselves. Al Jazeera has the accounts of nearly a dozen such defectors.

What’s on the stove: Well, I split a breast, roasted it (chicken-not human), and am gonna place it on a bed or lettuce and other salady things, napping it with a lovely honey-mustard dressing. So there.