Politics Trumps Logic and Good Once Again

Susan-Rice_2427562bThere is not a lot to say that hasn’t been said.

I am simply sickened about losing what would have been a brilliant Secretary of State to the evil machinations of an old angry man who cannot get past the fact that the country rejected him and his silly girl Sarah to run the country back in 2008.

They say when John McCain decides against you, you have an enemy for life, and truth, facts, logic and common sense be damned.

A huge part of all this is in my estimation nothing more than pay back by McCain for the 2008 loss and his inability no matter how hard he tries, to cast dirt upon the President. He finally settled on an easier target–Susan Rice. Some will suggest that it is because Rice is African-American. There are claims that Rice took a few shots at McCain during the 2008 race, mostly to do with his criticisms of Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience. Rice claimed that McCain “shot from the hip, and fired first and asked questions later”. She certainly pulled no punches in indicating that his knee-jerk reactions were not the measured thoughtful response expected and need in the Chief Executive of the United States.

In the crisis in Georgia (Russia), in 2008, Rice had this to say about McCain:

SUSAN RICE: Here’s the thing David, we cannot shoot from the hip. We cannot act on the basis of ideology or preconceived notions. When this crisis began, Barack Obama, the administration indeed and all of our NATO allies took a measured and reasoned approach because we were dealing with the facts as we knew them. John McCain shot from the hip, very aggressive, very belligerent statement. He may or may not have complicated the situation.

As I said, once angered, McCain never forgives or forgets.

In addition, there is this history: I believe, that  McCain doesn’t respond well to women who are opinionated and out-spoken, something Rice certainly is. A man McCain’s age and white to boot, has difficulty dealing with a woman of color who chooses to go nose-to-nose with him. This I think resulted in the extremely nasty remarks that McCain lodged against Rice, referring to her as “not very bright” and sycophant Lindsey Graham’s remark, “I just don’t trust her.” These are white men who are not used to being set back on their heels by women in general, let alone a Black woman.

But, in the end, Susan Rice is merely the vehicle used to stick it to Obama. That has been the almost constant activity of one John Sidney McCain since 2008. Before that, his attention was focused on making George Bush look back, hence his “maverick” status. One should recall that the whole mavericky thing did not start until after the 2000 election after Bush and his Rovian campaign machine had implied that McCain had fathered an illegitimate black child.

I could let a good deal of this go as “politics” were it not for the meanness, and outright villany laid at Rice’s door. For a man who graduated nearly at the rock bottom of his class as the Naval Academy to call a Rhode’s Scholar “not very bright” is a slap in the face that is both ludicrous and laughable at the same time. It is beneath the dignity of the office of Senator.

The trouble is, nothing much seems below the dignity of a whole lot of Republicans these days, as they threaten the country with hateful legislation and dubious economic “red lines”. We hear that old Turtle, Mitch McConnell is even claiming that the recent PPP poll that found him having the lowest approval rating of any senator in Congress, to be nothing more than a “put-up-job” by the White House to make him look bad.

Meanwhile, in state houses across the country that are Republican controlled, at least until January, every attempt is being made to make life more difficult for women, unions and God knows what else. The fact is that the only base the GOP has are white folks, and that is a shrinking demographic if there ever was one. The only way that Republicans have maintained their majority in the House is because far too many of their districts have been gerrymandered to the point that no Democrat could ever win in them.

For all that has happened, it seems that the GOP is determined to, in large part,  learn not a damn thing from the fiasco they  fell victim to in 2012. The crazy right seems fully in control at this point and dictates the same crazy responses to every rational proposal. The grifting GOP media operation continues to reap millions praying upon and exploiting the fears of people who frankly just aren’t very bright as noted by any number of studies.

It’s an awful mess, and it is to the credit of the Administration that they have been able to do as much as they have. While John Kerry will make a great Secretary of State, Rice has been greatly maligned for no good reason other than that an old white man and his brown-nosing “boy” wanted to do a hit and run on Barack Obama.

I rather think that when the definitive history is written, Mr. Obama will find himself standing head and shoulders above the likes the of very very senior and very marginalized  senator from Arizona.

Were We Saved By Anonymous?

Let me make this very clear at the start. I have no idea how true this is. It is being reported at some sites that I read, but not, by and large, by what I consider mainstream sites. It may all turn out to be so much hyperbole, or it may in time prove to be really true.

But in any case, we now live in a world where such behavior is something easily contemplated and behavior nearly as bad has been actuated and rebuffed by saner heads.

I speak of the allegations coming from the group known as Anonymous.

Anonymous is a group of high-level hackers. There is apparently no hierarchy of leadership. They are boldly in favor of a free internet and I would suggest, have a rather more anarchist view of the world. They have hacked into the Pentagon. They have hacked into companies. They are probably our closest version of Wikileaks. I make no claim of their righteousness or evilness.

I am told they have turned in child pornographers and have worked to eliminate such sites from the internet. They worked in the Occupy movement and were helpful as I understand it, in keeping things directed toward goals and not violence. They claim to have interfered with Uganda’s communications in an attempt to register their anger at the anti-gay initiatives that were moving through their government. They come down decidedly on the side of Palestinians when it comes to the Middle East.

They are of course much on the mind of law enforcement.

That said, here is what they claim:

They have saved our election process and ensured that the true winner, Barack Obama, was properly elected.

How did they do this?

Anonymous claims that Karl Rove stole the 2004 election from John Kerry. Kerry was leading in Ohio according to exit polls. At 11:13 that night, the entire state voting system crashed. It came back on-line one minute later. Suddenly Bush was ahead. Anonymous claims that during the one minute, the voting tabulations were rerouted to a server in Tennessee and “altered” before being sent back.

Anonymous believed that Kerry won Ohio and the election. They believer Karl Rove was behind the fix.

Some time before this past election Anonymous notified Rove in an open letter than they would not allow hm to steal another election.

Here’s what happened according to them:

Rove was prepared to reroute up to three states (Ohio being one, with probably Florida and Virginia) on election night to ensure a Romney victory. He even reported on Fox News at (oddly) 11:13 that Ohio’s computers were malfunctioning.

Anonymous began monitoring Karl Rove’s servers some weeks in advance. ORCA, the computerized system used by the Romney campaign, as you may remember did not work as expected. Anonymous claims that the reason it did not was because they had hacked into the system weeks before and were monitoring the traffic and discovered the tunnels that would be used to funnel voter results out of Ohio.

Anonymous erected a firewall in blocking all the tunnels and password protected it. It is claimed that on 105 occasions during the election night, ORCA tried vainly to use the tunnels but could not penetrate the firewall.

The election results from Ohio were maintained.

Now let us look at the supporting evidence:

  1. Karl Rove was aggressive in telling the million dollar donors that this election was a sure thing. He assured them that the vote would be close in Ohio and apparently elsewhere, but that Romney would win them.
  2. Karl Rove became nearly unhinged on Fox when Fox declared that Ohio had gone for Obama. Karl called the Romney campaign and started to crunch numbers, begging that no one should give up on Ohio yet.
  3. Romney apparently had been told that his election was such a sure thing that he didn’t even bother to prepare a concession speech in this “too close to call” election. Everyone remarks that he was “stunned” and “shocked” when he was told he had lost.
  4. Even today, those close to the Ryan campaign claim that Paul Ryan too was “stunned” and “shocked” at the loss.

Now we can assume that they simply all bought the “GOP” line that the polls were under counting Republicans. But is it rational that ALL the respected polling groups were failing to see the obvious error that the GOP was so “sure” of? It seems a bit fishy doesn’t it?

When you look back on Rove’s run up to the election and his claims that the vote was going to be “very very” close, but he felt confident it would go Romney’s way, it smacks just a bit of the set up it was designed to be. In fact it was not really that close at all. But they has to make it appear that they believed it would be so if in fact they intended to capture the vote and alter it during the “crash”.

So, make of it what you will.

All I know is that it certainly could be done. And we know that the GOP in various guises was ruthless in trying to find way to suppress the Democratic vote.

We may in fact be on the brink of needing a way of ensuring fair elections. Many of us feel that in the end Gore probably won in 2000, and now it may be true that Kerry won in 2004. Were Republicans finally thwarted in 2012? I’m sure we’ll find out.

We Were Right All Along

We knew this man, maybe not from the start, but pretty soon thereafter. Many, like the Contrarian, who is not so quick to judge, resisted, but in the end, most of them came to the same realization–Mitt Romney truly is the entitled, aristocratic, I’m-better-than-you-because-I-worked-harder-than-you piece of work we believed him to be.

Unwilling to present himself even in defeat as a gracious loser who maintains good wishes for all Americans, he recently showed that he his what we thought, and now what he would have us believe.

Also, Willard refuses to believe that his conversations with others (a conference call to donors) might be recorded, so we have his own words.

The Bain Baron reported that the President used the “old playbook” of rewarding his constituents with “gifts” of medical care, tuition grants, Dream Acts, and so forth to buy their votes. Women were “gifted” with contraceptive care, while presumably African-Americans were given the present of the fictitious reduction of work requirements for assistance.

Sound a lot like the 47% remarks?

Steve Benen makes a huge point about how Romney, the quintessential abuser of big gifts–wealth, education, connections and so forth, who used massive amounts of government aid in his Olympics leadership and in his Romney Care, still finds it “outrageous” that the President would use the government to “improve the lives of working class people.”

Is that outrageous to say, when of course, as Benen points out, his intent was to “gift” the wealthy with even more tax cuts.

What an absolute horses ass this man truly is. He deserves nothing but our contempt.

While I’m on the soapbox, let me say this about that.


I admit that I have not read a lot about this tragedy, no more than I receive on PBS and a few other media outlets. I’ve not read deeply into the event. What I have gleaned leads me to believe that this was largely a failure (if indeed there was a failure) at the state department intelligence level. I am willing to concede that. I believe that it was at a level that might not even reach the ears of the Secretary of State, let alone the White House. Should Mrs. Clinton have been informed? I’m not sure it rose to that level. But I would think that there is probably a flaw in the intelligence end of things that allowed the growing danger to go unacted upon.

I am also under the impression that the intelligence network which has been faulty since before 9/11 in the sense of its ability to successfully integrate itself with all its various arms in the CIA, FBI, Homeland, military, etc., failed to have a coherent understanding of what happened for days after the event. No doubt parts of it did have the right tracking, while others did not. This apparently produced a rather tentative analysis that nobody felt comfortable in laying out as the “cause”.

This leads, in my opinion, to the rather tepid statements made by the White House and the State Department in the days and first couple of weeks. This is what Susan Rice, UN Ambassador, reported.

Given all that, I find John McCain and Lindsay Graham’s bombast unconscionable and basically nothing but self-serving rhetoric. Most of McCain’s crap comes from his inability to get over his being thrashed by President Obama in 2008. If you remember, it was not until Mr. McCain was beaten in a rather bloody battle with then Governor George W. Bush, for the 2000 nomination, that he became the “maverick” who became against almost anything that Dubya for was for (except for military bluster which Johnny adores above all). He has repeated that unfortunate personality flaw with Obama, going out of his way to attack at every juncture in a show of macho swagger.

Lindsay, the sycophant of McCain, and perennial brown-noser, and perennial bachelor with no personal life apparently, has a more pressing problem–he’s up for re-election in 2014 and he is anything but the darling of his local TeaBuggery crew. He supported the bank bail-outs and at least at one juncture, supported climate change legislation. He is considered a RINO by those on the far right and may well be challenged by Joe (you lie!) Wilson. His opposition to Susan Rice as the next Secretary of State (should the President nominate her) is held to be by some at least a mere chance to appear tough with the President.

Oh and lets not forget that McCain had no problem with presenting all that faulty information about WMD’s in Iraq a few years back. I have not looked it up, but I have little doubt that Mr. Graham also blew that horn. And of course McCain came to the defense of Condi Rice over her little faux pas over WMD’s as well.

So please, don’t tell me you are doing this for the good of the country and for those four dead men in Benghazi. I am not buying it.

Politics as usual from the right.

That’s the way I see things from here in the Foothills.

And what about you?

And Now We Turn To Something Entirely Different (Lies, Lies)

It’s an Upstairs, Downstairs kinda moment wouldn’t you agree?

Kind of sets the tone doncha think?

The “help” wins one. The gilded robber barons lose a round finally.

Of course they will regroup. There is much talk of “reworking” the message to go down more smoothly with the great unwashed.

Perhaps we have learned something by our second win.

We do have power. We can do good things. We can laugh at the silliness of Fox’s clanging gongs of imminent destruction. We can build a better world which gives due appreciation to our diversity and our shared humanity. Who knows? The dream endures.

This fairly explains how the GOP lost.

They lost the Asian vote too, which means you can probably let go of this fantasy that Jindal is some kind of savior for your pitiful party.

If I had the President’s ear, (yes I know, how utterly presumptuous of me) I would tell him to go to the people a lot during the next four years. Come to us whenever the Right stamps its collective foot and pouts that they can’t do that be Grover won’t let them, or the evangelical bible bangers threaten to “primary them”.

It’s truly not about a faction. It’s about what’s right for MOST of us. And most of us want to have a home, a job, fair wages, decent working conditions, schools that teach real science and critical thinking, medical care, support for the aged and infirm, the freedom to marry the person we love, the right to believe as we choose without ridicule or fear mongering, food that is safe and healthy, some few hours a week to relax and clean water, clean air, parks and nature that supported. We want arts. We want to see great painting and listen to great music, and enjoy great sculpture. We want to watch out football and baseball and soccer. We want to see fun movies and serious ones, and be educated once in a while by our television shows. We want control over our own bodies and the right to determine when life is no longer offering us enough reward to justify the continued fight for life. We want you out of our bedrooms. We want people who have lost their way to be helped not locked away, and coming out worse than they went in. We want to enjoy our diversity, celebrate our Americanism, and learn about each other. We want to honor each other as human and complete in all our complexities and idiosyncrasies. We are on this planet together and we will survive or not together. We cannot bully and beat others into submission any more. They have access to the same destructive weapons as we do. So GOP  listen up.

Cuz, ya see, this is who we are.

And now we know that you are not invincible.

2008 was not an anomaly.

It was not a fluke.

We are serious.


Not the insane country you envision, with nice plantation lawns and shanty towns for us. No. OUR COUNTRY.

Get the message?

We expect you to actually work together for the COMMON good.

Can all that trash about bootstraps, fittest, work ethic, and lazy.

Can all that socialist, fascist, commie, Muslim, crap.

And for god’s sake can all the “the American people want. . . ” crap. We have already told you that.

Now DO IT.

Really. NOW.

Forgive us if we gloat just a bit.

After all the things you have called this man, we are entitled.

Take your birther crap, your Kenyan Muslim sympathizer  bullshit and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Live with it.

Or don’t, and leave the country for wherever you perceive is better. But I will assure you, whether it be Canada or Australia, they are MORE socialist that you perceive us to be.

So be forewarned.

Find a place called a LIBRARY. Find a hobby. Read REAL American history written by reputable scholars. Read about mud puppies or beluga whales. Investigate falcons or dormice. Just SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT. Got it?

Oh, I guess I was ranting.

I’m sorry.


Naw, not really.

I like ranting.

It is like exercise. It makes me vital!

I feel lighter.

I feel pretty.

I feel, OMG  I think I channeled Julie Andrews. And I hate Julie Andrews.

If I had the power I would burn every copy of “the hills are alive” and all that insipid crap.

I rant on.

Got rant?

Rant–the other white meat.

Shut me up!

I dare ya.



Plumbing The Depths of Crazy

I have been thinking about this for some time. At least in a general sense. I kind of renew my thinking whenever I slip over to Blaze or one of the other right-wingie locations and start reading the comments, and very often just the commentary itself.

What is wrong with these people?

It struck me again yesterday as I read again and again that liberals are these poor brain-disfunctioning lunatics who are racists/freeloading commie/Nazi/neofascist/socialistic/atheistic/sub-IQ/non-thinking/non-questioning/barely more than rhesus monkeys. And this from folks who look you straight in the eye and deny evolution, the ancient age of the planet, and that humans are pooping in their own backyard creating a uninhabitable environment. Evidence is laughed at as the product of “elite” smarty alecks who have no practical sense and hate God and Jesus.

It struck me even more forcefully  when I read, and this did shock me, that Romney, his family, the Ryans, and all of Willard’s staff were utterly confident that he was going to win. Right up until they didn’t win. Then Ann cried, and there was the usual renting of cloth, and pouring on of ashes (if indeed that metaphor works in Mormon).

How could they not know?

I’m a believer in never calling it until it’s over, unless its sports, where I bail regularly when it seems a lost cost. But the consequences of my being wrong in sports, are non-existent. I don’t and did not gloat over what I thought would be an Obama win on Tuesday. I was cautiously optimistic. But I knew enough about odds making (having played a ton of poker which is all about math if you have any sense at all), that it was no sure thing.

Yet on the right, there were plenty of people who were dead sure that Romney would not only win, but in a landslide. And they were NOT just trying to gin up the base to get out the vote. That would be counterproductive now wouldn’t it? There was a whole alternative universe peopled by Karl Rove (who perhaps was terrified that he would be held accountable for the loss of some 200+ millions with nothing to show for it), a whole host of “pollsters” who claimed that the Democratic vote was over emphasized in polling, down to the drum-beating hum of the Fox machine, selling the kool-aid.

Yet, somehow, they actually believed the hype. They believed what they wanted to believe.

I just don’t find us illiterate, IQ-limited progressives doing that. I don’t recall feeling cock-sure that Kerry would win in 2004 and he had a really good chance. I saw it as just that–a really good chance, but no sure thing for sure. Same with Gore, and perhaps I had even less confidence in that one.

For all those crazy teabuggers who are so sure that the media is in the back pocket of the liberal Democratic machine–did Fox serve you well this go round? If you were shocked, and as some wrote, cried all day long at your loss, how could you be? Every reputable pollster has for months told you that Obama was holding onto a lead that virtually did not budge. It slipped a bit, but recovered by EVERYONE but Rasmussen and one or two other highly suspect numbers crunchers.

How can you conclude that the media is owned lock-stock-barrel by the Democrats? Don’t you know that all the major media outlets are owned by large corporations which are almost all decidedly conservative and Republican? How does the media evade their control? Think!

They tell you that your religion is under attack. When is the last time you’ve been threatened with arrest if you say this, publish that, or go to that religious house?

Name one single piece of legislation, or one sentence uttered by the President that suggests your precious right to be armed to the teeth is under threat. Don’t tell me what the NRA says, but what actually has been said by the President.

They tell you that Obama is turning this country into a socialistic dictatorship. When did you decry your grandparents receiving social security, medicare or Medicaid in the past?  Universal health care is no different. Are you telling us seriously that you are going to refuse such things when you get to their age? Do you realize that in the South, where the “outrage” is largest, that your states receive the most GOVERNMENT AID BY FAR than the rest of the country?

Those are just facts. How do you dismiss them?

If you are so great at critical thinking why do you regularly claim that you will not watch or read anything more from X because “they” are liberals or as you refer to them libtards, which is of course but another example of your insensitivity to those who are mentally challenged.  You cannot think critically if you don’t fairly read that which you don’t agree with, ferret out the facts and apply them FAIRLY.

What in the hell is wrong  with you?

I can assure you that no matter how many times you claim that black is white and vice versa, the universe does not comply with your desire. It continues to report that black is still black.

Do you find it ironic at least that you deny evolution all the while importing Darwinian “selection of the fittest”  and misapplying it to explain why government must not support those incapable of supporting themselves? Do you?

You exhibit what psychologists refer to as compartmentalized thinking, which is not thinking at all. You hold disparate facts that are in deep conflict with each other in your head without ever letting them meet, and  addressing  each other in conflict.

You must stop this.

Stop it.


You’re giving the rest of us sane folks a head ache.

But I assure you, we will take care of you.

Because that is the way we are.


Puttin’ on the Sad

sOnce again, your intrepid leader (that would be me) offers herself up to the anger, the violence, and the sheer mendacity (god I love that word) to enter into the plane of ReNUTZlican, where as we have learned, ice cream tastes like pickled pigs feet and Limburger cheese is worth its weight in gold.

After the stomping of the ReAwfulican brand into the deep recesses of Carl Rove’s Butt, the infestation known as teabuggery raises a head and bleats in utter pain.

Below are some samples, with of course my perfected commentary. Ain’t you lucky I am doing this? *smirk*

First on our list of chasers of the low-end of IQ is one Ann Coulter who as I recall was so against this Willard dude in the beginning that I remembered what she said which was: If we nominate Mitt Romney, we will lose.”

If Mitt Romney cannot win in this economy, then the tipping point has been reached. We have more takers than makers and it’s over. There is no hope.  Mitt Romney was the president we needed right now, and I think it is so sad that we are going to be deprived of his brain power, of his skills in turning companies around, turning the Olympics around, his kindness for being able to push conservative ideas on a country that no longer is interested in conservative ideas. It is interested in handouts.” – Ann Coulter, speaking on Laura Ingraham’s radio show. [from Joe.My.God]

With that meme Annie old girl, the GOP is on its way to a stellar crash. I sure hope they follow your lead and keep the mantra of 47% alive and kickin’. Mitt must be so proud. Ann Coulter–ready for next year’s Halloween today.

George Weigel over at National Review sure seems to agree. He penned this brilliance right after having an enormous bowel movement:

The American culture war has been markedly intensified, as those who booed God, celebrated an unfettered abortion license, canonized Sandra Fluke, and sacramentalized sodomy at the Democratic National Convention will have been emboldened to advance the cause of lifestyle libertinism through coercive state power, thus deepening the danger of what a noted Bavarian theologian calls the “dictatorship of relativism.”

We did all that? Boy I must have missed something. Hey, anybody seen the caviar? And the grapes, where are the grapes. Bring on the dancing girls and boys! You stepped on my toga. Where is my toe ring? Where is everybody? Off to the vomitorium again? Eat, drink, and well, SCREW the rug! George is having a hissy. Dictatorship? Ain’t that all relative?

Glenn recommends you buy farmland, and guns. Look over the election map, find counties where people are “like you” and move there. Set up your defenses, and wait for the End.

Glenn, the men in white coats are knocking. In two years you will be saying the same fool crap and listened to by the same fools who are now. Since they have the attention spans of cockroaches, they won’t remember that you have been whistling the same tune for nigh onto four years now. Like my favorite evangelical doomsdayers, Jack and Roxella Van Impe, it’s always tomorrow. Are we still supposed to be buying gold by the way? It gets confusing.

Joe Kovacs from WorldNetDaily, that abomination called a journalistic endeavor, out with this brilliant analysis. It seems that Jesus himself named the antichrist, and yes, you guessed it: Barack H. Obama is the one. This nifty piece of logic is based on Kovacs assertions that: it is based on Luke 10:18, “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”  You see, lightning is Baraq in Hebrew. And heaven can be “other high places or heights” (psst the presidency?) And wait for it…wait for it…..heights is Bamah in Hebrew.

I just wanna know the drugs that Kovacs takes. I mean that high must be out of this world. Of course Kovacs just relates this piece of wonderment. HE gets it from an unknown YouTube source that is “well-educated in biblical studies.” Yeah, and Stephen Hawking calls me nearly every day to discuss cosmology. WND is one big sucking black hole of bigotry and misinformation. You guys are grifters.

DrPhil69 informs us:

After the dollar collapses, food and fuel will be in short supply. Cities will be war zones. Mostly liberals live in the cities, so they will be killing each other over scraps of food, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. The FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION will be complete.

The dollar is collapsing account of what? What is the fundamental transformation? The killing of liberals? Glad to know all liberals live in the city, I hadn’t known that. Are liberals smokers? Are you THE Dr. Phil? Psychologically speaking that is.

NaughtyCal sees it a bit differently:

I see seccesion of the country in our near future.
I think Texas is about to lead the way. And Arizona won’t be far behind.
At the very least a nation wide tax revolt is in order would be a nice first step.

But Texas and Arizona are both turning demographically into blue states. Do you really think all those brown folks are gonna want to vote to give up their guv’mint checks? Huh. Tax revolt? You don’t want to pay for anything now except for guns and planes and ships. I think you have been naughty about learning facts dear.

Aragona explains that we just have to think about ourselves from now on:

I agree with Ghost. I purposefully decided not to give to Sandy relief. I don’t care that they are out of food and water. I don’t care that they are cold. I don’t care that they are dumpster diving for food. I don’t care that they are out of fuel for their cars and generators. You reap what you sow. Instead of preparing themselves, they relied on FEMA. Oh well.

I shall do my best to remember that should any type of disaster strike you. Tough luck. Yeah, that’s the American way–yeah, I think that is the way we do things here. I guess you are referring to climate change deniers and now they are reaping their lack of action to undo the climate mess we have created? NO? Well what exactly did these folks sow?
Well, you see the crazies haven’t gotten any less crazy in the last 24 hours have they? I suspect the war within the GOP will be a hoot, and perhaps we will see the Teabuggers form their own special party. Any idea what the outcome of that might be?



Things That Piss Me Off











The next time some nitwit masquerading as a person tries to tell you that they watch Faux News to get the “fair and balanced” take on the news, remind them that of course Faux Crap is anything but fair. Of course, we knew that, but this chart lays it out clearly. I’m guessing they have a favorite here, and are doing their best to help.

Here in New Mexico, we are good and blue. Nobody came to campaign here because Obama has this state in one of his “safe” columns. Yet, all week long, we have been subjected to obnoxious and untrue Crossroads and Americans for Prosperity negative Obama ads. Since it will change absolutely nothing, you have to ask yourself why.

My only answer is that they are so flush with cash they can afford to throw it away. It’s a bit like the Koch brothers standing out in front of my house and burning a barrel of thousand dollar bills, just cuz, you know, they can. It’s that meaningless to them. It’s insulting. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t vote for their candidate if you offered me the money instead.

Our polling place was busy this morning when we arrived. A steady stream  of people were coming and going and the line was only about four minutes. Clear and concise instructions were posted in English and Spanish. When we deposited our ballots in the counter, we were told to wait and make sure that the counter ticked up one. Everything was well run. A police cruiser was parked outside, a few people were carrying “vote for” signs at the entrance. No harassment. I wish every were as lucky.

I spent a few minutes yesterday afternoon at Blaze. They have a fine crop of nuts there. They are of course sure this will be a Romney landslide because they drank the kool-aid and believe all the polls are underrepresenting Republicans. They are very worried that Obama will just undue the entire republic in the time from election to the swearing-in. They want to know what the legal provisions are to tie the black man up until he can be ushered out of the WHITE house, and hopefully into jail stripes. I got a good chuckle. If you want to know what Alzheimer’s looks like, do tune in and read a few comments.

The pundits for the most part are “journalists” in search of a story. They can’t bear to tell the truth, that the polls are pretty clear how this should go. They keep up the mantra of “razor-thin” margin because gosh darn it, that’s what they want. If you were to ask them their favorite election, they would surely say 2000 when it went on for days and weeks, and they were able to be on air endlessly speculating on what would sooner or later be obvious.

Glenn Beck is still ranting on radio. His latest barrage of garbage comes on election eve:

If you look at history through a biblical world view, the last step before a nation is completely destroyed is they drive the righteous from among them. If this isn’t a sign of a group of people that will drive the righteous from among them, and that’s the last step before God’s wrath comes, I fear for our country and it is – it cannot be overstated, it cannot be called paranoid … If you are a God‑fearing person, hear me. Last call, America. Last call. Because the righteous will be driven from among them.

Sorry Glenn, that is paranoid. So you think that Barack Obama is the last straw in our downward spiral to evil? Nothing like the decimation of an entire people almost to extinction qualifies? Or the ownership of another group of people who required a war to end? Not that either huh? No, it took Obamacare to really piss off God. Sure Glenn, I do see now.

So we wait. Let’s hope we aren’t still up at midnight Mountain time.