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It’s an Upstairs, Downstairs kinda moment wouldn’t you agree?

Kind of sets the tone doncha think?

The “help” wins one. The gilded robber barons lose a round finally.

Of course they will regroup. There is much talk of “reworking” the message to go down more smoothly with the great unwashed.

Perhaps we have learned something by our second win.

We do have power. We can do good things. We can laugh at the silliness of Fox’s clanging gongs of imminent destruction. We can build a better world which gives due appreciation to our diversity and our shared humanity. Who knows? The dream endures.

This fairly explains how the GOP lost.

They lost the Asian vote too, which means you can probably let go of this fantasy that Jindal is some kind of savior for your pitiful party.

If I had the President’s ear, (yes I know, how utterly presumptuous of me) I would tell him to go to the people a lot during the next four years. Come to us whenever the Right stamps its collective foot and pouts that they can’t do that be Grover won’t let them, or the evangelical bible bangers threaten to “primary them”.

It’s truly not about a faction. It’s about what’s right for MOST of us. And most of us want to have a home, a job, fair wages, decent working conditions, schools that teach real science and critical thinking, medical care, support for the aged and infirm, the freedom to marry the person we love, the right to believe as we choose without ridicule or fear mongering, food that is safe and healthy, some few hours a week to relax and clean water, clean air, parks and nature that supported. We want arts. We want to see great painting and listen to great music, and enjoy great sculpture. We want to watch out football and baseball and soccer. We want to see fun movies and serious ones, and be educated once in a while by our television shows. We want control over our own bodies and the right to determine when life is no longer offering us enough reward to justify the continued fight for life. We want you out of our bedrooms. We want people who have lost their way to be helped not locked away, and coming out worse than they went in. We want to enjoy our diversity, celebrate our Americanism, and learn about each other. We want to honor each other as human and complete in all our complexities and idiosyncrasies. We are on this planet together and we will survive or not together. We cannot bully and beat others into submission any more. They have access to the same destructive weapons as we do. So GOP  listen up.

Cuz, ya see, this is who we are.

And now we know that you are not invincible.

2008 was not an anomaly.

It was not a fluke.

We are serious.


Not the insane country you envision, with nice plantation lawns and shanty towns for us. No. OUR COUNTRY.

Get the message?

We expect you to actually work together for the COMMON good.

Can all that trash about bootstraps, fittest, work ethic, and lazy.

Can all that socialist, fascist, commie, Muslim, crap.

And for god’s sake can all the “the American people want. . . ” crap. We have already told you that.

Now DO IT.

Really. NOW.

Forgive us if we gloat just a bit.

After all the things you have called this man, we are entitled.

Take your birther crap, your Kenyan Muslim sympathizer  bullshit and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Live with it.

Or don’t, and leave the country for wherever you perceive is better. But I will assure you, whether it be Canada or Australia, they are MORE socialist that you perceive us to be.

So be forewarned.

Find a place called a LIBRARY. Find a hobby. Read REAL American history written by reputable scholars. Read about mud puppies or beluga whales. Investigate falcons or dormice. Just SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT. Got it?

Oh, I guess I was ranting.

I’m sorry.


Naw, not really.

I like ranting.

It is like exercise. It makes me vital!

I feel lighter.

I feel pretty.

I feel, OMG  I think I channeled Julie Andrews. And I hate Julie Andrews.

If I had the power I would burn every copy of “the hills are alive” and all that insipid crap.

I rant on.

Got rant?

Rant–the other white meat.

Shut me up!

I dare ya.