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I have been thinking about this for some time. At least in a general sense. I kind of renew my thinking whenever I slip over to Blaze or one of the other right-wingie locations and start reading the comments, and very often just the commentary itself.

What is wrong with these people?

It struck me again yesterday as I read again and again that liberals are these poor brain-disfunctioning lunatics who are racists/freeloading commie/Nazi/neofascist/socialistic/atheistic/sub-IQ/non-thinking/non-questioning/barely more than rhesus monkeys. And this from folks who look you straight in the eye and deny evolution, the ancient age of the planet, and that humans are pooping in their own backyard creating a uninhabitable environment. Evidence is laughed at as the product of “elite” smarty alecks who have no practical sense and hate God and Jesus.

It struck me even more forcefully  when I read, and this did shock me, that Romney, his family, the Ryans, and all of Willard’s staff were utterly confident that he was going to win. Right up until they didn’t win. Then Ann cried, and there was the usual renting of cloth, and pouring on of ashes (if indeed that metaphor works in Mormon).

How could they not know?

I’m a believer in never calling it until it’s over, unless its sports, where I bail regularly when it seems a lost cost. But the consequences of my being wrong in sports, are non-existent. I don’t and did not gloat over what I thought would be an Obama win on Tuesday. I was cautiously optimistic. But I knew enough about odds making (having played a ton of poker which is all about math if you have any sense at all), that it was no sure thing.

Yet on the right, there were plenty of people who were dead sure that Romney would not only win, but in a landslide. And they were NOT just trying to gin up the base to get out the vote. That would be counterproductive now wouldn’t it? There was a whole alternative universe peopled by Karl Rove (who perhaps was terrified that he would be held accountable for the loss of some 200+ millions with nothing to show for it), a whole host of “pollsters” who claimed that the Democratic vote was over emphasized in polling, down to the drum-beating hum of the Fox machine, selling the kool-aid.

Yet, somehow, they actually believed the hype. They believed what they wanted to believe.

I just don’t find us illiterate, IQ-limited progressives doing that. I don’t recall feeling cock-sure that Kerry would win in 2004 and he had a really good chance. I saw it as just that–a really good chance, but no sure thing for sure. Same with Gore, and perhaps I had even less confidence in that one.

For all those crazy teabuggers who are so sure that the media is in the back pocket of the liberal Democratic machine–did Fox serve you well this go round? If you were shocked, and as some wrote, cried all day long at your loss, how could you be? Every reputable pollster has for months told you that Obama was holding onto a lead that virtually did not budge. It slipped a bit, but recovered by EVERYONE but Rasmussen and one or two other highly suspect numbers crunchers.

How can you conclude that the media is owned lock-stock-barrel by the Democrats? Don’t you know that all the major media outlets are owned by large corporations which are almost all decidedly conservative and Republican? How does the media evade their control? Think!

They tell you that your religion is under attack. When is the last time you’ve been threatened with arrest if you say this, publish that, or go to that religious house?

Name one single piece of legislation, or one sentence uttered by the President that suggests your precious right to be armed to the teeth is under threat. Don’t tell me what the NRA says, but what actually has been said by the President.

They tell you that Obama is turning this country into a socialistic dictatorship. When did you decry your grandparents receiving social security, medicare or Medicaid in the past?  Universal health care is no different. Are you telling us seriously that you are going to refuse such things when you get to their age? Do you realize that in the South, where the “outrage” is largest, that your states receive the most GOVERNMENT AID BY FAR than the rest of the country?

Those are just facts. How do you dismiss them?

If you are so great at critical thinking why do you regularly claim that you will not watch or read anything more from X because “they” are liberals or as you refer to them libtards, which is of course but another example of your insensitivity to those who are mentally challenged.  You cannot think critically if you don’t fairly read that which you don’t agree with, ferret out the facts and apply them FAIRLY.

What in the hell is wrong  with you?

I can assure you that no matter how many times you claim that black is white and vice versa, the universe does not comply with your desire. It continues to report that black is still black.

Do you find it ironic at least that you deny evolution all the while importing Darwinian “selection of the fittest”  and misapplying it to explain why government must not support those incapable of supporting themselves? Do you?

You exhibit what psychologists refer to as compartmentalized thinking, which is not thinking at all. You hold disparate facts that are in deep conflict with each other in your head without ever letting them meet, and  addressing  each other in conflict.

You must stop this.

Stop it.


You’re giving the rest of us sane folks a head ache.

But I assure you, we will take care of you.

Because that is the way we are.