We Were Right All Along

We knew this man, maybe not from the start, but pretty soon thereafter. Many, like the Contrarian, who is not so quick to judge, resisted, but in the end, most of them came to the same realization–Mitt Romney truly is the entitled, aristocratic, I’m-better-than-you-because-I-worked-harder-than-you piece of work we believed him to be.

Unwilling to present himself even in defeat as a gracious loser who maintains good wishes for all Americans, he recently showed that he his what we thought, and now what he would have us believe.

Also, Willard refuses to believe that his conversations with others (a conference call to donors) might be recorded, so we have his own words.

The Bain Baron reported that the President used the “old playbook” of rewarding his constituents with “gifts” of medical care, tuition grants, Dream Acts, and so forth to buy their votes. Women were “gifted” with contraceptive care, while presumably African-Americans were given the present of the fictitious reduction of work requirements for assistance.

Sound a lot like the 47% remarks?

Steve Benen makes a huge point about how Romney, the quintessential abuser of big gifts–wealth, education, connections and so forth, who used massive amounts of government aid in his Olympics leadership and in his Romney Care, still finds it “outrageous” that the President would use the government to “improve the lives of working class people.”

Is that outrageous to say, when of course, as Benen points out, his intent was to “gift” the wealthy with even more tax cuts.

What an absolute horses ass this man truly is. He deserves nothing but our contempt.

While I’m on the soapbox, let me say this about that.


I admit that I have not read a lot about this tragedy, no more than I receive on PBS and a few other media outlets. I’ve not read deeply into the event. What I have gleaned leads me to believe that this was largely a failure (if indeed there was a failure) at the state department intelligence level. I am willing to concede that. I believe that it was at a level that might not even reach the ears of the Secretary of State, let alone the White House. Should Mrs. Clinton have been informed? I’m not sure it rose to that level. But I would think that there is probably a flaw in the intelligence end of things that allowed the growing danger to go unacted upon.

I am also under the impression that the intelligence network which has been faulty since before 9/11 in the sense of its ability to successfully integrate itself with all its various arms in the CIA, FBI, Homeland, military, etc., failed to have a coherent understanding of what happened for days after the event. No doubt parts of it did have the right tracking, while others did not. This apparently produced a rather tentative analysis that nobody felt comfortable in laying out as the “cause”.

This leads, in my opinion, to the rather tepid statements made by the White House and the State Department in the days and first couple of weeks. This is what Susan Rice, UN Ambassador, reported.

Given all that, I find John McCain and Lindsay Graham’s bombast unconscionable and basically nothing but self-serving rhetoric. Most of McCain’s crap comes from his inability to get over his being thrashed by President Obama in 2008. If you remember, it was not until Mr. McCain was beaten in a rather bloody battle with then Governor George W. Bush, for the 2000 nomination, that he became the “maverick” who became against almost anything that Dubya for was for (except for military bluster which Johnny adores above all). He has repeated that unfortunate personality flaw with Obama, going out of his way to attack at every juncture in a show of macho swagger.

Lindsay, the sycophant of McCain, and perennial brown-noser, and perennial bachelor with no personal life apparently, has a more pressing problem–he’s up for re-election in 2014 and he is anything but the darling of his local TeaBuggery crew. He supported the bank bail-outs and at least at one juncture, supported climate change legislation. He is considered a RINO by those on the far right and may well be challenged by Joe (you lie!) Wilson. His opposition to Susan Rice as the next Secretary of State (should the President nominate her) is held to be by some at least a mere chance to appear tough with the President.

Oh and lets not forget that McCain had no problem with presenting all that faulty information about WMD’s in Iraq a few years back. I have not looked it up, but I have little doubt that Mr. Graham also blew that horn. And of course McCain came to the defense of Condi Rice over her little faux pas over WMD’s as well.

So please, don’t tell me you are doing this for the good of the country and for those four dead men in Benghazi. I am not buying it.

Politics as usual from the right.

That’s the way I see things from here in the Foothills.

And what about you?

Just Wiggly with Wampum

Have you noticed that talking to a GOPer is pretty much the same as conversing with a psychotic or paranoid schizophrenic? I have. Actually, I think I prefer the latter. At least their theories are more interesting. With GOPers, one continually tries to make sense of their words. This is a mistake, but one we continue to make. With the insane, we expect exactly what we get. It’s not so confusing.

I could give you examples but you undoubtedly have examples of your own.

Me, I like a world that has room for foil-capped flying-saucer nuts. Everyone knows the guv’ment is prone to lie, is it so outrageous to think that they lie about alien visitation? See? You can have a good time with these conspiracy theorists, and only realize that something is not quite right when you find an alarm clock in the freezer. You make allowances.


I’m not buying the “explanations” about what is going on in Arkansas. Plain and simple, I put this down as a guv’ment cover-up, no matter what they have induced its residents to claim. Proof is in the pudding as they say, or in the Arkansas Family Council which is hosting a 2-day seminar starring the pseudo-historian David Barton. This is all for the benefit of the state’s legislature, to teach ‘em about how our country was founded on “Christian principles.” Oh, and while they are at it, bein’ Christian and all, would they mind making sure no gays are allowed to pollute the environs with any of that equal rights crap?

The obsessiveness with which the far religious right attacks homosexuality, suggests that for some reason closet homophobes tend to gravitate to such organizations in droves. “NO, NOT ME. NO, I’M STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW!” Yeah tell us.


I’m beginning to think that Sarah Palin’s troubles with “what books do you read” is pretty indicative of the GOP in general. Jon Stewart mentioned that the candidates for the GOP leadership were asked this and Michael Steele, said “War and Peace,” and then quoted from it: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Tolstoy and Dickens exchanged graves at this point. Another lady chairperson wanna be, said, “the kitchen table.”

Now we learn the Michele Bachmann, that bastion of educational superiority, notes that she was a Democrat but was so incensed by Gore Vidal’s hatred of the founding fathers in Burr that she instantly became a Republican. Make any sense? Of course not. We said Michele Bachmann didn’t we?

The full article at Salon is actually very good, and well worth your link up.


Atheists believe,  but cannot prove that empiricism is the only basis for discovering truth. Hawking claims that philosophy is dead, fallen to the god, science. Now I revere science as much as the next gal, but I think First Things (a publication I normally don’t much cotton to) makes a very excellent point. Hawking in the end just “kicks the can” further down the street, by positing an empiricism that is subjective to the model used. Sorta like multiple realities emanating from rationally generated multiple models. Or, philosophy?


Of all the new teabuggers in Congress, Alan West (R-FL) may be the wackiest. Now he’s claiming that sharia law is just infesting our systems! Yikes, get out the bug spray. I am guessing that most of those fine Florida voters must have been ironing the wrinkles from their skin every time West opened his mouth, and missed just how insane the man is. Or perhaps they misheard–Adam West? Thought they were electing Batman?


Biologos does a great review of Conor Cunningham’s book, Darwin’s Pious Idea: Why the Ultra-Darwinists and the Creationists Both Get it Wrong. In the end, we learn what many of us, most of us perhaps, have always known. There is no “issue” between Darwin and faith. From the review it seems like a most worthwhile book to pick up. Eerdmans is the publisher if that helps your assessment.


John McCain is getting to be a bore. Mr. Walnuts as he is called by some is just a crotchety old man who can’t get over being rejected twice for the job that he feels America owes him–the Presidency. Everything he now does is explained by that fact.

Sarah Palin is getting to be a bore. Everybody, even boring people can come up with Palin jokes. I mean you don’t have to even be witty. She’s such a huge target. Will she? Won’t she? Palin is just a woman from nowhere in particular, stuck in a backwater state, doing nothing in particular. She wanted to be rich, and she wanted to be famous. Everything she now does is explained by that fact.

I’ve decided that my new idiot par excellence is (drum roll) LINDSAY GRAHAM. The perpetual bachelor whom everyone knows is gay. He hitched his sled to Johnny, who failed. He couldn’t hide behind Johnny’s pant leg any more, so he extracted his nose from the Walnutz ass and decided to become a full-fledged wacko all by his self.

He’s a weasel, he whines, he snivels, he moans that it’s just so hard being a senator that the Democrats like to wore him out asking him to put in full days of reading and thinking during that lame ducky thing. He’s pouty. And me thinks he is running scared, since he did that whole Mavericky thing with Johnny, and now the teabuggers are none too happy with him, so he’s swung to the opposite pole, and is getting his tips from Bachmann and King, and DeMint.

Lindsay has hitched up his pants and said he will vote NO!!!! dammit to raising the debt ceiling. He is gonna play the game of brinksmanship. No statesmanlike status for him. Oh no, he prefers the buffoonery approach.

I say, let us stare the fools down. Do they really want to do that? I suspect even they will blink. Otherwise we, Obama, that is, might as well back and leave Washington and give them the entire ship of state.


What’s on the Stove: Venison Stroganoff, with noodles and salad with blue cheese, and rolls.

Picking the Dust Bunnies Out of My Synapses

Come on in. It’s me. And this is What’s Up? I just figured I was being awfully lazy in not coming up with some slick little title that would leave you scratching your haunches, err, neck, I mean head, and coming to see what cockamamie junk I was spewing today.

Well, I did some investigation (a word not in the GOP lexicon I can assure ya) about the 14th amendment.

It seems that our GOP infantiles haven’t read the Constitution a goodly lot, nor have the media mavens either. The headlines keep reading that various sorts such as Kyl of Arizona and Lindsay (I can’t get the brown off my nose from sticking it up McCain’s behind) Graham, are pushing to repeal the 14th amendment.

This is surely poppycock. Two things come to mind, if that were in fact true. One is that the GOP is more bat-shit imbecilic than is humanly imaginable. The second is that not a one of them has read the document in question or the amendment. The third is, oh I said only two.

There are four sections to the amendment. Sections 2,3, and 4 deal with matters regarding representation, and elective federal office as it pertains to those who were in active rebellion during the civil war. I’m thinking, if read the GOPer’s would not be interested in those sections, if in fact they could understand what they said.

No, they seem primarily interested in section 1:

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

If indeed the wingettes wanted to repeal the entire thing, then we would be in deep cow poo. But again, I don’t think they do. Doing so would in fact abrogate the application of all the amendments to the states and your state could then legislate that the only religion allowed in Texas was the Baptist church.

Come to think of it, perhaps they do have that in mind.

You would not be safe in regards your 4th, 5th, or 6th amendment rights. States could independently ban handguns! Oh, see? I’m sure they don’t mean that!

Actually, the intellectually challenged only want to repeal the first sentence of the section. Just so’s they can send brown babies to countries in which they have never been. And hopefully, their parents with them. This is cuz Lindsay (still wiping the brown away)Graham says that the Mexicans are comin’ cross the border to “drop” babies, thereby ensuring their children are citizens.

This is of course raising all sorts of trouble, mostly imagined. Most all of this stuff is imagined. All the crime statistics for the last three years show down trends in all of Arizona for instance, center of the present showdown. Even in the border towns, crime has being going down for three consecutive years.

So we all know what this is all about. It’s about voting, and worries on the Rightie that all those brown skins will be voting like blue bloods and turning their red state into a robin’s egg shade of blue. Yep. People don’t count, but maintaining control does.

Except that if these walking morons got their way, everyone would be required to prove their citizenship, meaning providing the birth certificates of both their parents. Imagine how much dough that might run?

I’m thinking to send the GOP a big box of Nancy Drew novels and tell them to go vacation at the beach and leave the thinking to people with brains.

On that note, I was glad to hear this morning that recent polling suggests that women who are college educated (meaning educated) really don’t like the Sarah (that woman is an idiot) Palinator. I’m on the right side of that equation. Whew!

And I am constrained to say that just because you write a great book that should be read by nearly everyone, Tim O’Brien, you do not have the right to put in chit that I cannot get out of my head. And that makes me wanna cry. I will say no more than it has to do with a baby water buffalo, and it makes me clutch my own pets to my heart and kiss the livin’ dickens out of ‘em.

And, basically I don’t have an opinion (yet) on the WikiLeaks thing. I really don’t. Shocking isn’t it?

I still have opinions on a few hundred thousand other things, so not to worry.

And just so you know that this is truly “What’s Up?” do take a look at a fabulous post by Chris Dashiell at Black Magpie Theory, “What Happened (After ’68). A truly excellent analysis. Having lived through it, I know it’s accurate.

Sometimes I think, when I’m daydreaming, that the funnest head trip would be to slip into the brain case of a creationist, young earther. I mean what psychedelic goings on must be in there. I wonder, do they actually even know that 2 + 2 = 4? Do they know their right hand from their left? Do they know there are  Crayola color boxes with more than 8 colors? Do they know that you can walk and chew gum at the same time? Do they know where they are when they wake up? Do they think that the voice in their head is  Satan? I wonder, and then I find something important to think about.

You go think about something good yourself. It’s what’s UP today.

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