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Let me make this very clear at the start. I have no idea how true this is. It is being reported at some sites that I read, but not, by and large, by what I consider mainstream sites. It may all turn out to be so much hyperbole, or it may in time prove to be really true.

But in any case, we now live in a world where such behavior is something easily contemplated and behavior nearly as bad has been actuated and rebuffed by saner heads.

I speak of the allegations coming from the group known as Anonymous.

Anonymous is a group of high-level hackers. There is apparently no hierarchy of leadership. They are boldly in favor of a free internet and I would suggest, have a rather more anarchist view of the world. They have hacked into the Pentagon. They have hacked into companies. They are probably our closest version of Wikileaks. I make no claim of their righteousness or evilness.

I am told they have turned in child pornographers and have worked to eliminate such sites from the internet. They worked in the Occupy movement and were helpful as I understand it, in keeping things directed toward goals and not violence. They claim to have interfered with Uganda’s communications in an attempt to register their anger at the anti-gay initiatives that were moving through their government. They come down decidedly on the side of Palestinians when it comes to the Middle East.

They are of course much on the mind of law enforcement.

That said, here is what they claim:

They have saved our election process and ensured that the true winner, Barack Obama, was properly elected.

How did they do this?

Anonymous claims that Karl Rove stole the 2004 election from John Kerry. Kerry was leading in Ohio according to exit polls. At 11:13 that night, the entire state voting system crashed. It came back on-line one minute later. Suddenly Bush was ahead. Anonymous claims that during the one minute, the voting tabulations were rerouted to a server in Tennessee and “altered” before being sent back.

Anonymous believed that Kerry won Ohio and the election. They believer Karl Rove was behind the fix.

Some time before this past election Anonymous notified Rove in an open letter than they would not allow hm to steal another election.

Here’s what happened according to them:

Rove was prepared to reroute up to three states (Ohio being one, with probably Florida and Virginia) on election night to ensure a Romney victory. He even reported on Fox News at (oddly) 11:13 that Ohio’s computers were malfunctioning.

Anonymous began monitoring Karl Rove’s servers some weeks in advance. ORCA, the computerized system used by the Romney campaign, as you may remember did not work as expected. Anonymous claims that the reason it did not was because they had hacked into the system weeks before and were monitoring the traffic and discovered the tunnels that would be used to funnel voter results out of Ohio.

Anonymous erected a firewall in blocking all the tunnels and password protected it. It is claimed that on 105 occasions during the election night, ORCA tried vainly to use the tunnels but could not penetrate the firewall.

The election results from Ohio were maintained.

Now let us look at the supporting evidence:

  1. Karl Rove was aggressive in telling the million dollar donors that this election was a sure thing. He assured them that the vote would be close in Ohio and apparently elsewhere, but that Romney would win them.
  2. Karl Rove became nearly unhinged on Fox when Fox declared that Ohio had gone for Obama. Karl called the Romney campaign and started to crunch numbers, begging that no one should give up on Ohio yet.
  3. Romney apparently had been told that his election was such a sure thing that he didn’t even bother to prepare a concession speech in this “too close to call” election. Everyone remarks that he was “stunned” and “shocked” when he was told he had lost.
  4. Even today, those close to the Ryan campaign claim that Paul Ryan too was “stunned” and “shocked” at the loss.

Now we can assume that they simply all bought the “GOP” line that the polls were under counting Republicans. But is it rational that ALL the respected polling groups were failing to see the obvious error that the GOP was so “sure” of? It seems a bit fishy doesn’t it?

When you look back on Rove’s run up to the election and his claims that the vote was going to be “very very” close, but he felt confident it would go Romney’s way, it smacks just a bit of the set up it was designed to be. In fact it was not really that close at all. But they has to make it appear that they believed it would be so if in fact they intended to capture the vote and alter it during the “crash”.

So, make of it what you will.

All I know is that it certainly could be done. And we know that the GOP in various guises was ruthless in trying to find way to suppress the Democratic vote.

We may in fact be on the brink of needing a way of ensuring fair elections. Many of us feel that in the end Gore probably won in 2000, and now it may be true that Kerry won in 2004. Were Republicans finally thwarted in 2012? I’m sure we’ll find out.