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They say that you need a thick skin in order to run for office, but geesh, these two dudes are NOT feelin’ the love these days. It’s got to be hard on the soul.

Willard is seriously in danger of losing his birth state to the Ragin’ Rickman. Polling is unanimous that he is falling behind across the board, and it appears he is only winning in one county in the entire state of Michigan.

Meanwhile, the Newtsy-Tootsy is taking on the title of “most hated person in America” with unfavorables now reaching 63%. I mean WHERE is the love?

Such disdain would cause most of us to curl into a little ball of sad and close the closet door, but somehow these hardy soulless ones tramp on with smiles firmly pasted in place, Barbie wives in their obligatory suits, and various supportive offspring as can be coerced to clap firmly at the same stale stumpy speech day after day standing dutifully by.

What fun!

Oh how one loves the smell of napalm indifference, nay downright distaste, in the morning. I guess, being the leader of the free world must be worth it. But, boy, I can’t see why.

Boy, the gods are determined to ruin all my dreams I tell ya. I just heard that not only has Herm Cain declined, but also our fair Belle o’ da loon, Michele B, has declined to trip the light fantastic at the Dancing with the Stars third-rate-ganza. Ah shucky ducky and I’ll raise ya a “one term president.”

The GOP has caved on the payroll tax cuts. They don’t want to revisit that fiasco again. Course, Boehner got up and said, they were just “determined to stop the Democrats from playing politics” with working family’s lives. Uhuh, yep, that was what they were up to, yep, in that there UNIVERSE OF DENIAL you bozos live in.

I just love it when people step forward and offer to help. I find it so refreshing don’t you? I knew I could count on my girl to do the right thing. I bet you did too.

 “If one of the nominees, one of the GOPers, doesn’t get enough delegates, it could go to a brokered convention. If it does get to that, and someone said, ‘Governor, would you be interested,’ would you be interested? For one, I think that it could get to that… If it had to be closed up today, the whole nominating process, then we could be looking at a brokered convention… Nobody is quite there yet, so I think that months from now, if that is the case, all bets are off as to who it will be, willing to offer up themselves up in their name in service to their country.”

So said Sarah.

 My respect for the ennate goodness of my fellow human is restored. Listen? Can you hear the strains of . . . . “mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. . . .”

Now I am tearing up.

&&: This is Sissy’s new offering in the Wide World Word Salad Olympics.

As I’ve pointed out a number of times, the TeaNutz® brigade of know-nothings like to flip truth on its head. They see racism as largely non-existent in their Amerika, therefore they can demonize any black person with the title “racist” who doesn’t sing the correct tune.

Worse, they are encouraged and willingly adopt the new mantra that white folks are being put upon by people of color–the color being one Barack Obama specifically, but including any and all who don’t see that there is a war on white.

There is a good post over at We are respectable Negroes that speaks well to this subject. Go on over and take a look.

People like Santorum (Gingrich for instance) like to tell you all about so-called “cafeteria” Catholics, those Catholics who, they claim, pick and choose what Church pronouncements they agree with and follow. Of course people like Ricky are solid Catholics, “real” Catholics, if you will, and they follow all Church teachings. Sure they do. Juan Cole points out a few that Ricky (and Newt) tend to “miss.”  Of course, the “legalists” within the Church will undoubtedly quibble about what are ex cathedra teachings and what are personal opinions expressed by popes and bishops. That always happens, trust me. The comments are very good.

If you are not reading dampsquid, you are well, honey, just not being smart. He’s funny like I wish I could be funny. He’s insanely nuts, and I just love his stuff. Go read about “networking” today. I’m serious, you will be e-mailing his stuff to everyone you know.

The unemployment filings are down again for last month. If you believe the numbers. Did ya get that? This from Fox Noise. Let me explain how this is done. The Contrarian clued me in on this.

Fox starts off with reporting some fact, such as “unemployment filings are down” or “job creation is up”. Then they subtly question how reliable those numbers might be. They point out that the reporting agency is “a government agency” after all, and “might” be subject to Administrational (Obama) manipulation to suit the narrative.

No proof of this “possible” manipulation is ever offered. The viewer is just left with this little nugget of doubt, implanted in the brain.

Then, a few days or weeks go by, and another similar fact is reported. But now, we don’t question directly the possibility of the numbers being cooked. No, instead now you say, “some people suggest” that the numbers might not be reliable.

Of course the “some people” are themselves of the previous incident. Nifty how that works ain’t it?

Go out and face the day with a smile. Remember 63% of America doesn’t despise YOU, and that’s an uplifting thought!