Tuesdays With Morons

Wheeeee! They are at it again. Voting. Or as we call it, “eating their spinach.” Which idiot this time?

Odds on favorite is Mittens.

Mittens reminds us all again that he wants to be president more than anything in the whole wide world. His handlers are gleefully taking credit for having reshaped “their” candidate to outperform the competition.

No more Mr. Nice-guy for the Mittens.

He went after Newt with a vengeance, and with a certain amount of enjoyment, the same pompous arrogance he used in the debate when he said if an underlying of his came to him with an idea to put a colony on the moon, he would “fire him.” Mittens likes to fire folks.

Meanwhile, Newt has responded in the way Newt responds–with equal venom. And a promise to carry the now very personal fight, on to the convention.

I think Mittens has over stepped here. Newt strikes me as a guy who once he feels personally attacked in this vicious way, will spare nothing to “take Mitt down.” Nothing will stand in the way, I suspect. He will not care. It will be about destroying Mitt.

There is a really good read over at We are Respectable Negroes.  Glenn Feldman, historian and scholar, from the College of Arts and Sciences, U of Alabama, Birmingham has a book out called Painting Dixie Red: When, Where and Why and How the South Became Republican. More important he’s written an essay about it and you can read it here. Really interesting stuff.

Life with dial-up. Oh I can’t tell you the joys. Yesterday, all of a sudden I couldn’t get on WordPress. No matter what avenue, it just ran and ran, and wasn’t up taking data. Finally in frustration, I went to google to see if there were reports of trouble. Eventually I made my way to the forums and started to ask questions. They were sure it was me, and told me all about my header and background not being “optimized” whatever that means.

I left with no resolution, and worried all night about what I would do, should I not get back here. Well, today I got back, but I was still running very slowly. I finally, in frustration, dumped an “adobe reader update” that I had mistakenly installed Sunday evening. (I say mistaken, since I thought it was Microsoft updates). Well, all the sudden my speed picked up.

So I guess the Adobe was running in the background and taking up my precious speed. I guess. Now my mouse is sticking. But that was happening before, and if I disconnect and reconnect, that has cleared up in the past.

Ain’t all this computer crap just a crock of crap?

Now this is rich.

Remember Alabama and its draconian immigration laws?  (some of which have been halted by a federal judge) Remember how crops rotted in the field, because farmers there couldn’t find willing, let alone competent workers to pick? Well, Kansas is not gonna let that happen.

Kansas has petitioned the federal government to allow them to employ undocumented workers. They are not going to wait until the crops rot, they are planning ahead, and they know they have worker shortages.   I wonder what the old GOP has to say about that?

We are heading off to the city tomorrow for our food pilgrimage. Stocking up. Such fun. I’m deep in the throes of “making my grocery list.” This is no small task when you are planning for a month. Having to make a menu for the month, then checking each recipe and noting ingredients. It’s a pain. Can’t wait until I can return to weekly shopping and a quick run to the store for X is actually a “quick” run.

Pretty sad when your own side lambastes ya.

Joe Scarborough went after Mitt today about Medicare. Apparently Mormons condone lying, since Mittens has been really heavy on it. He claims, to Floridian elderly, that Obama has cut Medicare by 500 billion, all the while supporting the “Ryan plan” which would gut the program altogether. “Demagoguery” submits Joe. None of it is true.

A good story about how Fox has taken over the Republican party and is now taking the GOP down the dark path to inevitable distruction. The few rational Republicans now weep in the corner, wondering what has happened.

From Don in Massachusetts:

And lest anyone should accuse moi of being unfair, let’s me point you at this article by Jonathan Haidt, who studies the psychology of politics, and has some not so quite nice things to say about liberals.

He claims that conservatives have a much better handle on the American mind than do liberals.

And frankly, to a degree, I don’t disagree, though I don’t think that that makes a lot of difference. That doesn’t make it right, just true. For the moment.

There are plenty in academia who dispute his findings, or his interpretation of them anyway.

It’s and interesting or fascinating read, which ever of my now horribly worn out adjectives you choose. (I need some new ones! HELP!) As always, the comments are very delicious too.

What’s on the Stove? Beef roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted carrots and onions.

Sorry, I know this is a weak post. Sometimes nothing catches me.

Have I Got a Deal For YOU!

Hey, you like pallin’ around with terrorists? Ya like your socialist agenda? Are you tired of all that flag-wavin’ family values namby-pamby rhetoric?

Do your nether regions get all excited when the name Saul Alinsky or Van Jones is mentioned? Do you practically puddle over George Soros?

Do you like the smell of anarchy in the air, and thrill to the feel of a gas mask strapped over your face? Are you a liberal/socialist/commie/fascist/food-stamp lovin’/do-the-monkey-if-it-turns-you-on sort? Are you a SECULARLIST/atheist/hater of the Jesus as exemplified by the literal words from God Almighty secured in the King James Version of the Bible?

Are ya? Do ya? Do ya wanna be?

Then my friends, this is the bloggy for you! We can put you in a sharp little model of all of the above, with nothin’ down and years to pay.

Just a little test to see if you are really OUR kinda people.

  1. Does the name Reince Priebus remind you of a wet hotdog, or worse, a rinsed penis?
  2. If you met Newt Gingrich, would you be unable to resist poking his dough belly?
  3. Would you grab Sean Hannity’s pointy finger and break it?
  4. Does the mere mention of the name Dick Cheney cause you to run for the shower?
  5. Would you first question to Mitch McConnell be: “Can I see your turtle shell?”
  6. Would your first question to John Boehner be: “Do you really fart Cheetos dust?”
  7. Would you like to pull the stick out of Mitt Romney’s butt without or without anesthesia?
  8. Is George W. Bush starting to look tame by comparison?
  9. Are you sure that Ann Coulter’s gynecologist took one look and said she’d have to find someone else to treat THAT.
  10. Which two Republicans would you most like to see face off in a “fight to the death” bout in the Roman Coliseum?

I can’t do this all alone.

I know you think I’m a superhero, but really I’m not.

I get my inspiration from these folks:

  1. Juanita Jean’s
  2. Pass the Douchey’s
  3. Arts and Letters Daily
  4. Joe.My.God
  5. The Fifth Column
  6. The Grio
  7. We are respectable negroes
  8. Damp Squid
  9. Hansi’s Hallucinations
  10. OkJimms
  11. Republic of Gilead
  12. Snoring Dog Studio
  13. Woodgate’s View
  14. The Commentariat
  15. Think Progress

Those are the ones who feed my madness on a daily basis. There are many others. They are all to be found in the blogroll.

I thank them all. I condemn them all for my insanity.

Oh, and Bill Moyers is back on the air with a show called “Moyers and Company”. PBS is carrying him of course, times determined by where the heck you live. Find it. He’s always got people on who have actual answers, or at least know the right questions.

Other shows I find useful: (*WARNING*) Ignore unless you are a political junkie.

  • Chris Hay’s and his show UP on MSNBC on Saturday and Sunday mornings for 2 hours. Panel show where they actually spend some time on various issues and have some good guests. And I like Hays who is damn smart.
  • Fareed Zakaria’s show on CNN on Sunday (mid morning) He also gets great guests and has intelligent conversations about real issues.
  • Keith Olbermann on Current TV. Most nights at 8 I think. He’s having his usual contractual issues with the brass, and so his appearance is uneven, but he’s purely fun, and his “Friday’s with Thurber” are wonderful.
  • Morning Joe, MSNBC, mostly because I like the people and Mika keeps Joe in line.

What I am learning?

  • That even the GOP circus can get boring at times.
  • That Catcher in the Rye is not nearly as entertaining as The Great Gatsby was.
  • That the WSJ refused a paper signed off on by 164 climate scientists in favor of one by 16 climate deniers.
  • That Sheldon Adelson has way too much money, and is willing to spend it on his own political goals. (There is a 2008 exposé on him in the New Yorker Magazine.)
  • That we are never going to have government responsive to the people unless we get Citizens United constitutionally prohibited.
  • That I really don’t care a bit who wins the Super Bowl, and that means I can really just sit back and enjoy it.

Hey, I’m doin’ the best I can.

Alien Vapors Permeate the Meadow

Yes, Penelope, pictured here, has determined that she is a bird.

She visits during the day and at night.

You can open the door and talk to here. She just continues munching.

We have a lot of freeloaders here in the meadow. I drew the line when she knocked on the door and asked for some catsup.

And I’m very tired of possums imitating foul fowl. It’s unseemly.

It’s confusing to the cats.

Tigerpixieart by Carrie Hawks

 Speaking of cats, one of them has taken up with the gypsies.

He sits and watches the birds at the feeder until he can take no more.

He goes out, climbs up the post next to the feeder, and sits down.

He remains very quiet.

The birds aren’t particularly fooled.

He needs to get himself the little hat I think.

He’s the cat that thinks that if you open the door and there is a raging snow storm going on,  he just needs to go to another door, where things will be better.

He also thinks I control these things. He also wants milk every day. He also is the Demon-spawn’s best friend. They hatch conspiracies. I watch both of them carefully. I’m no dummy.

I first saw this at Denise’s place, Pass the Doucheys. . . 

I figure it’s closer to the truth than what old Jan has said.

Two mayors, who were standing nearby, dispute her rather egotistical recall of the meeting.

She’s really a gut-less wonder when you get down to it. Remember when she ran from the press a while back?

And I do believe that her unfavorables are higher than her favorables.

And I do believe that any balanced budget she likes to tout is at the expense of the most vulnerable of the citizens she is sworn to care for.

As I said, she is a douche.

How exactly does this dude get women?

I’m missing the allure.

I mean there must be something?

Tell me if you know.

Hey did you hear that John S. “Mr. Grumpies” McCain is giving advice on whom should be chosen as the GOP Vice Presidential candidate?

Is that rich?

But it would be typical of the “New” GOP.

I hear that Rubio may have some problems,  besides his rather inflated “my family fought in the revolution (not)” issue. Apparently he’s incapable of living within his means, and his mortgage is weighing him down. Not exactly the kinda guy you want telling other people how they must “tighten their belts” and bear the sacrifice. (it’s nice to have a credit card issued by the government for your day-to-day-expenses ain’t it Rube?)

Here is another question for ya.

How do comedians make a living these days?

I mean, a short trip through the news is all anybody needs to get a good laugh each and every day.

Ain’t it nice that Christianity provides the “get out of jail” card? Just say you are sorry, and voilá, your career is back “ON”.

I’m not sure that is how Jesus meant it to be.

Perhaps Newt will be allowed to let us know who it worked out for him.

I really don’t know why Dr. Paul is having such a tough time in Florida.

You’d think he’d fit right in.

He’s a grouchy old man.

Florida is wall-to-wall grouchy old men.

And they can talk about wrinkles, and ill-fitting suits, and white-hairless shins, and how “young whippersnappers” don’t listen to nobody.

What’s not to like?

It’s not like he’s gonna cancel THEIR Medicaid and Medicare. Only their kids, and heck, doesn’t every conversation among old farts in retirement homes invariably get around to ungrateful children?

He would seem a natural in the wrinkle capital of the world–no offense Scottsdale!

Newt said his first Florida debate was flat because the audience was “prevented” from participating.

After the second, he whined that the noise threw him off and the house was packed with Mitten fans.

Newt says he prepares for the debates by snacking, and “resting”.

I don’t imagine THAT had anything to do with it.

He’s out of shape. Never expect this to be anything other than a free book tour. And look what happened?

His public demanded that he run.

The average Floridian is just so confused by it all.

I mean between the hairdresser, the shopping, the dog races, the vodka tonics, the endless discussions of physical ailments, and Howard’s sister, Myrtle, it’s hard to filter all this political nonsense.

“That Santorum looks like a nice boy, he’s Catholic you know, and there is some talk about his wife living with a man more than twice her age before he met her, you know, but in this day and age, why who cares about that? but I’ve always said, ‘Carol, you just never really know do you?’ And that’s all I’ve got to say about that!”

“Now that Mitt fella, odd name don’t you think? Is that Mormon do you think? My uncle Melvin used to say, Carol, watch out for them Mormons. Yes he did. He never said why I should, but he said that. I remember. Uncle Melvin was a smart man, he and Aunt Tilda also kept a nice house. He died of a cancer, ate his from the inside out. It was horrible. That man suffered I tell ya.”

“Oh Newt? Now that is a very odd name. I wonder where that came from? He sounds so intelligent. Don’t you think he sounds intelligent. Course Howard says I don’t know a thing, you know how Howard is. He reads the paper every day, so he thinks he’s a genius. In his own mind! But I don’t. Can you trust a man who can’t keep a wife? I mean a president has to put up with a lot don’t you think? Newt, well it doesn’t seem to me that he puts up with a lot. I’m not sure that’s good. We’ll see.”

I plan to vote, if Marilyn gets her doctor’s appointment over early enough. We just made so many plans before we found out about this election thing. But we are going to definitely try to fit it in. It’s important to be a good citizen. I always say that.

Freakin’ Friday Follies

“To the moon, Alice, to the Moon!”

I just love Newt.

He gets in front of a bunch of ex-NASA employees, in a very depressed part of the state of FLOOREDA, and he garrrunteees that in his SECOND term of office as POTUS, he will ensure that we have a colony on da moon.

Now, you can call that Newtspah. And you would be right to do so.

But, he’s not our big winner this week.

No, our boy Mittens wins this week.

Why you ask?

Well, because he called out the Newtster on this promise, accusing him. . . .wait for it. . .  OF PANDERING to the audience.

He chided Newty for trying to promise his way to the White House by, in each state, finding some pet project that the residents were interested in, and then promising he would give them “it” if they were so kind as to vote for him.

Yes, he did.

And well, go ahead, yell it: THAT’S KINDA LIKE THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK oh Mitten-man, you who are known for your chameleon-like ability to change position based on the change of wind of public opinion. So ya win this week!

Ahab or dear friend turned us on to this great little link that actually proves to be a rather well done study on the convergence of IQ, conservative thinking, and bigotry. Wanna guess what it tends to show? Dumb people tend to not have the capacity to see the “big picture” and so tend to fall for the easy simplistic structured and ordered world that conservatism offers. Those who are least capable of abstract reasoning, are more likely to fall for racism and other bigoted ideas.

Was there ever any doubt?

Kevin Drum kinda proves the above study. Right now our boy Newt is the darling of the TeaNutz®, mostly because they have run through all the other possibilities and he’s what’s left. Well, tea bibbers are folks who believe in doing NOTHING about most things, and shrinking government. And at heart, Newt is a guy with grandiose ideas of being a world-wide mover and shaker. And that requires “DOING BIG THINGS”. But being light in the brain-case, said TeaNutz® have not yet puzzled that paradox out. And probably never will.

I wanna share a little secret with ya. When you retire, even years and years after you retire? You will still smile a bit bigger when it’s Friday. It’s true. I swear it is. And late Sunday afternoon will find you feeling a bit let down. You will sigh as you see the sun go down. It happens. It’s just the way it is. And you can’t know that until it happens to you.

Mittens has an ad in Florida wherein he goes after Newt for claiming that “Spanish is the language of the ghetto.” While not factually completely true, Mittens, when asked, inquired, “Is that one of my ads? I haven’t seen it. I doubt that’s my ad.” Of course the ad ends with the statement “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message.” Which means, I guess he doesn’t, or didn’t, or it’s all meaningless. But then, well I guess we knew all that anyway.

Newtie Patootie invoked the name of Saul Alinsky again last night. It is supposed to raise all kinds of dangerous visions of commie boogeymen comin’ around to take away our freedoms. At least Newt is hoping it will. He, in his snooty, lookin’ down my nose at all of you, way of viewing the world, is assuming you have no clue who Alinsky is, and are way too lazy to find out.

What is rich of course, is that Saul Alinsky did most of his community organizing in Chicago, among poor working stiffs. And he did it with the full help and approval of the Roman Catholic Church, who joined him in his efforts to improve the lives of working folks. Oh, and Alinsky’s heroes? They were Jefferson and Madison, you know, the FOUNDING FATHERS, who are nigh on to gods to the Crazy Right.

Alinsky received the Pacem en Terris Peace and Freedom Award from the Vatican in 1969. Past recipients have been  Martin Luther King, Jr., Desmond Tutu, Cesar Chavez, Daniel Berrigan, Jim Wallis, and Lech Walesa.

Oh Newt? That would be YOUR Catholic church no?

 Why we are right:

Caterpillar posted record profits this year. To the tune of 36% after taxes. Revenues increased by 2.65 BILLION.  Yet they have locked out workers at their Ontario plant in Canada, because the workers refused a cut in pay from $32/hr to $16.50/hr. Caterpillar CEO, John Oberhelman, made $10.5 million in 2010.

This is not class warfare. This is about fairness.

Okay, I’ll let you off easy today. It’s Friday, after all. No Football.

What’s on the Stove? Leftovers: Chick-Ling Spaghetti Parmesan or Wild and Wicked Taco Soup (your choice). The latter recipe will be posted today, the former already is.

*Yawn* Did I Miss Anything?

 Geesh, you guys should’a shut me up. You know I can talk on forever.

It doesn’t seem that I missed a lot. Same o’ same o’ as they say. The Mitt/Not Mitt heavyweight champeenship is still underway. It’s a slugfest.

Mitt has grown a pair of sorts by the last debate, but it’s still unclear whether he can sustain it. It’s a bit like a kid who finally lands a haymaker on the neighborhood bully, but then starts to shake himself silly when he gets into his bedroom and realizes, “whoa, now I’ve gone and done it.”

The Newt (I rewrite history EVERY day, let me do it for you) Gingrich is busy shorin’ up the breaches in the wall, pluggin’ the holes, and all-around changing the facts to suit his new best friends–old Floridians.

In the last debate it seems that Mittens landed a few. Newt, while not bloodied, was knocked back on his heels a bit. Of course, he’s blamed everything on the MSM. He moans to Fox Noise that he “probably should have complained when Bryan Williams asked the audience to withhold their applause during the debate so that more questions and responses could occur.” Such orders, Newt says, are “undemocratic” and suppress free speech.

Except that according to Chuck Todd of NBC, that statement has been made at EVERY debate by EVERY moderator. It just so happens that this crowd decided to actually listen rather than support “their candidate.” Newt undoubtedly does play off the audience well, and didn’t get that opportunity and so seeks to deflect blame somewhere else. (Part of the GOP mantra is always to blame somebody else, what’s new?)

One of the things that Republicans don’t like is protection of minorities (other than themselves of course). That’s why they don’t like programs that insure basic services to the poor. They would never agree that government’s basic duty is to ensure that every citizen has the basics of food, clothing, housing, education, health care, and a decent job. If you want people to be creative and bring forth their natural innovative spirit, why it seems to me, you have to get past struggling to eat each day. But the GOP thinks that the fit survive, and the rest, well, it would be most convenient if all of them could be housed in say North Dakota, where they could be put to some useful work, such as making license plates.

Why Chris Christie thinks voting is the way to get things changed. Majorities rule, and according to him, the civil rights movement was a waste of time; we should just have voted on it. No need to do all that messy marching and stuff.  Which is all to say, he intends to veto any legislative passed marriage equality bill passed in his state. That’s the way to be “non-committal Chris, when you wanna run for the big house.

You can’t make this stuff up. As we struggle to re-invigorate an economy, Newty has just the ticket–a permanent settlement on the moon.  Oh I forgot, Newt is campaigning in Florida. My bad. But I do have a suggestion for who might be its first permanent resident.

A blog you might check out is The Christian Left. I know, shocking to imagine such a thing, but we are out there! And they have a very good post on “the twenty most dangerous conservatives and their organizations”. I urge you to check it out.  (h/t to The Fifth Column)

Oh, and did I mention that the above mentioned Fifth Column is a worthy blog? Yes, I know, too many blogs, not enough time, but it’s just ONE more, really.

I rely on websites like Politfacts to help me sort through the various statements made by politicians. It seems that I must learn to be more careful. There is a short, but informative article by Paul Krugman as to why Politfacts has been suspect as of late. It’s just not reporting the fact’s ma’am. And that is unfortunate. This is not the first time I’ve come across disputes about their accuracy unfortunately.

Which brings me to the point. Is it just me or was there a time when a politician being caught in a bold-faced lie would herald the end of a campaign? Today, it doesn’t even stop them from repeating it. In fact, they assume it’s hurting so they continue with vigor. I lay it down to the utter contempt politicians, in the main, have for the average citizen. They assume we wouldn’t know any better anyway, and that most of us won’t even hear of the truth. Cynical? Yes, but I am guilty of just that: cynicism.

Move over George Soros and Van Jones, there is a new villain in town: Saul Alinsky. Newty can’t stop from talking about him. He’s one of those dangerous and possibly commie community organizers. So I guess it is helpful to learn a bit about him. Wikipedia is always a good start to get a general look. So do so, if you are interested.  By-the-by, those in the know, suggest that Newt is using the Alinsky playbook to the hilt, which is irony, which is lost on Newt, or would be explained away by Newt, but just saying everyone is wrong.

I’ll leave you with a his response as to whether he ever considered joining the Communist Party:

“Not at any time. I’ve never joined any organization—not even the ones I’ve organized myself. I prize my own independence too much. And philosophically, I could never accept any rigid dogma or ideology, whether it’s Christianity or Marxism. One of the most important things in life is what Judge Learned Hand described as ‘that ever-gnawing inner doubt as to whether you’re right.’ If you don’t have that, if you think you’ve got an inside track to absolute truth, you become doctrinaire, humorless and intellectually constipated. The greatest crimes in history have been perpetrated by such religious and political and racial fanatics, from the persecutions of the Inquisition on down to Communist purges and Nazi genocide.”

What’s on the Stove? Wild and Wacky Taco Soup! That recipe will be up in a couple of days.

Creation of a Party Voting Bloc (Part III)

For those of you who are gluttons for punishment, you may read Part I here, and Part II here.

We have been discussing how a core GOP party goes about defining and then co-opting a voting bloc. Such of course is necessary if the small core of rich white men are able to control the political reins of government, and thus set up the economic landscape that will enable them to continue to prosper, and indeed to grow in wealth.

We learned what kind of group would be most useful to the core, and then the means by which that core can be trained to believe and voice the desires of the core. This is done by many means, using sometimes their natural proclivities and at other times, it is injecting new “theology” into their world.

It would seem inevitable however, that sooner or later some members of the “target” will question the wisdom of what they are being told. This is so, because, in the end, the mantra of “hard work leads to financial success” will not happen for the vast majority of the target group.

When this happens, steps must be taken to both again, play upon the natural leanings of the target, but also to produce new theologies for them to grasp onto to explain and allay their fears that they are being “taken to the cleaners”.

  • Embracing the anger and re-directing it

As we note, at some point some members in the target group will realize that they are not getting the dreamed of reward, no matter how much effort they expend. They will begin to ask why.

It is important to respond quickly to this and with vigor. It should be realized that there are no shortage of explanation; creativity is called for.

The main object is to of course deflect anger at the core, and to point it at somebody else.

All effort must be made to make the target feel part of “us” and all others “them.” The “them” can ebb and flow as needed. For some of the target, fully all of “them” will be embraced but for others, it may be only one or two. The more  of “them” you create, the better it will be.

It is not unwise to promote sectionalism, which has never been far from the hearts of some parts of the target’s heart. References are appropriate to recall  things like secessionism, and the Confederacy in a light that is more favorable. Efforts can be made to challenge school texts that don’t give enough positive emphasis to the South, slavery, and the “good” aspects of both state’s rights, and anti-federalism.

An extremely important component of this is to “rewrite” history. Republicans are now the party of Lincoln, who freed the slaves, and you should remind the target that Martin Luther King, Jr., was a “Republican” after all. They are on the right side. They are not racists. “That” is all behind us. You may then go forward to attack most African-Americans as “playing the race card” and your target can criticize freely without feeling guilt. In fact the term African-American can be played as “unAmerican”. “Real Americans” are Americans.

Since your target audience is almost universally white, it is fine to attack other groups, be their Latino or Arab as part of the “other” and “them” as well. To the degree that, by culture or religion, these groups continue to exhibit “otherness” this plays to your advantage.

The upshot of all of this, is that the failure of your target to accomplish their individual economic goals is  because of “them”. African-Americans deplete monies that could be used to create jobs by sucking on the government teat of welfare, food stamps, housing, health care and so forth. And of course, you must remind your target that their taxes (money from their pockets) goes towards support of this “assistance.”

The same can be said of Latinos who are “illegal” (criminal?) and “steal” jobs and use resources for “free.”

While it is true that Arabs, Muslim or Christian, have not historically carried this “baggage”, 9/11 changed all that. The core is most aware that the Arab world, does in fact interfere with their economic control of resources, and thus it is helpful that the target consider all Arabs as “suspect” and “jihadists” until proven otherwise.

At the same time, the Democrats should be portrayed as crazy “libtards” who are only interested in living off the government and pursuing “socialist” and “communist” agendas. Continually push that the target group is strong, independent, not afraid of hard work, and adult enough to care for themselves, and that it is “unAmerican” to be lazy and under the “nanny” state. To the degree that Democrats can be tied to secularism, all the better. Rail against the loss of our “moral compass” on issues of gay rights and women’s reproductive rights.

Above all, set a standard of “flag waving” and consider anyone who doesn’t adhere to obvious outward signs of “patriotism” as suspect. Like during the Vietnam war, “love it or leave it” is a useful motto.

  • Now beware what you have created

All might seem perfect now. And for a while it may continue in that vein. But beware:

You are leading a dog by a leash. That is fine as long as the dog is a chihuahua. But unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes the dog is a Great Dane.

The dog is mad. Don’t ever forget that. Not just mad in terms of its view of the world, but mad as in “thoroughly fucking crazy,”  because you have made him so. And mad dogs, have teeth, and well, I think you get the idea. A dog doesn’t know its dumb. It thinks its smart. Its gotten you to feed him, and house him for free hasn’t it?

So don’t be surprised if the dog has a mind of its own, and growls when you try to jerk him to your direction. He may just have a direction of his own. And you might be very very unhappy where that leads.

You have been warned.

Creation of a Party Voting Bloc 101 (Part II

Yesterday we discussed how a small core party goes about establishing a voting bloc sufficient to place it in power so it can accomplish its goals. Part I can be found here.

Essentially we argue the following: The GOP is a small core of rich white men who desire to rule in order to structure the political and economic world to enhance their ability to make money.

Since they are small in number, they need to enlist a voting bloc that will help get them elected. Yesterday we identified this selected bloc as people who are hard-working working class people with little or no interest in politics and who lack anything much beyond a basic high school education.

We recognized that the first goal was to establish that the rich were so by “natural” right and that all could be them if they would but put in the requisite effort.

To the degree that this group is religious, the Protestant Ethic is also useful in adding a “moral” component to this work hard philosophy. Remember, in the end, the wealthy require a work force to make their goods and execute their services, so it is imperative to support and heighten this “hard work” theology into the target group.

Concomitant with this, is a need to portray “free enterprise” as the key to everyone’s success. All manner of flag waving is useful here. America, that beacon to the world, is what it is, because of the unfettered freedom to bring new ideas to the market place and have them rise or fall on a strict supply-demand basis.

Innovators, no matter how poor, with  good ideas, become the millionaires of tomorrow.

Such concepts are to be used in the most simplistic terms. You audience neither wants nor can be bothered to plumb the depths of economic theory. It is sufficient to define the economy as “free” and “democratic” and not “communist” or “socialist.”

  • American Exceptionalism is what made America great

This concept has both a religious and secular angle. The religious one is that America has been specially chosen by God to lead the world to the Kingdom of God. To the degree that your audience is Christian (and it overwhelmingly is), this should be stressed. America (and it’s systems) are favored by God, they have His blessing.

The secular aspect is simply that American’s position in the world today (as arguably the greatest power) is evidence that it’s system (economic) is the best and must be preserved. Therefore it is patriotic to support free enterprise.

  • Useful sycophants

All manner of con artists and experts of one sort or another are available. Their work, although sometimes seemingly tangential, can serve the cause and should be encouraged.

Pseudo-historians are particularly useful in rewriting history to emphasize a “Judeo-Christian” theme in the formation of the country. This serves to bolster both the economic system which is now defended as the “best” but also to help your target see that God too wants this too. Trickle down economics and anti unionism can be defended by creative “interpretations” of the bible and of Founding documents.

Recognize that those in science fields who do not find peer-recognition of their outlier views, can be used to advantage. Grants thrown in their direction will inevitably produce the “evidence” you need to prove that global warming isn’t real, that fracking is not destructive to the mantle and ground water systems, that off-shore drilling is not endangering to the seas, that over-fishing is not true, and that evolution is a hoax.

Even when the true science doesn’t reasonably affect rich men’s areas of concern, don’t underestimate the value of pampering your target with “evidence” that supports their pet beliefs. Since your target is religious and you have already found it useful to pander to their natural desire to be seduced to your “interpretations”, this is a fine time to give them a bone by supporting “intelligent design” or other such pseudo-theories. This allows the limited reasoning that you support them when it doesn’t “effect you.”

Word smiths are essential. Those trained in discovering what words and phrases play best can do incalculable service in getting you message across. Remember, your target isn’t paying much attention to begin with. So use simple slogans, use them constantly, and continually poll on what is working and what isn’t. It is essential that you convince your target that black is white and white is black. After all, you are asking them in the end to vote against their best interests.

Stress words like “freedom” “free markets” “Communism” “socialism” “secularism” “liberalism” “not like us” “God-given” “entitlements” “nanny state” “elites” “job creators” . Avoid words like equality, fairness, social anything, human rights, upper class, the rich and so forth.

Tomorrow: What to do about weakness, and questions of why not me?