Tuesdays With Morons

Wheeeee! They are at it again. Voting. Or as we call it, “eating their spinach.” Which idiot this time?

Odds on favorite is Mittens.

Mittens reminds us all again that he wants to be president more than anything in the whole wide world. His handlers are gleefully taking credit for having reshaped “their” candidate to outperform the competition.

No more Mr. Nice-guy for the Mittens.

He went after Newt with a vengeance, and with a certain amount of enjoyment, the same pompous arrogance he used in the debate when he said if an underlying of his came to him with an idea to put a colony on the moon, he would “fire him.” Mittens likes to fire folks.

Meanwhile, Newt has responded in the way Newt responds–with equal venom. And a promise to carry the now very personal fight, on to the convention.

I think Mittens has over stepped here. Newt strikes me as a guy who once he feels personally attacked in this vicious way, will spare nothing to “take Mitt down.” Nothing will stand in the way, I suspect. He will not care. It will be about destroying Mitt.

There is a really good read over at We are Respectable Negroes.  Glenn Feldman, historian and scholar, from the College of Arts and Sciences, U of Alabama, Birmingham has a book out called Painting Dixie Red: When, Where and Why and How the South Became Republican. More important he’s written an essay about it and you can read it here. Really interesting stuff.

Life with dial-up. Oh I can’t tell you the joys. Yesterday, all of a sudden I couldn’t get on WordPress. No matter what avenue, it just ran and ran, and wasn’t up taking data. Finally in frustration, I went to google to see if there were reports of trouble. Eventually I made my way to the forums and started to ask questions. They were sure it was me, and told me all about my header and background not being “optimized” whatever that means.

I left with no resolution, and worried all night about what I would do, should I not get back here. Well, today I got back, but I was still running very slowly. I finally, in frustration, dumped an “adobe reader update” that I had mistakenly installed Sunday evening. (I say mistaken, since I thought it was Microsoft updates). Well, all the sudden my speed picked up.

So I guess the Adobe was running in the background and taking up my precious speed. I guess. Now my mouse is sticking. But that was happening before, and if I disconnect and reconnect, that has cleared up in the past.

Ain’t all this computer crap just a crock of crap?

Now this is rich.

Remember Alabama and its draconian immigration laws?  (some of which have been halted by a federal judge) Remember how crops rotted in the field, because farmers there couldn’t find willing, let alone competent workers to pick? Well, Kansas is not gonna let that happen.

Kansas has petitioned the federal government to allow them to employ undocumented workers. They are not going to wait until the crops rot, they are planning ahead, and they know they have worker shortages.   I wonder what the old GOP has to say about that?

We are heading off to the city tomorrow for our food pilgrimage. Stocking up. Such fun. I’m deep in the throes of “making my grocery list.” This is no small task when you are planning for a month. Having to make a menu for the month, then checking each recipe and noting ingredients. It’s a pain. Can’t wait until I can return to weekly shopping and a quick run to the store for X is actually a “quick” run.

Pretty sad when your own side lambastes ya.

Joe Scarborough went after Mitt today about Medicare. Apparently Mormons condone lying, since Mittens has been really heavy on it. He claims, to Floridian elderly, that Obama has cut Medicare by 500 billion, all the while supporting the “Ryan plan” which would gut the program altogether. “Demagoguery” submits Joe. None of it is true.

A good story about how Fox has taken over the Republican party and is now taking the GOP down the dark path to inevitable distruction. The few rational Republicans now weep in the corner, wondering what has happened.

From Don in Massachusetts:

And lest anyone should accuse moi of being unfair, let’s me point you at this article by Jonathan Haidt, who studies the psychology of politics, and has some not so quite nice things to say about liberals.

He claims that conservatives have a much better handle on the American mind than do liberals.

And frankly, to a degree, I don’t disagree, though I don’t think that that makes a lot of difference. That doesn’t make it right, just true. For the moment.

There are plenty in academia who dispute his findings, or his interpretation of them anyway.

It’s and interesting or fascinating read, which ever of my now horribly worn out adjectives you choose. (I need some new ones! HELP!) As always, the comments are very delicious too.

What’s on the Stove? Beef roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted carrots and onions.

Sorry, I know this is a weak post. Sometimes nothing catches me.

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6 comments on “Tuesdays With Morons

  1. lbwoodgate says:

    I enjoyed the “Jonathan Haidt Decodes the Tribal Psychology of Politics” article. ther’s a lot to savor there. More than one thing registered with me but these two comments stuck out with most:

    “People do indeed reason, but that reasoning is done primarily to prepare for social interaction, not to search for truth.”

    Haidt sees morality as a “social construction” that varies by time and place. We all live in a “web of shared meanings and values” that become our moral matrix, he writes.

    I share this perception and maybe someday I’ll find the time and energy to write a piece on the comparison’s I share we these views.

    If for no other reason though, he’s worth reading just as a field of study that enables us to better understand at least a partial understanding of the conservative mind.

    • Sherry says:

      I noticed that statement as well and thought it dovetailed rather well with other sociological studies on liberal/conservatism that suggests that even when presented with direct evidence to the contrary, we hold to our views once we have adopted them as right. This seems to suggest that as well. I would not like to think that I avoid facts that don’t support my “truth” but apparently it is natural. I tend to agree that there are not a lot of absolutes when it comes to morality. It does indeed depend on the times. Much as the evangelical right would be appalled, it is simply true I believe. I’d love to see your thoughts more fully expounded upon. :)

  2. okjimm says:

    //Sometimes nothing catches me.//

    that’s a good thing. And never look back; SOMETHING MAY BE GAINING.

    Wednesdays with Wingnutz?

  3. Hansi says:

    I read the article on how Fox has taken over the Republican party. very interesting…thanks.

    • Sherry says:

      Yeah, it’s a sad thing isn’t it? When you look at the list of buffoons who are on the air there, is really is bizarre. Bunch of morons.

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