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For those of you who are gluttons for punishment, you may read Part I here, and Part II here.

We have been discussing how a core GOP party goes about defining and then co-opting a voting bloc. Such of course is necessary if the small core of rich white men are able to control the political reins of government, and thus set up the economic landscape that will enable them to continue to prosper, and indeed to grow in wealth.

We learned what kind of group would be most useful to the core, and then the means by which that core can be trained to believe and voice the desires of the core. This is done by many means, using sometimes their natural proclivities and at other times, it is injecting new “theology” into their world.

It would seem inevitable however, that sooner or later some members of the “target” will question the wisdom of what they are being told. This is so, because, in the end, the mantra of “hard work leads to financial success” will not happen for the vast majority of the target group.

When this happens, steps must be taken to both again, play upon the natural leanings of the target, but also to produce new theologies for them to grasp onto to explain and allay their fears that they are being “taken to the cleaners”.

  • Embracing the anger and re-directing it

As we note, at some point some members in the target group will realize that they are not getting the dreamed of reward, no matter how much effort they expend. They will begin to ask why.

It is important to respond quickly to this and with vigor. It should be realized that there are no shortage of explanation; creativity is called for.

The main object is to of course deflect anger at the core, and to point it at somebody else.

All effort must be made to make the target feel part of “us” and all others “them.” The “them” can ebb and flow as needed. For some of the target, fully all of “them” will be embraced but for others, it may be only one or two. The more  of “them” you create, the better it will be.

It is not unwise to promote sectionalism, which has never been far from the hearts of some parts of the target’s heart. References are appropriate to recall  things like secessionism, and the Confederacy in a light that is more favorable. Efforts can be made to challenge school texts that don’t give enough positive emphasis to the South, slavery, and the “good” aspects of both state’s rights, and anti-federalism.

An extremely important component of this is to “rewrite” history. Republicans are now the party of Lincoln, who freed the slaves, and you should remind the target that Martin Luther King, Jr., was a “Republican” after all. They are on the right side. They are not racists. “That” is all behind us. You may then go forward to attack most African-Americans as “playing the race card” and your target can criticize freely without feeling guilt. In fact the term African-American can be played as “unAmerican”. “Real Americans” are Americans.

Since your target audience is almost universally white, it is fine to attack other groups, be their Latino or Arab as part of the “other” and “them” as well. To the degree that, by culture or religion, these groups continue to exhibit “otherness” this plays to your advantage.

The upshot of all of this, is that the failure of your target to accomplish their individual economic goals is  because of “them”. African-Americans deplete monies that could be used to create jobs by sucking on the government teat of welfare, food stamps, housing, health care and so forth. And of course, you must remind your target that their taxes (money from their pockets) goes towards support of this “assistance.”

The same can be said of Latinos who are “illegal” (criminal?) and “steal” jobs and use resources for “free.”

While it is true that Arabs, Muslim or Christian, have not historically carried this “baggage”, 9/11 changed all that. The core is most aware that the Arab world, does in fact interfere with their economic control of resources, and thus it is helpful that the target consider all Arabs as “suspect” and “jihadists” until proven otherwise.

At the same time, the Democrats should be portrayed as crazy “libtards” who are only interested in living off the government and pursuing “socialist” and “communist” agendas. Continually push that the target group is strong, independent, not afraid of hard work, and adult enough to care for themselves, and that it is “unAmerican” to be lazy and under the “nanny” state. To the degree that Democrats can be tied to secularism, all the better. Rail against the loss of our “moral compass” on issues of gay rights and women’s reproductive rights.

Above all, set a standard of “flag waving” and consider anyone who doesn’t adhere to obvious outward signs of “patriotism” as suspect. Like during the Vietnam war, “love it or leave it” is a useful motto.

  • Now beware what you have created

All might seem perfect now. And for a while it may continue in that vein. But beware:

You are leading a dog by a leash. That is fine as long as the dog is a chihuahua. But unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes the dog is a Great Dane.

The dog is mad. Don’t ever forget that. Not just mad in terms of its view of the world, but mad as in “thoroughly fucking crazy,”  because you have made him so. And mad dogs, have teeth, and well, I think you get the idea. A dog doesn’t know its dumb. It thinks its smart. Its gotten you to feed him, and house him for free hasn’t it?

So don’t be surprised if the dog has a mind of its own, and growls when you try to jerk him to your direction. He may just have a direction of his own. And you might be very very unhappy where that leads.

You have been warned.