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Yes, Penelope, pictured here, has determined that she is a bird.

She visits during the day and at night.

You can open the door and talk to here. She just continues munching.

We have a lot of freeloaders here in the meadow. I drew the line when she knocked on the door and asked for some catsup.

And I’m very tired of possums imitating foul fowl. It’s unseemly.

It’s confusing to the cats.

Tigerpixieart by Carrie Hawks

 Speaking of cats, one of them has taken up with the gypsies.

He sits and watches the birds at the feeder until he can take no more.

He goes out, climbs up the post next to the feeder, and sits down.

He remains very quiet.

The birds aren’t particularly fooled.

He needs to get himself the little hat I think.

He’s the cat that thinks that if you open the door and there is a raging snow storm going on,  he just needs to go to another door, where things will be better.

He also thinks I control these things. He also wants milk every day. He also is the Demon-spawn’s best friend. They hatch conspiracies. I watch both of them carefully. I’m no dummy.

I first saw this at Denise’s place, Pass the Doucheys. . . 

I figure it’s closer to the truth than what old Jan has said.

Two mayors, who were standing nearby, dispute her rather egotistical recall of the meeting.

She’s really a gut-less wonder when you get down to it. Remember when she ran from the press a while back?

And I do believe that her unfavorables are higher than her favorables.

And I do believe that any balanced budget she likes to tout is at the expense of the most vulnerable of the citizens she is sworn to care for.

As I said, she is a douche.

How exactly does this dude get women?

I’m missing the allure.

I mean there must be something?

Tell me if you know.

Hey did you hear that John S. “Mr. Grumpies” McCain is giving advice on whom should be chosen as the GOP Vice Presidential candidate?

Is that rich?

But it would be typical of the “New” GOP.

I hear that Rubio may have some problems,  besides his rather inflated “my family fought in the revolution (not)” issue. Apparently he’s incapable of living within his means, and his mortgage is weighing him down. Not exactly the kinda guy you want telling other people how they must “tighten their belts” and bear the sacrifice. (it’s nice to have a credit card issued by the government for your day-to-day-expenses ain’t it Rube?)

Here is another question for ya.

How do comedians make a living these days?

I mean, a short trip through the news is all anybody needs to get a good laugh each and every day.

Ain’t it nice that Christianity provides the “get out of jail” card? Just say you are sorry, and voilá, your career is back “ON”.

I’m not sure that is how Jesus meant it to be.

Perhaps Newt will be allowed to let us know who it worked out for him.

I really don’t know why Dr. Paul is having such a tough time in Florida.

You’d think he’d fit right in.

He’s a grouchy old man.

Florida is wall-to-wall grouchy old men.

And they can talk about wrinkles, and ill-fitting suits, and white-hairless shins, and how “young whippersnappers” don’t listen to nobody.

What’s not to like?

It’s not like he’s gonna cancel THEIR Medicaid and Medicare. Only their kids, and heck, doesn’t every conversation among old farts in retirement homes invariably get around to ungrateful children?

He would seem a natural in the wrinkle capital of the world–no offense Scottsdale!

Newt said his first Florida debate was flat because the audience was “prevented” from participating.

After the second, he whined that the noise threw him off and the house was packed with Mitten fans.

Newt says he prepares for the debates by snacking, and “resting”.

I don’t imagine THAT had anything to do with it.

He’s out of shape. Never expect this to be anything other than a free book tour. And look what happened?

His public demanded that he run.

The average Floridian is just so confused by it all.

I mean between the hairdresser, the shopping, the dog races, the vodka tonics, the endless discussions of physical ailments, and Howard’s sister, Myrtle, it’s hard to filter all this political nonsense.

“That Santorum looks like a nice boy, he’s Catholic you know, and there is some talk about his wife living with a man more than twice her age before he met her, you know, but in this day and age, why who cares about that? but I’ve always said, ‘Carol, you just never really know do you?’ And that’s all I’ve got to say about that!”

“Now that Mitt fella, odd name don’t you think? Is that Mormon do you think? My uncle Melvin used to say, Carol, watch out for them Mormons. Yes he did. He never said why I should, but he said that. I remember. Uncle Melvin was a smart man, he and Aunt Tilda also kept a nice house. He died of a cancer, ate his from the inside out. It was horrible. That man suffered I tell ya.”

“Oh Newt? Now that is a very odd name. I wonder where that came from? He sounds so intelligent. Don’t you think he sounds intelligent. Course Howard says I don’t know a thing, you know how Howard is. He reads the paper every day, so he thinks he’s a genius. In his own mind! But I don’t. Can you trust a man who can’t keep a wife? I mean a president has to put up with a lot don’t you think? Newt, well it doesn’t seem to me that he puts up with a lot. I’m not sure that’s good. We’ll see.”

I plan to vote, if Marilyn gets her doctor’s appointment over early enough. We just made so many plans before we found out about this election thing. But we are going to definitely try to fit it in. It’s important to be a good citizen. I always say that.