Illusions of Significance?

One of the side effects of being sentient or self-aware, at least at human levels, is our propensity to try to get inside the heads of other people.

We ponder why Sally did this and why Don did that. We find certain behavior curious, ridiculous, courageous, all by our own standards as we have come to believe them.

Even more curious, we tend to project intention onto objects. We kick the car, and scream at malfunctioning vacuum cleaners.

Do we create God as well? In our minds? Of course every atheist would say yes. Science gives no definitive answer, and perhaps will never have such a capacity.

Still, the mulling of such ideas is useful. Read Slate’s article and also take a gander at the book it’s based on: The Belief Instinct.


The Atlantic has an interesting one on “foodies”, those gourmet nuts who gush about food as if it were sex. Which it is for them no doubt. It is pure gluttony at some level. Are you the type who reads breathlessly a description of some dish? Or do you skip to the chase? Are you the type who scours the Internet looking for odd ingredients not to be found in even the most up scale Piggly Wiggly? Or do you think good old domestic cheddar is just fine? The author points out that Livy said that when we glorify the chef, we are heading for the end. What do you think?


Here’s one for ya. Remember Christine O’Donnell? Witchy poo? Well she’s another one that missed the trolley. Ms. abstinence is trying to keep her little political life afloat, by going after George Soros, and all the groups he funds. She’s operating out of her house, with her tiny little PAC. She’s soliciting funds–nice to pay the rent and heat as a “business expense” isn’t it. She also claims that Barack Obama considers her his biggest threat. If you want more, please go the SciFi Channel.


Most of the world could ignore the blatherings of Glenn Beck except for the fact that his nearly insane followers become Rottweilers with the theories he gives them. Frances Fox Pivens has been one of his targets. Based upon an article she co-wrote in 1966 about helping welfare recipients receive their due, she has been raised to the level of a founder of the marxist/socialist/destruction of America “tree” that arises out of Beckian mental illness. Vilified in the most ugly terms (I’ve read the comments) in The Blaze, and else where, Dr. Pivens has been subjected to e-mail harassment and many a death threat. She responds with some commentary on the rise of the crazies.


It does seem to me, in the last couple of years, that the claims of the extreme right have become more and more outlandish. Especially so of Beck and perhaps Limbaugh as well. They seem more and more emboldened to spew invective at whole groups, call the President any creature this side of Arcturus, and to generally make fun of anything non-white and educated beyond the 10th grade.

At the same time, there is a definite change in the numbers. As to Beck, his TV watchers are down 50%, and radio stations are dropping him. Limbaugh has been losing ground as has Hannity on his radio show.

How to explain? I think it’s an attempt to shore up the shrinking numbers. But the people who are leaving are precisely those who are tired of the “Muslim President” cry, and are searching for something a bit less biased. The hard core will never depart and don’t need the increasingly wacky theories. They generate enough of their own!


In a major “oops” House Rethugs failed to pass an extension of the Patriot Act. It seems that House Tea Partiers joined forces with House Dems to deny the leadership its  passage and leaving them somewhat embarrassed. It will undoubtedly pass under different House procedures, but still, it goes to show that the GOP has a snarly tiger by the tail.


One of our favorite wackadoodles is Bryan Fischer, head of the AFA. He is obsessed, as you know, with homosexuality (which explains ever so much). He has a new target: Native Americans. Incensed by the invocation,  he tells Native Peoples that it is high time they got with Christianity and gave up their filthy pagan ways. Oh Bryan, you eat, drink, and sleep hate. I bet you could collect all the people in the world that you like in your very own living room.


Oh, what? Oops! Doin’ a bit of the happy dance. (Whispering) they are eating their own again. Come watch! Beck looks into his crystal ball and sees that the precious Right is now agin’ the Tea Party and all of them REAL patriots. They are trying to assassinate us! “Or maybe it’s just a coincidence,” he ponders, “but I don’t believe in coincidences,” his insane brain says. “Talkin’ about freedom” he spittles, and “wildcards” who must be suppressed. Oh gosh, I should feel sympathy for one who is but a step from the rubber room, but dang if I can feel THAT emotion. Glee would be more like it.

Well, enough.

What’s on the stove? Fried chicken, mashed taters and gravy. (Which means I don’t have to do dishes!)

Ho, Ho, Ho, Witchy Poo is Back!

She learned at the knee of the Wasilla Wombat. She learned that when the electorate rejects ya, get up, dust yourself off, and keep on yappin’. You will surely find enough poor souls to pay your way.

So Christine O’Donnell, finding the cupboard most bare, formed a PAC and, now her bills taken care of, she can utter profound (in her ditzy mind) quips, and otherwise try to interject herself into adult conversations.

Not content to get two of the top ten quotes of the year, she’s after more. She’s in a friendly race with sista Sarah to be both the most obnoxious, won’t go away buffoon and the biggest butcher of the English language to date.

If enough isn’t being said about the tax bill being decided Ms. Chatty Christie has weighed in. Of course she’s all for the Bush tax cuts being extended and she hates all the stuff for those in economic free fall. According to the non-witchy one, tragedies come in threes–Pearl Harbor, Elizabeth Edwards death, and now these confounded extensions of unemployment benefits. She then tried to explain what THAT meant, and of course failed. Halloween can’t return fast enough.


You and I are much alike. Therefore, I feel confident that you too have spent countless hours? maybe even days, wondering what the hell frankincense  is or was. Given the season, well, I went a lookin’ for an answer for us both.

I tried Senator Franken, but he demurred, pointing out that there is an “e” after the K in his name, not an “i” as in frankincense. So I figured Slate would have the answer, and they did. Read all about it here, and surprise friends and family with your new-found sparkling intellect.


I think a lot like Keith Olbermann I guess. At least two of his items from last night’s show were links on my blog. We, meaning me and he and his researchers must be reading some of the same bloggers online. That’s comforting to me. And of course, you can know that you’re getting the “best” when you come here. *snicker* and “toot”.


It appears that Michael, I’m da black man in the Repiglians world, Steele, has decided to give it another go round. Shocking all the Repoopers with the news he was not gonna go “quietly into the night” he threw his hat in the ring to be the paper tiger in the GOP once again.

Now this pissed off tons of the GOP regulars, since they thought that two years was enough to prove they aren’t the bigots everybody says they are. They were tired of Mr. Steele’s general stupidity, hoof and mouth disease, and all around big spender attitude.

Ain’t it just fun watching the GOP fracture along so many different lines?


Let those with brains, think. We, with regularity, point out that fundigelicals are guilty mostly of reading biblical texts in a manner that supports their own needs and general beliefs about the world. They accept as literal those things that seem right to them anyway, and reject/ignore/explain away other quite direct statements when they cut against their needs and beliefs.

A provocative post at Biologos explains how early Jewish theologians were pained to clothe Adam and Eve, to protect their ideas of cultural “rightness” in their day. Indeed, we are all subject to that influence. Read, Genesis, Creation and Ancient Interpreters: Adam and Eve’s Nakedness.


If you just want to read something sweet and uplifting and well, Christmasy, then read Five String Guitar’s post about he and his wife’s latest Christmas shopping trip. It will warm your heart! Try it!


Hold onto your shorts folks. I have a major announcement to make! I do not DO NOT DO NOT have an opinion on the Julian Assange/Wikileaks affair. Nope, I surely don’t. Stand by: I may have one tomorrow. But so far, I don’t.


Take a look at this face, and if you ever see it, you will be looking into the face of a modern medical miracle. This man can actually walk and speak.

This buffoon, a Lt. Col. in the Army just pled guilty at his court-martial and faces eighteen months in prison, all because he refused to go to Afghanistan because the President is not a citizen and thus cannot legally give such an order.

What is worse, he was not ordered to Afghanistan but VOLUNTEERED, just to force this case. It is simply stunningly amazing that anyone can be this stupid, and be a surgeon.

Do not, repeat, do not, allow this man near you with a scalpel. No doubt his medical licence is also at risk due to his felony conviction.


The Contrarian is installing plastic sheeting over the bay windows in the living room. Plenty of naughty words are emanating from there. I am not going out there to see. The cats have all gone into hiding. Brandy wouldn’t come up the steps again, the rain/slush/snow had her carpet all frozen up and slick. So now there are towels down, until it warms enough to de-ice. This is all no big deal, except when it’s 4 below zero and 2:30 am and you are out there begging and pleading with her to “try.”


What’s on the stove today?  Tostados! Hurrah.

Christine O’Donnell Declared Hazard to Mental Health!

The good news is that Witchypoo will soon be able to go back to fabricating her resumé searching for that ever-desireable non-profit job with a big salary that she has dedicated her sorry life to.

The bad new is, we won’t have the ever-generating nonsense Christine to kick around any more.

As I noted earlier, nowhere was there a O’Donnell reply to her outrageously funny and nationally known OOPS wherein she asked in ALL seriousness, “It’s IN the first amendment?”

Now we know why. Christine, is shocked, shocked I say that everyone is not clasping her to their breasts and falling to their knees in adoration at finding a true understander of the Constitution.

As she put it, “WE were all high-fiving each other having thought I clearly won the debate. And the next day, WE were confused when THEY didn’t agree. ” Yes, kiddies, Christine didn’t go back to her lair and lick her wounds, crying in crocodile tears that nobody ‘splained the constitution to her. No indeed, the remained unaware, and still does it seems that she is an IDIOT.

The Contrarian worries that she used the term “we.”

“Can there be others?” he said shivering in his literal boots.

“At least one, I guess,” I mused.

“They” it seems must be the rest of the world’s population. Why, I imagine even a reasonable good student in Beijing U could figure out that “separation of church and state” was not only implied in the 1st Amendment, but also used directly by a Founding Father, to wit: Thomas Jefferson.

The best line uttered, was (don’t recall her name but she is an ex-House member, and mother-in-law to Chelsea Clinton) this great line on MSNBC’s Chris Matthew’s Hardball: “She makes Sarah Palin look like a Rhodes scholar.”

And we hear she gets money from Angle in Nevada who appreciates having the limelight turned off her as witchypoo expresses a much superior degree of air-headedness. Unintended consequences I guess.


The Revealer reviews a book that looks sensational. In a post entitled Stories the Religious Left Must Tell Itself,  Brent A.R. Hege looks at Changing the Script: An Authentically Faithful and Authentically Progressive Political Theology for the 21st Century, by Daniel Schultz.


Need I say more than Margaret and Helen? I promise you, you will not regret going over and reading another knee-slapping, rib-splitting take on Merika and the Po-lit-ikal scene.


Almighty God, I confess. . .that whenever I see the name John Bolton, I am overcome with a desire to tie him down, and with a pair of tweezers, pull out every hair of his mustache, one at a time, slowly and with as much upper lip pain and I can foment. Whew, I’ll say 3 “our Father’s and 3 Hail Mary’s for that tonight!


I saw something on MSNBC this morning about Clinton (Bill that is) being rather dumbfounded that the Democrats (read Administration) has done such a lousy job of speaking on its successes in turning the economy around. I’ve seen this graft before, but it bears another look. Does anything more needs be said?

H/T to Moe at Whatever Works!


There are two new posts at Walking in the Shadows. One was written about a week ago, but somehow, never “published.” One deals with Catholic matters, the other is more general. Enjoy if you are so inclined.


Tengrain points out that which we all noticed in Sarah (where’s the money?)Palin’s tweet about Juan Williams: notably that Ms. Moosey thinks that an employer is required to employ someone whose views conflict with the employer’s business. All this is part of the 1st Amendment, Ms. Palinator thinks. She says everyone is outraged at NPR’s behavior. Hmmm, don’t think so there Mooselini. I think they are appalled at your lack of understanding of basic constitutional law. Try again, or call up Witchypoo, she seems quite clear on 1st Amendment issues.


The Contrarian and me too are getting really tired of women telling men to “man up.” No such alternative by men would be tolerated. And the only women using such terms are anti-feminist women who are trying to hi-jack the term to apply to conservative Phyllis Schlafly types. Feminists don’t indulge in just trying to be the new DICK on the block. We change the atmosphere of discourse. Learn up Sharron and Christine, and Sarah, and Carly and Meg, and all of you “traditional” women masquerading as “liberated”.


Oh and a big thanks to NBC for FINALLY doing a decent piece on mainstream news about the outrageous influx of big business money to Republican coffers. They called out Rove and his band of CEO ass-kissers. They have received several checks (at least 4 in a week or so) in the $1,000,000 range. Talk about buying an election! If I see Alito shaking his head one more time,  when Obama warned of this, I’ll be ready to get my tweezers again and start searching his body for hair to pull.


See ya tomorrow!


Channeling Shirley Temple and Butterfly McQueen

“My Gooonnesss, my goooness,” and “Miss Scarlet, Miss Scarlet!”

I think there are actually important things to talk about in this world, but how CAN you ignore the tomfoolery (who is tom and who is he foolin’ with?) goin’ on in the e-lex-shun run-up.

I mean, geeesh, how many folks can you offend in one week Ms. Angle? First she claims that Latinos are sort Asian, and can’t you see that she looks pretty darn Asian herself.

Then, in defending an ad aimed at dirty Hispanic illegals crossing from Mexico, she claims it was really aimed at dirty Hispanic looking Asians crossin’ from Canada. The Foreign Minister from Canada awaits in vain an apology that his country is acting like a sieve for terrorists.

And then she finishes it all off with an ad that implies that Harry Reid is in a “conga line with Michelle Obama.” I looked this photo over real good, (it being a WH conga line, I’m assured) and I can’t see either one of them. Can you? Inexplicable, but then we are talking about Sharron Angle after all.

Oh and get this. One of those shadow groups, “Latinos for Reform” (yeah right) is urging Latino Nevadans to stay home on election day to teach them dirty Democrats that they can’t take you for granted. I mean the cahones for goooooness sake! They don’t even have the nerve to ask Latinos to vote for Republicans. . . . They simply urge them to not be good citizens. The ad has since been taken down. Pundits everywhere think Harry just got the gift from heaven.


Think about how many times you have heard or read male Sarah supporters mention how good-looking she was. As if that trumped her stupidity. (intentional stupidity albeit. Sarah is not actually dumb, she just is so lazy that she doesn’t find it necessary to learn anything beyond what she thinks necessary to make that next buck.) Maureen Dowd speaks to the issue of brains versus beauty in her latest NYTimes piece, Making Ignorance Chic.


Pope Benedict XVI has appointed a whole bunch of new cardinals. I have something to say about that, but I think I will post it over at Walking in the Shadows. Look for it in the next day or two.


Ginni Thomas is the wife of Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, the ultra conservative justice who I believe thinks that the states have a right to set up “State” churches, not believing apparently that the 14th amendment is applicable. Be that as it may, his wife is a real piece of work.

Ginni is politically active, something that few if any spouses of the SCOTUS are for obvious reasons. The members of SCOTUS try mightily (Alito’s head shaking and silent words at a State of the Union speech were a shocking  failure of protocol) to appear above politics.

Inexplicably, Ginni left Anita Hill a voice mail asking her to finally apologize for her treatment of Ginni’s main-man, Clarence. She later, in explaining, claimed she was reaching out to heal old wounds–though a tape of the message hardly bespeaks that. Hill has never retracted her testimony, and Clarence has slapped at her in his book about his life. This one makes no sense, except to say that there is something “in the water” when it comes to the right-wing.


After perusing some 200 entries, I’ve yet to see anything amounting as a defense by Witchypoo about her “where is separation of church and state in the Constitution.” The only thing reported so far, is a lame “she meant that the actual words were no where in the Constitution.” Well, yeah, we all know THAT. Anyone who has watched the video knows better in any case. Her demeanor was smirky and just oozed “gotcha” as she pretended to taken down verbatim Coon’s answer. As the audience snickered she turned, puzzled, then smiled broadly looking for backup that she was right, and clearly quite afraid she was wrong.

I’m guessing the girl has decided to just shut up. It’s a cooked goose, and it’s still a month until Thanksgiving. It’s Ovah Witchypoo. Course it always was, but we needed one phenomenal GAFFE of monumental proportions to seal the deal so the MEDIA can move on to something that matters.


And to close ‘er out, we have this from the Salon.

Do Not Read Unless Heavily Drugged

Bedtime story for Adults:

Once upon a time, in a universe in another whole dimension, there lived a woman (a human female) and she resided on a planet called, oddly enough, Earth.

Now upon the Earth, she lived on a continent some referred to as the City on the Hill, meaning that the God of that particular universe, having created the whole thing, chose for His/Her own reasons to specially favor the inhabitants who lived upon its terra firma.

The woman, lived in the state of Michigan, which was some bastardization of a Huron native people’s word, which is all too boring to relate right now. When she was in her second decade or maybe it was still her first, or her third–she’s gettin’ old and memories aren’t what they used to be.

Any-the-way, she had a governor, meaning not that she birthed one, but that one existed as the highest officer of her state. His name was Romney. Not a Mitt, since he was not catcher, but a George, who would birth a Mitt, who would also be a governor, but of another state.  Confused? Don’t be.

There came a time in the century known as the twentieth, as humans reckoned time in those days, when George decided that he wanted to climb to a higher office, or lesser, depending on how statey righty you are. So he threw his hat in the ring, which was a good thing, since he had “good hair” like his son. (You may want to check, for this may be an attribute of a religion called Mormonism–a thoroughly interesting religion, but again we digress.)

Now, at the time of this running to be the new POTUS, there was a war and it was called Vietnam. There was no particular reason for the land of US to be there, but it had something to do with the game of dominos as I recall. Mr. Romney had gone there to talk to the generals in charge about what the “hell was goin’ on.”

He got himself into a flip-floppy sit-chi-ation, where he was for the war before he was agin’ it. You remember this from a guy named  Kerry, who was also in this Vietnam war, but it had nothing to do with his alleged flippy flop.

To make a long story short-er, George (not Dubya who did not serve in any war) but Romney, said that the reason why he changed his mind about the goodliness of the war was because he was brainwashed by those military sorts in Vietnam.

Now this, was received with horror. George was susceptible, according to the press, his opponent (a dude named Tricky Dick, not to be confused with Dick “the Dick” Cheney, though there are plenty enough dicks in the GOP I’d reckon), and even the public, to being snookered by just about anybody, and it wasn’t safe to put the country in his hands.

So George, surely meant that he had been mislead by lying conniving military warriors who wanted the war continued, because that’s what they DO after all, but couldn’t get out from under the cloud that he was a childish dupe. So he withdrew.

Fast forward many decades until we have turned the heavy page to another whole century. People are still running to run things in the country of A-Mer-Ik-a, and they are puttin’ their foots in their mouths at the same general rate as before.

You hear things like this:

  • A silly gal by the name of Sarah (where’s the money?) Palin who said she could see Russia from her front porch, and of course she couldn’t and that’s not a very good explanation of foreign affairs knowledge anyway.
  • A crazy loon called Tom (I like mammies) Tancredo said that we should return to “literacy tests” just like in the good old Jim Crow days.
  • A lady who lives in Nevada of all places, name of Sharron Angle said that Latinos looked an awful lot like Asians, even some of the Latino kids right in that classroom might be secret Asians for all she knew (come here to resume the Vietnam war no doubt).
  • A dude called Buck in Colorado said that homosexuality was like alcoholism, sorta, but mainly being gay was the choice to love a dude rather than a lady–see? you CHOOSE.
  • Plenty of these candidates, all runnin’ under a banner, mostly of teabaggery, claim that the earth is flat and was created by God in six days, and they ask  to preside over science and technology in our country.
  • But the best is the  lastest of them all.

A crazy lady who can’t manage her own finances and lies about most everything, and is also a creationist, who dabbled in witchcraft, and talks to the “I can see Russia from my porch” lady, has in public, while being recorded, with a microphone in front of here, and in response to a question, asked a question.

I didn’t bring my constitution with me today. Can you tell me exactly where in the  Constitution you find “separation of church and state?”

She did this in all honesty, with wide-opened doe eyes. She has nary a clue. Nope. And it’s all over the air today, everyone was talking and laughing about how stupid and unqualified she is.

And her opponent, a sharp tack called Coons, gently told her that it was in the 1st Amendment, to which she replied:

You’re telling me that’s in the First Amendment?”

But don’t expect her to quit the race, cuz none of the others have. You see, the people who support these nut jobs are even stupidier than they are, and don’t care. So once upon a time, a single word could doom a candidate, but today–hundreds of gaffes are treated as makin’ a candidate “REAL” folk like us.

So take another good slug of that Vodka my friend, and lay your weary head to rest, and remember the moral to this story:

Evolution may be true, but not every mutation moves forward the human race.


Alien travelers may wish to erect a warming buoy: Avoid: Still SToopid Here!

Sometimes Things Just, Well Work Out

I woke up hearing that the Contrarian was on the phone. No big deal, except that it was around 3:30 in the AM. A moment or two and I knew why.

“I switched to you guys because I was having trouble getting on with ATT. This is the second time in as many months that I haven’t been able to access the Internet. I’m getting frustrated.”

Oh boy, I thought. Not good. Sigh. . . .

I awoke at around 7:20, and got up. The Contrarian mumbled,”babe we can’t get on the Internet. They are going to call, we’ve at level two.”

I scratched my head. “They are going to call?”

“It’s them, not us. I don’t know.”

Well, that set a tone. I could avoid certain thing no longer.

I started my coffee, then slipped in and gathered a basket of dirty clothes. Once that was running, I poked into the fridge and took out the four granny smith apples I’d purchased on Sunday. Then the sugar, then the flour, some shortening. None of this looked the least bit fun.

I did morning prayer, my rosary, and then got my bagel and cream cheese, some more coffee, and my EFM material and sat down to study a while.

Then I got up and made a half recipe of pie crust, and put it in the fridge. Then peeled, cored, and cut up my apples, added the usual cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg, sugar, salt, cornstarch. Rolled out my dough into a rectangle and put it on top of my deep dish pan. Into the oven. We have “Apple Pandowty” for dessert tonight. Turned out quite nice. Good with a scoop of ice cream.

Then I folded clothes, tore down and remade a fresh bed, swept all the uncovered floors. Taking a break, the phone rang.

“That better be them!”

You have no idea how much I hoped THAT were true.

It was, and they figured it out. “Sometimes when our guys shake hands they sort of miss each other. They don’t line up.” That’s what the Contrarian said.

I figure that the truck backed up to the trailer and was off-center. That happens in the Intertubes sometimes I guess. Anyway, they just have to switch out our password, and try a fake one, and then re-enter our password. Then magically, it all untangles and lines up right again.

Don’t ask me the why this works. It does. I’ve learned when computers are concerned, well let’s make that any machine, it’s best just to accept success and not question the hows and whys of it.

And hey, I got a lot of housework done. I vacuumed after our return to Internet access. So that proves that I am a reliable good person surely.


For reasons I have no clue about, (we somehow miss-taped it) we missed the Angle-Reid debate. I don’t understand that it was very good for Reid. He was, well as he is. . .not exactly a dynamic speaker. So Angle by merely being “as good” probably helped her cause. I think it’s looking dim for Reid. Guess Nevada will get a nitwit. Who knows, perhaps they richly deserve it. Or maybe he will win. It’s too close to call.


Joe Klein has been my friend since he threw in the towel with John McCain in the 2008 election, calling him simply a dishonorable scumbag. Okay, my interpretation, not his. He looks at the likes of Christine O’Donnell, who like her model, Palin, is authentically ignorant, seemingly by choice. They are revered by some, who think they are like themselves. Sadly the “average” guy and gal, used to be informed and willing to learn. That is the difference here. Klein calls them our ignoramuses. In other words, Klein asserts that the ignorant now pass as “authentic” and thus “one of us” to the teabaggery folk. This comes, he asserts from the best and brightest in a sense betraying the public trust with their utter greed. Interesting take .


Frank Rich has an astoundingly cogent article in the NYTimes on how Christine O’Donnell and those of her ilk are making a great camouflage to what is really going on behind the scenes. Big corporate billionaires support these candidates, because in the end their redound to the benefit of the GOP, which IS going to do their bidding if they come to power. Rich lays it out well how all the “shadow” organizations are behind the teabagger movement funded by big business interests. These billionaires share zero of the agenda of the teabaggers, as is also true of the routine GOP professionals. They both find the teabagger candidates and their silly voter/followers useful in putting them back in power.


Amen, It’s a Good Day

As I write, fifteen of the thirty-three trapped miners in Chile has been returned to the surface. So far everything is going smoothly. Amen to that.

I suspect there is one proud Papa looking down upon us this day, happy that at last, in this moment of time, his children have managed to put aside all their petty arguments, and are working in true togetherness to perform this miracle. For miracles can only occur through humans willing to give of themselves without reserve.

Would that we could do the same with all our other troubles. It is a lesson we should examine carefully for the clues that might lead us to deal more honorably, more tolerantly, more humanely, with each other on other problems.


On the home front, we are once again reminded that life in the meadow is sometimes most primitive. A new generation of raccoons has arisen that have no memory that a wide berth is to be given the acre or so around the house. One ventured too close, and we were startled during a showing of Mad Men with a horrendous explosion of snarling, and breaking of twigs in the underbrush. What emerged was Bear and Brandy each on one end of a poor “Little Ricky.” Bear is 13 and Brandy 11, so after several minutes they were unable to dispatch the straying coon. It lay crying in pain, they standing over it panting and whining.

I was able to call them off and into the house, while the Contrarian donned shoes and went out with shotgun. A loud report, and the coon was no more. I grieve for it, as I do for all innocent animals. It was doing nothing but living its life, sadly it made a fatal mistake. Both dogs were pretty sore the next day, stiff from muscles long unused. They are fine again today.


Andy Borowitz has a great new post on Sarah and Christine. Don’t miss it. It’s important to get a good laugh every day.


Ree Drummond has a really decadent cake called Tres Leches. It’s a great cake for company, and doesn’t take much time. Three Milks would be a translation. It’s exceedingly rich. Take a look.


Election 2010

  • O’Donnell is debating Coons tonight at 7:30 on CNN, but check local listings
  • Angle debates Reid on Thursday. No further info on that yet.


On the DADT front:

      Us Federal district Court Judge, Virginia A. Phillips has put a stop to all military discharges as a result of DADT. Now, since Obama campaigned on ending this awful practice, shouldn’t he instruct the Justice Department not to appeal? There is no one else who has standing as far a I know to appeal. Barney Frank is urging that if there is an appeal, the Administration wait until the last moment in their 60-day time limit, so as to give the Congress a chance to repeal the act before hand. As I said, I’m not sure why this isn’t a no-brainer. Or am I missing something?


Killing the Buddha offers you a quiz today. See if you can give the right answer to 12 questions. Who said it? McCarthy, Beck or Palin. Should be fun!


We watched the first episode of Dancing with the Stars, and then quit, sure that Bristol (my mama is a Grizzly) Palin would not be voted off no matter how badly she could dance. True to form, she sucks, and is not being voted off due to “massive teabagger voting”. What a joke this show becomes.


And if there were any more news, I’d tell ya.