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The good news is that Witchypoo will soon be able to go back to fabricating her resumé searching for that ever-desireable non-profit job with a big salary that she has dedicated her sorry life to.

The bad new is, we won’t have the ever-generating nonsense Christine to kick around any more.

As I noted earlier, nowhere was there a O’Donnell reply to her outrageously funny and nationally known OOPS wherein she asked in ALL seriousness, “It’s IN the first amendment?”

Now we know why. Christine, is shocked, shocked I say that everyone is not clasping her to their breasts and falling to their knees in adoration at finding a true understander of the Constitution.

As she put it, “WE were all high-fiving each other having thought I clearly won the debate. And the next day, WE were confused when THEY didn’t agree. ” Yes, kiddies, Christine didn’t go back to her lair and lick her wounds, crying in crocodile tears that nobody ‘splained the constitution to her. No indeed, the remained unaware, and still does it seems that she is an IDIOT.

The Contrarian worries that she used the term “we.”

“Can there be others?” he said shivering in his literal boots.

“At least one, I guess,” I mused.

“They” it seems must be the rest of the world’s population. Why, I imagine even a reasonable good student in Beijing U could figure out that “separation of church and state” was not only implied in the 1st Amendment, but also used directly by a Founding Father, to wit: Thomas Jefferson.

The best line uttered, was (don’t recall her name but she is an ex-House member, and mother-in-law to Chelsea Clinton) this great line on MSNBC’s Chris Matthew’s Hardball: “She makes Sarah Palin look like a Rhodes scholar.”

And we hear she gets money from Angle in Nevada who appreciates having the limelight turned off her as witchypoo expresses a much superior degree of air-headedness. Unintended consequences I guess.


The Revealer reviews a book that looks sensational. In a post entitled Stories the Religious Left Must Tell Itself,  Brent A.R. Hege looks at Changing the Script: An Authentically Faithful and Authentically Progressive Political Theology for the 21st Century, by Daniel Schultz.


Need I say more than Margaret and Helen? I promise you, you will not regret going over and reading another knee-slapping, rib-splitting take on Merika and the Po-lit-ikal scene.


Almighty God, I confess. . .that whenever I see the name John Bolton, I am overcome with a desire to tie him down, and with a pair of tweezers, pull out every hair of his mustache, one at a time, slowly and with as much upper lip pain and I can foment. Whew, I’ll say 3 “our Father’s and 3 Hail Mary’s for that tonight!


I saw something on MSNBC this morning about Clinton (Bill that is) being rather dumbfounded that the Democrats (read Administration) has done such a lousy job of speaking on its successes in turning the economy around. I’ve seen this graft before, but it bears another look. Does anything more needs be said?

H/T to Moe at Whatever Works!


There are two new posts at Walking in the Shadows. One was written about a week ago, but somehow, never “published.” One deals with Catholic matters, the other is more general. Enjoy if you are so inclined.


Tengrain points out that which we all noticed in Sarah (where’s the money?)Palin’s tweet about Juan Williams: notably that Ms. Moosey thinks that an employer is required to employ someone whose views conflict with the employer’s business. All this is part of the 1st Amendment, Ms. Palinator thinks. She says everyone is outraged at NPR’s behavior. Hmmm, don’t think so there Mooselini. I think they are appalled at your lack of understanding of basic constitutional law. Try again, or call up Witchypoo, she seems quite clear on 1st Amendment issues.


The Contrarian and me too are getting really tired of women telling men to “man up.” No such alternative by men would be tolerated. And the only women using such terms are anti-feminist women who are trying to hi-jack the term to apply to conservative Phyllis Schlafly types. Feminists don’t indulge in just trying to be the new DICK on the block. We change the atmosphere of discourse. Learn up Sharron and Christine, and Sarah, and Carly and Meg, and all of you “traditional” women masquerading as “liberated”.


Oh and a big thanks to NBC for FINALLY doing a decent piece on mainstream news about the outrageous influx of big business money to Republican coffers. They called out Rove and his band of CEO ass-kissers. They have received several checks (at least 4 in a week or so) in the $1,000,000 range. Talk about buying an election! If I see Alito shaking his head one more time,  when Obama warned of this, I’ll be ready to get my tweezers again and start searching his body for hair to pull.


See ya tomorrow!