Just Wiggly with Wampum

Have you noticed that talking to a GOPer is pretty much the same as conversing with a psychotic or paranoid schizophrenic? I have. Actually, I think I prefer the latter. At least their theories are more interesting. With GOPers, one continually tries to make sense of their words. This is a mistake, but one we continue to make. With the insane, we expect exactly what we get. It’s not so confusing.

I could give you examples but you undoubtedly have examples of your own.

Me, I like a world that has room for foil-capped flying-saucer nuts. Everyone knows the guv’ment is prone to lie, is it so outrageous to think that they lie about alien visitation? See? You can have a good time with these conspiracy theorists, and only realize that something is not quite right when you find an alarm clock in the freezer. You make allowances.


I’m not buying the “explanations” about what is going on in Arkansas. Plain and simple, I put this down as a guv’ment cover-up, no matter what they have induced its residents to claim. Proof is in the pudding as they say, or in the Arkansas Family Council which is hosting a 2-day seminar starring the pseudo-historian David Barton. This is all for the benefit of the state’s legislature, to teach ’em about how our country was founded on “Christian principles.” Oh, and while they are at it, bein’ Christian and all, would they mind making sure no gays are allowed to pollute the environs with any of that equal rights crap?

The obsessiveness with which the far religious right attacks homosexuality, suggests that for some reason closet homophobes tend to gravitate to such organizations in droves. “NO, NOT ME. NO, I’M STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW!” Yeah tell us.


I’m beginning to think that Sarah Palin’s troubles with “what books do you read” is pretty indicative of the GOP in general. Jon Stewart mentioned that the candidates for the GOP leadership were asked this and Michael Steele, said “War and Peace,” and then quoted from it: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Tolstoy and Dickens exchanged graves at this point. Another lady chairperson wanna be, said, “the kitchen table.”

Now we learn the Michele Bachmann, that bastion of educational superiority, notes that she was a Democrat but was so incensed by Gore Vidal’s hatred of the founding fathers in Burr that she instantly became a Republican. Make any sense? Of course not. We said Michele Bachmann didn’t we?

The full article at Salon is actually very good, and well worth your link up.


Atheists believe,  but cannot prove that empiricism is the only basis for discovering truth. Hawking claims that philosophy is dead, fallen to the god, science. Now I revere science as much as the next gal, but I think First Things (a publication I normally don’t much cotton to) makes a very excellent point. Hawking in the end just “kicks the can” further down the street, by positing an empiricism that is subjective to the model used. Sorta like multiple realities emanating from rationally generated multiple models. Or, philosophy?


Of all the new teabuggers in Congress, Alan West (R-FL) may be the wackiest. Now he’s claiming that sharia law is just infesting our systems! Yikes, get out the bug spray. I am guessing that most of those fine Florida voters must have been ironing the wrinkles from their skin every time West opened his mouth, and missed just how insane the man is. Or perhaps they misheard–Adam West? Thought they were electing Batman?


Biologos does a great review of Conor Cunningham’s book, Darwin’s Pious Idea: Why the Ultra-Darwinists and the Creationists Both Get it Wrong. In the end, we learn what many of us, most of us perhaps, have always known. There is no “issue” between Darwin and faith. From the review it seems like a most worthwhile book to pick up. Eerdmans is the publisher if that helps your assessment.


John McCain is getting to be a bore. Mr. Walnuts as he is called by some is just a crotchety old man who can’t get over being rejected twice for the job that he feels America owes him–the Presidency. Everything he now does is explained by that fact.

Sarah Palin is getting to be a bore. Everybody, even boring people can come up with Palin jokes. I mean you don’t have to even be witty. She’s such a huge target. Will she? Won’t she? Palin is just a woman from nowhere in particular, stuck in a backwater state, doing nothing in particular. She wanted to be rich, and she wanted to be famous. Everything she now does is explained by that fact.

I’ve decided that my new idiot par excellence is (drum roll) LINDSAY GRAHAM. The perpetual bachelor whom everyone knows is gay. He hitched his sled to Johnny, who failed. He couldn’t hide behind Johnny’s pant leg any more, so he extracted his nose from the Walnutz ass and decided to become a full-fledged wacko all by his self.

He’s a weasel, he whines, he snivels, he moans that it’s just so hard being a senator that the Democrats like to wore him out asking him to put in full days of reading and thinking during that lame ducky thing. He’s pouty. And me thinks he is running scared, since he did that whole Mavericky thing with Johnny, and now the teabuggers are none too happy with him, so he’s swung to the opposite pole, and is getting his tips from Bachmann and King, and DeMint.

Lindsay has hitched up his pants and said he will vote NO!!!! dammit to raising the debt ceiling. He is gonna play the game of brinksmanship. No statesmanlike status for him. Oh no, he prefers the buffoonery approach.

I say, let us stare the fools down. Do they really want to do that? I suspect even they will blink. Otherwise we, Obama, that is, might as well back and leave Washington and give them the entire ship of state.


What’s on the Stove: Venison Stroganoff, with noodles and salad with blue cheese, and rolls.

Well, Now that That’s Over With!

If you woke up similar to this on New Year’s Day, then presumably you’re pretty glad it’s over with too!

So it’s on to the January blahs, or as it’s commonly known in Iowa, freakin’ cold, freakin’ snow, and freakin’ bleak. It’s something you learn to live through, other options being less enticing.

So, we made it to the big city and done our shopping. We operate like a finely tuned team. We hit the first store where we buy our meat. No packaged stuff, just a long case with meat and a slew of butchers behind the counter to cut and wrap.

Then it’s drop me off at the mega supermarket, while the Contrarian heads off to Wal-Mart for dog and cat food, as sundry clothing items and so forth. Then he returns to locate me. As it turned out today, I had just checked out with a teeming cart load when he arrived, so we were in total synch.

The lane is partly blown in so we travel via the field. Can you say washboard? The Contrarian went out Friday when it was still slushy and created a trail that has since iced down. Now it’s like getting the tires in groove and lettin’ her rip, no steering required. It’s a hair-raising event.


The most exciting news so far is that the GOPers are apparently about to unseat Mr. Steele as chairman of their party. Figuring they have “proved we are down with Negroes” one almost expects them to shout Arriba! and search for a token Latino or LINO, as they are called, to shore up that ethnic flavor. But as far as we know, no brown Beemers are in the running. No Cabin GOPers either.  Muslims are still too hot to handle, and women have been done (Sarah should suffice for a good twenty years). The Good Old P*ckers can be expected to stay fully in control.


Hey, don’t blame me. I swore off meanness for nearly two weeks. I’m raring to go!


It’s being reported that 5000 birds dropped out the skies of Arkansas, dead as doornails. Unlike doornails, they had once presumably been alive. Now we hear that 100,000 fish (did they really count them all?) have died in some waterway there. Reports of a Moses like figure and a guy with a lots of eye makeup named Pharoah, arguing on the Capital steps, are wildly exaggerated. We got the dead stuff report from Mock, Paper, Scissors, the rest  we dreamed up.


We are a nation of noodles. The news is full of instances in which teabugger candidates who were elected have fired lobbyists as their chiefs-of-staff. Some wacko state elected as their representative a dude who was illegally placed in the Justice department by Rove and was fired. He is now scheduled to sit on the Judiciary committee. West, the blowheart from Florida who claimed he had a higher security clearance than Obama, but was forced to resign his commission in the armed services, now claims that Obama is no leader because he sneaks into Afghanistan under dark of night in secrecy. This is no “leadership” as Wacko West sees it.

We are getting what we voted for aren’t we?


I’d like more than anything than to link up to great stories about the insanity of all these wingnuts, and do it without becoming angry, and despondent, and without hope, and resigned, and pissed off. I’d like that. I always say I’m going to remain above it all, just looking down and reporting the landscape, from up here in the trees, or clouds. But I don’t. Tell me how if you know. My blood pressure will sure thank you.


I hear the GOPers in the House plan to start the festivities off with reading the Constitution from front to back. This is a good beginning. It will undoubtedly be their first experience with the document. They might find that it is printed in one continuous piece of paper, and that the amendments are not “optional”.


I wonder who the GOP will put down once they have exhausted all the minorities on the planet. I mean after the Mauri and the Magyars. When they have hated and vilified and blamed all their woes on everyone else, who will they turn to them?


I’m wondering if parents who have kids about to enter college and suggesting they learn Chinese or major in Asian studies. It seems prudent to me. I think American “exceptionalism” has reached it nadir, nobody overseas buys it much, and China seems poised to take the helm, with India not far behind. Both have invested in the future. We are still romanticizing the past and wanting a return to the “good old days” when everybody was happy (meaning white men felt a lot more secure and in charge).


Ho, Ho, Ho, Witchy Poo is Back!

She learned at the knee of the Wasilla Wombat. She learned that when the electorate rejects ya, get up, dust yourself off, and keep on yappin’. You will surely find enough poor souls to pay your way.

So Christine O’Donnell, finding the cupboard most bare, formed a PAC and, now her bills taken care of, she can utter profound (in her ditzy mind) quips, and otherwise try to interject herself into adult conversations.

Not content to get two of the top ten quotes of the year, she’s after more. She’s in a friendly race with sista Sarah to be both the most obnoxious, won’t go away buffoon and the biggest butcher of the English language to date.

If enough isn’t being said about the tax bill being decided Ms. Chatty Christie has weighed in. Of course she’s all for the Bush tax cuts being extended and she hates all the stuff for those in economic free fall. According to the non-witchy one, tragedies come in threes–Pearl Harbor, Elizabeth Edwards death, and now these confounded extensions of unemployment benefits. She then tried to explain what THAT meant, and of course failed. Halloween can’t return fast enough.


You and I are much alike. Therefore, I feel confident that you too have spent countless hours? maybe even days, wondering what the hell frankincense  is or was. Given the season, well, I went a lookin’ for an answer for us both.

I tried Senator Franken, but he demurred, pointing out that there is an “e” after the K in his name, not an “i” as in frankincense. So I figured Slate would have the answer, and they did. Read all about it here, and surprise friends and family with your new-found sparkling intellect.


I think a lot like Keith Olbermann I guess. At least two of his items from last night’s show were links on my blog. We, meaning me and he and his researchers must be reading some of the same bloggers online. That’s comforting to me. And of course, you can know that you’re getting the “best” when you come here. *snicker* and “toot”.


It appears that Michael, I’m da black man in the Repiglians world, Steele, has decided to give it another go round. Shocking all the Repoopers with the news he was not gonna go “quietly into the night” he threw his hat in the ring to be the paper tiger in the GOP once again.

Now this pissed off tons of the GOP regulars, since they thought that two years was enough to prove they aren’t the bigots everybody says they are. They were tired of Mr. Steele’s general stupidity, hoof and mouth disease, and all around big spender attitude.

Ain’t it just fun watching the GOP fracture along so many different lines?


Let those with brains, think. We, with regularity, point out that fundigelicals are guilty mostly of reading biblical texts in a manner that supports their own needs and general beliefs about the world. They accept as literal those things that seem right to them anyway, and reject/ignore/explain away other quite direct statements when they cut against their needs and beliefs.

A provocative post at Biologos explains how early Jewish theologians were pained to clothe Adam and Eve, to protect their ideas of cultural “rightness” in their day. Indeed, we are all subject to that influence. Read, Genesis, Creation and Ancient Interpreters: Adam and Eve’s Nakedness.


If you just want to read something sweet and uplifting and well, Christmasy, then read Five String Guitar’s post about he and his wife’s latest Christmas shopping trip. It will warm your heart! Try it!


Hold onto your shorts folks. I have a major announcement to make! I do not DO NOT DO NOT have an opinion on the Julian Assange/Wikileaks affair. Nope, I surely don’t. Stand by: I may have one tomorrow. But so far, I don’t.


Take a look at this face, and if you ever see it, you will be looking into the face of a modern medical miracle. This man can actually walk and speak.

This buffoon, a Lt. Col. in the Army just pled guilty at his court-martial and faces eighteen months in prison, all because he refused to go to Afghanistan because the President is not a citizen and thus cannot legally give such an order.

What is worse, he was not ordered to Afghanistan but VOLUNTEERED, just to force this case. It is simply stunningly amazing that anyone can be this stupid, and be a surgeon.

Do not, repeat, do not, allow this man near you with a scalpel. No doubt his medical licence is also at risk due to his felony conviction.


The Contrarian is installing plastic sheeting over the bay windows in the living room. Plenty of naughty words are emanating from there. I am not going out there to see. The cats have all gone into hiding. Brandy wouldn’t come up the steps again, the rain/slush/snow had her carpet all frozen up and slick. So now there are towels down, until it warms enough to de-ice. This is all no big deal, except when it’s 4 below zero and 2:30 am and you are out there begging and pleading with her to “try.”


What’s on the stove today?  Tostados! Hurrah.

It’s So Hard to Believe

I’m a really humble person. Except when I’m not. I’m not more than I am. It’s the truth. I won’t deny it.

I have a healthy ego. I’m not insufferably stupid by a long shot, so intuitively, intellectually, and soulfully, I know that you don’t hang on every pearl of wisdom dripping from my typing fingers. I know you don’t expect to be enlightened ala the Buddha and damned if I can find a Bodhi trees around here anyway! I know you don’t expect the latest news and perfect analysis.

But I do believe all that in the secret place within my heart. Which means that I’m shocked, nay, bowled over, nay, near stricken with palsy, that some people (don’t worry, I won’t out you!) have become just the slightest bit borrrrrrdddd with my incessant lamentations on Facebook about my “ad troubles.”

In case you have missed it, I’m being bombarded by ads on Facebook which has slowed my already snail-paced leviathan of a computer to an inch an hour speed. And of course, nobody on FB seems to share my dilemma or my anger.

First I went to Firefox which solved the problem for two days, and then the ads returned. Then I googled around and found an adware block designed for Firefox, and I installed it. It worked perfectly but pretty much ground everything else to a halt.

So, I disabled it for most everything, and figured, okay, I’ll just use it for FB. Well, apparently it doesn’t play nice with other code, so “the troubles”  continued. So, I uninstalled the entire crappy thing.

Then I discovered that goggle was now offering a toolbar access to a limited FB on a little drop down. That wouldn’t load on Foxfire, but did on Explorer. Go figure. So far it seems to fit the bill in terms of letting me see my “news” and “wall” and “notifications” and “messages.” I can “comment” and “share.” I feel all warm and fuzzy again.

But I’ll be sure to keep you up to date. I  know you wanna share it with your family and friends over dinner no doubt. And if you have advice? Go ahead and share. Just remember I have D I A L – U P,  so treat me as a nearly extinct Tyrannosaurus.


Besides feeling all cuddly and wiggly, I’m cozying up to some goodly written stuff today. So do drop over to the quarterly, City Journal and read a great piece on happiness and the American manner of mucking it all up and making it a trial. Indeed from de Tocqueville on, we have been rightly perceived as a not so happy bunch here in Merika the great. Lots of interesting stuff on Benji  Franklin as well, another favorite of mine. Best lines:

If men are so bad with religion, just imagine what they would be like without it.

“Let us rejoice and bless God that we are neither Oysters, Hogs, or Dray-Horses; and not stand repining that He has not made us Angels; lest we be found unworthy of that share of Happiness He has thought fit to allow us.”

And that about says it all doesn’t it? (Note that the author of the piece has a book out called: Benjamin Franklin Unmasked. Might be worth a check out.


A book review you might enjoy is What Ever Happened to Modernity? by Gabriel Josipovici. He traces the movement from the 16th century forward through a line of philosophers. If ever you have difficulty with philosophy, then books such as this, I think serve to help us navigate. Ormsby writes in the WSJ, so you know it’s highbrow.


Tidbits from the insane:


Everywhere you go we keep hearing that the Dems are polling better and the Rethugs worse as election day approaches. The Daily Kos has some interesting speculations as to why this is.

What’s Up? 07/07/10

Well, I think I’ve got this little guy’s attention! Can you say saucer eyes? I’m trying to figure out what he is eating, and it looks suspiciously like some kind of buggy thingie. Also check out the fingers! Makes you just wanna cuddle doesn’t it?

I think we made like 28 hours without rain. It was raining when I woke up, so I’m not quite sure when it started again. They are starting to put out some warnings for flooding, but not in this county.

I am aware that there can be cyclical changes in weather that go on for years, even decades. But I think there is every reason to associate this new “rainy season” with global warming. They say that England is having the driest summer on record for I don’t know how long.

Everybody has something to grouse about. The east is sweltering this year. I’m surprised they have been able to hold the line with electricity so far. I’ll do my best to bring forth some links that are amusing. Goodness knows I need some, and probably so do you.

I just read where guv Jindal of LA, just signed into law a bill that allows gun toters to bring their shootin’ irons to church–in the name of security that is. Sadly, such nonsense is not just laughable, but indeed frightening. Sarah Posner has a great article on how the right sees its need to arm itself against the danger of democracy in action. This is indeed scary stuff.

The teabaggers continue to struggle. You see, most of them aren’t educated much at all, and now find themselves, as candidates for serious offices, and unable of course to face media with anything close to a cogent message. Case in point, Sharron Angle who is trying to unseat Harry Reid. Now that she is the nominee, she decided to scrap her agenda and start over, and is mad at Harry for reprinting her OWN website, since as I said, she’s changed all her positions. Rethuglians continue to be amazed that what they say is RECORDED.

No doubt you have heard that there is now such a thing as Beck U. Our dear little huckster Glenn will for a small fee of $75 a year, let you enter the environs of Beck U. where you can take courses by faux “profs” and learn the learn history of America and other such reconstructionist ideals. Learn about yer rights there my friend, so you’ll be ready to take on the guv’ment which is takin’ away yer rights.  Glenn continues to make money off the gullible and stupid.

I happened to see Pat Robertson supporting Michael Steele and in the same sentence claiming that McCain and Graham have been rejected as party leaders of the GOP. He’s with Steele, Afghanistan is Obama’s war of choice.  It became that when he added more troops there. Interesting way of looking at it. I love watching the GOP beat up on each other. Oh yes I do.

I’m not an anti-squirrel person. Never have been. I don’t mind if they snitch a bit of food from the bird feeder now and then. In fact, I applaud their bravery. Few venture near our house with two snarly dogs who are quick enough to catch them. I think them cute. And I always do my best to give them the right of way when crossing highways. They are intriguing in ways I had not realized. How so? Read the NYTimes article and find out.

Some years ago we participated in the SETI program. Our computer crunched numbers when we were not using it, part of the massive data influx the program received. Anomalies were searched for. Stephen Hawking said we shouldn’t look for aliens, they are likely to be mean. That was never the working theory of the originators of the SETI program, Frank Drake from I think Cornell originally. Anyway, if the subject intrigues you (word for the day!), then read on.

There is a probe out there, mapping the very edges of the universe, thus displaying how our universe looked in the seconds following the Big Bang. Oddly there is a couple of guys who have proposed a new theory wherein our universe is the result of a wave hitting another wave ( visualize two pieces of paper waving in the wind and occasionally they touch at different parts, creating universes). This probe I think will likely answer whether the BB is the true cause or the oops we touched! is the winner. Either way, fascinating.

And with that:

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Munching on the Jawbone of an Ass

Seems like everywhere you look these days, Republicans are bellying up to the table for a snack. And the snack of choice seems to be each other. Yes, as reported here before, they GOP is eating its own. And just when they thought they had the Dems on the run and were looking to sweep the 2010 mid-terms.

First up is the lovely spawn of Dick “the Dick” Cheney. Lizzie, who amazingly, like her dear dad, is able to live without a heart (it is only a rumor that “the Dick” has one–it’s never been confirmed by independent sources), is busy trashing the Justice Department in that adorable McCarthyite kind of way.

In this she shares repugnance with Billy “nobody cares Nerd” Kristol. Both are blowhearting their ways out of Republican hearts and souls with their hateful, and undemocratice remarks about the Justice Department.

Enter, a bunch of upstanding lawyers and politicos from the GOP, who have sent a letter expressing their utter disgust at Lizzie and her brand of bigoted hatred for democratic principles. It’s worth the time to follow the link and read Andrew Sullivan’s excellent report, and excerpts from the letter.

Of even more ravenous appetite are the responsible Republicans who are up in arms at the Michael Steele RNC fundraising plan to “scare” America! Plenty of big name donors are saying no to this bit of nonsense. Civility is dead quite officially now. You can read more about that at Crooks and Liars. Has it only been a bit more than a year since the Rethugs chose Steele to make them look “inclusive”? After let me see, a dozen or so scandals of differing size, one would like to ask the Rethugians, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

Do follow some of the links at Crooks and Liars. Nicole Belle has done your work for you on this one, and there is plenty of red meat to fill even the most demanding carnivore.

We can report today, that Roy Ashburn, the California  Republican state senator who touts “family values” all the while hanging at gay bars, has come out of the closet. Yep, he confesses, he is gay. No doubt this makes gay men around the globe just excited as heck. (NOT).

The Rethugs newest hypocrit has not voiced yet whether he will now vote for gay rights measures in California or continue to speak out against them. I mean I guess he could be  a self-loathing gay man. That would be sad indeed, but frankly it’s pretty bad to be a two-faced liar. Pick your poison Senator.

Teabaggers, meet George Wallace. We seem to remember somewhere, the phrase, “those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.” Or words to that effect. Reading around, (not akin to sleeping around I can assure you), I’ve discovered that in primaries, the teabagger candidates are not doing so well. It would seem that they are cutting into the votes that would otherwise go to moderate Republicans, and of course, this ends up helping the Democratic candidate.

Such is in fact happening in Utah to Harry Reid, Democratic Senate Majority Leader. Reid, who has been having an awful time in the polls, is to be given credit that he has stepped up to the plate and continues to push Obama’s agenda, even though it may hurt him at home. But, enter the teabaggers! Their candidate is polling upward, and that means the actual Republican candidate is losing ground.

I can only say,  C O N T I N U E. One can but cross fingers and finger crosses that the same thing will happen to one Johnny Sidney McCain, all around hypocritical unprincipled and thoroughly dishonorable chit.

I figure hypocrisy and irony are words that our Sarah Palin has never heard of. I mean the echo in her head must be huge. She has actually admitted to traveling to Canada in years past for of all things HEALTH CARE! Yep, couldn’t afford that good ole Merika kind, so her and Toddy slipped across the border and got some from Canada.

Given her position today, she called it ironic. I call it hypocrisy Sarah. Plain and simple. Or was that Plain and tall? No, that was a movie. Plainly Sarah you should stick to the children’s table. Ya just ain’t an adult yet sweetie. Leave politics to grownups whydoncha?

Now, that is enough news to make progressive smile wouldn’t you say? I’m grinnin’ and I betcha you are too!

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They’re Dancing as Fast as They Can

daddydickcheneyYou remember the shtick. You’re in a saloon in a wild west town. Some sadistic bad guy in a black hat is torturing the town moron. “Dance you little freak, dance, and sing too!” he screams, firing his shootin’ iron at the feet of the hapless pathetic citizen, as the town clown does his best to comply.

As the poor soul tires out, another shot echos, “I said dance!”

Such is the state of the Republican party these days. The dancing just can’t stop it seems, although most of the dancers are wore out to the bone.

Oh please, can’t we have just a week of anonymity? Just a week with no blowhard from the right making a fool of us? But alas, the fun goes on. It’s getting so no self respecting Republican will admit to the label and parents routinely shield their children’s eyes from even looking at one.

Cheney, as in dick, as in would be emperor of the world in his tiny brain, just couldn’t resist self-flagellating the party again this week end. Appearing on “Face the Nation” he took sport against Colin Powell, asking “Is he still a Republican?” and saying point blank that he thought Rush Limbaugh spoke more appropriately for the party than Powell.

So, the last rational voice perhaps remaining in the head up it’s ass party is, we can be sure, not scheduling a hunting trip with Cheney any time soon.

One commenter to the piece, suggested that the two, Limbaugh and Cheney may be one in the same, since suspiciously, one is never seen in the same locale as the other. That may be more about security than anything else of course. In their own minds, the planet might implode should they both be taken out at the same time. Ask ’em if you get the chance.

If that fun isn’t enough, then you don’t have to hold breath for long. Michael Steele wakes up each morning it seems with a full panoply of new jack ass remarks. He writes them on pieces of paper and shoves them in his pocket, ready at a moment’s notice to pull out any one and drop it on the unsuspecting. I got that direct from a pick pocket who snatched one unawares while looking for a wallet. It said,

“I’s da man, superfly’s the name, and spreadin’ the politico incorrect is ma game.” (Ever realize that Steele is a black man, impersonating a white man, impersonating a black man?)

Anyway, Bill Bennett, who passes as a “republican intellectual” if you can even imagine that, has a talk show, which in a moment of sheer “lost my head” turned it over to Steele. This is what the Michael said:

STEELE: Good morning y’’all, we’’re back in the house. We’’re talking a little bit of Constitution and a little bit Supreme Court. And a whole lot of saving America’’s judicial system and saving our rights as citizens and not having empathetic judges decide cases, but rather judges who are actually understanding the rule of law and what the Constitution and those laws are all about. And how to apply the facts to the law and the law to the facts. And adjudicate my case. I don’’t need some judge sitting up there feeling bad for my opponent because of their life circumstances or their condition. And short changing me and my opportunity to get fair treatment under the law.

This from Crooks and Liars.  One doesn’t have to say a lot more does one? I can believe that the real neo-cons like Cheney and Hannity and so on, just cringe and wish that they could call for a public execution of Michael. I mean, he no more represents their white upper class sensibilities than does say Rev. Wright.

You can’t help but laugh. They are so tired of being made sport of, but there is so precious few sane heads around that apparently they can’t stop it. I can’t even begin to blame George W. for this. I mean he was in some sense as much victim as perpetrator. I think that is just starting to dawn on our boy how he was sucked into the black hole prepared for him by Cheney, Wolfowitz, George Mitchell, Rumsfeld and a few others.

I suspect most Republicans today just spend a lot of time sitting at their desks in the dark, wondering, how and why this happened. They were, just such a few short years ago, young and impetuous, full of vinegar, pointing their fingers at Democrats giggling their fool heads off, and planning the 2nd American Reich. Now all is in shambles. This sit nursing a scotch, unshaven, staring into the shadows and just ask themselves–What the hell???

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