There Oughta Be A Law

There really ought to be a law against grownups (age not mind) who dress up little girls to parade around in front of other adults looking like little sluts.

But that’s not what we are talking about today.

We are talking about a growing number of other idiots who run companies of various sizes and shapes. I have counted now four, and I suspect there are more and employees quietly contact the press and show them what they’ve been getting from the boss.

Not clear?

Oh, okay. Well, some of our “job creators” are sending out letters and e-mails to their employees with words to this effect:

“Things are going pretty well but that might not continue, especially if a certain administration is re-elected. Now I’m telling you that I don’t intend to pay one cent more in taxes. So let’s be clear. I’m not telling you who to vote for, that’s totally up to you. But if the wrong person is elected, and my taxes go up at all, well, your job may be in jeopardy. It’s up to you.”

The Koch brothers are the latest to issue their threat of lay-offs to their employees. David Siegel of Westgate Resorts of Orlando has threatened to retire and take his money and jobs to the Caribbean. This pig masquerading as a human owns a 90,000 SQUARE FOOT HOUSE. Arthur Allen, CEO of ASG Software Solutions has done the same, telling his employees that they can vote for whom they wish, but if they. . .

“fail to make the right choice on November 6th… I don’t want to hear any complaints regarding the fallout that will most likely come.”

Couple this with the TV ad that Romney was running featuring him standing with a bunch of smiling miners in Ohio. CEO Robert E. Murray allegedly forced his employees to do this, threatening reprisals, loss of jobs, and intimidation to contribute to Murray’s PAC. Miners were required to take off time without pay to stand in the photographs.

Add to this with the war of suppression that is being organized for election day. Here in my own state of New Mexico, Republicans have been caught teaching poll watchers illegal tactics such as encouraging provisional balloting even when there is no problem with the voter registration, demanding photo ID from voters which is not required, telling those who have received voter purge letters that they must vote provisionally, telling Spanish speakers that there are no Spanish language ballots, and that voters who have moved within the state must vote provisionally. All these are lies.

I can but urge you to learn what is required in your state. Make sure you can step up and step in and stop illegal harassment. You need do nothing more than call the police. I’m told that in the 2008 election several Republican poll watchers were arrested and removed from the scene for illegal activities such as this.

Republican poll watchers nationally have promised to make voters (Democratic ones of course) so uncomfortable that they will feel that they are being followed by the police.

I find this simply awful. No doubt some of it is illegal. It all should be.

Voting is our precious right and the only thing that stands between us and oligarchy, plutocracy, or whatever else you might wish to call it. Every effort should be made to allow every reasonable desire to vote happen. There is far more likelihood that people who have a right to vote will be denied than that a few dozen will by design or mistake, vote where they have no right to.  It’s not worth our democracy.

Be vigilant. Call your Democratic party and find out what you can do to protect the right to vote. Do it today.

And The Beat Just Beats On



The biggest problem with being a conspicuous, notorious and pathological liar is that it’s hard to keep them all straight. Yesterday was a case in point.

Romney was speakin’ to his peeps about the usual crap, when he says that, “while Obama has not raised taxes on the middle class so far, he will if he’s re-elected.”

Ryan, winces and then attempts to cover that up. Portman just looks bored out of his skull, not listening at all apparently.

The fact is Romney is correct in the first part. The President has not raised taxes on the middle class during his term. In fact he has lowered taxes on the middle class. But that has never been the GOP meme. They have consistently lied that he has. And Romney of course forgot that the LIE was the GOP TRUTH, and got mixed up and actually, by mistake told the truth.

Such is life when you’re losing.

So now of course, it’s all the polls fault. When nothing else works, blame it on pollsters who as we all know, are simply lying cheating bastards intend on screwing Republicans. Except that of course, they aren’t. Some are skewed for one side or the other of course. PPP is reliably left leaning and Rasmussen is absurdly GOP, to the point that few people pay any attention to their “predictions” which are more akin to wishes. Nate Silver however, is almost scary right most of the time. And the CBS, Washington Post, ABC are pretty close to the mark most of the time. Gallup is leaning right a bit. Fox is closer to Rasmussen. But even Gallup and Fox are in the +Obama land. Soooo, it ‘s just a way to lie about what they can’t get away from.


In case ya didn’t hear, a GOP operative in Iowa said that if Ryan wanted a political career after this debacle, he would have to get the Romney stench off of him. Now this went viral from a presumed satirical piece from Politico which had Paulie referring to Romney as “Stench” and that Romney’s people refer to Ryan as “Gilligan”. Who knows the truth, but I kinda like the name Stench, don’t you? I know I curl up my nose when ever I see the man these days. He’s distasteful and a bit smelly. He doesn’t have the smell of fresh air, but of a cesspool with his questionable ethics of campaigning.


Just a thought: Somebody needs to tabulate just how much taxpayer money has been expended in states across the land to (1) suppress the vote, especially in purging non-existent fraudulent voters, and (2) nefarious attempts to put roadblocks in the way of women exercising their human right to contraceptive care and abortion. I bet it would be an eye-opener. So much for the GOP pledge of “jobs, jobs, jobs.


There is a cartoon around about Rush Limbaugh. It’s been around a while. It shows him with an gi-normous belly and a tiny tiny tiny (I mean really tiny) wiener. Such cartoons are well beneath me to publish again of course. But I do sympathize, as all women would of course. Read Campaign Indecision’s take on the matter. Hey a laugh is good on Thursday.


Meanwhile, conservative Matt Barber tries to keep a stiff upper lip, by claiming that media remarks that Romney isn’t pulling in the crowds is a media lie. Well.

Problem is, the rally in the photograph, is an Obama rally from 2008. Oops.


Since I sit in the pew every Sunday, and I go to a fairly conservative Catholic church (there ain’t no other in Las Cruces), I am subjected to the “Catholic speech” on our “threatened” religious freedom, the yack-yack of the protection of life from conception, and all the rest of the much ballyhooed “Catholic” morality stuff.

Thus it amuses me greatly that the polls continue to indicate that the vast majority of Catholics in this country continue to do just as they please regarding social issues. Pew Research shows that 54% of them favor the President, and only 39% for Romney. It appears that Ryan, who is a Catholic, has had no appreciable effect on boosting Romney’s numbers.

One has to wonder how many decades (centuries?) it will take before the Catholic hierarchy once again bears any resemblance to the flock it tends. We in the progressive end of the Church join with the nuns across the country and pray that the Holy Spirit might find a way to enter into the iron-clad facade the Vatican has erected to keep out common sense.


The story of this election may well be that of the super-pacs and their relatively lackluster performance in guaranteeing victory for their side. Frank Rich has a good article on the dilemma faced by the Right. They have poured in millions and have very little to show for it. And he chats about Ryan and Willard’s taxes. Always fun.

Well enough of all that. I’m water-logged from swimming and have dinner to prepare. Ain’t life grand?


Wing-ed Nuttery Expands the Stratosphere



The uh, polls are ticking up nicely for the President. The RNC and the Willard team of dupids tell us not to dismay. It’s not a concern. Willard will just keep endorsing the likes of Steven King and clasping the back of Pat Robertson, and promising not to take “In God We Trust” off our coins, and all will be well.

He will not wipe out Obamacare (we embrace the term now), he’ll keep the good part. Forget that the good parts are paid by the mandate requirement. Willard knows that such facts just get in the way and it sounds ever so much better without truth. And in the end of course, since he won’t save the good parts anyway, no matter.

Suddenly, there are not gonna be any tax cuts for the rich. Willard had the hundred-dollar bills removed from his ears and heard that. Any “appearance” of tax cuts will be eaten up by closing the deduction loopholes. Which ones? Oh, trust me, Willard says, I’ll tell you AFTER you elect me. You are gonna elect me no?

See the way I sees it, Mr. Willard is gonna lose (Pelezzzzz God). And the finger pointin’ will commence. And Willard will blame Ryan and the Tea People, and the (doncha think the Tea people remind you of sea horses? I do, so keep that image in mind). As I was saying, the Tea People will blame  Willard for not being authentically enough CON-SERVA-TIVE. Now the rank and file, of which there is very little rank or file left, will scratch their armpits and be faced with the dilemma of the century–SHOULD WE CUT BAIT? Meaning shall we removing the icky chum from ourselves otherwise known as the Tea People.

Otherwise, it seems to me, the GOP may want to rename itself to  AWK which stands for Angry White Knownothings.

Meanwhile, back on the plantation, Alan West, who is really white with a very thin veneer of black which he has to touch up CONSTANTLY, opened one of his orifices and proved but again that he has nothing but cat’s eyes marbles floating around in his head. (Shake him, really, you can hear the rattle).

So he says that the President’s campaign slogan, FORWARD is actually some commie thing, because it “sounds” like something Marxist-socialist to him. But then he hears bats in his own belfry, so I’m not sure that we should attach too much importance to that.

Now Alan, I do beg you, in honor of your name, go WEST young man, and don’t stop until you are about 4 miles off the coast of California, breath deeply and go swim with the fishes, Sea horses if possible. (And before one of your bright lights tells me that they are not actually called Sea Horses any more, save it. I know that, have no clue what they are called now, and don’t care to look it up!)

Another AWK is the wonderfully stupid and thoroughly disgusting Joe Walsh, the dead-beat dad running for re-election in Illinois. I’m told it’s not at all likely that well will have old Joe to kick around much longer, so we must grab our stupid fix while we can.

Joe did not like it much that Sandra Fluke spoke at the DNC. He’s of the Limpaw persuasion that she’s a lazy slut. She is supposed to quit law school and get a  job according to Joe. He thinks we are raising children who feel entitled to government help. But then Joe doesn’t take care of his own kids much. I guess he thinks its pretty okay if his ex-wife does whatever she needs to to meet their needs. It’s certainly not his job.

Joe will be getting his own “JOB” come November when the seven people who support his candidacy are over whelmed by several tens of thousands from his district who are ready to shovel the shit out the door.

I do keep up on the news on Sunday, I just don’t write about it. I ran across a couple of thing you might find either useful or informative. One is by one of the best, Juan Cole at Informed Comment. Do go and read his letter to Mitt: You Don’t get to Say That.

If you are into charts (and frankly I think they make a lot really clear really fast, Little Green Footballs really shows you just how not-socialist President Obama really is. Spending is down, the growth of Government is down. (If you didn’t see the smack down on Rand Paul by Paul Krugman do please follow this link. Paul actually thought the government was expanding which suggests that those GOPers who don’t lie, are spectacularly uninformed.)

Oh and Nate Silver has Obama having an 80% chance of re-election now. These numbers probably won’t hold, but they are certainly good news and have the Willard Team on the defense.

What is gonna be fun now is watching all the excuses for losing. One such dope is a blogger by the name of John Hinderaker, who laments that we are at a tipping point with nearly 50% of the people now receiving some form of government assistance, so it’s natural they will vote their personal interests “rather than the good of the economy.” Sour grapes huh John?

On a personal note: our little guy is at the shelter today getting his manly parts whacked off so he cannot do the nasty with any of the girls in the neighborhood. He took it like a man, walking stoically to his impending OPERATION. We are waiting for the call later this afternoon to go pick him up and shower him with lots of neutery type gifts. I already ripped all the nuts off his boy toys.



Snarking My Way Along



I do believe that Willard and Paulie could win a contest of “whoppers” told. The crap spewing forth from those rich lips is unbelievable.

The best that Boehner the Orange can say about his pal Paulie, is that he is not a knuckle dragger conservative. That must be the Tea-Pots.

But Willard said nobody should run for President (or be a heart-beat away I assume) who doesn’t have at least 3 years in the real world of business. But Paulie has sucked off the government teat his entire life. According to Ayn Rand, that’s not compromising principles but merely recuperating “reparations”.  Go Paulie Go!

Meanwhile, it is being hotly debated whether the Willard penchant for lying is a character flaw, or a mental defect.

It is hard to understand how he can blatantly tell lies (the one about “you didn’t build this” being the MOST obvious), and not know they are lies.

Does the desire to be King of the World really cause one abandon all principle? Or is the absence of any principles the hallmark of a presidential candidate? A hard decision I reckon.

I almost look forward to the occasional gaffes by the Dems. To watch the GOP talking heads blow gaskets over the perceived “outrages” is utterly funny.

Did you see Sarah explain that she couldn’t think of a single Republican who had EVER  said such mean and outrageous things in a public campaign.

Jon Stewart then followed with a long series of snippets from her 2008 campaign. Pallin’ with terrorists ring a bell? Sistah Sarah, thou memory is short.

The Tea Tippers are sure busy telling me about how I am losin’ my freedoms at light speed. And it’s all to do with that usurper in the “WHITE” house, who shoulda have known, well that the BACK door was his entrance.

Anyway, they don’t seem to be yappin’ a bit about losing their freedom to vote across Amerika. Oh but, I forgot. It ain’t “their” kind that is, is it. It’s the young and the old and the poor and the NOT WHITE who are, and who gives a damn about them?

Which is why they are all for this supply side economics of which they know nothing at all, except that anything that takes away from the moocher class is a good thing–except that when you listen in on those conversations at those country club establishments of which ordinary folks can’t attend except as waiters–you too are declared to be of the moocher class.

And if you get you way, you will soon find that out. And then who are you gonna come crying to?

Still the choice is hard for the average red-neck.

Where are the PROTESTANTS?

Politics make strange bedfellows they always say.

And one of them doesn’t believe in condoms so I’d be very careful if I were you.

And while both sides sling mud with varying degrees of misleading jabs, we continue NOT to have the conversation that should be the hallmark of a civilized democratic society.

Do we believe that everyone who is born is a human being, precious and to be cherished such that he or she should be fed, clothed, housed, educated, medically cared for, provided with meaningful work at fair wages and with time to enjoy one’s life? Is that the bottom line basics that all of us deserve?

Or do we believe that we live in a jungle where the fittest survive, and if you are lucky, you get the best of things, and if you are not, you scrap by with hard work thankful for the end of your life and some peace?

Which is the promise of our founding? Which is the hope of our parents? Which is the vision of our species?

But then again, maybe we don’t deserve any better:


Oh, the Sadness of It

It’s useless to ask how many must die before the NRA stops this charade that any limit on guns is some monstrous threat to our freedom.

They will continue always to argue that to even discuss the issue is “taking advantage of the tragedy”. Of course it is not. As  E. J. Dionne pointed out, no such thing was said when FEMA was attacked after Katrina.

Our gun policy is insane. The Democrats are scared silly to even mention it. The NRA continues to scream that Obama must be defeated because they are sure that once elected to a second term, he will let loose the dogs of gun control and in cahoots with the UN, eviscerate the Second Amendment. It’s all insane.

There is no shortage of insane people in this country. Pursuant to the religious policies of the Mormon and Catholic churches (now that’s some strange bedfellowing), the higher-ups in the boy scouting world have voted to continue preventing gay men and women to serve as scout masters.

Way to continue false stereotypes you miserable excuses for Jesus followers. (If you detected some personal opinion here, be assured it was not intended.) :P

And let’s not forget our girl, Michele “wild eyes” Bachmann. Much like the much forgotten Sarah, Michele misses the limelight and doesn’t really care who she harms in her quest to get some press.

Her attacks on Huma Abedin are outrageous, causing members of her own idiotic party to condemn her. With her on this McCarthyite-type attack is the ever crazy Louis Gohmert, that fine upstanding horse’s ass from Texas. He lost the fight with Rick Perry over the one brain cell they were supposed to share. Nothing but cobwebs in his upstairs. Shame on ’em both.

And then there is Paterno, now dead and unable to face what he should have to face.

How can you work with young people virtually all of your life, yet turn your back and cover up a man who is molesting children?

How can you?

Rip down that statute, Penn State. He deserves nothing but our condemnation.

Meanwhile drought continues over vast areas of the US. What looked to be a bumper crop in the Midwest is being plowed under as a total loss or near it. The West is on fire. The East is sweltering.

But the righty-tightys continue to point out that their version of the bible suggests (if you choose to read it that way) that the earth will never be destroyed, and that’s enough for them. The Koch brothers and their ilk pat them on their stupid heads, and order more martinis.

And the GOP, though insane, are not stupid. They have devised a way to suppress the Democratic vote.

It’s the American way doncha know. I mean, better than 10,000 legitimate voters be turned away rather than one illegitimate one in the entire nation get through to cast a ballot.

No doubt that is what the Founding Fathers intended.

Gosh we got pretty darn far before a Romney insanity showed up. Seems Willard is spending all his time now, reminding us that “greed is good”.

Word is that what Willard is trying so hard to keep under wraps is that he basically paid no taxes before he dressed them all up for public display. He points out that Lindsay Graham says that not paying taxes IS the American way. But of course, Mitt expects me to pay mine. Lots more in fact, so that we can keep those taxes really low on the job creators. Does that include his horse who garnered a $77,000 deduction a few years ago? He was creating manure for sure. And I guess somebody got a job cleaning that up. Must be how it works.

Can’t we all just learn to get along?


Can These Folks Be Allowed to Vote?

Much has been said lately about the efforts of GOP’ers around the country to limit the vote.

Efforts have been under way, and in many places successful in putting up road blocks for those wishing to exercise their right to cast a ballot.

All such efforts have occurred in states that have Republican majorities in their state congresses.

Most have resulted in various forms of Voter ID requirements that are particularly onerous on students, the elderly and minority populations. In some cases a permit to carry a gun is proof enough, while a college ID is not.

This is all in the name of preventing “voter fraud.” This is the argument even though there was something like like less than 400 cases of voter fraud NATION WIDE in the last election, and studies going back into the late 80’s, proved no worse.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that as many as 5 million potential voters could be denied their right to vote by these voter restriction laws.

So it’s a real issue.

Some colleges are re-issuing college IDs to  meet the very specific requirements of laws designed to make their IDs invalid.

Lots of volunteers are massing to help the elderly locate birth certificate alternatives where none were issued when they were born.

It should be noted that there are dozens of anecdotal cases in which people have voted for over 50 years and are well-known in their small towns, yet they will be turned away without “proper ID.” Sometimes people are donating money to pay the legal fees to help these folks get the proper papers.

A lot of lawyers will make a lot of money in order to work all this out.

And it does seem odd that a party would be so intent on trying to deprive so many people of their right to vote.

I mean the party of “the constitution” should be, you would think, the party that defends the right to vote to the death, wouldn’t you think?

When there are only a very very few folks who attempt to vote illegally, and they certainly don’t effect any results, one would think that it would behoove the GOP to vociferously stand on the right to vote against all challenges.

Now, alternatively.

One could make a very good case.

That people, over the age of 15, who are not being paid, and are not compelled, and are not entering a contest for money–who dress like his because they want to, might be of questionable ability to cast a knowing, intelligent vote.

People like this decide to spend money to buy costumes and materiél and dress up in their HOMES, and then go out IN THE STREETS dressed like their favorite hero, or to express their solidarity? with some sports team.

They drive in CARS along FREEWAYS, scaring the bejesus out of normal law-abiding citizens.

They teach your children, and handle your money and do your taxes and other things that we value.

I ask you, if you saw one of these walking insane asylums dressed up in their finery, would you leave your children with them? Give them your cash for safekeeping? Trust them to fix the faucet? Of course not.

And I would argue, they should be prohibited from voting.

Why are the Republicans not fighting to prevent these questionable brain-limited, only partly human beings from voting? Huh?

Oh, I see. Because they are Republicans.

My bad.

Things are so bad for Rick Perry these days, that he can gaffe away, and nobody bothers to mention it. He’s having a free gaffe holiday.

Just say Solynda instead of Soyndra and call it a country. **pat on the head** little Ricky.

Michele Bachmann has taken as of late to touting her bona fides on Israel by telling us that she volunteered at a kibbutz in her young adulthood. Does the bubble-hair know that kibbutz’s were experiments in “collectivism” *GASP* not capitalism?

Meanwhile Newt continued his ugly rhetoric that Palestinians are not a real “people” but “invented” and just “terrorists”. Frankly I thought Mittens had the better argument (freak out I’m agreeing with Mittens now!). Newt is just pandering for Jewish votes of course. His claim that Palestinian children are being taught to hate Israelis in school, is patently false, but hey, when you are making things up for effect, who cares? Certainly not the TeaNutz®, for whom this stuff is just red meat.

Ya have to laugh. As you might suspect, The Blaze does little if any original investigation or reporting. Mostly they reprint others work. Shockingly, they reported a AP item which investigated the claims made by various of the GOP candidates in the last debate, and offered the truth of the various statements and allegations. For instance it found that Michele Bachmann’s claim that Newt was for cap-and-trade, to be true, even though Newt denied it. Similarly it found Mitt’s claim that Obama was the first President to cut Medicare to be false, finding that both Bush and Clinton had also done so.

But Blazey nincompoops can’t stomach that. So they attacked the AP as being. . . .you guessed it. . . . a liberal machine. And various other excuses that it doesn’t matter, because the devil must be defeated.

Sleep well my friends. The sky intends to stay up for at least another day.

A Lot is Up for Grabs Today

Today is the big day.

It seems like only a few weeks ago that the streets of Madison were filled with angry citizens, come to tell their gestapo-type governor that they would not stand for his draconian laws that stripped good working people of their money, they benefits and offered them up to business interests in the guise of “balancing the budget.”

Wisconsin’s shanghaing was the talk of the country as Governor Walker held the hard-line oblivious to the desires of his constituents.

Well it all comes down to today when up to six Republicans are up for recall. And nobody is quite sure how it will come out. According to some sources, a couple of the GOPers trying to save their jobs are now pointing fingers at the Governor, claiming that he threatened them, forcing them to go along with his union-busting plans. And it appears that none of the GOP stooges chose to use Walker in their “don’t throw me out” campaigns.

Everything is at stake here. Much more than people realize. Are Democrats and union people just flash in the pan blowhards or do they have what it takes to stay the course and follow through? If the Republicans maintain control of the Wisconsin legislature, you can be sure that Walker and his Koch-henchfolk will be further emboldened to take even worse actions against the people. And this all bodes ill for Democrats in the nation.

Pray if you do, and cross your fingers if you don’t.

Word is that Ricky Perry is about to announce a run for the GOP nomination. Mr. “we might have to secede” Perry will be a welcome addition to the group of goofs already in the action. I for one find Mitt “I am trying to look like the common man” Romney just a greasy snake oil salesman. Perry has plenty of skeletons in his closet we may be assured.

Name a scientist (other than Stephen Hawking!). Dare ya. Michio Kaku? Brian Cox? All three are media favorites. We watch tons of cosmology shows on Discovery and so forth, yet, I am afraid I can’t remember the names of hardly any of those theoretical physicists. If we are a singularly un-intellectual nation, part of the reason may be the natural reluctance of scientists to engage in the body politic. Ain’t it about time they did? The NYTimes addresses the issue.

Did I tell ya about the fabulous Pass the Doucheys on the Right Hand Side? Well if I didn’t, I am now. You really need to read this lady. She is snarky as all get out, right on politically, and funny as hell. Need I say more? This piece is about raising kids and the serious question of a very very stupid woman who worries about satan, dinosaurs, and rocks can’t be bones. Confused? Well get on over there and read it!

We are so used to it that it becomes funny. Rethugs consistently turn on a slug. They must never have heard of flip-flopping before they attached it to John Kerry, but they all seemed to have learned the art. I guess they saw the sense of it since their followers are dumber than a nose hair that lands in your soup. See you can say really really inconsistent things when your following is too dull to recognize it.

Michele of course was utterly against raising the debt limit, suggesting that any downgrade would have no real effect. Now of course she is shrieking that the President is to blame, and “left Washington” instead of running to the nearest microphone and urging calm.

Foxy Noise is no exception. A few days ago, Neal Cavuto (a dull bulb if there ever was one) and John Stossel (who never met a fact he couldn’t twist out of reality) were musing that a downgrade might be a very good thing for America. It was the right thing for Restuplicans to hold the country hostage and cause this result. Now that it has happened, it’s a “tragedy” and all Obama’s fault.

Okay Mr. TeaNutz®, now scratch your expanding belly, belch, and go get another beer.

Come on, tell me you didn’t start counting the minute you heard that the Palinator’s son just had a baby. Yeah, his bride was pretty darn pregnant when they tied the knot. And a little extra goodie on the link. Instead of the latest Bristol Creme claim that “she basically was too drunk to realize that she had been taken advantage of”, maybe she might have been a bit more knowledgeable. Go read the link and enjoy. Just call me trashy rumor!

See this is how Foxy Noise works. First they find a “concerned parent” to talk about how inappropriate she feels it is for Wisconsin teachers to be teaching her children about the history of the union movement. This of course is played up with excerpts being used often. What Fox doesn’t tell you is that the “concerned parent” is also a GOP operative, actually the chair of her county GOP party. What Fox also doesn’t tell you is that the woman subsequently resigned after crashing her car while drunk driving with her three children in the car. Now that’s some kind of “concerned parent” ain’t it?

That’ll do it.