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“My Gooonnesss, my goooness,” and “Miss Scarlet, Miss Scarlet!”

I think there are actually important things to talk about in this world, but how CAN you ignore the tomfoolery (who is tom and who is he foolin’ with?) goin’ on in the e-lex-shun run-up.

I mean, geeesh, how many folks can you offend in one week Ms. Angle? First she claims that Latinos are sort Asian, and can’t you see that she looks pretty darn Asian herself.

Then, in defending an ad aimed at dirty Hispanic illegals crossing from Mexico, she claims it was really aimed at dirty Hispanic looking Asians crossin’ from Canada. The Foreign Minister from Canada awaits in vain an apology that his country is acting like a sieve for terrorists.

And then she finishes it all off with an ad that implies that Harry Reid is in a “conga line with Michelle Obama.” I looked this photo over real good, (it being a WH conga line, I’m assured) and I can’t see either one of them. Can you? Inexplicable, but then we are talking about Sharron Angle after all.

Oh and get this. One of those shadow groups, “Latinos for Reform” (yeah right) is urging Latino Nevadans to stay home on election day to teach them dirty Democrats that they can’t take you for granted. I mean the cahones for goooooness sake! They don’t even have the nerve to ask Latinos to vote for Republicans. . . . They simply urge them to not be good citizens. The ad has since been taken down. Pundits everywhere think Harry just got the gift from heaven.


Think about how many times you have heard or read male Sarah supporters mention how good-looking she was. As if that trumped her stupidity. (intentional stupidity albeit. Sarah is not actually dumb, she just is so lazy that she doesn’t find it necessary to learn anything beyond what she thinks necessary to make that next buck.) Maureen Dowd speaks to the issue of brains versus beauty in her latest NYTimes piece, Making Ignorance Chic.


Pope Benedict XVI has appointed a whole bunch of new cardinals. I have something to say about that, but I think I will post it over at Walking in the Shadows. Look for it in the next day or two.


Ginni Thomas is the wife of Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, the ultra conservative justice who I believe thinks that the states have a right to set up “State” churches, not believing apparently that the 14th amendment is applicable. Be that as it may, his wife is a real piece of work.

Ginni is politically active, something that few if any spouses of the SCOTUS are for obvious reasons. The members of SCOTUS try mightily (Alito’s head shaking and silent words at a State of the Union speech were a shocking  failure of protocol) to appear above politics.

Inexplicably, Ginni left Anita Hill a voice mail asking her to finally apologize for her treatment of Ginni’s main-man, Clarence. She later, in explaining, claimed she was reaching out to heal old wounds–though a tape of the message hardly bespeaks that. Hill has never retracted her testimony, and Clarence has slapped at her in his book about his life. This one makes no sense, except to say that there is something “in the water” when it comes to the right-wing.


After perusing some 200 entries, I’ve yet to see anything amounting as a defense by Witchypoo about her “where is separation of church and state in the Constitution.” The only thing reported so far, is a lame “she meant that the actual words were no where in the Constitution.” Well, yeah, we all know THAT. Anyone who has watched the video knows better in any case. Her demeanor was smirky and just oozed “gotcha” as she pretended to taken down verbatim Coon’s answer. As the audience snickered she turned, puzzled, then smiled broadly looking for backup that she was right, and clearly quite afraid she was wrong.

I’m guessing the girl has decided to just shut up. It’s a cooked goose, and it’s still a month until Thanksgiving. It’s Ovah Witchypoo. Course it always was, but we needed one phenomenal GAFFE of monumental proportions to seal the deal so the MEDIA can move on to something that matters.


And to close ‘er out, we have this from the Salon.