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I woke up hearing that the Contrarian was on the phone. No big deal, except that it was around 3:30 in the AM. A moment or two and I knew why.

“I switched to you guys because I was having trouble getting on with ATT. This is the second time in as many months that I haven’t been able to access the Internet. I’m getting frustrated.”

Oh boy, I thought. Not good. Sigh. . . .

I awoke at around 7:20, and got up. The Contrarian mumbled,”babe we can’t get on the Internet. They are going to call, we’ve at level two.”

I scratched my head. “They are going to call?”

“It’s them, not us. I don’t know.”

Well, that set a tone. I could avoid certain thing no longer.

I started my coffee, then slipped in and gathered a basket of dirty clothes. Once that was running, I poked into the fridge and took out the four granny smith apples I’d purchased on Sunday. Then the sugar, then the flour, some shortening. None of this looked the least bit fun.

I did morning prayer, my rosary, and then got my bagel and cream cheese, some more coffee, and my EFM material and sat down to study a while.

Then I got up and made a half recipe of pie crust, and put it in the fridge. Then peeled, cored, and cut up my apples, added the usual cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg, sugar, salt, cornstarch. Rolled out my dough into a rectangle and put it on top of my deep dish pan. Into the oven. We have “Apple Pandowty” for dessert tonight. Turned out quite nice. Good with a scoop of ice cream.

Then I folded clothes, tore down and remade a fresh bed, swept all the uncovered floors. Taking a break, the phone rang.

“That better be them!”

You have no idea how much I hoped THAT were true.

It was, and they figured it out. “Sometimes when our guys shake hands they sort of miss each other. They don’t line up.” That’s what the Contrarian said.

I figure that the truck backed up to the trailer and was off-center. That happens in the Intertubes sometimes I guess. Anyway, they just have to switch out our password, and try a fake one, and then re-enter our password. Then magically, it all untangles and lines up right again.

Don’t ask me the why this works. It does. I’ve learned when computers are concerned, well let’s make that any machine, it’s best just to accept success and not question the hows and whys of it.

And hey, I got a lot of housework done. I vacuumed after our return to Internet access. So that proves that I am a reliable good person surely.


For reasons I have no clue about, (we somehow miss-taped it) we missed the Angle-Reid debate. I don’t understand that it was very good for Reid. He was, well as he is. . .not exactly a dynamic speaker. So Angle by merely being “as good” probably helped her cause. I think it’s looking dim for Reid. Guess Nevada will get a nitwit. Who knows, perhaps they richly deserve it. Or maybe he will win. It’s too close to call.


Joe Klein has been my friend since he threw in the towel with John McCain in the 2008 election, calling him simply a dishonorable scumbag. Okay, my interpretation, not his. He looks at the likes of Christine O’Donnell, who like her model, Palin, is authentically ignorant, seemingly by choice. They are revered by some, who think they are like themselves. Sadly the “average” guy and gal, used to be informed and willing to learn. That is the difference here. Klein calls them our ignoramuses. In other words, Klein asserts that the ignorant now pass as “authentic” and thus “one of us” to the teabaggery folk. This comes, he asserts from the best and brightest in a sense betraying the public trust with their utter greed. Interesting take .


Frank Rich has an astoundingly cogent article in the NYTimes on how Christine O’Donnell and those of her ilk are making a great camouflage to what is really going on behind the scenes. Big corporate billionaires support these candidates, because in the end their redound to the benefit of the GOP, which IS going to do their bidding if they come to power. Rich lays it out well how all the “shadow” organizations are behind the teabagger movement funded by big business interests. These billionaires share zero of the agenda of the teabaggers, as is also true of the routine GOP professionals. They both find the teabagger candidates and their silly voter/followers useful in putting them back in power.