Existential Mindtwisting

You can drive yourself quite silly if you spend much time wondering how something came from nothing, and what came before the “big bang” and how where some atomic particles are concerned at least, they can be in more than one place at the same time, and that the very act of observing alters reality.

And then there is always tsunamis, tornadoes and hurricanes to worry about.

To say nothing of whether it’s safe to drink the milk when it’s a day past its expiration date.  That last one bothers the Contrarian to no end.

Anyway, I’m really glad it ain’t my job to think about that stuff. It is one of the main reasons I didn’t mark an X next to particle physicist on the “what I want to be when I grow up” form that I filled out in kindergarten, or maybe first grade.

That and the fact that they pretty much track you away from physics as a major if you think that Alice and Wonderland was silly fantasy claptrap and not worthy of the human mind. (Which is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the movie–the one with Johnny Depp, for who in their right-thinking female mind would NOT like anything starring the most gorgeous, adept, magnificent, actor in the entire universe, which is saying a lot given that I have familiarity with only one stinkin’ planet in the entire universe which must contain billions and billions as Carl Sagan used to say.)

Which is all a very long way around to saying that you might like to take a look at this book if you do like to waste lazy Sunday afternoons in a hammock thinking about these types of things. It is written by a guy named Jim Holt, and is called “Why Does the World Exist?” You can read a nice review about it here.

Frankly I think that it exists because Satan knew we would have to think about it, and that would drive us crazy, and thus provide the “in” he needs to work his evil machinations. Or on the other hand, it might be because there had to be a good place to put fruit cakes that the other universes banned as uneatable. One or the other, I am sure.

(I can hear the applause from here–connecting Johnny Depp and fruitcake is a difficult task to be sure. There must be a Pulitzer out there with my name on it.)


I’m not sure any human being has spent as much time reproving again and again that he is a horse’s ass than the ubiquitous Texas Governor, Rick Perry. Think about it. Can you come up with a better candidate for permanent court jester?

Mr. I-can-only-think-of-two Perry, assures America that he will have no truck with that socialistic Affordable HCA, no matter what the Supremes have to say. Dumbo says he ain’t gonna set up no exchanges, which is odd, given the fact that the Federal Government will then set them up for him. Hardly the hands-off my medicare approach that one would think he would favor. But having only left-over oatmeal in the brain-case does apparently lend to such anomalies.


I know I heard this in passing. I was passing through one room and into another, gathering all the belongings–all the important ones that is. It’s called a bug-out bag, and smart folks who know that disaster is just around every corner, always have one. And to listen to Rinsed Penis surely you must know that that disaster is set for the day after election day this November such (horrors), President Obama be re-elected.

The man claims that our very nation is at stake.We must elect Willard to “save America” to preserve “our way of life.” Read all kinds of white racist crap into that of course.

I think Rinsed has swapped some DNA with Michele Bachmann. Makes ya shiver.


Okay, I’m all for adding a new sub-unit of humanity–men or women who don’t claim they are transgender, but exhibit a hatred of their own sex that is damaging to the sex. I wish to call them butt-faced Pygmalions infused with cactus-juice blood, my term. Feel free to call them what you like, as long as you keep a long stick handy.

A “woman” called Janis Lane is head of the Central Mississippi Tea Party. Not the entire Mississippi Tea Party mind you, but only the central part. She’s a really important person. Well here is here take on women–herself:

Lane: Our country might have been better off if it was still just men voting. There is nothing worse than a bunch of mean, hateful women. They are diabolical in how than can skewer a person. I do not see that in men. The whole time I worked, I’d much rather have a male boss than a female boss. Double-minded, you never can trust them.

Because women have the right to vote, I am active, because I want to make sure there is some sanity for women in the political world. It is up to the Christian rednecks and patriots to stand up for our country.

Now, given her “Christian” feelings, mightn’t her HUsssband, step in and shut this thing up and get her back to cookin’ his breakfast? Just a thought.


Have a wild one. Adios

Step Back a Moment

Hold on there dude, this is not a diatribe against men.

Just making a subtle point in a loud way. (Can you do that?)

We are wont, as people of the moment, to define all events given the world as it is, and as it seems to us reasonable, given our own knowledge and experiences. Which is nothing more than saying, we judge events from the facts which are most immediately at hand.

We don’t take the long view. Unless we are well versed in say, HISTORY, we often think that what we are experiencing is brand new and of first impression. And if we are versed in pseudo-history, we get even more confused.

However, after this many eons of human existence, there is really little that is new. Most is simply recycled problems from times past, cast in new garments.

So when we look about us and think that conservatives are the most idiotic of creatures ever to naturally occur by the arbitrary meeting of egg and sperm, well we are probably really really wrong.

There is a really excellent article at The Chronicle about this whole phenomenon. What is conservatism? What it seeks to protect on the surface is far from what drives it underneath. It is driven by fear that the “natural order” will be forever upturned. And this touches in the end, the most basic and personal of relationships.

It is an article well worth your time.

To be conservative, then, is to prefer the familiar to the unknown, to prefer the tried to the untried, fact to mystery, the actual to the possible, the limited to the unbounded, the near to the distant, the sufficient to the superabundant, the convenient to the perfect, present laughter to utopian bliss.

What this suggests, is that the conservative cannot enjoy the familiar and seek the unknown. Rather the unknown is a threat to the familiar, and must be opposed. Oddly enough, the opposition might well entail a type of radicalism that would be quite familiar to the left. If, the article argues, the OWS movement has real staying power, it might just force the conservatives of the day to that radicalism which does in the end, lead to real creative energy.

Oh goodie! *bounce* *bounce* The LeHaye’s (Tim writes all those Left Behind books that tell who will and will not be going to hell very soon) have decided to endorse the Newtster. And I can just hear God heaving a great sigh of relief. Or was he passing wind?

Obama wishes to consolidate a some government agencies. But our dearly beloved little guy Ricky P, well he wants to just shut ’em all down. Remember when he forgot which three he would abolish? Those being Commerce, Education and Energy? Well now he changed them to Commerce, Energy and Interior. Or he got confused again. Does anyone care? As Juanita would say, bless his heart.

Mittens handlers are crying foul about Ricky’s and Newt’s lambasting their plastic doll over his Bain exploits. “Doin’ the Democrats work for ’em” they squawk. Hey guys, you been doing my work for me for months. What’s new? I can write these posts in well under two hours, and that’s just trying the find the MOST outrageous crap you guys spew.

Walking it back just a bit.

About the video of Marines and the Afghan dead.

The Contrarian reminded me of one salient fact I had not considered.

How do you train a human being to degrade another human being enough to kill them, and still be enough human to honor the dead?

This is not an excuse, nor do I find what was done any less reprehensible. But we ask humans to do inhuman things. There are unintended consequences to that you may be sure. Just look at our suicide and homeless rates among veterans if you have any doubt.

I confess to remaining mostly dumbfounded by why regular old working types who for whatever reason think that tying their lunch pail to the GOP wagon will bring them the good life, are stonehead deaf when it comes to things that really shouldn’t impact their wallets.

I speak of science, and why the average TeaNutz®ian rusted iron anvil for a brain, Bud-guzzling, balogna-shoveling, NASCAR cheering, ass-crack showin’, gut-protruding, trailer-trash parkin’, person also disses climate change, basic economic theory, real history, and virtually anything else that smacks of empirical rationality. Evolution excepted. Evolutionary pushback seems utterly tied to one’s religious theories, the more literal one responds to the written sacred texts, the more adamant one is that evolution is a satanically offered hoax.

Well, those who study these things suggest that the response is largely visceral, and has little to do with logic, but rather is something that is the result of psychological forces that we are not particularly aware of. In other words, we are just wired that way.

That’s not particularly comforting is it?

Well, it’s off to leftovers and of course listening to my beloved talk non-stop about THE game, to be played sometime this weekend.

Sigh. I carry a heavy burden.

I Think I Hear the Fat Lady Warming Up

Here in Iowa, Michele Bachmann is waylaying K-Mart shoppers and with wild-eyes and smeared lipstick, screeching in desperation: THE IS THE TEAPARTY’s LAST CHANCE!

Of course she means, she is their last chance, and if she doesn’t win the Iowa caucuses, her campaign (which has been dead for months) will be declared so, and buried.

But actually, she speaks the truth in some sense (now Politifact don’t keel over!)

Back in Washington, the usual dunderheaded nonsense is playing out. I refer to the payroll tax bill. While talking points abound on the GOP side, the truth is pretty evident. Boehner stepped in his own poo again.

The Senate, which almost never agrees on anything, including the time of day, actually passed the bill, albeit for only two months and with a proviso that Obama must ignore environmental concerns and decide on the Keystone Pipeline within 60 days.

Since, I believe that Boehner and McConnell have phone service, we know they chatted about the Senate version, and Boehner signed off. Otherwise McConnell looks a fool, (well he does that anyway, so more so). So when Boehner tries to line up his sniveling brats to vote, they fall en mass on the floor and start screaming: NO!

Now, of course the spin is that the House GOP, is so concerned for the little folks that they want to extend the payroll tax cut for a year. And of course, they gleefully want to race to “conference” to “hash out the differences”. Where of course, it will die, and they can blame Democrats for that and who’s the wiser, since conference meetings are not public meetings. This is simply about the TeaNutz® wanting to deny Obama a “win.” And they are ready to sell the average Joe down the river to do it.

And of course, they are dead wrong on how this will be perceived.

Remember rule #1: Most people pay almost no attention to politics. They only catch a drive-by snippet of talking points as they go about their daily routine.

So what does the average unknowledgeable know?

  • Congress as a whole sucks, and most of the jerks are on the take and don’t care about me.
  • The House is controlled by the GOP and the Senate by the Democrats.
  • The House passes all kinds of stuff, that never passes in the Senate.
  • Almost nothing passes in the Senate.
  • The payroll tax cut passed the Senate.
  • The House voted it down.
  • The House is controlled by the GOP.
  • The GOP is at fault.

Boehner was unable to get his TeaNutz® to go along as he promised they would. Boehner cannot control these idiots. They actually called themselves “principled Scots” just like Braveheart. So they think it wise to compare themselves to Mel Gibson, Mr. Bigot.

And no they are not going to vote “down” the payroll tax cut. They are going to vote “for” it to go to Conference. They think they are so slick. Word is they are then going to high tail it out of town and leave the mess for the Senate.

The fat lady is about to take the stage. The TeaNutz® should spend some time looking around the Capital. They will be packing up their belongings next Christmas and returning to the obscurity of their rabbit holes in their respective states.

So far, Newt’s handlers have convinced him to play nice with those who attack him. Just smile and stay on message. Since Newt is starting to sink, wanna bet he tells his handlers to go suck an egg, and erupts like Vesuvius? Truth is Newty has little money, and he has few options against the negative ad campaign against him.  So look for him to grab any microphone in sight and start spewing.

How’s weather you way? We have had a few days of below 32°, but darn few that stayed there all day. We had some snow one day in mid-November, but it warmed up and melted within a couple of hours. It’s been my kind of winter so far. We’re expecting some rain today, and so we have postponed our last shopping before Christmas trip to buy the ham until tomorrow or Thursday.

I know I shouldn’t, but I feel a tinge of sadness for Ricky P. I mean the guy looks for all the world like a lost puppy. The guys who pull his chain assured him this would be a good old Texas barbecue, and it’s become a New England Clam bake. If you watch him at the debates, every time he answers a question, he looks around expectantly to his fellow debaters for some sign that he got it right. And now he’s marrying himself to Jebus as a prophet to spread the word of Christianity. I mean it is totally sad doncha think?

Tomorrow, let us talk about what government is. Or more particularly what we want it to be. See ya.

Hair is So 20th Century

Once upon a time, a full head of luxurious hair was considered de rigueur in social circles. Men grew it long, flowing, and especially if you were a member of a rock band, you found many chances to shake it and snap it back and forth. Women ate it up, almost literally.

Not so any more. Sad to say.

Hair has become an impediment, something that is used to mask all sorts of inadequacies.

Anthropologists at Yale, studying the phenomenon, are split frankly as to whether or not this downward trend in men’s hair started with The Donald. Proponents point to the fact that his “do” is the product of a nightmarish combination of Jackson Pollack’s and Salvador Dali’s artistic endeavors, that has resulted in a “cap of swirl” that frankly gives rise to dyspepsia in most observers.

Opposition scholars point out that no one actually knows what part if any of the “squirrel cap” is actually real. After all, it may all be smoke and mirrors and creative combing of as little as 10 actual strands, they suggest. In which case, it doesn’t qualify as a “full head” under anyone’s definition.

One has only to look at the current political landscape to discover however, that hair is taking a beating. Mittens Romney is possessor of hair perfection as many would note. That family-inherited “graying from the roots that never grows out to the ends is simply fascinating to hair aficionados. How can hair grow that way, they ponder? I mean how does the hair follicle produce a hair that is dark on the one end and then runs out of color at the root? Or is the Mittens simply engaging in some extreme form of “frosting”?

Rick Perry has long been known in Texas as holder of “the hair”. It is a more natural looking color than Mittens goes for, and has that rugged, just short of unkept look, that Texans favor. Perry is a man who can wear a good Stetson without getting the hat “ring” when he removes it. It’s a magical trick that only a true Texan can pull off. Moreover it resembles that cross between the “just before 60’s look, combined with the 80’s MBA look.” So totally appropriate for that up-and-coming junior exec.

Both of these poor guys are falling badly out of favor these days. Perry learned that “the hair” could not overcome general stupidity and foot-down-throat disease. Mittens sadly realizes now that that “The Capstone” has lost its intrigue and can’t over come his bland personality and which-way-is-the-wind-blowing principles.

Anthropologists were unsure what all this meant until yesterday, when matters came to a head. The king of all kings, lord of all lords, hairs of all hairs—-Blagoman himself crashed and burned.

From newsarteest.blogspot.com

The  Hair Man himself has been sent off to the Big House for fourteen hair-growing years.

It is not clear yet whether Rob will be forced to shear his locks upon entry. Perhaps that will be a decision he and his new bunky will decide together.

In any case, never has good hair fallen so far.

Department Chief, Alex Puddletrude, reports that Blagojevich’s dramatic plunge into the hard scrabble of prison life, was the final piece in the puzzling puzzle.

“Surely this means that hair is no longer considered an asset,” he warbled, all the while running his hand over his slick dome.

“Nope, hair doesn’t carry weight any more.”

When asked how to explain the recent surge of Newtie Patootie, who undeniably has a full shock of hairs, Professor Puddletrude shrugged.

“We’re continuing to look into the matter, but our initial belief is that watching somebody who has that much hot air, and whose head is expanding at a rate far exceeding what my colleagues in the Astronomy Department say the universe is growing, is just so enthralling, that people can’t stop watching.

When asked to explain more fully, Puddletrude turned the mike over to  Astronomy Cosmologist, Aaron Smicklepike, who went on.

“We believe that the phenomenon of Newtie has nothing to do with his hair but rather with the shock that one man can express this much chutzpah and self-aggrandizement.” He continued. “People are simply dumb-struck that megalomania can occur at this level within only one man. My colleagues in the School of Medicine AND in the Department of Psychiatry, are busy re-examining all known parameters along these lines. Newt has shot up to join such other “full of themselves” creatures as Hitler, Napoleon, Ivan the Terrible, and Caligula in a shorter time than any of them. They are setting up testing procedures now, in hopes of explaining this development.”

He then added. “We are sure it has nothing to do with the hair. You can note the important differences from the start: It’s GREY, and that may be an important key. In any event we are sure, that once the public has gotten over its shock, dismay will cause everyone to turn away in disgust. In fact, recent polling suggests that what is starting to be “IN” this year, is a short, fairly dark, strand with a certain kink to it. It seems to be increasingly popular these days.”

News Flash: Are Boobs next?


To Be Or Not To Be: The GOP Asks The Folks

It’s starting to make sense finally.

The GOP, I mean.

See, all the rational candidates? They chose not to run. Rational being defined as those that have actual principles that they live or die by. Somebody just forgot to inform Michele and Ricky S of that. And of course Ron Paul, but he would never have listened anyway. He is so principled that he has no chance EVER.

But Mitt and Newt and Ricky P are naturals at this. Karma Karma Karma Chameleon. Just be what the folks want. The folks being the loud-mouthed knuckle-dragging wingbattery right, who can’t tell a  quark from a muon, but can pontificate upon economic trickle-downism at the drop of a hat, without knowing a tinker’s damn about  it. If you asked them who John Maynard Keynes was, they would vote that he was the side-kick of Dobie Gillis (go look it up).

But these are the drooling heads that the desperate types such as described above, find it useful to play to.

 Mittens does it like a over-sized puppy, crashing into his food bowl, sending kibbles flying, all the while grinning from ear to ear, “do ya still love me, huh? Pleeeeze!”

Ricky P, does it dutifully, all the while griping in the limo to his handlers, that “this ain’t none of the fun you guys promised.”

Newt does it with an effete effrontery, that borders on contempt for the very people he courts. “That ought to hold the little fuckers for a while.”

Yes, they are our little troop of mad-ators. The talking head that never held an opinion he wouldn’t change for a vote. Mittens are well documented at this point. The only new one is his recent pretense at shock and disdain for anything called amnesty. Why, only a mere five years ago, Mittens was talking about the necessity to find a means to citizenship for some of our undocumented. Course, now, he recoils in horror at the mere thought. But then, well, it sounded remarkably like what Newty is proposing.

And before you get all soft on the Grifter, let me remind you that Newt is not talking about citizenship as far as I can tell. He merely talks about giving them some paper that allows them to remain. I guess under Newt, we might be looking at creating a permanent class of non-citizens. Some might call that slavery of a sort. Some might. Yes they might.

While we are at it, I suppose we ought to drag out the first of a long list of flippy-flops that the Grifter has gone through. They are at least as long as those of Mittens. Like I said, this is the year of the Flippy-Flopper Candidate.

It is fairly unfair to include either Ricky P or Hermie C in this mix. Neither has had a principle on anything long enough to know what one is. Hermie is still not sure why being “against abortion in any form” is in opposite to “ultimately the mother must make that decision.” He is not sure why he should have to explain HOW he would have done things (any things) differently that President Obama, beyond saying he would gather his people together and “get all the information”. I mean what part of “in the end I will make a decision” don’t you get?

Ricky P just likes all the sparkles and jingles of the whole business. He likes shaking hands, and riding in limos and seein’ parts of the country he never saw before. He likes seein’ those pretty diamonds around the withered necks of old-haggy women who crush their big bosoms against his chest, smelling of Chanel and mothballs, with lipstick bleeding into the creases around their lips. He likes their money more. He figures about fifteen minutes on the way to the next debate is all the time necessary to memorize “his socialist policies” and “fire the FED.” 

 I see it this way:

Mittens has a pathological need to be president. This is some proof for him that he is “somebody”. It may come from daddy issues. He may suffer from what so many of the rich-by-proxy kids suffer from–lack of self-esteem. Who knows. I ain’t no head doctor. But the man’s insane need to attain the office makes his a loose cannon. I can honestly, all snark aside, tell you I have NO CLUE WHAT THIS MAN BELIEVES IN ABOUT ANYTHING.

Ricky is just a puppy dog who has been praised for being a good dog. He is faithful. He is ever-pleasing. As long as he gets his treat, he’s loyal and will do your bidding. He will chase down that pheasant, and bring it back to lay at your feet, and never puncture that  skin and take a taste. He trusts that you will reward him heavily if he is good. Ricky is owned by a string of high bidders, who have no interest but their own. They tell Ricky they are doing the public good, but Ricky is just a dumb dog, and so he believes it. He is dangerous like dumb Dubya was dangerous. They are led.

Hermie is a “self-made” man, who cringes at the thought that African-Americans have worked decades if not more than a century to give him the opportunity he now enjoys. He has no where else to look for his own self-worth, and he ain’t about to give it up to his people. He was too scared to march in the 60’s so he moved up the ladder of opportunity by being the House Negro. In his mind, he thinks he’s being slick, using whitey to achieve. His little wealth is a joke to the Kochs, who are the ones using him. He has outlasted his usefulness at this point, and will be thrown to the curb of “used up.”

Newt is an arrogant bully. He is proud of the fact that can make a buck without working. He’s a classic grifter, who now that he has the dough he wants, wants the power. He actually believes he’s smarter than anyone else. He blatantly discards women when they are no longer useful to him; meaning they not longer enhance his high-power persona. He changes positions as necessary to attract the rabble vote, all the while being utterly contemptuous of the “little and dirty” people. He is seriously dangerous, because he will do what the hell he wants to, legal or otherwise.

That’s the circus guys.

The only question: How many are gonna come and pay to see it?


What Will They Do Next?

I’m betting on an elimination roller derby myself.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Perry appears in New Hampshire and giggles and makes sad little jokes, and talks funny and appears for all the world to be either drunk or on drugs. I’d opt for the latter. I mean seriously dude, seldom has one fallen so far so fast. Hope you had a parachute.

It seems that nothing Perry at this point resonates with anyone. His big money backers who were salivating at the thoughts of being able to control government money on a bigger stage, must be pained. He’s been such a huge asset in Texas. The human price tag they call him.

Meanwhile Ricky Santorum is visiting the 99th county in Iowa this week. That’s a first. And much to the dismay of old “Don’t Google me”, it is making zero importance to the fine folks of Iowa. In fact Ricky should take a lesson from the front-runners in Iowa, Cain and Romney. Of all the candidates, they have spent the least time in the Hawkeye state. Ya see, Rick, we vote for those who stay the hell out of our fair state. We don’t like people generally.

And then there is Herm Cain, now embroiled in yet another controversy. This one involves the perennial GOP problem–messin’ with “wimmin” not their wives. Herm denies he “ever sexually harassed” anyone, but admits that that charge was made. He claims the investigation proved the charges to be false. Except that the “settlement” is hidden under a non-disclosure agreement. I don’t think Herm’s “I didn’t do it, end of story,” won’t be flying this one away. And of course the Right will accuse the Left of starting this vicious lie because we are “terrified” of Mr. Cain. Yeah.

I also hear that some folks in the GOP are willing to give Grifter Newt another look. Look all ya want folks, he’s still a grifter. And by the way, by saying that, you make it so clear that you are looking for ANYBODY but Mitty. God could any one man be that unloved? Jon Huntsman calls him the “human weathervane” and nothing truer could be said. Mitt fairly turns himself inside out to follow which way the wind is blowing.

All this goes on while Ron Paul continues his best imitation of a crotchety old man. “Get government out of here!” No wars! No health care! No social security! Return to wagons and horses! Don’t need paved roads, daggummit, dirt is good enough! Repeal income taxes! Grow your own! Paint your wagon! Raise a pig! Make me president, and I’ll sit on the porch and chew me a piece of hay! Nothing to do! I can do that! Been doing nothing for years in Congress! Elect me!

Michele Bachmann. -0-

If you don’t think that the GOP has gotten willywonkerish enough, well Pat Robertson does. No less than the crazy 700 Club leader who blames all disasters on God’s anger at liberals, is warning the GOP crazy Right that they are “going too far.” Jon Stewart did a great piece on this last week. As he pointed out, Robertson isn’t suggesting that the Right is saying wrong things, no not at all. Only that they are saying them out loud, and might turn off the MAJORITY OF VOTERS. So Pat’s lesson is simply, keep our really crazy agenda to yourselves so we can win this election, and THEN we’ll explain to them how we are going to turn this country into a theocracy.

Oh this just in.

I am not a person who pays much attention to Hollywood, and the entertainment business in general (Johnny Depp excepted). However, lest we come to believe that only politicians are capable of being insanely, irreparably crazy nuts, rest assured that that bastion of loopy-ville, Holly-Wood still is more than capable of sending one into “What the F. . K?”

I don’t know who the Kardashians are. I truly don’t. I know there are a bunch of them, girls and boys. I know that Bruce Jenner, (who goes to the same plastic surgeon as Kenny Rogers and Wayne Newton), is married to the mother of the clan. I know that Kardashian is an Armenian name.

I know that one of them, the Kim one, got married recently. I know this only because Rachael Ray (the cook) fawns over the entire brood shamelessly and I “watch” her show as I work on the computer because there is nothing else on. I know the wedding was tres chic and cost more than most of us make in same three lifetimes.

Well, after 72 days of wedded bliss Miss Kim is divorcing the dude she married, who is probably somebody I should know, but don’t. Dang, and Rachael taught her how to cook a meal for her hubby too! Drat, my day is ruined now.

Comments on People Magazine website: from TyRetrO: “I’ve lost all respect for the Kardashians”. Wow, like where would you go to get some to start with?

Keep your powder dry! Referring to powder puffs you silly war mongers. 


Supply-Side Blankets

The Contrarian and I seldom go to bed at the same time.

Last night, I happened to awaken just as he was getting into the bed.

“Hey, hey, hey,” I uttered.

“What?” he intoned.

“You’re stealing the blankets!”

“I’m not settled yet,” he grunted. “It’s supply-side blankets.”


“When I’m settled, the blankets will trickle down.” he chuckled.

I never slept a wink last night.

I confess that I never thought animals were terribly thoughtful. I figured they were pretty much responsive to stimuli creatures. Brandy taught us otherwise. We learned from her that dogs at least can think and plan, and make choices. A new dimension has been added as we watch Bear cope with her absence.

Bear didn’t seem to express the typical mourning we expected, though he looked for her a lot, and avoids her grave. He went there once that we know of, removing a rawhide bone we had left in her dish and bringing it back to drop at the Contrarian’s feet.

Over time, we noticed a real oddity. The two had always had their own idiosyncracies. Brandy would lay impatiently in the doorway to the kitchen while we ate. Bear would lay elsewhere. Now he has taken up that position each day. When snacks are eaten at night, again, she was the pushy one, wiggling and twitching at each bite. He would lay back, appearing to not care. Now he does the wiggling and twitching. 

It is like he feels that he must take over all her behaviors as well as his own. We don’t know how he thinks about this, but clearly he is pondering his role within the house.

An article on recursive thinking, long thought to be the province of humans only, is being re-examined. Recursive thinking is the human ability to look backward in time at distant events, and then place them in future scenarios. Studies now suggest that chimpanzees engage in such thinking, and certainly I saw instances of Brandy doing the same as she planned how to get Bear off the couch so she could have it.

We are all of us living beings so much more alike than we are different. Evolution tells me so. :)

See the new Herm Cain ad? The one with his campaign manager smoking? Seems that his manager has some “issues”. Charges of voter suppression that got him banned in Wisconsin for three years, drunk driving convictions, foreclosures, unpaid bills and taxes.

Yesterday, I picked up this on MSNBC talk shows: The Cain campaign is in utter disarray since Cain is conflicted between his “book tour” agenda and where the VOTERS ARE. Also we understand that new campaign staff are informed that under no circumstances are they to speak to the king unless the king speaks to them first.  Doncha love that kind of stuff?

I was just a thinkin’ (dangerous I know). I’m really surprised that the scientific community doesn’t make more of  this, along the lines of the possible finding of faster-than-light particles. I mean it is revolutionary in a scientific sense. What do I mean?

Why the fact that “trickle-down” economics is a perfect proof that money at least doesn’t always obey the laws of gravity. The money seems to go up, instead of falling down.

Just a thought.

Do you find it tiresome that the clueless Right continues to whine that the OWS folks have no “message” and then likens them to anarchists?  Are they unable to read the signs? Or is it that the Right is so attuned to the “talking point” that it can’t understand that people might just be individualistic enough to think for themselves and create signs that reflect that? Slate has a good article on this today.

Need a laugh? Juanita Jean’s usually has one. This is Rolling Stones little nod to our boy Ricky (aww shucks, I ain’t no good at debatin’) Perry. This is The Best Little Whore in Texas. It’s Friday. It’s been a long week. Teaser: this description–“a goggle-eyed mega church Joan of Arc like Michele Bachmann”.  Or this one: “Perry is a human price tag”. Now that’s some writing I can love. It’s Mike Taibbi of course.

Seriously, if you want to know how Perry attracts money all the while being an awful speaker, this article gives  you a big clue. Long article but well worth it.

I am a jinx. We turned Game 6 of the World Series off in disgust. In the 8th inning. Texas was up two runs. The Cardinal pitching was awful. There had been five errors, causing me to question how these could be the two best teams in the “world.” Course, it turned into an exciting game. And now there will be a Game 7. We will watch it. But. . . it will  undoubtedly be a no-hit one run winner for Texas. That’s my prediction, since I’m gonna watch it. If I don’t watch it, it will be 24-23 after 15 innings and the Cardinals will win.

What to do, what to do?

If you needed any more evidence that Herm Cain is stupid, I mean really stupid? Well he went to Israel. And he refers to the Palestinians as the “so-called Palestinian people.” And he says that the only reason they want statehood is because Obama is so weak. Except that he was once in favor of a right of return policy. Sort of, as best he could understand what it meant. How can only a so-called people have a state to return to  Herm? And I think the desire for statehood on the part of the Palestinians might be a tad older than the three years Obama has been in office.

Do they not have a basic primer for you Herm? Can’t your smokin’ campaign manager find you a Dick and Jane version of world history?