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I’m betting on an elimination roller derby myself.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Perry appears in New Hampshire and giggles and makes sad little jokes, and talks funny and appears for all the world to be either drunk or on drugs. I’d opt for the latter. I mean seriously dude, seldom has one fallen so far so fast. Hope you had a parachute.

It seems that nothing Perry at this point resonates with anyone. His big money backers who were salivating at the thoughts of being able to control government money on a bigger stage, must be pained. He’s been such a huge asset in Texas. The human price tag they call him.

Meanwhile Ricky Santorum is visiting the 99th county in Iowa this week. That’s a first. And much to the dismay of old “Don’t Google me”, it is making zero importance to the fine folks of Iowa. In fact Ricky should take a lesson from the front-runners in Iowa, Cain and Romney. Of all the candidates, they have spent the least time in the Hawkeye state. Ya see, Rick, we vote for those who stay the hell out of our fair state. We don’t like people generally.

And then there is Herm Cain, now embroiled in yet another controversy. This one involves the perennial GOP problem–messin’ with “wimmin” not their wives. Herm denies he “ever sexually harassed” anyone, but admits that that charge was made. He claims the investigation proved the charges to be false. Except that the “settlement” is hidden under a non-disclosure agreement. I don’t think Herm’s “I didn’t do it, end of story,” won’t be flying this one away. And of course the Right will accuse the Left of starting this vicious lie because we are “terrified” of Mr. Cain. Yeah.

I also hear that some folks in the GOP are willing to give Grifter Newt another look. Look all ya want folks, he’s still a grifter. And by the way, by saying that, you make it so clear that you are looking for ANYBODY but Mitty. God could any one man be that unloved? Jon Huntsman calls him the “human weathervane” and nothing truer could be said. Mitt fairly turns himself inside out to follow which way the wind is blowing.

All this goes on while Ron Paul continues his best imitation of a crotchety old man. “Get government out of here!” No wars! No health care! No social security! Return to wagons and horses! Don’t need paved roads, daggummit, dirt is good enough! Repeal income taxes! Grow your own! Paint your wagon! Raise a pig! Make me president, and I’ll sit on the porch and chew me a piece of hay! Nothing to do! I can do that! Been doing nothing for years in Congress! Elect me!

Michele Bachmann. -0-

If you don’t think that the GOP has gotten willywonkerish enough, well Pat Robertson does. No less than the crazy 700 Club leader who blames all disasters on God’s anger at liberals, is warning the GOP crazy Right that they are “going too far.” Jon Stewart did a great piece on this last week. As he pointed out, Robertson isn’t suggesting that the Right is saying wrong things, no not at all. Only that they are saying them out loud, and might turn off the MAJORITY OF VOTERS. So Pat’s lesson is simply, keep our really crazy agenda to yourselves so we can win this election, and THEN we’ll explain to them how we are going to turn this country into a theocracy.

Oh this just in.

I am not a person who pays much attention to Hollywood, and the entertainment business in general (Johnny Depp excepted). However, lest we come to believe that only politicians are capable of being insanely, irreparably crazy nuts, rest assured that that bastion of loopy-ville, Holly-Wood still is more than capable of sending one into “What the F. . K?”

I don’t know who the Kardashians are. I truly don’t. I know there are a bunch of them, girls and boys. I know that Bruce Jenner, (who goes to the same plastic surgeon as Kenny Rogers and Wayne Newton), is married to the mother of the clan. I know that Kardashian is an Armenian name.

I know that one of them, the Kim one, got married recently. I know this only because Rachael Ray (the cook) fawns over the entire brood shamelessly and I “watch” her show as I work on the computer because there is nothing else on. I know the wedding was tres chic and cost more than most of us make in same three lifetimes.

Well, after 72 days of wedded bliss Miss Kim is divorcing the dude she married, who is probably somebody I should know, but don’t. Dang, and Rachael taught her how to cook a meal for her hubby too! Drat, my day is ruined now.

Comments on People Magazine website: from TyRetrO: “I’ve lost all respect for the Kardashians”. Wow, like where would you go to get some to start with?

Keep your powder dry! Referring to powder puffs you silly war mongers.