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Seriously, I do.

I mean Michele is an idiot, and Perry is aw-gosh, one too. And Herm tops them both.

But Sarah, she started it all.

What you say?

Why, the notion that the seriously stupid,  incurious, and vainglorious boob could tramp around the country on other people’s money and talk about how they would run the country  in the, I’d sooner roast in hell, likelihood that that ever happened.

What I find so fascinating about the Moosilla Mama is that she made it quite clear that not only did she find herself fit to be the Co-mmander-in-chief, but that she pooh-poohed any notion that she ought to learn anything about that job.

Perhaps in her defense, it’s because she intended to shrink government to be no more noticeable than a pimple on an elephant’s ass and therefore, there really would be damn little to do.

But I don’t think so.

Sarah and her wannabe students start out with thoroughly outlandish ideas of how smart they are. And that leads to the conclusion that they just have  to take over just about everything in order to get it “done right.”

I mean take a look at the Cainster. Herm really thinks he is a self-made black man. There is nothing exceptional about Herm or other such persons, they are sickeningly insecure. Thus the need to convince themselves, and then others, that they did it by their own-self. No history for them.

So in Herm’s mind, he is simply using the GOP and their need for a “Negro Shill” to accomplish another of his personal goals. In his own mind, he is puttin’ one over on whitey. Except, the user is being used.

Same as Sarah. She thinks she’s the puppeteer, when in fact she is the puppet. And once the novelty and use has worn off, the puppet is put back in the box, until another play requires the same character.

Of course, you can never convince any of these simpletons of the truth. That would shatter the illusion they have created about who and what they are. There are and will always be plenty of enemies out there, cast in the needed role of sexist,  or racist, or commie. If the goal is not attained, conspiracy theories are injected into the narrative to explain away the loss.

I figure Silly Sarah is just kicking herself, or Todd, or whomever nodded in agreement when she concluded that she wouldn’t win if she tried. I mean, she would be the flavor of the month that would stick, if only in her own mind. She must be dang pissed.

She must be scrambling around, tossing papers hither and yon, screaming into the phone, gettin’ Greta and Sean and Daddy and anyone who might listen, on a conference call. “Can I still do this? Can I?”

I know, I’m wasting time. It ain’t gonna happen.

But it could.

How much more tomfoolery can we expect out of Perry and Cain and Michele before they collapse from sheer lack of any more hot air? I fear they will be gone all too soon and we’ll be left with the (boring  x 15) Mittens. And it will be a very very long year if that is the case. 

I mean, there are only so many issues of import for the Mittens to flip on.

If we get down to. . . .

 “I used to like grape jelly, and I know I said I would always support the grape industry, but what’s right for the Mittens isn’t necessarily right for America, so I no longer support the grape industry. I haven’t changed my position, just my perspective. I’m running for office, for God’s sake!”

 If we get down to that, I’m jumping off that cliff.

So Sarah, if this reaches your ears. Please my little goof, please throw your spangly flag in the ring!