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Aww, nuts. The great white, black, mocha-lite hope seems to be dropping like a Perry.

We are about to “turn, turn, turn, turn” to a new season, turn, turn, turn.

My man, Herm, has gone and done it once again.

The question was quite simple. SO SIMPLE A 5TH GRADER COULD MAKE A GOOD GUESS.

Alas, not our Pizza man.

The question:

“Do you agree with the manner in which the President handled Libya?”

The answer?

“Libya. . . .Libya.” *squirm for a minute. “The president. . . .supported the uprising, right? Just wanna make sure we are talking about the same thing!” “squirm for a minute. “Libya, Qaddafi, right?” “I support the outcome, but not the way the President handled it.”

Whew, he figured he dodged that bullet. But then he went on.

“The reasons  he handled it wrong are: *pause and squirm some more*, oh that was a different one. I got so much swirling around in my mind.”

Would you like pepperoni or sausage?

When confronted with reporters later and asked to explain his failure to remember Libya, the former candidate grinned from ear to ear, and enunciated for all the world to hear: “9-9-9!” and stalked off.

In case you think I’m making this up, here is a transcript of the main portion, after the minute long squirm as he fought to locate Libya on the map of his pizza-sodden mind:

OK, Libya. [Pause] President Obama supported the uprising, correct? President Obama called for the removal of Khaddhafy. I just wanted to make sure we’re talking about the same thing before I say, ‘Yes, I agreed’ or ‘No I didn’t agree.’ I do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason — nope, that’s a different one. [pause] I gotta go back and see. I got all this stuff twirling around in my head. Specifically, what are you asking me that I agree or not disagree with Obama?

Well, Herm is falling apart, and the lucky recipient is this month’s “New” Not Romney. Wait for it. NEWT!

Yes the Grifter is racing up the pile of bodies strewn along the road in a desperate attempt to be NNR (Newt NOT Romney).

Herm has been offered a life-time contract with SNL.

Meanwhile the Grio weighs in on the issue of how conservatives, both white and black, now engage in a game of “are you black enough“, reintroducing an a new edgy racism into the game. In case you didn’t know, Obama ain’t nearly black enough to count.  

I cannot say how lovely it is to contemplate that Newt is the new and rising savior. Rick Santorum can only be celebrating at this point, assured that come December his turn will come.

Well, I just had to pop over to the Blaze to see what the nincompoops had to say:


He nailed the answer. So he stumbles at the beginning, IT IS FOR A NEWSPAPER. Why does a person have to have an answer in 15 seconds? Allow the man time to gather his thoughts. Once he did he nailed it.

I question the Blaze’s headline and the reasoning behind the wording….again

Don’t be late for your English language class now bud. Today’s word is REALITY, as in what one have you invented today?


Oh geez!!! This happens to everyone at one point or another. It’s called a “brain fart”.

And I randomly nominate you as having no brain to fart. See above for reality check.


Dear Blaze, No matter how much you discreetly try to undermine Herman Cain,,, I’m not letting you influence my choice for president…. I realize you want to push the RHINO Romney,,, but I don’t like him nor do I trust him….. I’ll make my own decision thank you.

Bad Blaze, Bad, Bad. Wayner’s choice will be determined by throwing dem bones like all his decisions are!

Bought Your Silo Yet?

But, I have seen Herman Cain in the hot seat several times where he has done remarkably well. He is always very quick with a relative and thoughtful response. If he wasn’t so quick here it just tells me that he is the real deal. He is human and genuine.

Yeah, he has no clue so that makes him genuine? Genuinely incompetent. Tell, me do you look for the same type of doctor?


All Cain had to say was “that it was none of our business” and kept on that theme, but NOOOO. He had to somehow attempt to justify us poking our noses in it. Now he looks like an idiot.

I am of the firm opinion that every candidate should just say no. How much more interesting to vote in a vacuum. But there is always one of those upstairs in your brain case right Mil?


Gotta love the “journalists” who are more concerned about defending Obama and trying to entrap Cain than reporting on THE TRUTH. Journalists always claim to be asking “tough questions”…welll, “tough questions” are far different than asking questions with the intent of entrapping or tripping up someone on purpose. I’m no journalist, but I could ask far tougher questions than these clowns without trying to entrap the person I’m interviewing. The President of the United States has a Cabinet for a reason…if he ignores the input from his Cabinet (like Obama) he starts acting like a unilateral dictator (like Obama). Would you rather have a President who doesn’t listen to his Cabinet or We The People or one who does – Hmmmm? ROCK ON HERMAN CAIN!

Justin Bieber for President. After all, he don’t need to know a thing. That’s what a cabinet is for. What is so “entrapping” about “do you agree with the way the President handled Libya?”


Considering that Cain is our best chance at defeating Obama I will get off this site and go and donate more to his campaign tonight.
You either want Obama gone or you don’t. If we elect Cain as our nominee, then Obama is out. With all of the other candidates it’s a crap-shoot.

And getting rid of Obama is really what it’s all about huh Dave. Forget the country, Mr. Patriot. Oh, I am all for what you are for. Please do make him the candidate!