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Ya see, it’s fairly insidious. You start out quite innocently going to read one blog, and they turn ya on to another. So you think, okay, one more in the old reader won’t hurt.

So then you go to capture a picture and in the background of the picture you see the website it came from, and you think, “hey that looks interesting, and so you go and take a look and then say, “okay, I guess I can add another.

That’s how you end up with 259 damn blogs in your reader folks. Remember that, and beware!

Figured I’d give you the full size of this gem since the fine print is funny too.

Anyway, I was over at “we are respectable negroes” and that led to this site called Random Walks, and he, (being John) had a well done piece on the TeaNutz® and the use of the Gadsden Flag. And while you are at it, stop by 3CHICSPOLITICO and see if you like the offerings there.

Most of you know that I have little truck with the New Atheism. I rather like the old frankly. There is an amazingly good article in the Guardian about the subject and why the New Atheist is pretty much just as fundamentally literalistic as the fundamentalist Christian. Here’s a nice quote that might whet you appetite:

This from a former but still believing parish priest:

 “It is impossible to be a serious Christian and believe in heaven and hell.” When I, who as raised in a strongly and conventionally religious home, expressed surprise and suggested that once one stops believing in heaven one might as well stop believing in God, he said, more vehemently: “It’s exactly the opposite: not believing in heaven and hell is a prerequisite for serious Christian belief.”

As James Woods points out, the New Atheists have no argument to make against this group of Christians. Nor with other mainstream Buddhists, Hindus or Muslims either.

Meanwhile, back at the Casbah, Michele “Who’s your crazy now?” Bachmann is all up in arms. Isn’t it perfectly clear that GOD has spoken in the guise of earthquake and hurricane? I mean isn’t this down right obvious? And Michele of course has his ear, and purports to speak for his Supreme Being.

You see, GOD Almighty wishes to be heard, and he wishes politicians, and most particularly one Barrack Hussein Obama would listen to the PEOPLE. So she says.

Except, that the INSANE minority that Michele wishes to represent, ain’t exactly the definition of “the people” as we see it. The people would seem to suggest some sort of BARE FREAKIN’ MAJORITY doncha think there doll?

Anyways, I got not nearly the satirical game as Juanita Jean’s take on the Bachmann thing, so go read her biting commentary.

Me is much likin’ the great double down of Ricky “aw shucks” Perry. He’s gonna drive that Ponzi scheme Social Security argument right into the La Brea Tar Pits. I’d love to be around in a few million when they dig up his bones and put him on display in the Natural History Museum as a “TeaNutz® relic” known only to a very few political scientists who like really really obscure subject matter.

SmartyPants says it all with this great cartoon:

And then SmartyPants led me here to this which I must say, says it all too.

That which I cannot study empirically I do not understand.  If there is nothing for me to have observed and I have either not sought or not been persuaded with evidence, then my answer is I do not know.

My peace is not in knowing; it is in wanting to know.  And my bliss is not in knowing; it is in trying to know.

This makes me a liberal.  Evidence is not something I fight against, and answers are not something I require.

That which one cannot study empirically the conservative claims to understand anyway.  Even when there is nothing to observe and the conservative has neither sought nor been presented with evidence, the conservative’s answer is I know.

The conservative finds peace only in knowing the answers to questions that she has not even asked.  And once she knows, she will not be persuaded by evidence; hers is to defend her truth, not to find nature’s.

And this of course means that Beeryblog must also go into my reader.

And humorously speaking, if they weren’t so darn sick in the head, here is what the Blaze nincompoops which you to know today:

The Blaze’s Jonathon Seidel, a pretence of a journalist, wants you to know that Bernice King, daughter of MLK just might be a racist, or perhaps she just made an honest mistake. More fun to think the former though rich Jonathon? The Blaze racists don’t know the definition of racism of course.

And Jon stumps for the nearly forgotten Glenny *I’m gettiin’ out of my straight-jacket soon” Beck, and urges you to watch his “rousing human rights speech” at some church in Texas.

Meanwhile, a “possible” and “maybe illegal” uncle of President Obama’s “might” have been arrested in Massachusetts last week for DUI.

Have a good one!