When Nobody Loves Ya

One of the funniest things in this election cycle, is the admitted lukewarm embrace by fellow Redumplicans of their main man–the Willard. I mean they shrug and, for maybe the first time in their lives, speak the truth.

Rubio, Latin wonder of Florida said this: “There are a lot of other people out there that some of us wish had run for president — but they didn’t.”

Former NRCC chairman, Tom Davis said this: “He may not be Mr. Personality. You know, he’s the guy who gives the fireside chat and the fire goes out.”

And now, John Boehner has said this: “Listen, we’re just politicians. I wasn’t elected to play God. The American people probably aren’t going to fall in love with Mitt Romney.” And then he said this: “some people” will want to vote for Romney — specifically, Romney’s “friends, relatives and fellow Mormons” — but everyone else who backs Romney will be doing so, not because they think he’ll be a good president, but because they hate President Obama.”

I mean really, they don’t even like the guy, or frankly trust him much I suspect.

I understand these are available for purchase. I kinda like them don’t you?

Our favorite Tom of the month, disgraced Col. Alan West of Florida, advises that those who receive social security are participating in a form of “modern day slavery”. This windbag of crap insults tens of millions of Americans by suggesting that they too are just lazy no-good welfare recipients who would do better to get off their retirements and disabilities and get a job.  What a piece of pooh.

Ya know I know that smoking that weed causes the munchies, but folks this is ridiculous doncha think? I mean, leave that stuff alone:

Authorities now suggest that the dude that was killed because he wouldn’t stop eating the face of a poor guy in Miami, was not whacked on bath salts which had been previously thought. Turns out the only thing they could find in his system was cannabis, which to those of you not in the drug-know is POT.

So, hey, if your friends insist on smoking the dope around ya, I’d advise you wear a locked hockey goalie helmet at all times.

Squatlo has a great little video about Willard that you should not miss. You know the Dos Equis guy? The “most interesting man in the world” ads? Well go and meet the “least interesting man in the world–Mitt.” I mean it is seriously funny.

Now, I am not a rich person. I admit that. I didn’t go to any fancy finishing school or private one for that matter. I did not go to the more prestigious of our universities. But I managed to get pretty darn ejukated, if I do say so for myself. But ya see, I’m told now that I’m not at all book-learned up, and for that reason, and perhaps because I don’t drive the BMW or summer in the Hamptons, I’m missin’ just how awful THAT darkie in the White House is screwin’ up some folkses Merika.

So says, a social elite, interviewed on her way into the big do’ins thrown by the Koch’s for their mouthpiece-Willard:

“I don’t think the common person is getting it,” she said from the passenger seat of a Range Rover stamped with East Hampton beach permits. “Nobody understands why Obama is hurting them.

“We’ve got the message,” she added. “But my college kid, the baby sitters, the nails ladies — everybody who’s got the right to vote — they don’t understand what’s going on. I just think if you’re lower income — one, you’re not as educated, two, they don’t understand how it works, they don’t understand how the systems work, they don’t understand the impact.”

Another high muckity muck chimed in:

“It’s not helping the economy to pit the people who are the engine of the economy against the people who rely on that engine, . . .”

Ya see, the Republicans are really doing us a favor by trying to make it hard for us to vote. We just aren’t smart enough to make a good decision. We should just leave it to them–ya know, the one’s who were driving blind to the cliff. Over we go, and kiss your sweet butt goodbye!

What this country needs is a good old-fashioned discussion about the Electoral College.

Now before you start to snooze, listen.

Really, I mean it.

There is a good article written at 3quarksdaily and you ought to read it. You might surprise yourself.




Oh to Be Entitled

That’s me, seventeenth from the left.

I think the sign I’m supposed to wear in public is coming in the mail.

I am officially “sucking on the government tit” or Entittlement as you prefer.

Not quite actually, since my bottle won’t be officially tipped to me until June 3, 2012, but the paperwork is completed.

I’m a taker according to Mr. Paul Ryan. A user and abuser of all the fine citizens who pay taxes and thus pay my way.

I feel so ashamed ya know, having worked for a living and contributing to that fund. But that was for others. I did that out of the largess of my big heart. The hearts of the TeaMob®? Their hearts be hard and cold as stone. They are offended. They insist that the Government should keep it’s hands off their social security and medicare and Medicaid, all the while, they should end mine. Just cuz I guess. Just cuz they are so stupid they can’t reason beyond what it takes to tie their shoes.

Anyway, if you are offended in reading a blog by a woman who is about to bleed you dry with her monthly gov’ment check, then I say adios amigos!

If you have been reading the comments on the humor post on Michigan, you know we gots us a troll. He’s a Yooper. His spellin’ is a bit off, and he’s a mean little fart. He’s one that doesn’t want any of them social programs in “his America”. He’s proudly voting for Dr. Paul, you know the racist who wants to end all government programs because after all, “we are not our brother’s keeper” or our sister’s either. At least the government has no responsibility in its compact with citizens to ensure they get basic needs met. While I applaud, Paul’s take on our war policy to a degree, I’m not especially likin’ his rather draconian social policy, which is “don’t care, keep it out of my yard, not my problem.”

The Michigan primary is over. And The Willard managed to claim a victory. Santorum managed to sound like he won. And the beat goes on. Newt will be claiming he’s the “only real” opposition now. The GOP continues to whimper. Talk about inability to make a decision! At least the Death Star CChristie is not being wheeled forth by a tractor to protest once again that he can’t be enticed to bite the apple. He knows its poison.

John Boehner got in front of some microphones yesterday. He said something. He yelled, all the while nearly unable to keep from grinning. It’s a farce. They don’t bother to even hide it any more.

I bet you can’t wait. For what? I can’t wait for Johnny Depp to call, but that’s something else entirely. No, I mean Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He is coming out tomorrow with his findings on his very thorough, completely unbiased, investigation of the birth of one Barack Hussein Obama. He figures the President will be most appreciative.

Meanwhile, some man whose ass grew out of his shoulders and was  mistaken for a head, has filed suit claiming that the President is not the President, because as we all know, NO NEGRO can ever be a citizen. You can take it from there.  Ms. Douchey has a fine response to that little lawsuit. The wiz kid is  Gordon Warren Epperly. So it’s best not to name your kid Gordon, since it means ASS in all languages. David Barton put in a call, and asked him to teach at his new Internetional College of Dunces. (I can’t verify this last, but statistical analysis says its 77% likely to be true.)

Gota love Olympia Snowe. A rational Republican (a dying breed), has said enough is enough. Threatened, though not seriously in danger, by TeaMob® primary threats, Ms. Snowe retired and stuck a very pointed high heel up the butt of the Republican leadership, making it abundantly clear that the politics of ideology was wearing thin with her. Undoubtedly she has felt a bit guilty at having to bow to the extremist right as of late. She had the grace to bow out and screw the crazies at the same time. The Democrats have a real chance now to win that seat and retain control of the Senate.

 Lots of folks are coming out to discuss the death throes of the GOP. Now I don’t call ’em early, and I’m not predicting a thing. But the GOP is a dead duck, as we know it. It will either purge itself of the infection know as the TeaMob® or it will become a strange 25% party of economic knownothings + haters of anything not white. Watching this play out is utterly fascinating. Maureen Dowd has a nice piece on this “Greek Tragedy.” Jonathan Chait also wrote a piece in the New York Magazine. And so did John Heilemann.

Meanwhile The Willard continues to do the usual GOP things–assume there is no video tape of years past, and that everyone is dumber than he is. After telling us that Ann drives a “couple of Cadillacs” and that he’s not as avid a fan of NASCAR as some, but he has some good friends “who are NASCAR team owners”, he then went on inexplicably to tell us how his daddy was in the 50 year jubilee of the automobile, and he was “around four” and he remembers Woodward Avenue being painted gold and the parade, and the floats. Except that he was still nine months away from being born. Makes you wanna run out and get some of those “lullabies for in utero” don’t it?

Well, you also remember he said that he was not prepared to “light his hair on fire to please the base” (read I’m not prepared to say insane things which you idiots believe). Well then he called Santorum a player of dirty tricks for running robo calls urging Democrats to cross over and vote for him to send Willard a message. Willard said this was foul, dirty, below the belt, evil and all manner of wrong.

Yeah. Except that Jon Stewart found the tape wherein The Willard BRAGGED about crossing over in Massachusetts to vote for the weakest candidate in a Democratic field as a way to enhance the chances of Republicans  winning the general. Yeah, dirty, foul, below the belt, evil, and all manner of wrong there Willard. But ya did it anyway didn’t ya? Because in the end, Willard, winning is what matters. Yeah, we get it.  

Back to Disgusting Politics

Ya see, it’s fairly insidious. You start out quite innocently going to read one blog, and they turn ya on to another. So you think, okay, one more in the old reader won’t hurt.

So then you go to capture a picture and in the background of the picture you see the website it came from, and you think, “hey that looks interesting, and so you go and take a look and then say, “okay, I guess I can add another.

That’s how you end up with 259 damn blogs in your reader folks. Remember that, and beware!

Figured I’d give you the full size of this gem since the fine print is funny too.

Anyway, I was over at “we are respectable negroes” and that led to this site called Random Walks, and he, (being John) had a well done piece on the TeaNutz® and the use of the Gadsden Flag. And while you are at it, stop by 3CHICSPOLITICO and see if you like the offerings there.

Most of you know that I have little truck with the New Atheism. I rather like the old frankly. There is an amazingly good article in the Guardian about the subject and why the New Atheist is pretty much just as fundamentally literalistic as the fundamentalist Christian. Here’s a nice quote that might whet you appetite:

This from a former but still believing parish priest:

 “It is impossible to be a serious Christian and believe in heaven and hell.” When I, who as raised in a strongly and conventionally religious home, expressed surprise and suggested that once one stops believing in heaven one might as well stop believing in God, he said, more vehemently: “It’s exactly the opposite: not believing in heaven and hell is a prerequisite for serious Christian belief.”

As James Woods points out, the New Atheists have no argument to make against this group of Christians. Nor with other mainstream Buddhists, Hindus or Muslims either.

Meanwhile, back at the Casbah, Michele “Who’s your crazy now?” Bachmann is all up in arms. Isn’t it perfectly clear that GOD has spoken in the guise of earthquake and hurricane? I mean isn’t this down right obvious? And Michele of course has his ear, and purports to speak for his Supreme Being.

You see, GOD Almighty wishes to be heard, and he wishes politicians, and most particularly one Barrack Hussein Obama would listen to the PEOPLE. So she says.

Except, that the INSANE minority that Michele wishes to represent, ain’t exactly the definition of “the people” as we see it. The people would seem to suggest some sort of BARE FREAKIN’ MAJORITY doncha think there doll?

Anyways, I got not nearly the satirical game as Juanita Jean’s take on the Bachmann thing, so go read her biting commentary.

Me is much likin’ the great double down of Ricky “aw shucks” Perry. He’s gonna drive that Ponzi scheme Social Security argument right into the La Brea Tar Pits. I’d love to be around in a few million when they dig up his bones and put him on display in the Natural History Museum as a “TeaNutz® relic” known only to a very few political scientists who like really really obscure subject matter.

SmartyPants says it all with this great cartoon:

And then SmartyPants led me here to this which I must say, says it all too.

That which I cannot study empirically I do not understand.  If there is nothing for me to have observed and I have either not sought or not been persuaded with evidence, then my answer is I do not know.

My peace is not in knowing; it is in wanting to know.  And my bliss is not in knowing; it is in trying to know.

This makes me a liberal.  Evidence is not something I fight against, and answers are not something I require.

That which one cannot study empirically the conservative claims to understand anyway.  Even when there is nothing to observe and the conservative has neither sought nor been presented with evidence, the conservative’s answer is I know.

The conservative finds peace only in knowing the answers to questions that she has not even asked.  And once she knows, she will not be persuaded by evidence; hers is to defend her truth, not to find nature’s.

And this of course means that Beeryblog must also go into my reader.

And humorously speaking, if they weren’t so darn sick in the head, here is what the Blaze nincompoops which you to know today:

The Blaze’s Jonathon Seidel, a pretence of a journalist, wants you to know that Bernice King, daughter of MLK just might be a racist, or perhaps she just made an honest mistake. More fun to think the former though rich Jonathon? The Blaze racists don’t know the definition of racism of course.

And Jon stumps for the nearly forgotten Glenny *I’m gettiin’ out of my straight-jacket soon” Beck, and urges you to watch his “rousing human rights speech” at some church in Texas.

Meanwhile, a “possible” and “maybe illegal” uncle of President Obama’s “might” have been arrested in Massachusetts last week for DUI.

Have a good one!

US Politics for Dummies

No, we really don’t have to practice US politics for dummies here at AFeatherAdrift, for the simple reason that you readers are both sophisticated and knowledgeable. Those that need to be reading, aren’t of course. That would be the GOP, in case you were unsure.

The Dream Act passed the House. The Dream Act has, of course, no chance of passing the Senate. The brilliant requirement of having to have a super majority on any vote means that little gets done there. And most assuredly, even less than little gets done, when the GOP is about the business of “just saying no.”

The Democrats don’t have the votes to invoke cloture, so they are tabling the Dream Act. But The Reaction makes a good point, and one that at least won’t be lost on some GOPers, if there are any sane ones left that is.

Even in losing, the Democrats go down on record as the party who favors the sane, moral, and rational position, that young Latinos who were brought to this country as children, and who have completed high school, and either military service or college, can get legal residency in this country and move forward to citizenship. The GOP, on the other hand, continue to favor nativism and the cruel  and harsh persecution of undocumented aliens in this country.

The GOP continues to show the country deliberately and with clear intent, that it is the party of the rich and the white. Tell us how that works for you come 2012.


I thought that as part of the cave-in on tax cuts for the rich, we were getting an extension of unemployment benefits for an additional 13 months. According to Crooks and Liars, that just ain’t so, and the cap is still 99 weeks and you’re through. That is no compromise at all, as I see it. Read the link and see what you think. I’m completely unclear and now see the Democratic House anger as very justified. Guess I’m ready to oppose this damn bill too.


Can’t say as I’m surprised. It turns out that a slew of newly elected GOPer’s have hired lobbyists to run their congressional offices. Teabuggers ran on the argument that Washington was broken and a den of iniquity peopled with corruption and special interests who no longer did the people’s will. It seems to be business as usual, and that is exactly what we expected to happen. The poor teabuggers will soon find out that they have been taken for the proverbial ride. So much for “we the people” and all that rot. We warned ya, ya know.


I just want to personally thank GOPer’s in both the House and Senate for blocking a measly one-time payment of $250 to those who collect social  security and have been denied cost of living increases for two years running. Add another group that the GOP has lost in 2012. But do protect the right of the obscenely rich to avoid taxes Repukelicans.


I read this, but can’t find the link. It seems that teabuggers are mighty unhappy with the compromise tax cut extensions. They had been taken in by the promises of fiscal responsibility promised by the GOPers. Does the word sucker come to mind? Anyway, the novel answer being given by some Restuplicans, is that all that fiscal responsibility doesn’t start until the new Congress is sworn in, so it’s still business as usual until then. Now that’s an argument you can believe in! Enjoy your new master, teabuggers!


We all talk a lot about economic things, but frankly, most of us, (myself included) don’t understand this stuff all that well. Corrupting Conservatives, gives us a good primer on what all this tax business and economic growth actually mean. This is truly US politics for dummies in an economic nutshell. Do stop by and learn.


Was it just a week ago or so that Susan Collins said she was in favor pretty much of repealing DADT but couldn’t unless there was a tax cut bill negotiated, the “holy grail” of the GOP? Yes, well, now it seems that Ms. Collins has been instructed to stop that talk, and to get in marching line with the GOP. She is reconsidering her position. Olympia Snow, already did her bit to be immoral and unprincipled, she helped kill the Dream Act in the Senate. These people have no shame, and it proves that you can’t trust any Resucklican. They all lie.

Collins continues to make more demands on Reid, and the we shall see. Some are optimistic, but I’m too used to being screwed to expect the right outcome. Time will tell.

We all know why this is happening of course. Collins is being targeted by the teabuggers and well, re-election trumps principles doesn’t it? I mean, of course, nothing can be more important than retaining my government job.


What’s on the stove? Ribs in the oven with some smoky paprika mac and cheese and homegrown corn on the side. I’m getting hungry even as I type. It’s Iowa food today!