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You may have missed it. The media hasn’t really emphasized it that much.

So just an update. There is a hurricane along the east coast. It’s raining and the wind is blowing. Most of the people are gone. The media, by the thousands, are strung out along various shores, bays, boating marinas and so forth showing you how good they are at standing in windy rainstorms. It’s exciting.

They give a lot of useful information. Like “get out of here” and “don’t stand in front of windows,” and “don’t go outside.” They specialize in speculating about what could happen if a whole lot of “ifs” should all simultaneously occur. I like that. It’s like a game. “If it wasn’t low tide now, and if the winds should increase, and if the waters should come over the sand dune here, and if the houses weren’t all built on stilts across the way here, well if all those things happen, it could be really bad here.”

This is only surpassed by reporters driving around in circles trying to find “some damage” to report on. So far some roofing shingles have been show flapping and a piece of aluminum siding is loose. A fine politico from Massachusetts advised that “this is gonna affect different parts of Massachusetts differently.” Yeah I bet. Boy informative!  

I don’t mean to minimize the troubles that certain people are facing, but this is the usual media farce that we would expect. Heading for the movie channels today.

Oh, by the by. I have another blog. It’s one you may have little or no interest in. It’s not designed to be a big conversation blog. It’s really my personal cookbook made public. I have tried to make hard copies of my recipes and put them in order, and nothing works well, and so I hit on this idea. Where I can organize easily and get rid of all the paper, and I don’t have to worry about losing anything.

Phew. So anyway, it’s called “What’s on the Stove?” If you like recipes, well then the best thing to do is just subscribe by e-mail and you’ll get it when I post one. I post irregularly. There are only four up now. I think. Lol. I’m going to put up one later. I also post on Just a Pinch. They have about 100 new recipes a day which are nice to run through and then bring up any one that looks interesting. For $10 you get a recipe organizer and shopping list capabilities. Also a nice apron. And their tech people are awesome. Again, if ya like recipes.

Oh the only really unique thing about the blog, is that no recipe is or will be listed there that I haven’t made and added to my regular repertoire of menu items. I’m probably going to incorporate a page just for a comprehensive shopping list, which could be adaptable to your needs. If you are so inclined. I’m anal. I know.

Ya see, when some goofy jackass starts really getting all homophobic, then’s the time to start paying attention to his behavior. Did you hear about Mr Hinkle? The Indiana State GOPer? The one who is always pushing DOM legislation? Oh ya didn’t?

Seems Mr. Hinkle, who is pushing 60, got himself a boy on Craigslist which is a teen. And they were at a motel. And well, you can guess. Mr. Hinkle says they talked about sports. And as he put it, “he went to the edge” but thank God pulled himself back in time!

So he claims nothing happened, except the kid stole his money and his electronics. Except that his wifey, gave the kid’s sister $10,000 in hush your mouth money, except she told everybody anyway.

Will they never learn? Mr. Hinkle assures everyone he has no interest in marrying the boy.

Did you happen to see the latest dust-up Mitty (I WANT to be President) Romney had with a lady who came to his whatever speech? She asked him would he mind stopping all the platitudes, before he cut her off. He comes off in these encounters awfully nasty, arrogant, and playing gotcha with words. He is rude and obnoxious frankly. Case ya didn’t here, he’s trying pledging not to spend one dollar on “global warming” in an attempt to stick his nose deeper into the collective butts of the TeaNutz®.

I think Mitty is starting to crackle around the edges and it appears so far at least that RIcky is surging hard and fast. I’m having a ball watching this train wreck.

Speaking of things that make your skin crawl, that’s about how I feel when I see or hear Dickie Darth Cheney these days. He is actually evil in every sense of the word. He loves him some torture. I bet he does something unmentionable to his nether regions every time he hears those immortal words, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” Duval has him shaking with delight, and oh, I don’t want that image in my mind! Help! Erase, Erase!

Time to get back to the hurricane coverage. I sure don’t want to miss anything.