I Know People in High Places

Well kiddos, another score for me! Sorry Contrarian, but I am soooo far ahead of you. Eat my dust baby.

You undoubtedly play this game with your spouse, significant other, friend, pet, or stranger. Yeah I know you do. Just what famous celebrity could you reach out and touch? Kevin Baconish strands of connection?

First let’s set the record before I tell you of my latest coup.

The Contrarian lists the following:

  • His mother met the man whose father was the Marlboro Man on the TV commercials.
  • The Contrarian once sat in the chair that Fess Parker had sat in when he played Davy Crockett on TV.
  • Once, when a child, the Contrarian’s mother urged his brother Gary to go and get the autograph of the nice man making the rounds at the farming exposition. She was sure he was a politician and would run for President. He did get John F. Kennedy’s autograph, but lost it before the 1960 election.

That’s it. That’s his paltry collection of “I know people in high places.”

Me on the other hand:

  • I attended a summer theatre production of Arsenic and Old Lace in Flint, Michigan and saw William Shatner after the show signing autographs. I was within 8 feet of him (20 foot rule applies). I did not seek an autograph. I am so above that sort of thing.
  • Jane Fonda gave an anti-war speech at MSU and stayed at our dorm that night. I stood within touching distance of her. (She is one tiny person!)
  • I knew the cop who was a bodyguard for then Detroit Mayor Coleman Young and he had been to Camp David and met President Carter. (A true Bacon event)
  • I shook hands with George McGovern when he was running for president.

And now I have another, and this is just an amazing one.

My high school biology teach, Mr. Everette Humphrey, owned the only known saddle of the Lone Ranger! Yes indeed. Aren’t you utterly totally and forever amazed? Now this was not the TV Lone Ranger, not Clayton Moore, but the original radio Lone Ranger.

Mr. Brace Breemer, (for that was his name) traveled widely dressed in his Lone Ranger gear. He also, at his home in Oxford Michigan, kept his horse Silver. When Mr. Breemer died, Mr. Humphrey, an avid memorabilia collector, bought the saddle.

Pretty heady stuff huh? So there you have it. I’m so far ahead, that well, I’m thinking of offering myself onto the speech-givin’ circuit to wow Americans across the land with my “I know people in high places” talk. I’m sure I can command a healthy fee. Move over Sarah, I’m taking over!

What is a Maybell? Depends on where you live. Yes, language is regional. If you are the type who loves words and how they change and are changed by location, location, location, then buzz over the the Humanities Magazine and read their fun article.

And there is a book, The Dictionary of American Regional Language. This is a must for the Contrarian. Unfortunately, it’s multi-volume and probably costs a fortune.

By the way, in Wisconsin a Maybell is a lily of the valley. In Michigan it refers to a marsh marigold.

We’ve had a few fairly interesting discussions about the issue of violence and how we have come to it. Is it part of us? Learned? Inevitable? Subject to evolutionary death?

Steven Pinker writes a wonderful essay on the subject and argues that we are in the most peaceful time of human history. It seems to me I posted something very recently on Pinker’s thinking, but in any case, this seems new and more importantly check out this site. It is called the Edge, and it’s mission statement is:

To arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves.

 Looks like a site worth keeping a close eye on. Note: there are other essays there worth taking a look at.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the Documentary Channel and some of the interesting stuff we had got a chance to watch. I mentioned that some of them seemed rather odd, like the one about the “man with paraplegic wife who wants to open a brothel.” 

Now I assumed this was some dirty old man living up in the hills who wanted to run some girls out of his spare bedroom. Not quite the story. It related to a man and woman who lived in Australia. She was pregnant and have a massive stroke.  They were just kids and yet unmarried. She was left completely unable to move, unable to speak, but with feeling everywhere.

Well, her boyfriend married her. They have been married for like 14 years. They have two children (she is able to carry to term.  They run a sheep ranch. Prostitution is legal in Australia and he and some friends invested money and built a lovely brothel and started it up. They never got the clientele they were hoping for and have since closed.

But the amazing tale of how this man loves and cares for this woman is simply a blessing to watch.

So anyway, today the Contrarian went to the lumber yard to get a few things he needed. He stopped at the local market to get me some cream and carrots. He also got some donuts.

“Babe, I got you some donuts at Sherbon’s.”

“Yes, thanks hon. I appreciate that.”

“Always lookin’ out for my sweetie. Can I open a brothel?”

You see what I must contend with?

Do Words Matter? Yeah, They Kinda Do

A few days ago, I did a parody of our old “friend” the Blaze and the awful, sick, stupid people who read and comment there.

It was about Morgan Freeman’s contention, (one held by many of us) that a significant portion of the TeaNutz® are in fact serious racists.

Specifically I referred to this comment:

  • Why is it that blacks are only for blacks? Who would have ever thought that Morgan Freedman was a racist? When will we begin to shun black racism and make it a bad thing? Its time. Morgan I will never watch your movies again for the simply reason that you cannot see beyond your skin color.

And my response was this:

  • Um, do you see anything racist in what you just said? Blacks are only for blacks? And while you are at it, try looking up the world racism, and you might discover that there is no such thing as black “racism”

Now one of our frequent readers Blisterina questioned me about that remark, and  quite rightly referred me to the dictionary with this response:

It is not defined by whether the racist is of the majority or the minority. I agree that the extreme right is riddled with racism, but a blanket statement that a person of “minority” cannot be a racist is wrong.

I did look up several different dictionary definitions, and she is accurate in her claim.

However, is this the last word?

I would argue it is not.

First a bit of background. When I was in my last year of law school, I started working at the Legal Aid and Defender Association of Detroit. It was run as a non-profit, and by an extraordinary African-American attorney by the name of Myzell Sowell. The chief deputy was George W. Crockett III, whose father had been a brilliant  African-American attorney, then judge, and ultimately US Congressman.

More than half of our support staff was black. Half the attorneys were black. In the evening, after the close of the work day, the office functioned as a way station for all manner of liberal whites and blacks. Judges, high-ranking police persons, politicians, and just ordinary people had reason to gather and have a few, and talk about a rather wide range of topics.

Coming from a deeply white environment, I got a fast and intense education. I was teased in loving gentleness by these men and women, who slowly showed me how a side of life that was utterly unknown to me.

One of the things I learned was that racism was a term that could not apply to African-Americans by definition. The reason was simple: Racism was more than a simple dictionary definition:

The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. 

No, to African-Americans, racism has everything to do with power. It is not that you hate because of some characteristic that you believe makes you superior, but rather than you have the power to impact in a negative way, the very lives of those you hate. 

It means that you, as member of a majority, can pass laws that inhibit those whom you deem inferior from enjoying the same rights and privileges as you do. To put it in a nutshell, it means that you can tell X that they can’t drink out of “your” drinking fountain. They can’t vote in “your” elections. They can’t live in “your” neighborhood.

Minorities do not have the power to impose such restrictions on whites quite simply, and therefore the word is not applicable to them.

Now, to a degree, I am playing a game of semantics. For I would perfectly well agree that Black folks, like Latinos and Asians, and Native Peoples, are all most capable of bigotry and prejudice in any form and of mistreating individually and collectively others who are “not like them.”

So why the fuss?

Quite simply this.

White racists have always and are now especially engaging in a game of “reversies”. 

This really ramped up during the Reagan years when there was a full-out assault on affirmative action. It was “unfair”, it related to a “time long gone.” Everyone now had an “equal opportunity”,  and finally and insidiously, it became enshrined in the new white hijacking of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s, call that “we will be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin.”

This has reached a crescendo in recent years with the TeaNutz®. Their natural racism, long hidden by increasing social pressure, has been unleashed in their constant and never-ending attack on any African-American who “plays the race card.” They are aided, abetted, and frankly invited to this position by the likes of Fox Noise, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and a host of others who real goal is to keep control in the hands of the monied elites, who are, really really white in case you haven’t noticed.

Going to Blaze and reading comments you will learn that every single black person who dares to suggest that racism is still an issue in America, is nothing but a no-good racist. This allows them to unload in ugly invective against Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Van Johnson, and ANY other African-American whom they see as attempting to further the lives and well-being of black folks.

They will not use the term African-American, claiming that it is “un-American.” They declare their lack of racism by telling you how much they admire MLK, all the while claiming that he would be against universal health care, against Obama, and that he was a “conservative”. (I guess they forgot he was marching with sanitation workers right before his assassination–gasp unions!)

They shout their support for Herman Cain, Allen West and Alan Keyes as proof that they are not hateful. That is the extent of their “black” list of “good” Negroes. And of course, we know, as we have always known, that there are Black folk who are willing to be the paraded marionette in return for crumbs of attention.

 There have always been those willing to be complicit in the destruction of their own, for money, some brief safety, or as some means of being not who they are. This is true without regard to “race”, ethnicity, religious persuasion, or any other artificial grouping that can be conjured up.

This is why I reject the notion that it’s only a word, and technically it is applicable to everyone who harbors such beliefs that some folks in innately better than others because of traits that are inborn. The right seems always to control the words. Well not this time, at least not where I am concerned.

There are a couple of pretty good articles that I found that probably explains this a whole lot better than I have. Please check ’em out.

Hating Whitey: The Myth of Black Racism
Can Black People be Racist by Definition?
Can Black People be Racist?

Please weigh in on this. I am giving you my opinion. What’s yours?


Lost My Sporting Mojo

Many decades ago, I sat in that place, right about —–> there.

I’ve been a faithful follower of all things Spartan ever since.

I followed the Lions for years.

I followed the Houston Oilers, the Denver Broncos, the New York Jets, and distasteful as it was in the beginning, in the name of marital harmony, the Green Bay Packers.

I followed the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Pistons. I dutifully hated the Chicago Bulls and once sat in their arena and booed them, when they played the Pistons, putting my very life on the line.

I hung on every serve when Bjorn Borg played tennis. I bellowed hate-filled invective at John McEnroe and Jimmy Conners. Okay, I can still get a tiny bit excited when Raphael (the body) Nadal flexes a forearm.

And now? Who the phuck cares? I don’t. Hardly not at all. Nope. I turn on the college games as noise factor only. I could care less than whether another hair turns grey today or not.

And the Contrarian’s constant yammering about his Packers and his gleeful roar at each dropped pass or fumble on the part of the Bears or the Vikings, grate like nails on a chalkboard. Who cares, I whimper in total lack of interest.

Where has my sporting mojo gone? Do you still have yours? Did you ever?

I guess it bespeaks a couple of things that the GOP is practically offering Chris Christie his own island, a castle, and their first-born as servants, in order to entice the great wide one to run for the Presidency.

I guess it means that they really deep down dislike Mitt and find him both desperate and willing to be all things to all people in order to fulfill a personal goal of being president. I guess it means they really think that Perry, no matter how attractive and able to give a great stump speech, is as dull as unflavored grits intellectually, and he really is Bush without the brains.

In my mind, a few things cut against Christie being anything more than a flash in the pan:

  • He has said he’s not ready. So what makes him now ready?
  • He is seriously obese. Long gone are the days when weight meant wealth and success. It now means lack of control. What else can’t he control.
  • He has offended a large number of the extreme right, calling attacks on Muslims as stupid, and the fear of Sharia law, crazy. (Which it all is, but this doesn’t sit well with TeaNutz® who really believe that Muslims are satan incarnate.)
  • He’s a loose cannon, he is brash and mouthy in his remarks, and frankly people realize that especially in foreign policy that kind of “cowboy” rhetoric is not helpful.
  • His reluctance to be a candidate suggests he really doesn’t have the “fire in the belly” necessary to stay the course when it gets ugly way down the road. He’s more likely to explode in words that make it clear that he doesn’t care what YOU think.
  • His immigration “policy” is very soft. He has said he is “for” a path to citizenship and has called “illegal” immigrants an “administrative” problem only.
  • His policies in New Jersey haven’t been received all that well, and he’s not really popular with the average citizen. He’s sacrificed unions and teachers to bring his budget into some order.

So we shall see.

For those of you who went over to Blaze and read the article and comments yesterday, one thing is so very clear. These nutbombs actually do think that part of their “I ain’t a racist” argument is that Obama is not “really” black.

While displaying a stunning lack of knowledge of the country’s history in making that stupid remark, at least I know they didn’t make it up themselves. Good ole Rushie me some more drugs Limpaw calls Herman Cain the first “authentic black” who could be president.

What of course is most telling in their “we ain’t racist” diatribe is their insistence that this is all proven by the fact that they are “for” Cain or West, or Keyes. They are not for a single other African-American (a term they refuse to use). In fact any African-American who suggests that race is still an issue in America is labeled “racist” and is now fair game for them to attack.

For a really good exposé on what the TeaNutz® are really about, no finer article is about than one written by Chauncey de Vega over at WeAreRespectableNegroes.

Meanwhile Michele Bachmann continues to give new meaning to the term BAT SHIT CRAZY:

BACHMANN: Why would you normalize trading with a country that sponsors terror? There’s reports that have come out that Cuba has been working with another terrorist organization called Hezbollah. And Hezbollah is potentially looking at wanting to be part of missile sites in Iran and, of course, when you’re 90 miles offshore from Florida, you don’t want to entertain the prospect of hosting bases or sites where Hezbollah could have training camps or perhaps have missile sites or weapons sites in Cuba. This would be foolish.

Yes, Michele the AirHead Paramount, thinks that any day now Castro will be inviting Hezbollah to bring in missiles to shoot at AmeriKa.

Was that Michele the candidate or have I missed that she’s announced a new comedy tour?

Now go out there and make it a great day.



God Says TeaBaggers are Racists!

Listen Up! Let the Sunshine Trailer Park Tea Party meetin’ come to order!

Let’s have a big thanks to Thelma for offerin’ up her place for the meetin’. She’s got the only double-wide among us, and we are growing big folks. I could seven here today. Ain’t that sumthin’?

Anyways, we are here to discuss that interview given by Morgan Freeman, sayin’ that us Tea Party folk are a bunch of racists.

“Who’s Morgan Freeman?”

“Oh he was that nice actor who played in Driving Miss Daisy, remember? I thought he did a good job.”

“Well, a roll like that came pretty darn natural to him I suspect.”

“Hey he played God in Bruce Almighty! That was funny.”

“That was a comedy for heaven’s sake. That was part of the joke you idiot. Him being God. Ever heard of anything that dumb? That Michael Anjello painted a pitcher of God on that ceiling where the Pope lives. Now I don’t truck much with those Catholics, but I figure that Pope feller knows what God looks like!”

“Okay, okay, calm down everybody. Verna is passing out copies of the article in Blaze. Everybody take a read, and for those who can’t George will read it to ya in the back. Then we can discuss it.

Thelma says there are some cocktail weenies and Ritz crackers and good old American cheese in the kitchen if ya need a snack.


(**What follows are true remarks from real people who posted comments about the article–lest any more morons drop by and be unable to understand the concepts of parody and satire.)


  • Freeman used to be my favorite actor. Now he‘s become the same trash that Hollywood bimbo’s seem to always become. Sad. I just threw Independence Day in the trash where it belongs.
  • Had to do a quick change and save Independence Day, and toss Deep Impact
  • Yes moron, get your movies right. I guess when you get down to it, they do all look pretty much alike.


  • Why is it that blacks are only for blacks? Who would have ever thought that Morgan Freedman was a racist? When will we begin to shun black racism and make it a bad thing? Its time. Morgan I will never watch your movies again for the simply reason that you cannot see beyond your skin color.
  • Um, do you see anything racist in what you just said? Blacks are only for blacks? And while you are at it, try looking up the world racism, and you might discover that there is no such thing as black “racism”


  • Who decided that 1 white mother + 1 black father = 1 black person I would say he is White, in Black Face.
  • Southern white men decided that a couple hundred years ago, when they declared that one drop of “black” blood disqualified a human being from having any rights. Go ahead continue pointing out how insufficient your education is.


  • I am a white middle age tea party member who wants pres. Obama out of office because of his pour performance. And i want mr. Herman cain to replace him. So put that in your “racist pipe and smoke it” mr. Freeman. I am tired of the black comunity telling me im a racist. 2 underqualified black men were given jobs i applyed for in my company, and guess what they could not handle the job, and when they finally offerd i said “no thanks” and found a job were my “actuall work expirerance” matterd. Why would i want to stay in that tipe of envire ment.. Have a nice day……………………………
  • No doubt the “job” did not include spelling or writing. Let me guess, you are not in favor of affirmative action? Why do all you folks use the term “black” and never African-American? 


  • Was going to see Dolphin Tail this week-end,  But Think I’ll wait for it to come on Netflix..
  • Way to make a serious political statement dude! Wait for Netflix!


  • Why can’t Hollywood actors just keep their mouths shut?!? I say that not because I don’t think they should be allowed to dialogue about politics — it’s just that they ruin it for all their fans when they do!
  • Yeah,  that dumb Ronald Reagan. Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut. I’ve never been able to look at Gonzo or the Gipper the same since.


  • I will never watch a film where this racist pig is acting.Obummer is not black ,he is a mullatto that hates white people.This marxist half breed is destroying the USA.
  • You’re doin’ my job for me dude. Mullatto? You at least might try learning how to spell racist words.


  • I am a Tea Party fan. I want the “white” part of Obama out of Washington !
  • You guys are truly obsessed with this white/black thing aren’t ya?


  • Yes Morgan.. Couldn‘t have anything to do with obama’s false campaign that was a pack of lies to steal America’s vote. He was doomed from the beginning because he does not have the support of the electorate that was lied to and did NOT vote for this charlatan’s hidden agenda.
    I can name you three Black men that would wipe the floor with obama in a head to head election.
    1. Alan Keyes
    2. Herman Cain
    3. Alan West
    and there are many more that the truly racist left will die trying to destroy!

    But can you name me four? Naw, didn’t think so


  • @Godfather1……… Alan Keys was too conservative and too black I guess, because his racist community didn’t support him, did they? Can this possibly be proof that color isn’t the real issue?
    I think the real issue is most blacks on welfare don’t want to lose their sugar daddy.
  • You guys do know that you are stepping all over each other don’t ya? Let me see the racist blacks who only vote for Obama because he is sorta black, won’t vote for Keyes because it’s not about race. But it’s now about welfare?


  • The whole don’t be a racist **** is a scam. Sitting here and pretending we don’t give a damn, keeping our mouth shut, watching these sob’s destroying our cities, destroying our families, taking jobs they aren’t qualified for just because of their race, making the rest of us work twice as hard for less pay because we have the wrong color skin. While they gang together commit massive voter fraud, lie and threaten violence against old people and elect a foreign bastard that hates everything great about this nation, and wants to see us slaves to a bunch of his rich/socialists buddies.
  • Nice of ya to come out of that cave and really give us the low down. Don’t mince words swamp, let out all your ugly venom at all the folks who are keeping you down. You coulda been somebody were it not for “them.”

See ya next time, folks. It was a good D-skushun.

**There were 37 pages of this crap. I got all this off of the first 2.  

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It’s Saturday, So It’s Philosophy 101

I just love it when I’m proven to be right. Or should I say that someone who has some real intellectual creds agrees with me.

Jonathan Rée, writing for The New Humanist, has a really lovely article on atheism. Writing as one, he points out a lot of the misconceptions of what the word means and has meant over the centuries.

Moreover, he chastises the “new, new Atheists” as he terms them, for not knowing the history of atheism, and engaging in a petulant and childish game with believers.

He points to the philosopher William James and says of him:

He hated the belligerent secularism that treats religion as a childish superstition which we will all put behind us once we reach the age of reason.

Much could be said of the new new atheists of today, he argues.

James spoke of faith in this manner:

Becoming religious was like falling in love, he said: not a process of intellectual persuasion, but not a delusion either, and it lent new aspects to the world, “an enchantment which is not logically deducible from anything else.”

I don’t think it can be better said or explained frankly.

While Rée certainly comes down in favor of atheism as being the more reasoned choice, he certainly does so in a gentle and non-judgmental way.

This is the stuff of real discussion. Read it and see if you don’t learn a thing or two.

The chicken enchiladas? Pretty much of a bust. The recipe sounded good, but it failed on a number of levels. I’ve been pondering for some time, and think I may have a solution. I can’t tell you why I want a “perfect enchilada” but I do. So I’ll try my own hand in a week or so. You never know, the Pulitzer may be on the horizon. Surely they have one for cooking?

I snatched this directly and entirely from Joe.My.God. simply because it needs to be said, and it’s said succinctly and with passion:

If you’re a Christian who believes that being gay is a morally reprehensible offense against God, then you share a mindset, worldview, and moral structure with the kids who hounded Jamey Rodemeyer, literally, to death. It is your ethos, your convictions, and your theology that informed, supported, and encouraged their cruelty. We Christians who believe that God created gay people as much in His own image as he did straight people are begging you to reconsider your theology — to do nothing more than be open to an alternative, fully credible, scholastically sound interpretation of one or two lines from Paul. How can you be unwilling to do something so simple, when you see the horrible ultimate cost of that refusal?” – Christian author John Shore.

And this seemed to say it perfectly well too:

When the rich rain economic bombs on upon ordinary folks, that’s just capitalism. When ordinary folks point out the bombs, that’s Class Warfare ~Roshi Bob

And the beat goes on.

I picked this up on Roger Ebert’s blog today, and thought it apropos.

Brendan Beery is one very thoughtful guy. Please go read his latest post called, The Inelegance of Republicanism.  He writes a gentle but firm rebuke that could not fail to shame a rational person, but of course, for just that reason, it probably won’t.

Humor is a necessity every day

. So get your daily dose from Political Irony and the best nuggets from the late night circuit. Actually he got all his stuff from Bill Maher today.

Frankly one of the funniest things I read yesterday was Billy Kristol’s remarks in his article about the latest GOP “debate”. Seems he got an e-mail from a “young and bright” Republican who was watching his first debate of the season.

“Why they ( meaning the field of GOP candidates) make us look stupid!”

Well, yes they do. Take a look at the House and Senate GOP, and you can add insane to the mix.

From LOL God

Now go out and have one fine weekend!

Wait for it, Wait for it. See I Told Ya They Would

Yesterday you were invited to watch the debates under a new game rule: look for the inappropriate audience response.

And as expected, those of you who watched saw just that.

That the GOP and the TeaNutz® are morbidly repulsed by gayness, is of course well-known. It’s against their self-serving interpretation of the bible.

Last night, a gay soldier asked the candidates what they would do given that DODT had been ended.

The response of the audience was a very loud bunch of booing, and then the usual Ricky (why won’t you give me a chance) Santorum response which is that “we shouldn’t be doing social experiments with those we need to protect our country.” See a complete transcript of the exchange at Pass the Doucheys on the Right, as well as appropriate biting comment.

Might I also note, that not a single one of the “candidates” bothered to thank Mr. Hill, who is serving in Iraq, for his service to the country, something all the GOP pushes and shoves to be first to say to prove their patriotism.

God, the GOP sucks.

Note also that Chauncey de Vega has a great piece on this event as well.

You know, I’ve often alluded to the fact that our world, especially here in America is deeply out of whack. What I refer to is how we reward people in oddly weird ways over others. Huh? Okay let me clear it up.

We pay actors, who individually may be pretty much stupid as rocks, millions to make us laugh or cry, or applaud a fantasy life or event. We pay CEO’s millions for making a company wealthy, and at least a few stockholders a few bucks. We pay schoolteachers paltry amounts to teach our children whom we claim we worship and want the best for. We pay scientists next to nothing even though they discover the things that make our lives easier, healthier, and safer.

It’s called moral philosophy, and the king of the hill is one Harvard professor named Michael J. Sandel. His lectures were turned into a PBS series, and in Asia have prompted classes to mimic his ideas. His book, Justice: What’s the right thing to do?, has been a great hit.  A NYTimes article about his success is linked here. Might be worth buying his book.

When does the difference between 299,792,458 and 299,792,454 matter? Why that’s easy. Come on you know the answer. The first is the speed of light. And the second it the time it took some neutrinos to make the circuit. And that means that maybe the SOL is not what we thought it was.

And that means that Einstein was wrong, and somethings (neutrinos) can travel faster than the SOL, and that means something really really big and important, and it probably means that we can go to Arcturus by the end of next week.

It’s the old chutzpah again. The GOP holds the disaster relief funding hostage unless the Democrats agree to funding cuts to the most job-producing programs going, and then accuses the Dems of holding up FEMA relief!

I continue to hold out hope that our dear girl Sarah will jump into the fray. Her slavish knuckledraggers are sure hopin’ the same too, and took time after last night’s debate to hit her main target with all they had. From Conservatives4Palin:

Everyone here in Palinville who looks forward to good hard competition will be relieved to know that Gov. Rick Perry was NOT drunk at last night’s debate, all appearances to the contrary. It’s just that before taking the stage he inexplicably chose to receive a Gardasil shot, one of whose known side effects is mental slowness.

Given that our Sarah subbie, Michele (I am frakin’ dumber that her actually) Bachmann is unable to know fact from fiction and has slipped down the hill toward the black hole of oblivion, we have no choice but to wave a flag pin at the Palinator and hope hope hope she joins the increasing circus that is known as the “TeaNutz® on Parade” or “The Last Dance of the Dinosaurs” which ever you prefer.

From Think Progress

On the Stove? Oh a new Chicken Enchilada recipe. I’ll post it if we decide we like it. So far, it seems to meet my objections to most Enchilada recipes: the turning to mush of the corn tortillas. I’m hopeful if this technique works, that it will be my new go-to method for both green and red enchiladas.


I Always Knew I Was Right, NO! Not Right, Right, But Correct

We’ve had the argument about violence more than once here. Are we by nature violent? Or was it learned behavior.  I’m of the latter persuasion surely.

Plenty of factors contribute to our willingness to harm others in pursuit of our own interests, and I found this article a few days ago and found it quite informative on the issue.

Take a look at Why is There Peace? written by Harvard professor Steven Pinker. I have voiced a number of his arguments at one time or another, but I think he puts it all together quite well. Take a look and see if you agree.

(I thought the pic would appeal to the creationists who no doubt recognize humans using their dinosaurs in pursuit of warfare.)

Congressional Republicans continue to act like dodo birds. Did anyone tell them that that bird is now extinct?

As some other blogger (sorry, forgot who) said, a job creator is not a job creator until they creat: JOBS!

Class warfare? Oh yeah, picking on 1% of the population is now class warfare. Keep on with that argument robot generic GOP stooge.

But another example of Islamophobia: 


 Oh and don’t miss the sponsor listed as ATLASSHRUGS.COM.  You go Paul Ryan. This is what you support eh?

Oh happy stupid days. This just made me laugh my moneymaker off. It seems that disgraced evangelical and sometimes gay man, Ted Haggard is so down and out that he has signed up for “Celebrity Wife Swap.” No doubt Haggard misunderstood and thought it meant something quite kinky. But then again, it could. Turns out he’s swapping wimmmin with none other than Gary (I even look crazy) Busey.

One almost–I did say almost, wants to watch this. Almost.

Beeryblog has something to say about the Troy Davis execution, and if you are smart you’ll go read it. Beery can write, he makes me jealous of his talent. I can only try harder to say less and more at the same time. Damn good writing. Damn good thinking.

Boehner’s butt cheeks are now as orange as his face, given the spanking he got by his own party TeaNutz®.

Michele Bachmann says another stupid, mindless, inaccurate thing in Iowa. Oh wait, this blog is about NEWS.  Nothing to see folks, move along.

New game: watch the GOP thingie called a debate and see which candidate is trying the hardest to channel Reagan. Is he the ONLY hero they have?

Oh, the $16 muffin scandal at the DOJ was all a myth. It was just a shorthanded means of invoicing by the hotel, who was given a budget, and didn’t want to list every piece of food, so stuck the charges under just a few categories.

Don’t look for the GOP to change their tune though. They are loving them so muffin-gate.

The “Ground Zero Mosque, which was really a Community center, had its official grand opening with nary a protestor in site. The first event was an exhibit of children’s pictures against hate.

God, also known as God, Allah, Yahweh, Higher Power, and other endless appellations, was seen touring the photograph and thoroughly enjoying His/Her self.

Here’s some “strict constructionism” that makes the Crazy Right just search for that vibrator cuz it TURNS THEM ON: This from that icon of logic against all common sense, JustUS Antonin Scalia:

There is no basis in text, tradition, or even in contemporary practice (if that were enough), for finding in the Constitution a right to demand judicial consideration of newly discovered evidence of innocence brought forward after conviction.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. You convict ’em, we kill ’em, no questions asked or answered.

What’s on the stove? Oh some high falutin’ chicken breasty thing with white wine, goat cheese, oven-dried tomatoes, garlic and butter, lots of butter. Along with steamed new potatoes and broccoli steamed as well.  If the chickeny thing turns out as good as it sounds, I’ll be posting that recipe, maybe even today.

Stay tuned.