I might have mentioned yesterday that I am in the throes of a summer cold. This is worthy of national reporting all by itself, since I can’t recall the last cold I had. It’s been years.

We had the flu a couple of years ago, one the Contrarian called the Episcopalian flu, since he was sure I brought it home from church. I call this the computer cold, since he went twice to the computer hospital and then started getting sick.

My symptoms followed his by three days. It’s an ugly chest cold, hard non-productive coughing mostly. Mostly it felt like a roto-rooter down my throat with a steel brush. I whimpered with each explosion. The worst part is that my throat tickles so I’m constantly fighting off the urge to cough again.

I am now in day three. He is in day six. He’s feeling much better, me not so much. I didn’t sleep well, food has no appeal, and I’m so weak I have to really think about moving in order to actually move.

I don’t remember colds being this vicious when I was young.

All of the above is to set the stage for the fact that this post may not be up to my sparkling standards. Yesterday’s wasn’t either I confess. My snap and pizzazz from me.

On second, third and fourth thought folks, I am definitely too beat to do this today. Do the best ya can. Hopefully I’ll be more up to this tomorrow.