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Nothing could be finer than to be in the 112th Congress, watching all the mutual self-pleasuring by the GOPers today. All those fresh-faced deluded newbies, all so sure they are gonna “shake up” Washington.

Today we humbly, and with great awe, read our “sacred” document, the US Constitution. But not just any old Constitution, but the new and sanitized version, you know the one without that troublesome stuff about certain people being 3/5 of a human being?

That sons and daughters of the republic was A MEND ed, and so we are gonna skip that part. No need to be reminded that our not so sacred forefathers were a bit on the bigoted side. That would not square with the story they are trying to tell. The GOP is always in control of the story–lie as it usually is.

So, we are treated to this pretense, with all the pomp and circumstance these somber, awed blowhards can muster before the cameras. Each solemnly walks to the podium and with deliberate seriousness, mouths the holy words. We sit in hushed silence, afraid to even breath, should we not exhibit the proper respect.

HOLY CRAP.  Psst? Do they get it that the Articles of Confederation, that document of state’s rights, was SCRAPPED as unworkable in favor of a strong Federal Government?


There is movement afoot to change the wording in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. You have probably heard–to take out that “N” word. Such a thing is nonsense, and wrong. In my opinion. Twain was making a point, and the language used helps drive home that point. It reminds us of who we WERE and STILL ARE in some places.

We need to confront those ideas in our own heads, and in our communities. Not sanitize them, much as the crazy right-wing revisionists want to rewrite our history to make it Judeo-Christian in orientation, and plan. Truth is always the best defense.

Do you agree or not?


Well, the computer has acted up, and went dead. When it revived and I got back to this post in progress, over 50% of it hadn’t been saved. Got just love that.


I did write that the CBO had just screwed up the GOP’s claim that the Affordable Health Care act was “too expensive. It turns out that the repeal the GOP wants, but will never get, would cost 230 billion over ten years. Of course the GOP answers that by simply not paying any attention to the non-partisan body. They don’t count costs in cutting programs, just require finding money for new spending. Watch the deficit climb under them. If for sure is gonna happen.


On another note, Infidel 753 has taken issue with TomCat at Politics Plus. I know the post in question, though I’ve fallen off Tom’s blog for a while now. It’s about compulsory national service. Either military or some sort of public works work. Infidel argues most convincingly it seems to me, that such is an affront to liberalism.

I hadn’t thought much about it, but I found his arguments persuasive. The discussion is worth your time I think.


We here in Iowa are just bouncy bouncy, happy happy, wiggly, and jiggly, over the prospect that unfavorite daughter, Michele Bachmann is heading our way to discuss the relative merits of her tossing her wild eyes into the 2012 run for the WH. Yes, you heard that right. I am apoplectic with excitement.

Imagine seeing her and the Sarah on the same stage having a GOP debate? If you can call it a debate that is. Can’t you just die for it?


What’s on the stove? Lasagna, salad, rolls