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Well, I think I’ve got this little guy’s attention! Can you say saucer eyes? I’m trying to figure out what he is eating, and it looks suspiciously like some kind of buggy thingie. Also check out the fingers! Makes you just wanna cuddle doesn’t it?

I think we made like 28 hours without rain. It was raining when I woke up, so I’m not quite sure when it started again. They are starting to put out some warnings for flooding, but not in this county.

I am aware that there can be cyclical changes in weather that go on for years, even decades. But I think there is every reason to associate this new “rainy season” with global warming. They say that England is having the driest summer on record for I don’t know how long.

Everybody has something to grouse about. The east is sweltering this year. I’m surprised they have been able to hold the line with electricity so far. I’ll do my best to bring forth some links that are amusing. Goodness knows I need some, and probably so do you.

I just read where guv Jindal of LA, just signed into law a bill that allows gun toters to bring their shootin’ irons to church–in the name of security that is. Sadly, such nonsense is not just laughable, but indeed frightening. Sarah Posner has a great article on how the right sees its need to arm itself against the danger of democracy in action. This is indeed scary stuff.

The teabaggers continue to struggle. You see, most of them aren’t educated much at all, and now find themselves, as candidates for serious offices, and unable of course to face media with anything close to a cogent message. Case in point, Sharron Angle who is trying to unseat Harry Reid. Now that she is the nominee, she decided to scrap her agenda and start over, and is mad at Harry for reprinting her OWN website, since as I said, she’s changed all her positions. Rethuglians continue to be amazed that what they say is RECORDED.

No doubt you have heard that there is now such a thing as Beck U. Our dear little huckster Glenn will for a small fee of $75 a year, let you enter the environs of Beck U. where you can take courses by faux “profs” and learn the learn history of America and other such reconstructionist ideals. Learn about yer rights there my friend, so you’ll be ready to take on the guv’ment which is takin’ away yer rights.  Glenn continues to make money off the gullible and stupid.

I happened to see Pat Robertson supporting Michael Steele and in the same sentence claiming that McCain and Graham have been rejected as party leaders of the GOP. He’s with Steele, Afghanistan is Obama’s war of choice.  It became that when he added more troops there. Interesting way of looking at it. I love watching the GOP beat up on each other. Oh yes I do.

I’m not an anti-squirrel person. Never have been. I don’t mind if they snitch a bit of food from the bird feeder now and then. In fact, I applaud their bravery. Few venture near our house with two snarly dogs who are quick enough to catch them. I think them cute. And I always do my best to give them the right of way when crossing highways. They are intriguing in ways I had not realized. How so? Read the NYTimes article and find out.

Some years ago we participated in the SETI program. Our computer crunched numbers when we were not using it, part of the massive data influx the program received. Anomalies were searched for. Stephen Hawking said we shouldn’t look for aliens, they are likely to be mean. That was never the working theory of the originators of the SETI program, Frank Drake from I think Cornell originally. Anyway, if the subject intrigues you (word for the day!), then read on.

There is a probe out there, mapping the very edges of the universe, thus displaying how our universe looked in the seconds following the Big Bang. Oddly there is a couple of guys who have proposed a new theory wherein our universe is the result of a wave hitting another wave ( visualize two pieces of paper waving in the wind and occasionally they touch at different parts, creating universes). This probe I think will likely answer whether the BB is the true cause or the oops we touched! is the winner. Either way, fascinating.

And with that:

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