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Yes I am. I get up at 6 a.m. and can’t seem to ever get a chance to sit down until near noon. And then I am POOPED. For a while at least. Let me see, what did we do this week? Well, I walked my requisite 14 miles. I water aerobic’d for two hours.  I bought a couple of lamps. We got our window treatments installed and we love them. The Contrarian bought his own car and has it all titled and licensed. I went to the farmer’s market and bought a lot of veggies and made a kick-ass Gazpacho for dinner–to be featured soon at “What’s on the Stove.” Oh, and I am watching the Olympics. Phew.

Speaking of which—

Willard is busy making a butt-hole of himself in London. Technically, I think he has left already–helped no doubt by the shaft shoved up his bunghole by the British people.

Things are bad when people say you are worse than Sarah Palin. No class, no personality, no charm, no sincerity. That about sums up what they think of him.

On now to Jerusalem where he gets to meet his “old friend” Bibi, who we understand gave an interview saying he would agree that he and Romney “knew each other” sort of. Not quite the glowing palsy-walsy that Romney alluded to in his claims to “call Bibi” and offer his “help” on a regular basis.

Plenty of Republicans are wondering just why this trip was undertaken. Word we here is that Willard is fond of over-ruling his advisers somewhat regularly. I guess that is working for him, as he sees it.

Speakin’ of which.

Oh would it ever be nice to have an Olympic games free of controversy, such as the ages of the girls competing in gymnastics, doping controversies, and especially the daily totals of which country leads in the medal count.

Why would any one care? Isn’t it about excellence and the individual or team?

And let’s forget the pros who suddenly become amateurs in order to attain another notch in their celebrity memory book. While I adore tennis, I have no interest in watching pros play other players of lesser ability just for the sake of recognizing a sport. Which has always been my beef with basketball and ice hockey etc.

I’m not sure how you feel about it, but I for one think Penn St. got exactly what it deserved. Certainly the students there don’t deserve this, but apparently the only way to convince their “adult supervisors” how to behave, is to punish everyone.

I believe Paterno got what he deserved too, although he is not here to accept his punishment. Amazing how someone is willing to give up what would otherwise be a stellar life history all in the name of protecting the good ‘ol boys, and the football program. It ended up doing neither, and ruined many a reputation at the same time.

I guess what burns me up about all his business, is that quite frankly the MSM has again fallen down on the job. This hatchet job of selective editing to make it appear that the President said something very different from what he actually said should be called what it is–blatant lying.

And Fox was worse yet by “re-editing” it to show you exactly what the President said, and then again, making it what it was not.

Why can’t they just show the footage as given and juxtapose that with Willard’s lie? I mean are those the facts or not? Just the facts. It’s all I ask.

We were sad to hear of the passing of Sally Ride.

As a woman, we recognize that she blazed a new trail and gave home and dreams to millions of young girls. As a young girl myself, a dozen of more interesting professions were off-limits to me. Because of women like Ms. Ride, that is no longer true.

I recognize that given the propensity for huge numbers of companies to be sympathetic to Republican goals, that it is not always easy to boycott them to make your voice heard.

But this one seems a no brainer. After all, there are plenty of other chicken fast food places.

And while the extreme right screeches that it is an outrage for Starbucks and Amazon to donate money to causes that are “leftist” they screech just as loudly that the left has no business punishing a company for exercising its free speech rights. Well, arguably it’s all wrong since the employees may well not agree with management, but if it’s good for one side, surely it must be for the other.

I’ve never seen a chick-fil-A establishment frankly, but I surely wouldn’t eat at one either. There is KFC, Popeye’s and Church’s just for starters.

I dunno about you, but it’s a happy day for me. I hope it is for you too!