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Oh, reason number 742 why there is a God: She may be coming back to us! *bouncy bouncy* Oh I’m giddy I tell ya. I am turning cartwheels in my mind.

There are whisperings amid the moose carcasses on the tundra, there are sly looks among the wrinkled old prunes of Scottsdale Arizona, there are titters aplenty among the liberal blogosphere, while there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth among the GOP zoo.

She just might be a comin’ on back! She’s got that “fire in the belly” she proclaims, and who are we to tell her it’s nothing more than indigestion from some bad mooseburger?

We can hardly wait. Let the palinisms begin, let the mangled sentences and incoherent paragraphs pour forth from lipsticked lips disconnected from anything that remotely resembles grey matter. Oh Lordy, blessings abound!

It’s not a sure thing of course. It’s a bit like reading tea leaves or palms. As Karl Doughboy Rove says, the lady don’t think the rules apply to her. So it’s entirely possible that this is all smoke and mirrors designed to keep us off-balance while her reptilian tail is busily swiping cash off the table somewhere into a brown paper bag. The lady does love the green stuff ya know.

We are all aflutter here in Iowa I can tell ya that. The Awesome babe has chosen us, I-O-WA? to kick off the media sensation “Undefeated“, her mega autobiographical “Meet ME” two-hour extravaganSarah. What is undefeated of course is here narcissistic chutzpah. Nay, that is still going strong. Polls, shmolls, she has met the enemy and it is rational thinking. Her pork-rind eatin’,  Bud-Light swillin’ friends tell her to “run Sarah run” and she may in fact (we pray) do just that.

Even more fun is on the way folksies, since the state of Alaska is just about done stalling about getting out all those thousands of e-mails sent and received by the Gotcha Girl during her abbreviated term as Guvenator. Oh, the late nights up reading all the dirt. Better than any cheap gossip blog could ever be.

Meanwhile, the so-far non-candidate Sarah Winky, is doing a bus tour of our important national places. This in an attempt no doubt, to memorize where they are, so she doesn’t misplace Concord and Lexington as gal-pal Michele Crazy-eyes Bachmann did recently in New Hampshire. No word yet on how old Waterloo-born Bach-etc feels about Sar-rah’s impending decision. Michele NO-Belle, is scheduled to make her announcement next month in good Old I-O-WAy. (We love all the attention)

By-the-by, insiders suggest that MB has been advised NOT to run by the GOPer establishment. Too many nut cases spoil the soup as they said once, somewhere in America.

It seems to me, in my saner moments, that is, that it’s time to unveil my new word to be added to the Oxford Dictionary next update. I propose the following:

 Couriced.  Adverb. As in the following: I was Couriced. Meaning: to be asked a sensible and simple question and to be completely unable to answer it. Example: What do you read? Answer: Everything, all the papers and magazines, followed by a goofy grin. Backup answer: I’ll get back to you on that one.

Mostly a Sarah candidacy seems to help Romney making him look good by comparison. But no everyone agrees, and some suggest she might enhance the bland boy Paws. Too soon to tell.

And then again, it may all be a dream and just something to keep the Mooselini busy while the decorator is doing her thing on the new digs. Ya just have to wait and see.