The weather here in Iowa is atrocious. What’ new? It’s sweltering here with humidity through the roof.

To make matters so much worse, the monitor went out on the computer. So I’m hooked up to a 14 inch one, having to reconfigure everything, and most of it won’t work right.

My reader now doesn’t allow me to access individual subscriptions at all, I have to wait until they come up by time on the list. All the individual subscriptions lie beneath the bottom menu now.

Anyway I’m way to bummed to write anything. I had to move everything around on the compose page in wordpress just to write this out.

The Contrarian will be on craigslist looking for another one. No doubt another hulking monstrosity that weighs 40 lbs. Don’t pay attention to me, I’m just feeling rottenly sorry for myself.

We are working a lunch service for kids tomorrow, so don’t expect to see a post tomorrow either. Hopefully I’ll get some enthusiasm back soon!

Be well everyone and blessings.