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Big-WeenieIt should never be said that I can’t sling the crap in both directions.

This man needs to go into the bathroom, close the door, and do his business, and then SHUT THE HELL UP!

Now, I’m the first person on this lovely earth to tell ya, I don’t care about his online fun. I truly don’t. I’m not saying its wrong, immoral, or anything. If he was a truck driver, or short-order cook, hey have at it dude. If he was a neurosurgeon, sure, why not.

But dude, you are a public figure, asking the good folks of NYC to entrust their lives to you. They have a right to expect you are doing more with your time than caressing your weenie.


If you wanna be a public servant, I’m sorry, but you gotta choose–goofy Internet sex, or being mayor. You can’t have both.

And dude? Carlos Danger? That isn’t even erotic. It’s cartoonish.

But then you are the subject of the above aren’t ya?

Obamacare-DerailedThe only voting the GOP wants to do these days, is the usual repeal Obamacare. I mean how many times? Are you each getting a certificate to frame, hand down to your grandchildren, in the hope that one day in say three trillion years it will be worth $10 on the Antiques Roadshow?

Now the Mike Lee, TeaBircher from UTau as in YOU Taw?, is asking his fellow dipshits to vote to shut down the government in order to block Obamacare. I mean he wants it defunded.

Which is the new GOP way of governing. Take an existing law you don’t like, and just starve it to death. That’s how the minority protects it’s minority constituency against the big bad old MOST OF US!

Which has caused saner (barely) heads in the GOP to say, oh Lord, we can’t do that. Shutting down the government hasn’t worked well in the past. Let’s not lose everything in 2014 guys. (By the by: mightn’t it be a good idea GOP to offer your incoming freshmen a little class in HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, so they know that this kind of crap has been tried before and BACKFIRED?) Just a thought there.

July 23, 2013Meanwhile, the President gave a thoughtful and deeply moving reflection on the Trayvon Martin case and it’s impact on the African-American community. It was not pejorative in any way. It was tempered and quiet. I cautioned against violence.

The Right-Wing Madness went berserk.

See, African-Americans are not allowed to speak about race. That’s “playin’ the race card”.

White people are allowed to speak about race as long as they say, “we are post racial” in this country.

They are also allowed, in the spirit of good clean fun to imply that the President is only “half black”, born in Kenya, has the mentality of a welfare recipient, is a plantation negro, and similar bigoted things, not because the speaker is a racist mind you, but is simply “speakin’ the truth”.


Let me get this straight. They all flocked to defend Zimmerman because he was “threatened”, but they all flocked to attack O.J. when he claimed he didn’t kill those two white people. In one case, we should respect the jury verdict, in the other not so much. Which is which? Oh I’m sure you know.

Back-Alley-AbortionsTexas and other places, all run by the great unwashed TeaBirchers, are just helping women they say.

They want women to be safe.

So when they are done, a woman can travel some 6-8 hundred miles to get an abortion if she really HAS to.

Course, if she doesn’t have a car?

Oh, well.

So is the GOP also funding public assistance for pregnant women’s health care?

Are they increasing child care funding?

Are they increasing Medicaid?

Are they increasing food programs for the poor?


I thought they were trying to help women?

immigration1The GOP after 2012, decided they needed to reach out to Latinos.

They reached out really really good.

They said the Senate bill was wrong, because they want to take it “one-step-at-a-time”. That means they want to spend a lot of money putting border patrol agents shoulder-to-shoulder. And  then they want to wait a few years.

Then they want to do a study to see if anybody got across the border without permission. And if there is a rumor that one did, well, they will authorize even more agents, and build the fence even higher, and wait another few years, and do another study, and well.

You see where this is headed.

Then Steve King called them animals, and then said they had calves like cantaloupes from carrying drugs across the border. He knew that from playing cop riding with border agents. He actually felt their calves. And he meant nothing sexual for sure. He was merely doing “hands on” research.

And he can’t figure why anybody would be offended. But Boehner and Cantor just wish he would SHUT THE HELL UP.

Voting RightsTexas couldn’t wait to get going on its voting restrictions.

Neither could North Carolina.

The North Carolina one is aimed at all the right left people. Students, old people, poor people, union people.


  • Eliminates early voting
  • Eliminates pre-registration
  • Precludes extending hours open if needed (if you are in line at the close of the poll you may now be turned away)
  • Gives more power to those who want to challenge people in line and give them faulty advice
  • Disallows a family to claim their children as deductions on income taxes if their child votes “out-of-state”.

How does any of the above stop the non-existent voter fraud?

Um. . . . give me a minute I’m thinking.

All in all, the GOP seems to be doing an excellent job in positioning themselves to win the favor of the Independents across America. Doncha think?