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Trailer_Trash_by_liespies5Hey, girl, it’s Jaylene here, in the park. Grab yourself a Bud and come on in. We figure to have us our weekly meeting of the Tickled Pink Rebel Trailer Park TEA-BIRCH Or-gan-i-za-shun.

So get your shitkickers on in here, and mind that door, the hinge is broke.

This meetin’ will be comin’ to order. All present raise a bottle:

JimmySnot: HERE!

Brandilicious: HERE HONEY.

BobbiHung: YO BYOTCH.

Hey Bobbi, watch that mouth or I’ll pull them balls up around your ears and pierce ’em for ya.


HairyJack: YUP.

Okay, that is ever’body I do believe.

So, what ya got to say about that Prez of theirs? Talkin’ all that “I’m TRAy-vaaaan” shit? I mean did that Blessed Man, Ronnie Raygon, ever liken hisself to a damn gang member? Can ya beat that? What ya all gots to say?

As always the ghost of truth hovers in the trailer, offering sage wisdom.

From the ProgressiveSlayer:

The only racism that exists in AmeriKa today is this regimes war on whites, the regime has proven their racism from day one. I still want Zimmerman to get the presidential medal of freedom for his efforts to reduce crime. Yes PS, the lot of white folks is so terribly much worse than it was in 2008 when the beloved compassionate one was sending your sons and daughters off to death in Iraq. So much better when we were just facing the near destruction of the entire economy by a bunch of very rich and very white dudes on Wall Street. Yes, I can see how the murder of a young black kid sure helps reduce crime. Maybe Mr. Zimmerman can help rid us of the crime that purports to be your mind.

Grimster adds:

The difference between we the people here, and the idiots in Egypt, we throw lead, not rocks……odumbass will incite a riot, so he can declare martial law and put his civilian army (dhs) the guard, and UN troops on the streets of America, but he has one problem, not one active military personal I know will follow his orders to do so, and this includes officers…..He needs to remember, sometimes you get what you wish for….. Dude, doncha remember that the declaration of martial law was supposed to start right after the election, then it was the suspension of all further elections, the imposition of Sharia law, and then all the little white chillun’ was to be transported to FEMA reindoctrination camps. Keep your paranoia in order will ya. And remember the shiny side of the foil is to be kept on the outside.

Chief George opines:

He is not helping our children, only those who look like him while eventually sending ours to the back of the bus. In 10-20 years from now, White Americans will find themselves a stranger in their own country. It is being taken over racially speaking and those taking over are systematically being transformed themselves into good little socialists by the new breed of racial politicians. It will not end well. Um, Chief, isn’t that a bit of a conundrum, being a RED person and all. You are a Native person right, being Chief? or is that some other kind of chief such as Chief of Bein’ Scared that Whites are soon to be A Minority? So, it sounds like you’ve seen the FEMA camps? Good to know that the White brains are immune to being transformed unlike the brains of color. You’re going to just love being a minority. I can’t wait.

The Jerk weighs in:

Ron Goldman could have been me. Nicole Brown could have been my sister. Should we live in a nation that does not value the lives of white men and white women? Where were their civil rights? Where was their justice? Where was the DOJ, the FBI? Where were all of those black race baiters?

Blacks… you decide. But I thought you said before that the jury spoke, and that all these African-Americans shouldn’t be protesting because the jury didn’t find that Mr. Zimmerman was in the wrong? Didn’t the jury speak in the Simpson trial? I guess it just depends as far as you can tell on whose race is on the winning side. You don’t know where white people’s civil rights are? Oh…let me introduce you to the Constitution of the United States of America. It was written expressly for you, did you forget?

JJoy pipes in:

@LEADNOTFOLLOW ““Obama was elected BECAUSE he is black”, is so right.
In my opinion, he got elected via white man guilt and voter fraud.”

Don’t forget the 30+ millions of illegal mexican invaders that were allowed to stuff the ballot boxes with illegal votes for obama… Why my lawdy, there is so much white guilt around I am gonna drown! And voter fraud, yikes, don’t forget that ghost of wispy nothingness. I guess you are unaware that there WAS NONE, and nobody can find more than 10 examples over 10 years across the ENTIRE country. But I do take umbrage at “illegal mexican invaders”. Isn’t that a tad pejorative? I mean you wouldn’t want to be accused of racism now would you? And aren’t your figures just a bit wild? I mean since it’s not anywhere near 30, or even half of that, I wonder what the + is? is that the number you personally have witnessed “invading”?

The Squirrel murmurs:

TED / TED 2016.

Cruz / Nugent Oh now that is rich ain’t it. I kinda bet you guys aren’t gonna even say a peep about Ted’s parentage or where he was born as having a darn thing to do with his eligibility will ya? And the Nug? Oh heavens. Squirrelly, you know your choice of nomenclature is psychologically most telling they say. Mouth full of nuts? House full of nuts? Hiding nuts? Eating nuts? Being obsessed with nuts? Beginning to sound at all familiar?

Victor 991 whispers:

Since the verdict and all the craziness since, I’ve noticed that the Black citizens I’ve encountered so far are not making eye contact, but are keeping their heads down, avoiding any possible interaction. I’m speaking about ordinary, everyday people, who, before this nasty mess, were going about their lives normally. I haven’t met up with angry mobs, but in stores, restaurants, and various other places I’ve been to, the reaction is the same. Uh Victor, it might have something to do with your t-shirt dude. “I Stand My Ground with My Little Friend Smith and his friend Wesson” kinda would make any sane person look away. Since you were going about your black-free world living “normally” (whatever weirdness that might be for you), I doubt you had a clue how African-Americans were living their lives.  And what is your issue with saying African-American?

Put-God-First Sermonized:

You know everything that Obama said happen to him in his speech, I had happen to me too. When I was young I would cross the street and hear people lock their doors on their cars. I would get in a elevator and older women would grab their puse tight. I would get pulled over by the police just for driving in a nice neighborhood. I have been pulled over and my car searched for no reason. And all the other things he said that happen to him too. That is all but one, I never was black or a minority. Obama If you don’t want to be treated like a punk, thug, thief or low life, don’t act like one, or dress like one. Trayvon God bless your soul! George God bless you too. As long as people on both side keep making race an issue there will always be racist on both sides. Start working to make peace not hatred. As long as you continue to believe everything bad that happens is because of racial hatred, then there will be resentment for it. Remember It happen to me too. So you are saying that people profiled you because you were actually DOING what they were afraid of? Dang and I was sure it was the dildo strapped to your forehead that was causing it. My bad.

Okay TeaBirchers, time to vote: all in favor of impeachin’ the half-black man in the White House say “ANOTHER BUD!”

The Buds have it. Meeting adjourned.

** All comments are from real people who said this shit on Blaze.