We are approaching the three-year anniversary of AFeatherAdrift. I’ve ignored previous ones, and frankly don’t see much reason to acknowledge this one either.

But. There always is a but.

Events across the globe being what they are, with people everywhere examining their political lives and making their feelings known to their governments, I realized that I had never set down the things this blog stands for.

Many of you, long time friends, no doubt are quite aware of my opinions, but it seemed a good thing to place them all in one place. I’ll post here, and then create a “What We Believe” page where there will be easier access to new visitors.

What We Believe

  1. We Believe in God. That means we believe that the universe was not naturally generated but was the creation of a loving First Cause Being.  We believe that God created the natural laws which govern and caused the actual development of the universe. We believe that God wishes to interact and experience us as we reach forth to understand ourselves and our beginnings.  We believe that God reaches out through any reasonable, non-harming mechanism that relates to the creature human. We choose Christianity and the Christ consciousness as the mechanism that works for us.
  2. We Believe in basic human rights that are the right of any individual as a result of being born. These are the right to sufficient nourishing food, clothing, and shelter. People have a right to good education for their children. They have a right to health care of equal quality as of any that can be paid for. We believe in meaningful employment at decent wages and under safe working conditions. People have a right to reasonable time to recreate and rest.
  3. We Believe in government by, for, and of the people. We assert no particular form as long as the people, freely choose it by majority vote, and with due safeguards to protect minorities. We believe that the right of the people to change the form of their government must always be protected. We believe in free assemble and freedom to worship.
  4. We Believe in a free and independent judiciary whose duty is to flesh out the meaning of laws, and determine that they are in keeping with the basic tenets of the local governing documents. The Judiciary stands as the protector of minorities against the momentary whims of a majority.
  5. We Believe in free market economies generally, but we recognize that business can reshape itself into entities that become so powerful that no individual government can meaningfully control them. Therefore, appropriate regulation is required to ensure that the people are not victimized by unfair competition, pricing, and labor practices. Unions should be supported to ensure that workers are treated with fairness. Governments should work together to ensure that global corporations do not exploit workers in poorer countries.
  6. We Believe in the equality of all humans globally. Women, gays, immigrants, racial minorities,  and all marginally threatened groups must enter the market and political arena on an equal footing. We support equal pay for women, marriage equality, a fair means to citizenship, as well as ease of travel and immigration into the United States. We believe in the protection of children from abuse of whatever kind worldwide.
  7. We Believe  that this government must work tirelessly to bring about equality to all people globally, and to oppose with all means short of violence, practices that create  small elite classes at the expense of the average person.
  8. We Believe that we can know our universe through the methodologies of scientific inquiry. We believe in evolution as the basic mechanism of development of life on this planet. We believe that science shows us that even though climate fluctuations are normal on this planet, human activity has greatly affected global warming. We believe that all governments must act to remedy this imbalance. We believe in the encouragement of all scientific inquiry and those that pursue this as career.
  9. We Believe  that as the highest sentient form on this planet, it is our responsibility to care for our home. This means protecting habitats throughout the world that support life forms in whatever their form. While nature suggests that vegetarianism is not the norm, we must be humane in our raising and caring for those animals, birds, and fish that we consume as food. We recognize that much in our planet is interconnected and thus harm to any portion can have vast repercussions globally.
  10. We Believe that the creative spirit of humanity serves as a means to raise us all to our highest selves. Reasonable efforts must be ongoing to protect, preserve, and encourage our artists, writers, dancers, and so forth. They are what help us to remain human.
  11. Ultimately We Believe  that any rational set of governmental norms must resolve themselves into a world-wide government, where natural resources wherever located are used for the benefit of all,  and are specifically regulated for renewal, where all have equal access to the best that life has to offer, in a fully representative form of governance. In the end we will claim ourselves as humanity before all other appelations of race, creed, origin, sex, or orientation.