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Title #1

Meet My Brother in a Jar”

Oh George, we had two blissful, blessed years with your mouth shut, and there ya go, and spoil it. Hawking a book, and spewing such ignorant crap. If you wanted history to treat you more kindly, this was not the way.

I have not, and will not read the book. I did not watch the interviews, though one gets a fair amount of their content on cable news and from the MSM.

The following are the gems, so it seems to me, showing conclusively, that G. Dubya Bushie is still clueless and proud of it.

The shocking revelation that mama Barba Bush decided it was of some importance to preserve her miscarried foetus in a jar and to show it to young Dubya tells us that Dubya didn’t acquire his insanity solely on his own. Baba must be some piece of work.

If that don’t creep you out immediately, well, I don’t know what will. Surely he claims that said experience forever shaped his attitude toward abortion and so forth. Hmmm, more likely it seared your tiny conscience with images that scared the poop out of ya, and forever made you feel all icky around dead things. ‘Splains your avoidance of Vietnam. Too bad sending young men to die didn’t register.

It apparently didn’t make him feel any compassion and/or empathy toward anyone’s pain either. He seemed eager to talk about waterboarding, and when asked why  he felt it was okay, his response was swift and akin to a child who has made a perfect pooh in the toity–“because the lawyers said it was legal!” He looked at Matt with such self-satisfaction at getting the answer right, that one can only assume his “handlers” had drilled that answer into his poor head a thousand times.

This comes in contradiction to his claim to “not watching any TV” but spending time on the Internets reading alternatively the WSJ and the bible. Apparently the bible reading, never elicited any questions of morality or “what would Jesus do?” as to waterboarding and other forms of “enhanced interrogation.”

Lastly, Georgie tells us that the lowest point in his presidency was when Kanye West called him a racist. Matt squeaked quietly, “not Katrina?” “not no WMD’s?” I don’t know if he tried to clean it up, the point is, his knee jerk response was a personal insult being the lowest point in his eight years at the helm of the nation.

I was prepared to view this man with some sympathy, knowing as I did how he was manipulated by powers much smarter than himself. But, no, George is the evil SOB we had come to see him as.

#2 “I’d Be in It to Win It”

As things shape up so far, it appears that we are gonna have Sarah around with lots of hot and funny sound bites for a full two years. She’s not going to waste any time learning about issues, she’s just gonna run off her mouth with “shakin’ things up” kinda talk.

A couple of days ago, she promised to ‘splain to us about the economy, especially Bernanke’s plans to buy up a lot of treasury bills. Sarah of course knows only about her Saks bill, but no matter, she plunged right in.

She started off by talking to us real people by telling us that “we all know how supermarket prices have skyrocketed.”

Problem is, they haven’t, food prices have gone on only 0.6%, a really really low figure. When this was pointed out to her by a writer for the WSJ, she castigated the guy for not reading his own publication, citing a WSJ article as proof that she was right.

Except that Sarah didn’t bother to READ the article, which said that so far prices hadn’t risen, but they may be poised to begin. They didn’t.

So for all her smart alacky retorts, she is still wrong. None of this will be absorbed by her brain-dead followers however, for they only listen to her smack down, never the truth.

But the one that literally makes me fall over in laughter is an excerpt from a speech she gave in PA. In it, she pondered whether she would run in 2012. She noted she would have to “see the lay of the land, the landscape you know,” she mused. And further, “I wouldn’t be in it, ya know, just to shake things up, just to debate the issues of our day–I’d be in it to win it!”

Ya see, our Sarah, has no command nor intends to acquire any command of the issues. She is there to win it for the glory and prestige of winning. Of being the winner! Of living in the big White House, with servants and AirForce One! Lordy, what a piece of work that woman is.

#3 An FBI Swat Team Nearly Descended on the Meadow

It took all my fortitude, all my patience, all my tightly held mind to keep from screaming into the phone–“DO YOU PEOPLE NOT WORRY ABOUT SOMEBODY SHOWING UP AT YOUR FRONT DESK WITH A DAMN GUN?”

I knew if I did, the FBI would be notified, and we’d be gettin’ a visit. So I held my tongue. Nay I glued it to the roof of my mouth.

Why you ask?

Have you ever in your life tried to work your way through the bureaucracy of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: to wit: the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION?

I have, and I have the scars and the nightmares to prove it.

Simply put, I wanted to move the Contrarian’s primary care from Iowa City, to a satellite here in Cedar Rapids. They invite us to do that. A week and half later, I was no closer, and had talked to some seven different people, each of which contradicted the one before, and sent me in a circular pattern that exhausted my fuel and threatened to crash my brain.

It came down to “we can’t make an appointment until the file is transferred” by one office and “we can’t transfer the file until you make the appointment with them” from the other. It’s a no-win. Finally one poor woman made the call for me, and secured an appointment.

It is truly amazing that more VA Hospitals aren’t attacked by crazed people. After all, there are a ton of Vets with PTSD and other mental illnesses that are service related. The Contrarian tells the story of the guy who in frustration went to his truck, returned with a chain saw and sawed the front desk in half. He did time, but I bet he was satisfied!

Well, I seem to have worked out another build up of high anxiety and F R U S T R A T I O N. Have a good one now.