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downI’d sure like to have some advanced warning! Down in the dumps kinda days seem to sneak up on ya without any signs. I was doin’ just fine yesterday. Today, not so fine.

It might have started with the fact that it was pouring rain when I awoke. That’s never a good sign.

First of all, it means a walk on the treadmill which I just hate instead of my usual walk to the road with animals in tow. I’ve actually grown to enjoy it. The treadmill simply sucks. On the good side, I have legs to walk with!

But I survived that. Then on to the computer and a e-mail to reply to. Not fun. Having to turn down a really great educational opportunity at church. Not being independently wealthy can be such a pain! lol.

So then I type up  the minutes to the last library meeting from Monday. Wordpad has no spell check, and it’s the only think I can reliably use to attach to emails that actually works. Our software is apparently A N C I E N T, as in dinosaurs snoring in the background.

I found this great site here about free college courses and I found all three great but especially the first one on ancient Rome. Ha, this time its’ the slow connection I endure. Course materials include video and audio. No can do.

I am beginning to think that the electronic world has something against me. Oh, and channel nine, suddenly dropped off my selector. I need that to blog you know. The Contrarian rescanned the channels and found it again, but no clue why it just disappeared.

Good news! The Contrarian has been taking some high altitude medication for his balance issues. And it’s actually working and he is elated, and so am I! Score one for us at last. This was beginning to be a blowout!


There is still way too much crap about Michael Jackson on. The Contrarian greeted me with this this morning: “It’s like the day after Christmas right? No more Christmas commercials, no more MJ blah blah blah, right?” Oh gosh his eyes nearly were welling with tears and his voice was clearly plaintive.

Sadly, I suspect more, and yes it was indeed ongoing. Now it’s on to what killed him, and who can be slandered and defamed while we await toxicology results. And of course, there is all that slandering and defaming to do about who was sincere and who not at the memorial yesterday. Who was grandstanding, who trying to renew their lost fame. Now the analysis of whether it all was too much. I mean the media now self-analyzing  itself. Ain’t that interesting?

And Bill O’Reilly tries to remind African Americans that Michael wasn’t a good role model in his opinion, though why anyone would care about his opinion is rather puzzling. And nobody is allowed to mention that there were some serious allegations about whether he was a child abuser, because “we are here today to honor his talents.” It’s tiresome, all of it, and as I saw on one blog, is this the kind of thing we do for really important people, or just entertainers?


It seems that most of the GOP’ers who had written her off as of Friday, are now backing down. They seem to follow the polls, and not much else. No ethics, no logic, no common sense or even good old fashion ideals matter. Just electability.

If the great unwashed trailer trash still wants the woman, who are they to object? She is someone the base “knows” as “one of their kind.” They haven’t abandoned her, but sympathize with her plight, being so abused by the mean ole media and all. Just a woman trying to protect her family and get  out of the debt acquired by all that unfounded cheap and wrong legal attack.

Yeah, right. More like a childish bored celebrity not getting her way. Since exactly when have we decided that we want and need leaders who know nothing and have no desire to know anything, but simply want to base decisions on their “gut?” Nobody had to tell us that Sarah “wrote” her own resignation speech, it was obvious. She couldn’t even be bothered there to write a coherent sentence or two, but rambled on in contradictory splendor about being picked on. Dubious claims of “saving ” Alaskans from the money and embarrassment of having their chief exec subjected to charge after charge.

More blah blah blah. Who cares? I certainly don’t. She’s embarrassing to women, to humans, and to anything that has a brain larger than a pea. Enough already. Move on to something that matters, at least until the ditz from Wasilla raises her head and moos that she’s back for another go round with bein’ Prez.

I’m dearly ready for something, about anything to cheer up this dreary day. At least the Contrarian has offered to make the dinner today. That leaves me plenty of time to bore you with this rant! Aren’t ya glad? Hope to be back with something worthwhile tomorrow folks!

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