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stevekingjpgNo doubt there are rational Republicans around the United States. And no doubt those who are just wish Steven King would fade into the woodwork and blink into a black hole. He is an embarrassment to humans, let alone the Republican center, if there still be such a thing.

King it seems, thinks it best to alienate black voters much as he has gone out of his way to alienate immigrants, Latinos to be exact, and certainly gays.

You’ve heard me rant about him before, the sad excuse we have for an elected representative in the 5th district of Iowa, (far north west to be exact.). I’m finding it hard to understand how there could be enough deluded people in Iowa to vote for the jerk, but sad to say there is. Since we know that such things occur in other parts of the country, Iowa surely doesn’t stand alone, but it still is embarrassing to think one of your own political representatives is the laughing stock of the rational world. He is featured quite often on Keith Olbermann, “worst person of the week.”

The downward spiral of the GOP continues apace with King’s latest outrage. He stands alone as the sole person to vote against the House resolution recognizing that the Capital building was constructed in large part by slaves. Steve thought it “unbalanced.” Later he amended his defense somewhat. Somehow the civil war dead didn’t get enough coverage to suit him. And he assured Larry King that he had read nearly everything written by Martin L. King, and “agreed with almost every word.”

Yeah, sure, I believe that, and I’m sure you do too. This from a man who scores 100% from both the NRA and the various “family value” institutes around the country.

Whatever, the cipher on the butt of Iowa went just a bit too far with this latest ugly rant, and I decided that even though thankfully I don’t live in the 5th district, I’d send the Congressman a piece of my mind. I have included the e-mail I sent to him from his own little site. If you care to, send your own greetings. Just google his name with Rep. in front, and the first hit will be his congressional website.


Representative King:

Once again you have seen fit to embarrass the state of Iowa with your lowbrow politics. Refusing to vote to honor the work of slaves on the Capital is but the latest of your awful and ugly rhetoric. Your defense is as usual devoid of reason.

This is of course a pattern with you. Your racism is well known from the recent election in which you consistently referred to President Obama as Barack “Hussein” in an attempt to prejudice voters, to your unseemly depiction of immigrants as drug dealers, murderers and drunk drivers.

Your recent attempt to vilify our Supreme Court as people who should resign simply because you are unable to understand the basic legal rights of our GLBT communities, is just another of many such rants at everyone who doesn’t perceive the world in the strange and fundamentalistic manner that you do.

You claim to defend the unborn, yet support any and all treatment of prisoners held without trial or charge in this country.

You sir, are not only operating with insufficient brain power, but you have the sensitivity of a snake.

You can be assured that I will do all that I can to convince others to vote against you in your next election, through my blog. You are an embarrassment to the fine State of Iowa which has a fine record of supporting individual rights long before the rest of the country catches on.

I can only thank the good Lord that you do not represent me. I seriously would have to think about moving. I hear Alaska has need of a Governor. Why don’t you try up there. You’ve become the laughingstock of Washington and the media. Do us a favor and slink out of town.

By the way, I’m not some college liberal, but a 59 year old married woman in rural Iowa.

This letter will be posted on my blog.

Sherry Peyton

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