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new-years-resolutions-204044-530-569_largeIt’s that time of year again!

Oh, you’re not nearly as excited as I thought you would be.

Okay, sure, for some, it surely has been a lousy year. And for them, they are hoping next year is better.

For some its been a great year, and they are wondering can magic strike twice?

For some I guess its fraught with “the unknown” and some don’t handle that well.

But let’s face it, New Years is the seminal icon of “starting over” “starting anew”, and another chance to get it right.

So, turn the page on that three-ring notebook, or better yet, get a spankin’ new one, and listen up.



Nobody, except the most anally rigid EVER actually complete their New Year’s resolutions. In fact most people don’t even manage to get one done. So stop inflicting a wound today that will only fester and grow until gangrene sets in, and they have to lop off some part of your anatomy that you have grown fond of.

Which is not to say that this time of the year is not useful for ruminating within the old brain case and assessing the year’s achievements/failures and good starts and getting some idea of what direction one should move in next year. Orient yourself to the sun I say! (I have no clue why I said that, but my fingers have a mind of their own sometimes.)

Such meditations although sometimes painful do help you stop banging your head against the wall in the hopes that you can finally prove that atoms really are far apart in actuality and that sooner or later you can pass through the wall and see the face of whatever deity you envision as Godly in nature (*gasp! Christopher Hitchens? Really?*) Trust me, I’ve tried. I no longer bang my head against much of anything and I find that I feel lots better for that.

So I decided, having not made a resolution in several human years, and more than a millennium in dog years (if you keep track that way), I decided to make one. I said ONE and if you don’t see that that doesn’t violate the rule I just announced, well you are just plain unable to grasp incongruity in its essence. It’s a challenge!

I intend to write a journal. Do a journal. Engage in a journal. Keep a journal. However best you might term that.

And not for the usual reasons, i.e., to plumb the deep recesses of my synaptic symphony. No, I am not after murky “meaning” in why I switched back from honey in my coffee to plain sugar (albeit a variety less “processed” meaning it is slightly brown in color, and makes me feel, healthier somehow). No not for that reason, or even to discover the real reason I love Art Deco and hate Julie Andrews, although there is no relationship between those two things.

No, not for any of those reasons.

I’m old.

I forget things.

I get to the damn end of a year, and boy, it doesn’t seem like a lot has been accomplished. Well, actually it does, but sitting there going through it all and THINKING that hard to remember all that stuff, is HARD.

So I’m making it easy.

A very private little journal to note down those things that I may want to remember after the eclipse of another year. Or that I may need for my defense in court on a charge of fraud, should that happen. And I have no reason to think it will or should, but heck, like any good scout, one needs to be prepared.

And so, I can then read those notes, scribbled down (how one scribbles on the keyboard is something I haven’t figured out yet), and say, whoa girl, you sure beaded a lot of bracelets! Or you sure got your hair cut a lot. Or, damn, you made twelve cakes last year, and qualify for the Twelve Days of Christmas contest! And somehow I figure that I can then see the path behind me in all its weird twists, and thus design a gooder, better, straighter? path for the future? Or something like that. At least I won’t be so surprised at one of those “end of the year” shows when I learn that I forgot that somebody died that I had clean forgotten had died. That makes the shock twice as bad you know. AND makes you feel really really unsympathetic to boot–meaning those people didn’t mean very much to you if you FORGOT they had died after all.

So I am.

Making, doing, writing, keeping, a journal.

And I am planning on opening an Etsy shop.

I know what you are saying now.

Wow, you actually might know an entrepreneur or something. Like Bill Gates old preteen friends tell people now, “Bill Gates was a friend of mine”. I might become jewelry maker to like Lady GaGa or maybe Madeleine Albright or somebody you don’t even know!

(I’ve got the beading bug at the moment. Check with me in six months when it’s Japanese paper cutting–whatever they call that.)


I resolve to always tell ya what I think. I know, I know, that will be a hard one for me I know.

In the meantime, this is what I think of Justice Scalia:

“. . .one of the finest judicial minds of the 15th century.”

I have a lot more I could say, but I’m working on being succinct too. 😛

Stay tuned. As you know, this blog goes in 6,495 directions, and usually at the same time. You just never know what I’m thinking about, and neither do I most of the time.

PS: ideas for the name of my Etsy shop are wanted. Something New Mexico-ish would be super.