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Karl Rove at the Fox TV network summer press tour in Beverly Hills

The President’s winning of the election was just the cherry on the top. Plenty of us political animals were really more interested in watching the circus that was bound to be the crazy right after the drubbing.

There was of course, every indication that they would eat their own in the end. We knew that first on the list would be Willard himself. Willard obliged by making it so easy for them with his gifting comments and his flight from all that is Washingtonian in nature. “We’re going to Disney World!” he exclaimed as he drove from sight.

This of course was only low-hanging fruit however. Next on the list was an order from on high to fire the mathematicians or whomever had done such an utterly childish job of polling and counting the potential vote for the boy genius Mr. Fixit. Campaign aids, attending a “let’s unpack what happened” seminar involving both campaigns were seen leaving meetings, shaking their Wall Street heads moaning, “We were not even playing in the same game as they were.”

So, now that the politicians and the strategists have been pointed to as “at faulters” , it was time for the background to assess its contribution. Now of course, nowhere will you find Rush LimpyDickPaw accusing himself of mal-thinking. No that is not gonna happen. And types like Glenn just never seem to skip a beat before they are on to another “end of the world if you don’t buy gold” scheme. The Relgiousity Right mewls that God’s plans are mysterious, and even though we thought we had the inside track, we obviously didn’t and so we’ll just wipe the slate clean and start over as if none of you heard any of that. After all, they know the people they speak to are insufferably able to walk around their neighborhood block without getting lost.

But when we get to the media, oh well, money counts. MONEY COUNTS! It’s the only thing that does. Murdoch and Ailes have gotten their miniscule evil skulls together and decided that ridicule is NOT acceptable. And ridicule they got from the temper tantrum of Karl Rovian Doughboy and his sidekick the prostitute lovin’ Dick the Predictor is always wrong, Morris. And they had to, well take one for the team.

Both are off the yackety-yack at Fox Faux, and apparently cannot be asked to weigh in on even what day of the week it is, without first getting permission from Ailes himself.

I have no doubt that Ailes and his band of merry idiots could care less what the mainstream media, the blogosphere, or anybody else much of intellectual mediocrity feels about how Fox conducts its business. But when the rank and file stupids abandon ship because even they cannot understand how Fox was so incredibly wrong. These, the people who need both hands to count to five, SAW that Fox was WRONG. Something has gotta give.

And suddenly MSNBC was starting to beat the old team of hate-mongering liars, and THAT Ailes cannot HAVE. Something has gotta give.

And give they did. They give’d them the boot. The Conjoined Twins who share one brain cell between them, is OUT.

Course, Karl is moaning that working for Crossroads was a thankless job, which by the by, Dick Armey also decided to the tune of 8 million to buy out his contract with Freedom Works. Dick Morris had no such contract, he just predicted that a black-ops invasion of Washington was imminent. He now spends his nights siting by the Reflecting Pool (his day job is to clean off the algae), with night-vision binoculars in hand looking for apache helicopters.

So if you see old Karl along a New York City street, or in the subways, cup in hand, do spit in it, rub his forehead, and pinch his nose. And hand him a lump of coal. The King-Maker, it seems, also had no clothes.