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We are getting too much rain. I have declared it, and I am right. Too much. I can tell. I’m starting to get snarky.

I’m getting tired of having to step over snoozing dogs and bitching cats. Cats bitch a lot, in case you haven’t noticed. Like I’m God or something. (That was today’s post). They look at me like I’m doing this rain thing deliberately to screw up their day. Cats are arrogant. Dogs aren’t.

Yesterday or so, I suggested that there some gossip about whether the Palinator had gotten herself a new set of boobies. When asked on Twitter whether the rumors were true, Keith Olbermann replied, “No, she still has the same followers.” Permission to laugh.

Slate has a quite weird and therefore funny to me, article on God complexes. See? And I wasn’t even looking for it. Some bright psychiatric types think it funny worthwhile to lock up such types together and let them fight it out. I won’t spoil it for ya. Go take a look.

Part of me thinks that it’s now my job, by the way, to search out the weird for Vodkaandgroundbeef, because she just spins this stuff off so darned well. So I’m thinking we are a partnership now, and I’ll be expecting a cut of the proceeds of any book. I’m sure she will agree, and I’m sure you see the rightness of it too.

The shamelessness of John Sydney McCain continues unabated. Legislation he once co-sponsored to enable the children of undocumented persons who graduate high school to continue to college and obtain citizenship, he now is against. The scared shitless wonder will do ANYTHING to get re-elected.

Everyone needs some good old eye spinnin’ every day to keep the old optic nerve properly exercised. So if you haven’t today, please hop this link and find out what Ten things the Right Wing is terrified of. It’s enough to make you get that passport in order. Sanity may require a change of address. They people are simply NUTS.

And another just hoot of a post over at The New Republic on Palinspeak. Oh gosh…it’s too funny! Are you ready Vodka for another? Laughter is good for a lot of things. Read on. Do. And it’s also got some serious analysis too.

A really good article in The New Yorker on Jesus and what the Gospels tell us, reviewing a number of current books examining the Gospels and Paul.

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