Standing on the Roof With a Megaphone

I may as well. Things on the old computer front are getting rather ugly. So if I disappear, well I haven’t, I’ve just dragged this mother to a hospital for repair.

I’m almost at a standstill on FB these days, I can barely scroll. So I figured to download another foxfire which I had dumped as corrupted. Well, I didn’t get far before it “file corrupted me”. I tried opera again, same deal. I tried Google’s chrome, and you guessed it.

I finally got a forum question into Google, and maybe I can get an answer. It may be some security setting that needs changing.

But my e-mail is now acting up. If I’m sent a link, like a FB comment, I can’t answer it within e-mail, they won’t open anything. A pain, but I can cut and paste at least. It’s sooo totally frustrating.

The Contrarian doesn’t have problems since he usually just plays poker and goes to a couple of sites. I’m the one with four windows open and starting and stopping. Basically I figure that I’m moving stuff faster than the dial-up speed can take, and it just locks up. Then I have to shut down everything (I get lots of “not responding”) and start over. Over time, I guess I wind things up inside and suddenly everything starts to go awry.

Then it’s into the shop where they clean it all out again. Which seems unfair, since the Contrarian does maintenance every evening, clean-ups, virus updates, defrags. But apparently it can’t overcome my crazed Internet maneuvers.

And then there’s Twitter, which only partially works now. The New Twitter is crap as far as I’m concerned. They continue to say they are fixing it, but never do, at least not my problems. I’m about ready to return to Fred and Wilma and ask if they have an extra room I can rent. The MODERNITY is driving me nuts.


Many muse on why the West arose as the leader in civilization, dominating the landscape for several hundred years. Superficial answers don’t satisfy. You really have to go far back to uncover the probable reason, and it may well be location, location, location. Hardly a new idea to modern marketing! Anyway, it’s an interesting article and moreover it’s an even more interesting site that you might want to bookmark for return visits, if you are history minded that is.


Interesting question. Republicans self-identify with being conservative. Democrats are loath to even accept the designation “liberal”. We try to substitute progressive instead. We get ready to defend if accused of liberalism. It’s like having the plague, or a STD. Why?  Jonathan Alter attempts an answer. Bonus is that Alter gives mini-reviews of a lot of political themed books on Washington politics in general and Obama specifically.


BlackMagpieTheory has a great little poem about Sarah, dear Sarah. Short and sweet. Go see.


New GOPer Idiot to enter onto the radar screen is Repiglian Louis Gohmert, from the great sludge state of TexASS. Gohmert says Merika would be more fine if all the fine Christians, as he would define them were to take control and just impose God’s law on the land of the not-anymore-free. H/T to Ahab at Republic at Gilead for the above.  By the by, word is that Louis is perhaps the dumbest representative in the entire House, but I guess that is pretty self-evident.


I must say, there is something mildly giggly about a whole bunch of aging white men and their sexy grizzly girls, all fawning over Juan Williams, and trying to act all-inclusive and everything. Let’s slay the almighty NPR, with its tiny government funding to show how much we love our HOUSE NEGROES, cuz they make us look soooo COLORFUL and not at all the bigoted asshats we truly are.

We are after all, agreeing that it’s okay to think that Muslims who wear traditional Muslim clothing, place being Muslim above being Americans or whatever nationality they might be. Like Catholics who wear crucifixes and Jews who wear yarmulkes are of course placing their faiths above their citizenship. Native Peoples who wear braids, obviously will defend their ethnic group before they will carry a rifle for American against enemy invaders. Yeah, I can see that this all makes sense, and is not just another RACIST FEAR MONGERING TACTIC to gain the approval of the RIGHT WING BIGOT, ya know the ones with NASCAR/BUDWEISER  jackets and FLAGS on their car aerials all to announce that they place their JUST US above the common good of the ENTIRE country.


What’s Up? 06/30/10

I don’t know about you, but opening my reader each day is like opening a Christmas present. I hope for something fantastic, and am usually happily rewarded. Here and there I get a piece of coal-a day where nobody is saying anything interesting to me.

But that seldom happens, and on a glorious day such as today with the sun shining brightly, the birds singing with exuberance, and the breeze so gentle as a adolescent kiss, I open it with anticipation.

Let’s see what we find!

I heard about this days ago. Mostly it was about the open mike and the audience members who made fun of  Sarah (that woman is an idiot) Palinator’s lack of ummm intelligence? But, speaking to a California college assembly (why in God’s earth would anyone invite her?), she gaffed as only our Sarah could. Sarah has a penchant for hiring old high school buds (equally stupid as herself, which goes without saying. Apparently one is her FACT checker.

The lunacy continues with Rand Paul refusing to answer how old the earth is. By refusing of course, he admits that he is crazy as a mop head. Rand, my man, we don’t care if you are off by even a few million  years, reasonable minds may differ. But if you refuse, we suspect you are off by a few billion, and that my dizzy friend makes you a no brainer. Unless of course you are merely trying to fake your way into gaining support from people you don’t really agree with. Sorta like you faked a board certification?

I’m feeling a trip to Washington as in DC is in order. Those GOP senators who are “interrogating” Elena Kagan must be in need of more bullets to shoot themselves in the foot. The constant barrage of “Justice Thurgood Marshall was not a proper judge” at Kagan who clerked for him, is suicidal at best. Well, a worst it is still suicidal. Apparently there will be a sign at all future voting booths–only white people can vote for Republicans. All else, vote for the Dems. I will take that as a good thing.

Temptation! Yikes. We all face it, whether it be food, drugs, booze, men, women, gambling. Whatever the thing that calls to you, beckons with seductive winking, luring you into danger, well we all face it or them. Balance in Me has some good ideas for meeting and beating your temptations.

Enjoy the day and see ya!

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What’s Up? 06/12/10

We are getting too much rain. I have declared it, and I am right. Too much. I can tell. I’m starting to get snarky.

I’m getting tired of having to step over snoozing dogs and bitching cats. Cats bitch a lot, in case you haven’t noticed. Like I’m God or something. (That was today’s post). They look at me like I’m doing this rain thing deliberately to screw up their day. Cats are arrogant. Dogs aren’t.

Yesterday or so, I suggested that there some gossip about whether the Palinator had gotten herself a new set of boobies. When asked on Twitter whether the rumors were true, Keith Olbermann replied, “No, she still has the same followers.” Permission to laugh.

Slate has a quite weird and therefore funny to me, article on God complexes. See? And I wasn’t even looking for it. Some bright psychiatric types think it funny worthwhile to lock up such types together and let them fight it out. I won’t spoil it for ya. Go take a look.

Part of me thinks that it’s now my job, by the way, to search out the weird for Vodkaandgroundbeef, because she just spins this stuff off so darned well. So I’m thinking we are a partnership now, and I’ll be expecting a cut of the proceeds of any book. I’m sure she will agree, and I’m sure you see the rightness of it too.

The shamelessness of John Sydney McCain continues unabated. Legislation he once co-sponsored to enable the children of undocumented persons who graduate high school to continue to college and obtain citizenship, he now is against. The scared shitless wonder will do ANYTHING to get re-elected.

Everyone needs some good old eye spinnin’ every day to keep the old optic nerve properly exercised. So if you haven’t today, please hop this link and find out what Ten things the Right Wing is terrified of. It’s enough to make you get that passport in order. Sanity may require a change of address. They people are simply NUTS.

And another just hoot of a post over at The New Republic on Palinspeak. Oh gosh…it’s too funny! Are you ready Vodka for another? Laughter is good for a lot of things. Read on. Do. And it’s also got some serious analysis too.

A really good article in The New Yorker on Jesus and what the Gospels tell us, reviewing a number of current books examining the Gospels and Paul.

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What’s Up? 06/02/10

It’s another gorgeous day in the meadow. Alas I remain indoors, afraid to step out and be assaulted by the bug that bites me and leaves me itching for a week.

In ten years I’ve never been able to see a bug on my skin, and thereafter find that as the site of intense itching. I assume it is a mosquito, but never feel any bite from the critter and thus have no clue. But  a full week of itching ensues.

I’ve tried every manner of itch cream and calomine lotion I can find. Nothing works but temporarily. I am fine, and then brush against it and it flares up again. I cannot locate my OFF and so am indoors until I can get to the store tomorrow. Then it’s full coverage from head to foot for all of June. By July it seems whatever it is moves on.

Feeling sorry for me? Good! That makes me feel better.


A good editorial from the NYTimes on Sister Margaret McBride, excommunicated for signing off on an abortion in Phoenix. All those pedophile priests of course were NEVER excommunicated.

I confess to not knowing as much as I should about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This set of essays I think help us to work our way through a complicated history. Thanks of course to 3quarksdaily. (Do you think I’m over using this site or what?)

Just me, but since BP has asked for any suggestions in plugging that leak? I’d skip the tennis balls and tires, and send down some Rethugs ( I have a whole list I could give them of unnecessary air-users up top here). All that hot air might do the trick ya know. Just sayin’. It’s the patriotic thing to do doncha think? And the GOP prides itself on being patriotic.

Scientific American has a fascinating post on Michaelangelo and the Sistene Chapel. Seems that the great artist and renaissance man was quite the anatomist, and left some fine illustrations buried in the ceiling painting. Such work is now being described by Ian Suk and Raphael Tamargo, both experts in the field of neuroanatomy from Johns Hopkins. Some interesting speculation as to what it all means.

Mystical Seeker has some valuable insights into tolerance in our world today. It never fails to thrill me to see that bloggers read one another, read other articles, and new ideas sprout. Some thoughtful ideas here.

Who doesn’t believe in the big bang? Oh, your usual suspects, southern Republicans. What is it about these people that they are so fearful of reality?

Something like 70-80% of all Americans support repeal of DODT in the military. The right has raised new arguments every day it seems. First, it would increase gay rape, then we have to worry about tainted “gay blood,” then it would destroy military chaplains “rights” but the newest one is the best–It will enrage Muslims who will try to kill more of us. Right Wing Watch has to story.

If you like your news tart and saucy, then you better try out Black Magpie Theory. Brought to us by OKJimm!

Is Sarah Palin entitled to call herself a feminist? Do words mean anything? A terrific must read post at Jezebel!

If you need an attitude adjustment, and we all do from time to time, Atticus at StatesofMindz, has 21 “If’s” you might want to think about.

Hope you find a thing or two that strikes your fancy here.

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I’m Part of the Most Destructive Force in America!

feminismI can report that there are no swat teams surrounding the meadow and no bull horns calling me to come out with my hands up. I woke up, you see, to find that I am part of the “most destructive force in America.” In a word, I am a feminist.

Indeed, I am the cause of most of societies ills, according to that bastion of rectitude, the ever busy body Phyllis Schafly. (Bet ya thought she had kicked the bucket by now eh?)

Ms. Schafly, who no doubt absolutely would hate the use of Ms., spoke at the “How to Take Back America” conference. Course, that kinda says a lot already, since I think it fair to say that that little phrase is fast becoming code for you know what in America. Plenty of the usual Republinuts, like our own Stephen King, and Michelle Backmann, are attending and offering ways and means as to how to get rid of THAT BLACK MAN.

Ms. Schafly, who regrettably has not stayed home and taken care of hubby and hearth, as she ardently urges other women to do, has determined that most all of America’s ills lay at the doorstep of women who actually want the same options as men in the world. Not to be says Ms. Schafly. According to her, women and their pesky desire for equality account for drugs, illicit sex, abortion, and on and on. All being tied ultimately to fatherless homes, which Ms. Nutcase associates with feminism. Don’t ask me how, I’m not venturing into that bat-heads brain case!

Not to be outdone,  Mikey Huckabee, and Joe (I’m soon to be a Rhodes Scholar) the Plumber were also in attendance. If you think this is just tame Rethuglican posturing, think again. One spokesperson, Kitty Werthmann told her audience that:

If we had our guns, we would have fought a bloody battle. So, keep your guns, and buy more guns, and buy ammunition. […] Take back America. Don’t let them take the country into Socialism. And I refer again, Hitler’s party was National Socialism. […] And that’s what we are having here right now, which is bordering on Marxism.

Yeah, you heard that right. And this is being attended by Mike Huck? Wow, it just goes to show you that the GOP will offer anybody to blame rather than themselves for being out of power, and will engender any kind of hate in order to get back on top.

To be fair, this stuff, along with Huck’s plea that we dump the UN, appeals to varying sorts within the right wing hodgepodge of wingnuttery. Some, as we clearly see are outright racists. Others are mislead and misinformed right wing religious types. They especially like the Schlafly rhetoric for it falls within their self-interpreted beliefs that women should bow to the better abilities of men to run things, both public and private. Equal but different they say. Yeah, and that’s surprisingly a lot like separate by equal if ya recall, and I know you do.

Speaking of which, I keep getting either comments or messages from folks who deny being racists but can’t abide by the President for all sorts of reasons. My answer is always the same: nobody called you one. If you feel you were attacked, then perhaps you better look closer to home, like who’s wearing your clothes. I have said, and I will continue to say that a segment of this anti-Obama stuff is clear racism. Some is just generated by the GOP who catch unawares some of their less stellar intellects in the core religious base. Some, a small number, have real and legitimate arguments to make, and ones we should hear and think about.

Mostly,  no racist wants to think of themselves as such. That’s why quirky ways of reading scripture that let you off the hook are scooped up by the religious right to justify their condemnation of all sorts of good things, like health care reform. I mean, excuse me if I can’t buy the argument that you won’t be for health care reform until somebody shows you where Jesus said government should take care of the poor. I’m not buying that as legit, I’m seeing that as just a nice mask you’ve developed to be greedy and selfish and not have to feel guilty about it.

But, on the other hand, being the source of  most of what’s wrong in America isn’t all bad either. At least I an help take the heat off an embattled president who now has to defend a tiny little grade school somewhere who sang a song about him and how we should all pitch in and help. Fox is up in arms at the “indoctrination” to say nothing of their certifiable maniac Glenn who screams that he has FILM. And of course no mention of the fact that another school did a song of a similar nature about Bush after Katrina. Can you see that there might be a conspiracy of wackos here folks?

By the way, just so you know where I’m coming from: I see Grassley and Huck as purely taking advantage of situations they hope will rebound to their political credit. Grassley for sure knows better but is being pushed mercilessly by his party, dangling the chairmanship of finance before his drooling lips. Huck is trying to position himself as the “moderate” right winger for Iowa in the 2012 primaries. Michelle Backmann and Steven King are true in the blue crazier than aunt Maggie on a good day, believers in the alternative universe they inhabit.

Just sayin’.

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